Dragon Quest 5: Heaven (orgy,inc,magic,mc)

"Allright, watch your step here..." Erdrick called out behind him, waiting
for his son Roto, and daughter Rondo to nod in assent before continuing

The party was nearing the end of their quest. Now in the deepest bowels of
the Demon Lord Mildrath's fortress, they had only a little further to go
before commencing the final battle. After conquering their way through
almost all of Evil Mountain, the group had come at last to a verily imposing

A massive chamber had daunted their progress for some time now. Besides the
pitfalls, there was a seemingly endless horde of Bazuzus, Wight Kings,
Giganteses, Flare Dragons, Putregons, and Golbas to beleaguer their progress
at every step. Twice already the seven warriors had been forced to turn back
when their magic power ran out, but the Legendary Hero had found a King
Metal's Helmet in the last expedition, and spirits were high that this would
be the final push.

"We've searched this entire floor..." Erdrick's wife Flora offered helpfully
from the wagon, where she was riding with Bianca, Sancho, and Nello. "The way
through must be down one of the pitfalls!"

"I think you're right, Mom." Roto replied, keeping careful watch around for
approaching monsters as his father led them to the southwestern corner of the
room. "But how will we know which one?"

A sudden shriek broke the tense air, and all turned to see Rondo plummet
through a chasm, gray stone crumbling into the lower level along with her.

"Quick, we have to follow!" Erdrick commanded, leaping immediately after his
offspring. Roto moved immediately as well, dragging the wagon over and
sending it hurtling into the gap before jumping down himself.

* * *

Once again in the basement trap, the heroes took time only to collect
themselves first before moving into a defensive stance, knowing this would
be a vulnerable time to come under attack. Rondo, being the only one who
hadn't been able to land on her feet, was rubbing her sore butt with a
grimace, not even paying attention to what was going on. In fact, Bianca
was the first to actually notice something was out of place.

"What *is* that?" she asked curiously, displaying not a hint of fear that
her blue-haired rival would have. Whirling around at her voice, the three
active combatants began sizing up the newcomer with determined eyes.

"It's a Metal of some sort..." Roto rationed, standing between the creature
and his sister until she came up ready beside him. "But so much larger than
any I've ever seen!"

"All the more reason to get it before it has a chance to run away!" Erdrick
cried out, his slash missing by mere inches when the metallic beast bounced
blithely away.

"This will be tough..." Rondo muttered, holding the Staff of Thunder and
cursing as each bolt bounced harmlessly off its monochromatic hide.

Roto raised the Zenithian sword high above him, but never got a chance to
attack. The King Metal, although stunned by the arrival of so many
adventurers at once, was now cognizant of the battle. Before it could risk
receiving a blow, the monster flashed white all over, casting a spell the
party had often used, but never experienced.

"Not that!" Rondo gasped, turning to run but catching the full magical blast
of a Chance spell nonetheless. Erdrick and Roto stiffened up also, quite
fearful of what was about to happen. After Bennet had warned them back in
Ruraphim of the potential disastrous effects in using the incantation, they
had made sure only to use it as a last-ditch effort. So far, all had gone

But now, it seemed the group was about to get its first taste of a power they
normally commanded. Once the conjuration was complete, the King Metal bounded
off into the darkness, satisfied that the intruders were no longer a threat.
It did not even hazard a glance back to consider what the spell had wrought,
and was wholly clueless as to what was about to happen.

* * *

"I feel so strange..." Erdrick sputtered, holding his head as he rose. "All

"Me too, daddy..." Rondo concurred, too woozy to even get up herself. "Almost
like I'm confused!"

Roto ambled about drunkenly as if not even hearing the conversation. When
their gazes at last fell upon him, he stopped moving for only a second before
extending his hands and loosing a heal spell on the wagon. The wooden beams
flickered green for a moment, then returned to normal as the sorcery fizzled

"What was that about?" Erdrick asked incredulously, shaking his head to
attempt and clear it of conflicting thoughts. "We should head outside and
then return to Shahanna for a rest." Lifting his arms, he tried to recite
the correct charm, but suddenly let a blank look spread across his face.
"Drat!" he murmured, scratching his head. "Forgot how to cast it!"

