Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman:
Colleen Pays For College Part 2 (mF,Ff,hand,exhib,voy)
by Jeff_Paw2001 ([email protected])

Colleen woke up as the sun shone into her room. Getting dressed she then
walked downstairs, kind of nervous of running into Sully. But when she got
their no one was about. Walking over to the desk, and grabbing two sheets
of papers and ink and quill she walked backed to the table. It only took a
little amount of time to get her thoughts down on paper, and then addressed
the envelope to her grandmother. Sealing it with a kiss knowing this was
her last opportunity, if her grandmother couldn't pay for the tuition then
she had no way of getting the money.

The second letter was the more scary one and she took her time drafting it,
running quickly back upstairs and grabbed some of her perfume, dabbed it on
the paper, and then put the letter in the envelope.

It wasn't long until Michaela came downstairs and they both started making
breakfast for the rest of the family. Colleen found it hard to look at
Michaela as they made the breakfast. But when Sully sat down at the table
and Colleen started to walk towards him, she could feel herself get wet
with anticipation. Almost frozen in place as she put the plate down in front
of Sully, it was only when Michaela called out "You fallen asleep over their
Colleen" that she snapped back. Walking around she picked up another plate
and then joined everyone for breakfast. Everyone spoke generally, but Colleen
just kept on looking at Sully like a lost puppy. Michaela asked Colleen to
clean up as she got dressed before she had to go to work. As everyone one
separated from the table started to clean everything up and when over to the
sink and started washing the plates.

Colleen had her hands in the cleaning water when she felt hands on her hips,
she had just turned her head when saw Sully. Sully moved his body and in
particular his pelvis directly against the back of Colleen, with Colleen
hands still in the water Sully move his hands from her hips until he was
cupping her previously untouched breasts. Colleen moaned a little as she
felt for the first time what it was like to be touched by a guy. Colleen
could feel the growing cock against her, it was making her wet.

Sully said "Did you like the show last night?"

Colleen said "Yes" while nodding her head.

Pulling her white bed clothes down, he touched her breasts not through
clothes any more but actually on skin, he immediately started rubbing her
nipples. Every way Colleen would move her ass, Sully would match her and
she could feel it getting bigger and bigger. "Your going to be my cum slut
aren't you baby?" asked Sully.

Hesitating to answer Colleen eventually just nodded her head.

Suddenly his hands were gone and Colleen turned around and noticed Michaela
half way down the stairs, and she quickly lifted up the top to cover her
breasts again. As they all got to the front door, Colleen remembered the
letters and ran to her little brother Brian and asked him when he got to
town to deliver the first one and to send the other one.

She watched from the door as they got into the horse drawn buggy and went
off to down leaving her alone in the house. Colleen went back and finished
the dishes, as she went upstairs, she took off her night clothes, and was
going to put something on, when she noticed her reflection in the mirror.
She remembered Michaela had a full length one and bounded down the hall
and into Michaela and Sullies bedroom. Getting in front of the mirror, she
looked at her own body, but not in a way she had thought before, Colleen
was thinking what a guy would think of her body. She twisted and turn and
look at every angle she could of her own body. She liked being naked now,
and so when she stopped looking at herself, she walked around the house
doing her chores naked.


Brian when he got to town hid around the back of Michaela's surgery and
opened up the letter addressed to Mary at the Saloon. Brian couldn't believe
what he was reading, at what Colleen had done with this Mary only yesterday.
When he finished the letter he remembered last night when he thought he had
heard something in the barn, and when he had got their, Colleen had her legs
spread and her top down playing with her body. That had got Brian hard last
night, just like he was now after reading the contents of the letter. Sealing
the envelope, he dropped the first envelope at the post office and then
started walking over towards the saloon. Pushing through the swinging wooden
half doors he looked around. Nervous as all hell he walked up to the bar
where Hank turned around and faced him.

"Sorry Brian but your too young to be here, get out", said Hank.

Brian looked up and stuttered out "Um, I have a letter to hand to (looking
at letter again) Mary."

Hank bellowed for Angela, who got up from one of the tables. "Take this fine
young Gentlemen up to see Mary, little boy has a letter for her," said Hank

Angela took his hand and walked to the stairs, all the other girls started
doing wolf whistle like if she was taking a client upstairs, Angela swayed
her ass in mock jest at them. Walking up the stairs they turned the corner
when down the hall and then down to the third door. Brian looked over at
Angela as they walked and couldn't believe how big her boobs were, they
were the biggest and prettiest he had ever seen. Angela knocked on door,
and called out to Mary inside to get dressed and come to the door. Angela
looked over at Brian and did a cursory look down and noticed the tent in
front of Brian's pants. Mary opened the door and was surprised to see such
a young boy, looking around 13 or 14.

"Our clients are getting younger, aren't they Angela", laughed Mary.

Brian handed over the letter and Mary leaned down and gave him a kiss. Mary
went back inside her room to read the letter. Angela led Brian down to the
side door and near her room. As she got to her door she pulled Brian into
her room. "What are you doing", Brian asked.

"Helping you out with your problem," replied Angela as she reached inside
Brian's pants. Pulling out his 6 inch cock Angela started stroking it, while
looking at his face. Brian only lasted a couple minutes more before running
out of the room and down the stairs.

