Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman:
Colleen Pays For College Part 3 (Mf,mF-mast,inc,voy)
by Jeff_Paw2001 ([email protected])

Brian found it hard to ride his horse back to the ranch with his cock rock
hard against the saddle. He raced inside and noticed he was home alone, he
immediately grabbed clothing of Colleen from yesterday and started to smell
them and jerk off at the same time

Colleen took it slow on her way home, she had a lot to think about. Not only
was she thinking about Mary and what they had done, but also what happened
with Sully and what might happen in the future. When Colleen got back in the
barn she unbridled the gear and put her horse back in the stall. Colleen
never really thought about it until that point ever horse that she had ridden
was always a stallion. And now when she was unbuckling underneath the horse
she noticed the tip of its cock poking out from it's sheath. The size of it
made her think of Sully, she looked back it and thought should she touch it,
but then thought better of it.

Stepping back and out of the stall she sat back on hay as she took off her
riding boots. She didn't at first notice that her stallion had jumped on the
back of the gelding. She couldn't look away at the thrusting of her stallion,
and she sort of felt proud that her horse was fucking this female horse. From
the snorting of the animals she hadn't noticed Sully enter the barn. It was
only when she turned to the left and the cock that she had been staring at
last night was only inches from her face. She reached out and grabbed it
before it was taken away from her and she looked up at Sully who had a smile
on his face.

She moved her mouth towards his cock and then kissed it. Her first taste was
strange but also kind of tasty, she could smell the sweet smell of sweat on
him and it made her even more horny. Opening her mouth she used her tongue
around the head of Sully's cock. Trying to remember Mary's instructions and
remembering what she had seen Mary do, she started to move her mouth down his
cock. It wasn't long until she had tried too hard and was gagging on his
cock, quickly learning the lesson she moved as much as she could in and
started bobbing her head as licked his cock. Colleen looked up at Sully and
saw his moaning but smiling back at her and she felt so good for making Sully
so happy. Colleen moved her free hand down between her legs and found her
pussy already wet and she began to rub her clit back and forward in the same
motion she was sucking Sully's cock. Up and down she went enjoying this
experience but annoyed that she could of been doing this for the last couple
of years.

Colleen loved the way Sully was talking to her, it made it seem even naughty,
and she liked being told she was a slut, it made her even suck harder.
Colleen could feel her jaw getting saw from having it open around like this
for such a long time, and realised that she must not have been very good. But
Sully was saying she was the best cock sucker he had had. Just as she felt
herself orgasm, she felt her first load of cum, the first load was only a
small one but then her mouth was full of this salty cloudy liquid. It became
hard to breath so she sucked and swallowed at the same time.

Sully grabbed her hand and lifted her up and they stood next to each other,
Sully's semi erect cock sticking out his pants. Still catching her breath her
breasts were heaving up and down and she looked at Sully and the look he was
given her, not really looking at her face but on her breasts. She looked at
his eyes, and sensed the hunger in them, not knowing that hunger was for her,
for her body, for her virginity. Sully lifted her up to him and kissed her
with passion, this was certainly different to the kissing she had shared with
Mary, this was more overpowering, she felt more of a girl being kissed like
this. His tongue moved with her with so much hunger, his hand exploring all
over her body. His rough hands different then Mary's but felt more secure
in them.

As they separated Colleen looked up and Sully and said "Oh god, fuck me,
Sully, got to fuck me." Sully lifted her up and started to carry her towards
the house, but Colleen said, "No. Brian's home," as she remembered Brian's
horse back in the barn being fucked by her stallion.

Moving back towards the barn he carried her to the stairs leading to the hay
loft. She moved up the ladder, smiling as she looked down and noticed how
Sully was looking up her skirt. When she got upstairs she noticed the blanket
that had already been laid down on the hay, she immediately though that
Michaela and Sully must come out to fuck, she smiled at that thought. Soon
Sully was moving towards the edge of the blanket directly across from her.
She looked at him and moved forward, moving her fingers to the buttons of his
top she slowly started undoing his shirt. Soon their was only one button left
and she undid and started to remove his shirt. Colleen had seen Sully many
times topless working out and even though she had always thought he was cute,
she had never before last night thought of him in a sexual way. She look at
his muscular chest and she moved her hands over his chiselled stomach, she
leaned forward and started to lick and suck on his nipple, not quite the same
as Mary's but still felt exciting to do.