Even if Roto was paying attention to his father's difficulties, what happened
next rapidly stole his concentration. As if possessed by some spirit, Rondo
stood up and suddenly grabbed her brother, hugging his muscular frame

"Argh! Stop that!" he grunted, trying halfheartedly to free himself from her
strong arms. Even in such a drugged state, he was not numb enough to turn
down such an erotic happenstance, and her breasts were pressing into his
torso most delightfully. After a few seconds, he ceased struggling altogether
and allowed her to cling freely.

"Are you all okay?" Flora asked, stepping gingerly out of the wagon along
with the other three riders. "Did he hurt anyone?"

An unexpected bout of fright took hold of Erdrick at that moment. He dropped
his sword nosily and backed away past his two children, eyes wide with fear
at the sight of his wife.

"What's the matter with you?" Bianca asked, none too amused with her former
partner's apparent antics. The son of Papas, though, was still too numb to
move when Rondo underwent the most intimate of mood swings. He had just
started howling eerily when she began.

With a frenzied grin, the shapely female girl threw aside her weapon and
snapped the clasp of her bright yellow cloak, letting it fall to the ground.
The thin, gray garment about her body soon followed suit along with a pair of
dainty sandals, all so fast that no one could object until Rondo was clad
only in matching blue undergarments.

"Honey... what are you doing?" Flora asked her daughter, radiating curious
apprehension. Had the elder beauty known what was to happen next, she might
have thought about putting a stop to it. Of course, then they all would have
missed out on a really good time.

The manic smile still plastered all over her sweet face, Flora tore her bra
strap apart and allowed her modest twin mounds to slip out of their silky
confinements. Finally, she pulled the waistband of her satin panties out just
enough to give everyone an eye-popping view of her well-trimmed snatch, then
yanked them down to her ankles and stepped out, bare as could be.

"Wow, sis!" Roto blurted out unconsciously, taking in the full sight of his
naked sibling. He'd seen her nude lots of times before -- such was the life
of an adventurer. Although trying not to make a habit of it, he enjoyed each
time they stayed at an inn, for it meant she would have to undress before
retiring to bed. In the wilderness, the only place to bathe was the river,
allowing him yet another chance to feast on her treasures. And several times
a day, the trio would feel nature's urge come, forcing Rondo to squat down
and spread her legs while the others tried not to watch her pee.

"You're beautiful!" he continued, unable to help but stare. Her full glory,
completely exposed and willing, was above and beyond anything he'd seen yet.
Encouraged, she began to perform a wierd dance, her plum-sized mounds swaying
seductively while her youthful cunny glistened from the heat of day. Losing
all control at the sight, Roto moved in close and cupped one of her boobs
slyly, mesmerized by the feel and warmth of her body.

"Hey, hey!" she responded angrily, putting her hands on her hips and glaring
forcefully at his wandering fingers. "What the hell do you think I am?"

"Calm down, Rondo. And sit down." Erdrick interrupted sternly, putting on a
bold veneer but still too deluded to halt his little girl's exposure, or even
be aroused by it yet. "Listen to me. You could get hurt playing like that..."

But the blue-haired vixen was not even listening. Instead, she had let her
gaze fall into her brother's eyes. The magical bond the twins shared allowed
her to focus her confusion onto one mental state, although it would prove
exceedingly embarrassing for the astonished onlookers.

"Oh my..." Flora whispered as the two began to kiss, tongues rapidly darting
into each other's mouths in a forbidden dance. "Look what's it's doing to my

The scene was taking on a depraved tone very rapidly. Rondo was grinding her
bare crotch into Roto's, panting as he felt up her chest and behind. Sancho
and Nello gave each other peculiar looks, knowing that they were usually left
out of any fun stuff because of their relative weakness compared to the
others. This, however, looked to be the start of a very memorable day for

"Erdrick, do something!" Bianca implored, stepping forward to try and
separate the addled teenagers. Rondo was letting herself get fingered now,
seemingly really enjoying it, and Duncan's daughter knew she had to act fast.
All the blonde interferer managed to gain by the attempt, though, was a
groping by the lust-crazed Roto, who furiously fondled her small tits with
a free hand until she huffed away. In her haste to escape, however, the
golden-topped maiden tripped and toppled over backwards in a heap.

