Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman:
Colleen Pays For College Part 1 (MF,f-mast,oral,exhib,voy)
by Jeff_Paw2001 ([email protected])

Colleen walked out of the post office looking at the familiar envelope of the
University of Washington. Colleen thought back to a couple of months before
when she got the first letter which has acknowledge her acceptance into the
faculty of medicine. As she ripped open the letter, she thought of the
problems if she didn't win this scholarship. As she read through the letter
tears weld up in her eyes, it read "I regret to inform you that at this time
the scholarship committee has rejected your application. Colleen screwed the
letter in her hand and started to cry heavily.

From the saloon/whorehouse he owned Hank Lawson looked over at Colleen and he
could see she was crying. Casually he walked closer as he heard the crying
getting louder. He sat down on the bench and looked at her and asked "Are you
Ok, Colleen".

Colleen looked over and her eyes were puffy an tears still streaming down her
face, now not just upset she was also now embarrassed. "I must look awful",
Colleen cried out.

"You could never look awful, Colleen, but if you need to use my office to
freshen up," Hank offered.

"Thank you, I will, how will I ever repay you," said Colleen.

They stood up and stopped as the new stage passed by as it arrived into town.

* * *

Colleen knew the saloon because their was only a couple of business's in this
town, but she had never been inside, women of refinement would never do so,
and when Hank guided her to the back she was glad she didn't have to walk
through the saloon. Hank watched this girl walk in front of him, he looked at
the way these clothes fitted her blossoming body. Opening the door he let her
walk in and showed her the room on the side which contained a basin, mirror
and some water. He watched her freshen up and admired her features, he had
plenty of beautiful whores in his time, but this girl was something else.

As Colleen walked back in Hank offered her a seat and she took it.

Colleen was first to speak "Thank You Mr Lawson."

"Call me Hank, Colleen," replied Hank.

"Hank," replied Colleen.

"So what was those tears all about Colleen," asked Hank.

Colleen told Hank all about how she had been accepted at university and how
Michaela couldn't afford it and she needed either a scholarship which had
been rejected or Michaela's mother. Colleen didn't know why she was saying
all this, but it felt better to get it out. Hank asked her how much money
was involved and even though shocked at the expense acted like it was

Hank looked at her and said, "I have a proposition for you Colleen, please
wait until I finish before you say anything."

Colleen looked up at him and was about to say something to him when a knock
on the door. In walked Jarred the Barman and said to Hank, "Your new girl is
here, just off the stage coach." and in stepped this young girl of 18 years.
Jarred stepped back out and the girl walked up to Hank and handed him a
letter. Looking at the letter which confirmed her age, he looked at this

"You know why you are here for?" asked Hank as he moved his chair from the
desk and moved it so he was now seated directly in front of this new girl.

"Yes sir" replied the young lady.

"Well as owner of this place and your employer, then you know I test all my

"Yes sir," replied the lady as she moved her hands to the top of her top and
opened it up. Her dress falling to the floor leaving her naked.

Hank looked at the girl, nearly flawless white skin, volupuous and curvy.

"Turn around", Hank said.

"Yes sir," said the girl as she turned around showing off the curve of her
back and her wonderful round ass

"Ok very nice, now as to your skills," said Hank.

Colleen sat shocked not knowing what to say or to do.

The girl still naked got down on her knees in front of the chair and grabbed
at Hank's belt undoing it. She pulled his pants down, and reached in and
pulled his cock out. The girl started rubbing hanks cock immediately, getting
it from the semi hard state to hard.

Colleen who shocked at a girl just getting naked was even more shocked at
what she was now witnessing. Colleen had bathed her brother when she was
younger and had looked after male babies for mothers around the town before
and had bathed them. She new medically all about a penis and its function,
but had never seen a real one, not even her fiancee's, until now. Nothing
had prepared her for looking at the size of this cock. Colleen watched as
the girl rubbed up and down this at least 9 inch cock and then watched as
the girl bent down and took his cock into her mouth. Colleen had read in
books about this but had never thought it could be true and its certainly
something you don't ask your mum. Colleen watched intently at the action of
the girl as she moved her mouth up and down on this, amazed how much this
girl who was probably only a year or two older then her, was taking that
much cock into her mouth. Colleen could feel her body reacting to the things
she was watching, but couldn't do anything about that.

She had been watching about ten minutes, hearing the girl moaning as she
seemed to be touching herself while she sucked hank, and she then saw Hank's
body jerked and saw shots of white liquid which she new to be his semen
shooting into the girl's mouth. She watched shot of shot of semen move into
her mouth before she calmly packed Hank's cock back in his pants. Standing
up and grabbing the dress, tied it back up. Hank reached inside and grabbed
a key and gave it to the girl, room 5, I will be up for the rest of the test
soon. Wait outside pointing to the door leading outside and I will get you
some help with your bags. The girl left and closed the door.

Hank turned around like nothing and happened and said, "Well about this

Colleen didn't say a word and just listened. When he was finished speaking.
Colleen stood up and slapped him across the face and stormed out. As she
stepped outside, the girl was standing their, they looked at each other.
Colleen was just about to say something when the girl leaned forward and
suddenly her lips were on colleen's as the girl pushed Colleen back against
the door. Colleen still a little flustered from before didn't actually resist
and when the girl moved her tongue into her mouth, Colleen let her and then
tasted something on this girls tongue. She remembered what the girl had done
and realised that what she was tasting was hank's semen. The taste and this
new sensation surprised Colleen and responded to the kiss.

Minutes later they separated and the girl looked at her and said "I'm Mary"
as she walked away from Colleen.