As she moved back, she undid the straps holding her top together. It didn't
take long to get that off, but she looked down at the bodice that she wore,
and realised how stupid this was, if you wanted to do things in a hurry, you
couldn't do it with this bodice on, and decided at that point on, not to wear
one. She started to undo it and notice how Sully eyes hadn't left her body.
The looser the bodice the more of her breasts would show until finally she
took off the bodice and her breasts fell out, her nipples erect and pointing
directly at Sully. Sully was on her nipples within seconds, greedily sucking
and biting them. Colleen let out a moan as she felt Sully's powerful hands
roam her body. Colleen laid back on the blanket and sully moved down with
her. Moving his mouth from her breasts he kissed up her chest to her mouth
and started to kiss her passionately. Colleen could feel the passion in his
kisses and on his tongue, she could also feel his cock rubbing against her.

Sully was moving his hips back and forward feeling his cock against Colleen
slit. Reaching down between their bodies next time when he thrust forward she
grabbed his cock and guided inside her pussy lips. She gasped as she felt the
head of his cock start to stretch her pussy. Sully moved his cock forward
until he was soon against her hymen, looking down at Colleen looking at her
spectacular body he pulled back and then thrust forward and through her
hymen. Colleen immediately grimaced and tears came to her eyes and she felt
her hymen tear open to accept her first cock. Sully leaned down and kissed
her as she got used to his cock inside her, and soon he felt her pushing her
pussy forward trying to get more of his cock inside her.

This was all the encouragement Sully needed and immediately pulled his cock
to his cock head and thrust back in, slowly at first, but the more wet
Colleen got the more faster and harder Sully thrust. Colleen couldn't believe
she had waited this long for this type of pleasure, and thrust her hips
forward to take him in further and harder. "Oh god Colleen your pussy feels
so tight around my cock," moaned Sully.

"Oh yes daddy, fuck me, fuck your little girl's pussy, make me your slut,
oooohh godddd daddy harder," screamed Colleen.

Sully started thrusting harder and deeper then he had fucked since he was a
teenager. Seeing the pain when he thrust hard into her, but also seen such
pleasure. Grabbing her legs he started moving them up until they were over
his shoulders and immediately started thrusting in deeper, every thrust
hearing her moan back at him. In this position her pussy was even tighter
and he knew he wouldn't last long. Looking down at her as he watched her
have another orgasm, he looked at her and told her he was going to cum.

"Not in me Sully, cum on my body, I'm fertile," pleaded Colleen.

Sully continued to thrust and just before he cum he pulled out and thrust his
cock between their bodies and started coming over Colleen's body.

Exhausted from his first fuck of Colleen he layed back on the blanket as
Colleen laid on his chest, almost purring with content after having her
virginity taken, occasionally rubbing or tasting the cum that had been shot
onto her body.

* * *

Brian who was inside the house, was in his bedroom, his pants on the floor.
In his hands pair of Colleen's underclothing and he was sniffing her smell.
Having seen his sister and that girl Mary naked, as well as that lady who
had sucked his cock, he couldn't keep his cock soft. He had already jacked
off 3 times so far, and he was still hard. Closing his eyes picturing what
he had seen he continued to rub, slowly trying to savour the feeling in his

* * *

Back in the barn Colleen was also very horny, this day or these last couple
of days had been the best of her life. Being in the arms of her first lover,
Sully, the guy who was married to her mum. She continued to rub her clit as
she laid in his arms, hoping have her body so close would get him hard again.
And it wasn't long before he was.

Colleen got up and turned around and got on her knees, spreading her legs so
Sully could see her pussy and ass at the same time. Moving her hands between
her legs she started masturbating. It wasn't long before she felt Sully's
hand on her ass. His cock just entering her pussy lips when they heard the
horse and buggy. Sully had started to thrust in and out of Colleen when he
saw Michaela pulling into the barn in the horse and buggy.