Her fall was just enough to jostle Erdrick into another course of action.
Although he was still ignoring his children's obscene cuddling, the flash of
pink underwear from between Bianca's legs quickly stirred him to passion.
Wrestling out of his armor faster than he could have ever thought possible,
the Granvanian King pinned his old flame to the ground and began reverently
pressing their lips together.

Flora was furious, even more so because Bianca began making out with him
right away, not attempting in the least bit to stop. There had always been
some friction between the two since Erdrick had chosen her looks over his
childhood friend's bravery, like the time when that fiery temptress had
cajoled them both into spending an evening in the hot springs of her
nameless mountain town. It was certainly difficult, revealing her privates
to total strangers after promising them to her husband only, but strangely
sensual at the same time.

Ever since, the two had come to a mutual understanding in their relationship
with Erdrick. At least, until Flora found Bianca underneath her man, rubbing
his manhood while he inched it closer to her dewy box. She advanced on their
writhing forms, ready to give both of them a piece of her mind, when a hand
shot out of nowhere and grabbed her arm.

"Looks like everyone's paired up but us, your highness..." Sancho explained,
pulling her back towards the wagon's side where he and Nello were standing.
"It wouldn't be fair if we didn't get any, now would it?"

"No..." Flora protested awkwardly, watching as the tents in their crotches
grew and knowing *exactly* what each was referring to. "I can't... we

"If he's going to go off on that floozy, why not have some fun yourself?"
Nello interjected with a sly grin, teasing her vagina through the heavy white
robes. The hint of pleasurable sensation was just enough to make her will
falter, and soon his hand had snaked up her dress and was in direct contact
with her wet nether lips.

"Oh... OH!" the Queen moaned, caught off guard by the unique gratification.
"I'm not sure we really should..."

"Just relax, Flora." Sancho soothed, helping her out of a pair of lacy
panties. "We're all overdue to blow off a little steam..."

"But... my kids!" she continued faintly, losing power as lovemaking lubricant
began to flow from her twat. "They're going to have SEX!"

"Let the youngsters have their fun..." Sancho persisted, planting a deft
smooch on her mouth. "Besides, I'm sure it'll be a great show!"

* * *

By now, Roto and Rondo had proceeded well beyond any pretense of fighting
the spell. After reaching into her brother's pants and pulling out his thick
member, the supple girl immediately went to her knees and took it into her
waiting throat. With amazingly innate skill, she sucked the stiff rod
expertly, able to take the full length in before pulling back for another go.

Roto was well past bliss at this point. He could scarcely believe his lovely
sister was giving him a blow job, in front of the whole family at that! Even
though the magic was wearing off on it's own, and he felt some tinge of guilt
at knowing Rondo was not doing this of her own volition, the sheer explosive
desire was more than enough to stay his tongue.

He had thought about this for so long, even once offering to take her swooned
body to the priestess of Elhebun after a Shadow Satan had wounded his dad and
left her passed out. Of course, the moment they were alone in the forest
outside the city, he pulled down her pants and spent a long time seeing how
she tasted down below before jacking off all over her pubes. Afterwards,
wiped up and and kissed her, leaving the delicious juice on her lips and
wondering if such rapture would ever come his way again. Now that it was a
reality, there were no words sufficient to describe his gratitude.

"So good..." he moaned, running a hand through her long aqua hair while the
feeling in his loins grew. She simply moaned in appreciation and continued to
imbibe, cheeks puckering delightfully with each forward motion. At last he
could take no more and grabbed the hilt of his penis, sending the signal that
it was time.