* * *

Later That Night

Colleen was restless through dinner, she couldn't get out of her mind all
those things that had happen in the office of the saloon. Sully, Brian and
Michaela sat in front of the fire as Colleen put on her night clothes in her
bedroom. She stepped out of the house and walked over to the barn, she needed
to be alone. As she sat against the wall of the barn, she hiked up her night
dress, she had taken off her britches before and she spread her legs wide.
Colleen had never masturbated, of course, she had felt sensations when she
had cleaned herself but had never felt the need. All the things of today,
Hanks big cock, Mary's body and how she touched herself as she sucked Hank's
cock, and finally and most importantly that Kiss.

Colleen shivered as her hands moved up her leg, her fine hair tingling with
anticipation. As her hand moved up her thigh she started to undo the stap
like rob that was keeping her top open. Finally undoing them, her breasts
exposed to the breeze, her nipples responded. She cupped her breast as her
other hand found her lips, her fingers moving around and then finally in.
She felt the wetness and the tightness of her opening, it didn't take long
for her also to find her clit and the pleasures this little button possessed.
Her eyes never opened as she moved her fingers her fingers deeper inside her,
causing a little pain but also a lot of pleasure. She didn't realise her
moaning was so loud, didn't realise who it attracted. She felt the tingling
getting growing inside and didn't know where it was leading, but she couldn't
stop this feeling, she knew something big was coming and she moved her
fingers in and out of her faster and faster, her other hand now moving her
fingers across her clit back and forward. As her body exploded with her first
orgasm she lost it, it was only after a minute that she felt a tongue licking
at her pussy, she opened her eyes and was shocked at the sight in front of
her, Wolf, Sully faithful dog was between her legs licking her pussy juices.
It took her a minute before she composed herself enough to push wolf away
from her pussy. She cleaned herself and put her clothing back on properly and
headed back to the house.

Colleen hadn't realised how long had she been away from the house but most of
the lights was off in the house as she walked to the door. As she opened the
door she immediately heard moaning, and she dived to the floor. Sully who had
Michaela naked and on her knees in front of the log fire looked over to the
door. Suddenly wolf appeared through the door, Sully seeing his pet called
him to get out. Colleen then realised that she hadn't been seen.

Sully knew no one would be out at this time, and the kids were in bed, so he
grabbed Michaela's hips and began to thrust hard and fast into her. It had
taken Michaela and Sully along time to go from flirting to marriage, and she
thought as she felt him thrust back inside her, if she had known about his
horse like cock, she may of not wasted those first three years.

Colleen tried to move into a comfortable position in which she can look at
what Sully and Michaela were doing. Of course she had read about intercourse
medically, but it was different to actually see and hear it. Colleen had
always been attracted to Sully and the chance to see his cock was almost too
much to bear. As she inched forward her night dress rose up and finally when
in position she didn't need to lift her dress up much to touch herself.
Colleen couldn't believe how frisky she had become, he was just about to
masturbate for the second time in her life and only ten minutes after she
last did it. Colleen initially just saw Michaela, but this excited her more
then she thought it would. She looked at the flawless skin and then her big
breasts, Colleen couldn't believe how big Michaela's nipples were. She
watched as Michaela's breasts swayed with the thrusting of Sully.

Colleen watched as Sully's hand moved up Michaela's body and cup the breasts
and pull on the nipples, colleen reached down and did the same to her
breasts, being rougher with them just like sully was with Michaela's. Colleen
was then in position and finally got to see Sully magnificent cock, she
watched as it move in and out of Michaela's pussy lips. Watching inch after
inch thrusting inside of Michaela. Colleen looked all around Michaela's pussy
and saw the wetness coating his cock and dripping down her leg. Colleen whose
fingers were deep inside her, moving in and out with the pace of Sully's
thrusting into Michaela. The loud moans of Michaela told Colleen how good
this thing of sex could be, and she kept watching everything Sully was doing.
But Colleen had not yet been able to control herself vocally when she
orgasmed, and let out a moan a second before Michaela did.

Sully with his cat like hearing did hear the moan just moments before
Michaela and he scanned the area. It didn't take him long to see Colleen who
was hiding underneath the steps with her legs spread and her top down. They
locked eyes, Colleen didn't know what to say or what to do, so she just
continued. Sully looked at her delicious body as he continued to fuck his
wife Michaela. Sully pushed Michaela's head down to the floor with her ass
in the air. Sully looked at the hairy pussy of his step-daughter as he
started fucking Michaela harder, this excited Colleen and she moved another
finger inside herself and upped the pace to match Sully's thrusting. Colleen
didn't look away from Sully's eyes at any stage except for the occasional
glance at his thick cock, which put a smile on her face. Michaela was moaning
heavily into the rug as pushed herself back into Sully's thrusting cock. She
didn't know what had got over Sully in the last five minutes but she couldn't
remember him ever being this rough with her, not that she was complaining,
Michaela was loving it.

Sully who was naturally pretty quiet most of the time, preferring to listen
as a person, couldn't control himself any longer.

"Yes you like that slut, don't you, love have me fucking your tight pussy",
asked Sully.

"Mmm yes," moaned Michaela as also Colleen nodded her head yes.

"You want me to fill your pussy with my cum, don't you slut?" asked Sully.

"Mmm yes," moaned Michaela as also Colleen again nodded her head yes.

"Well your just about to get it," moaned Sully as he thrust one more time and
his cum started shooting deep inside her.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" screamed and moaned Michaela in another orgasm.

Colleen had her hand over her mouth as she had a orgasm, no longer touching,
just looking at Sully looking at herself. When Michaela started to move and
Colleen thought she would be caught out. Sully reached to Michaela an pulled
her to him, so he was not facing him. He waved to Colleen to get up and go.
Colleen got up and took the rest of the clothes off him. She walked out
quietly into the open and let Sully look at her, turning around so he got in
all of her body. She quickly raced up the stairs and into her room.

End of Part 1, continued in Part 2


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