Getting down from the buggy, Michaela immediately could smell the scent of
sex in the air. Pushing Colleen's head down into the blanket Sully looked
over the edge of the hay loft. "Hello Baby your back early", said Sully.

Looking up abit surprised Michaela said "Hi Sully, what are you doing up

"Well came out here to feed the horses but when we got out here Colleen horse
was mounting Brian's mare."

"So they have only just finished, so Colleen is helping me get some hay
ready, leave the buggy and we will feed them as well," said Sully.

Michaela tied the horse straps to the side and started to walk off. "Don't be
long you two, I will start dinner and Colleen can help," said Michaela.

Michaela was only just out of the barn when Sully lifted up Colleen hips off
the rug and started to fuck her pussy. Colleen was soon thrusting her body
back to meet Sully's ever increasing speed and roughness. Sully's hands were
all over Colleen's body, especially her breasts and nipples. Sully was not
just thrusting in and out but also around as well, trying to widen her up for
next time.

Michaela stepped into the house and walked up the stairs towards her bedroom,
having taken off her shoes it didn't make much noise against the wooden
floor. As she passed Brian's room she heard a noise and looked inside. To put
it mildly Michaela was shocked, she could see Brian with his eyes closed
nearly naked stroking his cock which looked a decent size for his age, while
sniffing something like Colleen's undergarments. Where seeing Brian a couple
of years ago wouldn't have an affect on her, since being married to Sully her
sex life had gone from non-existent to being fucked nearly everyday. Michaela
watched for a couple of minutes while Brian jerked, just standing off to the
side just in case he opened his eyes. She could tell the signs that Brian was
close, and watched Brian shoot his cum high into the air.

Michaela quickly walked to her bedroom and closed the door, undressing from
her work clothes, she was soon naked. Having a look at herself in the mirror
in her room, she noticed how her nipples were hard, and she moved her hand
down her stomach to her pussy. She was a little wet, which surprised her,
since Sully was so much bigger then Brian. Putting her hand into her side
cabinet she pulled out her smooth wooden dildo that Sully had given to her
as a present. Shaped similar to Sully's cock she started to insert it inside
her pussy. It didn't take long before she had it fully inside her. Putting
back on her panties over the top of her dildo, she got dressed in more casual
clothes and walked down to the kitchen to start preparing dinner. She loved
the feeling of this dildo with her legs close together, just using her pussy
muscles to move the dildo inside her.

* * *

Back out in the barn Colleen was almost screaming in ecstasy as Sully thrust
harder, faster and deeper then she had ever experienced. Colleen couldn't
verbalise any word, it was just a case of "mmmm ooooo aaaahhhh". She was glad
Sully was lasting longer this time, because she already orgasmed twice since
he had started fucking her 20 minutes ago this second time. Sully who hadn't
fucked such a sweet pussy for a while was in ecstasy as he pulled Colleen's
body back into his. Turning her head he started to kiss her passionately as
he thrust inside her, and caressing and pinching her nipples. He soon pushed
her down and thrust one more time as his cum exploded from his cock deep
inside her pussy. He didn't care if she was fertile, he just needed to cum
inside her. Colleen could feel his cock expand but did not have the
experience in sex to know what that means, and being so close to another
orgasm when she felt this warm sensation shoot inside her, she started
orgasming again. It was only minutes afterwards when she really thought about
it, and she realised that she didn't care, this feeling was too good to

Sully did hold her for a while, but they both realised that they needed to
get dressed and move into the house. Sully through his clothes down to the
lower level, he washed his body to remove the sex scent from the horse water
trough. Colleen who remained on the upper deck rose to her knees and felt as
the cum poured from her insides and started to run down her leg. More slowly
she climbed down the ladder until she was on the ground. Putting her feet on
either side of the trough she looked down and looked at the reflection of her
pussy in the water, she looked as cum continued to drip from inside her, but
also looking how her lips were open and how red her pussy was. She gathered
and patted her pussy with the water and tried to remove the smell of Sully
off her.

Walking back into the house after dressing she found it hard to look at
Michaela in the eye.

See Part 4, coming soon


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