Rondo comprehended perfectly, leaning back and closing her eyes as he
spurted wildly. The first splashes of cum landed on her chin and nose, lewdly
decorating the skin until she opened up, letting the remainder shoot directly
onto her tongue. Roto's groans increased in intensity as she performed this
ultimate endeavor, subsiding only when he was utterly spent and his dick was
once again in her mouth, being cleansed by his own brethren's saliva.

Erdrick and Bianca moved at a much quicker pace than their juniors, having
well thought about consummating this act many times over the years. After a
short but emotional liplock, and a quick interlude of heavy petting, he
simply pulled her green shorts to the knees and stuck it to her, relishing
the feel of such warm, inviting channel as it engulfed his tool. Still too
fuddled from the incantation to speak, the King simply rammed his lover as
hard as possible, letting her do all the talking while he worked to bring
them both to a shattering orgasm.

"I'm sorry I didn't wait for you..." Bianca apologized, knowing he would have
liked to take her virginity. "I just got so lonely... but we can make up for
it now... I'm so glad we're finally doing this!"

A few hasty grunts were the only reply as Erdrick penetrated his long-time
crush, only pausing to wrap his arms around her and hump even faster. Her
pussy was going into overdrive already, leaking enough fluid to prove she
was well primed for climax.

"This is the best I've ever had!" she crooned, pulling her shirt up between
thrusts to show off what meager bumps she had. "Please, fuck me harder! I've
wanted it for so long!"

Bianca's cries drifted shamelessly over to Flora, who was about to experience
a whole new kind of sex. Back against the wooden cart she'd emerged from
not so long ago, her body was quivering as four hands caressed her regal
genitals, underwear having long since slipped down to the knees. Like her
daughter, the fur covering her feminine slit was a sky blue in color,
although Her Majesty liked the feel of a full, proud bush above her
holiest-of-holies. She also had child beat in the breast department as well,
at least for the time being. Her pendulous mounds were the envy of every man
in Granvania, and Sancho was proud to be the one of the few to see their full

"I hope Erdrick didn't wear you out too much..." Nello remarked callously,
lowering his pants and raising Flora's dress. "A bunch of us like to climb up
to the balcony at night and watch you guys screw, so we know how much you
like to get it on..."

"That's so... unnnh... nasty!" Flora sniffed, feeling a bit of shame at the
knowledge that her nocturnal interludes were commonly viewed. The thought
that she was choosing to cheat on her spouse anyway briefly crossed her mind,
but the craving of her loins was too great to turn down a good screw, even if
it was from a lousy peeping tom.

Before she knew it, the Queen had consciously spread her legs wide, wincing
as an alien shaft began to poke her fleshy walls. Even though Flora had been
getting banged at least once a day since getting married (barring the whole
turned-to-stone hiatus), she was still nearly as the tight inside as the
night of her wedding thanks to some special excercises learned from her

Up until this point, the only mar on an otherwise heavenly sex life was her
brief captivity in the Demon's Tower. She never had the heart to tell Erdrick
that for most of the time before getting rescued, she had been repeatedly
raped by the Centarsus, his Orcs, and a very lucky Mamoo. She had tried for
the longest time to prevent herself from coming, but after awile there was
just no fight left. From that moment until her husband showed up, she let
them have her utterly, feeling guilty each time her thighs clenched up in a
magical explosion. Shamed, Flora had kept her lips sealed about the forced
rutting ever since.

The one purity she had so far maintained, even through that troubling time,
was about to finally be ripped asunder. Even as Nello began sliding into her
belly with long, smooth strokes, Flora could detect motion from behind as
Sancho wedged his aged stiffy between her bare ass cheeks.

"I'm really going to enjoy this..." Sancho announced proudly, pushing forward
and sending his prick deep into his monarch's bowels. Flora's eyes bulged
open at the first shock of anal sex, but no words came out her lips. The dual
pistons brought an instant sense of warmth to her pelvis hitherto unknown,
and not even her father would have been able to pry his sweetie from their

* * *

"Hold it..." Roto said in a low voice, waiting for his lover to lick the last
spot of man-cream from her shining features. "I've got an idea..."