Back At The Farm

After finishing up, she went upstairs and got dressed, she wanted to look
pretty, it hadn't seemed necessary before but now it did. Going out to the
stable she hitched up her horse and got onside. Colleen started off with a
trot, but soon started to feel the tingling in her body. Her nipples
responded immediately and her clit seem to be on the fire, and soon Colleen
was moving from a trot to a cantor. Pushing her hips forward against the
saddle, feeling the wild animal between her legs, her orgasm came to her
easily this time. Colleen was just coming down from her orgasm when she
arrived at her special spot. A spot she had found a year or two ago, and as
far as she had seen no one else knew about. Well until now, she had written
to Mary, told her about this special spot, told her to meet her here.

Colleen stepped out of her gear and slowly stepped into the warm water.
Colleen didn't know why the water was warm but guessed it had something to
volcanic pressure which she had learnt in school. Colleen had been in the
water for 20 minutes when she heard a horse close to the pile of stone
boulders that hid this oasis. Colleen moved further into the water just in
case someone came in, but it wasn't long until she saw the smiling face of
Mary. Colleen was shy, but also very horny and it wasn't along until she
started taking a number of steps forward. The closer she got to the water
the edge the more she would show of her body, she looked at Mary and noticed
how she looked at her.

Mary who had been fascinated as soon as she had read the letter, she had not
been here long but none of the girls at the saloon had said anything about
these warm springs. Mary started to undress while looking at Colleen and she
was soon slowly walking into the warm water. Colleen had walked to a point
that the water was just on her mid thigh, showing most of her body to Mary.
Colleen made sure she took in everything about Mary, surprised how similar
her body was to Mary's.

The divide between the two was soon no more, and Colleen felt Mary's lips
on hers. Her nipples which were rubbing against Mary's breasts started to
tingle with excitement, and that wasn't the only thing that was tingling in
her body. Mary was exploring the delicate and soft body of Colleen, using her
mouth to open up Colleen. Colleen was a quick learner and responded to the
tongue invading into her mouth. Colleen was so wet, she couldn't believe how
the feel of Mary's hand on her body was having such an affect. Mary moved her
hand all over Colleen's body, from her waist to her ass and then back up

As they kissed Colleen felt Mary's hand move between them and down between
Colleen's legs and soon found there way to her clit. She could feel Mary
using a circular motion with her fingers and Colleen pushed her pelvis
forward to feel more of that. Mary moved two fingers inside of Colleen
soaking wet pussy and started fingering her faster and deeper. Colleen
couldn't speak, she just continued to hear herself moaning. Mary moved
Colleen to the edge of the water and pushed her gently back onto the sand.
Laying beside one another Colleen started to copy what Mary was doing to
her, and they both started moaning into each others mouth.

Both girls were feeling explosions of small orgasms as they continued to rub
and finger each other. Mary was the first to move and she started to kiss
down Colleen's body, Colleen body was on fire, every touch from Mary would
shoot a electric spark to her pussy. Mary kissed down Colleen's taught
stomach to her sparsely covered pubic hair, until Colleen glistening puffy
red pussy lips. Mary let her tongue lick around the edge of Colleen's pussy,
and Colleen moaned heavily and puffed out her breasts when she felt Mary
tongue dart into her pussy.

Colleen moved her hand from her breasts down onto the back of Mary's head and
pushed her deeper into her pussy. Mary moved her body around until her legs
were on either side of Colleen's face. Colleen had never seen a pussy this
close before, of course she had touched her own and actually looked at it via
a mirror but this was different. She looked at how puffy the lips were and
wondered how many men had put their cocks between this lips. A drop of Mary's
pussy juices dripped down onto Colleen's lips, and Colleen moved her tongue
to her lips and had her first and enjoyable taste of pussy juice. Colleen
tried to copy what Mary was doing to her, but it was extremely hard to
concentrate. So Colleen did the next best thing and started to lick where
she thought she would enjoy herself.

Up on the top of the boulders lay Brian, his hand moving back and forward on
his cock as he watched his sister with this girl. He couldn't believe they
were doing what they were doing, but more importantly he couldn't believe how
hot their bodies were.

Colleen and Mary attached each others pussy like it was the first to orgasm,
and they were each orgasming over and over. Colleen hoped no one was riding
nearby because they could hear them. Even though she had several orgasm she
could feel her body building to a big explosion. When she felt Mary's hand
go in her ass, that was it, and her mind stopped, and her body took over and
she just screamed in utter ecstasy.

Brian at the exact same time as his sister shouted out, shot his cum high
into the air. He had never cum as hard as he just did then. Grabbing his
pants he climbed away.

Colleen didn't feel Brian's cum hit her on her face, her sensations were
concentrated on her pussy. When they had both stop licking, they both looked
at each other and at the juices of each other. They held each other as they
both came down from their orgasms.

"That was amazing," said Colleen with a grin.

"Yes it was, your so tasty," grinned Mary back.

"I don't know what came over me, after you kissed me yesterday, or I could
do was think of you", said Colleen.

"I know what you mean, it was exciting having you watch me give Hank head,"
said Mary.

"His cock was amazing, his was one of the ones that I saw yesterday," replied

"One of, who was the other ones," said Mary laughingly.

Colleen blushed and tried to turn away, but Mary put her hand on Colleen's
face and brought it back around. "Sully" replied.

Mary probed Colleen about what had happened yesterday, and it excited Colleen
to tell her everything that she had saw last night and what she had felt this

Colleen asked Mary about sex, when she had started, why she had started at
Hank's. This was a lot more informative then the medicine books she had read
and what Michaela had told her.

As they dressed they promised to keep this place a secret and to come here
each Saturday.

See Part 3, coming soon


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