Rondo allowed herself to be lowered to the floor, legs at a wide enough
angle for her brother to nestle snugly between. With growing realization, she
realized he was still hard, and that his member was pointed at her vestal

"Oh please!" she sighed dreamily. "Be gentle with me!"

Without another word, Roto began stuffing himself into her royal orifice, as
happy as could be at the thought that he was honoring one of the two cunts
that would be Off Limits in any other circumstances. Rondo seemed to enjoy it
quite much, though, at least until his over-eager rod ripped through her
maidenhead in a most unannounced fashion.

"What! What! Heeeeyy!" Rondo yelped, becoming very sad. She let out a slight
"Waaahh..." as he slipped all the way into her womb, then began sobbing as
the repeated onslaught nearly deadened any sensation in between her legs.

"It's all right..." Roto comforted in a moment of clarity, cradling her head
but continuing to violate her warm slot nonetheless. "Just hold on a little

"Fuck! Damn! Shit!" screamed the assaulted girl, the last vestiges of the
confusion spell sweeping over her with each rock of the hips. "Fuck my
cunt... Make me come and I'll suck your cock again! Uurrgghh!"

Roto could only smile. Out of all the variations his sister had passed in and
out of since shedding her clothes, he liked this one the best. The absolute
thrill of hearing the closest person in his life begging to do the most
unspeakable, forbidden act imaginable was almost too much to contain. Had he
not just blew a load all over her cherubic face mere minutes ago, Rondo's
uterus would already be coated in his sticky seed.

"I can tell you've been waiting to pop my cherry..." she rasped suddenly,
throwing herself into another slew of profanity. "I mean, you've been
sneaking so many looks at my hole, I never had any time alone to frig my
clit! So, I really better get my motherfucking rocks off or else you'll
lose the best damn cocksucker and tight pussy your dick ever had!"

Returning the gesture with a warm expression, Roto helped lift her legs
around his back and began pumping even harder and deeper than before,
determined to give her exactly what she wanted. In a few short moments,
he felt her vice clamp around him, and knew she was orgasming. He let
loose at that signal, almost as if his entire being was shooting out of
his penis into Rondo, giving her the secret love he'd always carried.

"Oh my God..." Bianca moaned, letting her head loll to the side while Erdrick
continued to drill her womanhood. "Your kids are doing it now... aren't you
going to stop them?"

"Not if it means leaving you..." Erdrick replied, feeling the magical
haze begin to slip away. He was well aware that everyone present was not
mid-coital with someone they would never normally have a chance with, but
the erotic momentum was now carrying his conscience far away. He had
dreamed of making love to Bianca ever since they had "examined" each other
back in Santa Rosa all those years ago, and the pent up wanting was much
too powerful to resist.

"I've... OH!" she cried out, hugging his shoulders tightly. "Never had it
this good! You're going to make me *explode* soon!"

"Well, Bianca..." Erdrick said suavely, delicately wrestling her mouth open
with his lips. "You've deserved this for such a long time. Let's make up for
it with something you'll never forget..."

"Erdrick..." she croaked hoarsely, breathing becoming sharp and ragged at the
sensations built. "I love you..."

"Me too..." he replied without thinking, his heart's true feelings coming out
at last. Whatever vows he had taken in Salabona on the day of his union with
Flora were no longer valid -- he knew that he was meant to be with both of
them. And, truth be told, Rondo was really starting to turn him on, too.

The royal female herself was also coming to the same realization. If she
could find pleasure in bucking with others, then surely her body was meant
for no one man. As the twin rods continued to stimulate her private places,
she managed to catch her kids shivering in ecstasy just a short distance
away. A solitary tear rolled down her cheek at the sight, both in happiness
that they'd found true love, and sorrow that it had taken so long to break
down the social barriers preventing it.

"Mmm... faster..." she groaned, loving how the prick in her front was merrily
stretching her slick canal. Nello was not nearly as long as Erdrick, but just
a hair wider. Even though her mate never failed to keep his woman creaming
the bedsheets every night, (and once again in the morning if the little ones
were still asleep) it was a refreshing change of pace to accommodate a new

"As you wish, your highness..." Sancho responded, grabbing her ass tightly to
ease entry into the rear passage. It was truly a delight to pry into a place
none had ever ventured, and almost made up for the dampening of sexual
enjoyment middle age wrought. With that happy thought in mind, he stiffened
up and pulled his pecker out, splattering Flora's backside with every drop he
could muster.

"My turn!" Nello panted, rudely planning to desecrate her sacred temple with
his plebien spunk. The blue-haired mother drew the line at that however,
desiring to save that enjoyment for another, and quickly thought of a way to
satisfy them both.

"Let me give you something even better..." she whispered delectably, pushing
him away just so the head exited her quim. Then, quick enough so that he
didn't have a chance to go soft, she knelt down and lowered the top of her
robe, letting her amazing breasts spill out. Nello's tool was quickly guided
right into the cleavage, rocketing back and forth until great gobs of spooge
were decorating Flora's chest and neck.

The only one still standing, she scanned the spent and exhausted crew, each
reeling from a mind-blowing finale. Having been the only one not to come yet,
the curvaceous female felt it rather urgent that another fleshy staff wind
its way into her vagina quickly, even if it meant mating with her own son...

* * *

"Look like the two of you had fun..." Flora mentioned approvingly, pulling
Roto off of Rondo's limp body and peering at the mess flowing from her
daughter's honeypot. "Think you have enough go left to get mommy off?"

"Really?" he asked shyly, unabashedly rubbing his mother's thighs. "You mean

"Of course!" she shot back with a sly wink. "If you're going to be bedding
your sister from now on, I want to get a chance before she tires you all

"Oh, man..." Roto gasped in amazement, seeing her dance out of the
constricting raiment with soft, seductive motions. After quietly disposing
of her shoes, Flora crouched over her offspring, dripping pussy lined up
perfectly with his rapidly-inflating pole.

"I kept it clean just for you..." she said sweetly, spreading her lips with
two well-trained fingers and showing him the pink inside. "Now, ram that
thing into me so I can feel your cum in my belly!"

"Mom..." he mouthed silently, staring as his rigid pole was enveloped by the
very hole that had birthed him. Flora placed her palms on Roto's chest for
support and began riding him dutifully, providing the most loving privilege
a mother could ever offer. Her sizeable bosom flew every which way as they
fucked, much to the delight of her enthusiastic child.

"Way to go..." Rondo cheered wearily upon seeing what her former partner was
up to. She was still reeling from orgasm, and did not even notice someone
examining her sexy flower until a familiar voice broke through.

"I guess once you started, there was no way he would pull out..." Erdrick
mused, watching the baby-juice seep out of his little girl's womanhood.

"Sorry, daddy!" she replied guiltily, more embarrassed at her previous lack
of restraint then her present unclothed state.

"Well, I guess it won't matter..." he continued, turning his daughter over
onto her stomach. "I know your cycle by heart, and I'm guessing you're very
fertile right now."

"Yeah..." Rondo acquiesced worriedly, wondering what was going on.

"Well then..." he replied, running his hands up and down her soft skin,
caressing each inch before raising her butt high in the air. "I might as
well enjoy myself as well."

"Wh-what the...!" Rondo yelled, heart bursting with both excitement and fear.
"What are you going to... OH!"

Once again, her young snatch was forced wide open, this time by her father's
hungry cock. Thankfully having already been introduced to intercourse, she
knew to relax as it quickly filled her private passage, shutting her eyes in
purposeful fixation when it began to spearhead even deeper than Roto had
gone. "So... big..." she grunted, moving up onto her hands and knees to help
facilitate the incestuous liaison. "I don't know how mom can do it..."

"She's had a lot of practice..." Erdrick reassured, reaching forward to
massage her growing breasts. "But even on our first time, she was never as
tight as you, honey..."

"Thanks..." she answered with alleviation, beaming from cheek to cheek at
the assurance her limber form had at least one more desirable aspect than her
voluptuous mother. "I hope you like it..."

The shocking scene continued on in much the same fashion. Sancho, rather
spent from sodomizing his Queen, sat down with his back against the wagon and
continued looking on at the depraved acts about him. Bianca stirred shortly
afterwards, inspecting her slit as if in disbelief that she'd finally been
intimate with her love. Upon noticing the blonde's blase concern, Nello
pounced immediately, anxious to continue conjugating with his attractive

"No, no...!" she protested feebly, craning her neck as her legs were raised,
then moaning once again when a smooth shaft entered her yellow-clad cavern.
For a few seconds, she attempted to fend him off, but rapidly melted when
nimble hands began to paw softly at her hardened nipples. The two shook
together for a few minutes until Bianca erupted, flailing into a limp mass.
Nello continued to enter her sanctity for only a few seconds more before
giving her another load of sperm, collapsing into her nearly naked body with
desperate pants.

Flora and Roto were also on the verge of consummating their love. Blue hair
flowing jauntily in the breeze, mother bent over and kissed her son full on
the lips as they both came. Bodily fluids began passing between them then,
until the grateful teenager's lap was flooded with gooey liquid and his
elder lover was filled with semen. They nuzzled together affectionately,
then embraced lovingly into a semi-consciousness.

"Please, I want to come again!" Rondo begged her father, swaying furiously
back and forth as he rammed into her nearly unused quim. Not one to
disappoint, Erdrick turned her head as far as comfortably possible and bent
over her bottom, giving her a deeply forbidden kiss just as his springy rod
began pasting her cervix with white cream. She let out a gentle "Oh Daddy!"
and climaxed too, whimpering with excruciating joy until their sweating
forms became still.

* * *

With the Metal King's spell now worn off, the party decided it would be a
good time to call the expedition a draw and return to the safety of town
before a group of Giganteses decided to split poor little Rondo apart.
Everyone hurriedly dressed, with Roto happily helping his unconscious
sister slide back into her clothes. A quick outside and return spell, and
they were all back in Shahanna, a little more liberated and experienced
than before.

As the seven were going to have to travel together, it made little sense
to try and ignore what had happened. (The women also expressed a curiously
strong desire to at least explore what had developed a little longer before
deciding, but everyone understood that this was a road where no return was
possible) It took only a halfway trip back to Evil Mountain before they
realized fighting Mildrath would be nigh impossible with the wagon's riders
constantly fucking their brains out.

Just before crossing the bridge to the Demon Lord's island, Rondo emerged
from the canvas wain, trying halfheartedly to hide the sweat staining her
clothes, making it plainly evident that Nello had just experienced the love
of a princess. "It's hopeless..." she said with utter futility, catching the
agreeing eyes of her father and brother for only a moment before Sancho
grabbed her by the crotch, pulling the slender teenager inside for the first
go at her cute rump. She let out a squeaking "Ack!" and then simply moaned
as they all began the trek back.

It was as Lady Martha would have liked. The warriors remained in the Dark
Realm, voyaging from time to time to keep the monsters in check. With such
an impasse, the heroes gained impossibly large amounts of experience from the
combat, eventually growing so powerful that even the greatest of Mildrath's
servants were no longer the barest threat. And, since their presence also
kept any new beasts from entering the World, peace slowly returned to their

The Granvanian people never saw their royalty again, but were solaced by the
fact that the King and his family had evidently succeeded in defeating the
evil power, even at the cost of their own lives. Erdrick wanted it no other
way -- he was perfectly content to spend the rest of his days making love to
any of three beautiful women.

And with a Monster Center right in town, the girls soon found themselves
experimenting with the many bestial comrades that had joined them over the
years. Bianca took quite a liking to curling up with Borongo, and Flora found
out she had developed a taste for the Golem's large penis. Rondo, however,
trumped them all. In a brave attempt to throw herself into the sexual world,
she made time to couple with each of them over the span of many days, even
the two brutes who's kind had violated her mother all those years ago!

In the end, everyone was happy. That was all that mattered.

9/17/03 - VGSS
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