Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman:
Colleen Pays For College Part 4 (Mf,oral)
by Jeff_Paw2001 ([email protected])

Colleen and Sully was using every opportunity to suck, fuck or even just
touch anything. Anytime Michaela was away from the house, they would be at

It had been about 2 weeks since she had sent her letter to her grandma and
since she had started sex with Mary and then Sully. She had received a note
through Michaela that a letter would be arriving on the early morning coach.
She knew that it must be from her grandma and decided to go in to the town
in the morning to collect it, and maybe see if Mary was around.

In the morning Colleen rode in the buggy with Michaela, over the last two
weeks they had stopped speaking as much as they used too. Colleen missed that
relationship but found it hard because of what she was doing with Sully,
Michaela's husband.

As she stepped out of the buggy and waving goodbye to Michaela she started to
walk towards the general store and post office. After grabbing the letter and
walking, Colleen decided that she wanted to be with someone when she opened
the letter. She thought of going to Michaela but decided against it, and then
noticed how she was close to where Mary worked. Walking to behind the Saloon
she climbed the steps and walked inside. Getting to Mary's door she knocked,
Mary soon answered the door and a smile came across her face. Pulling her
into the room, they sat down on the bed. Colleen explained the situation to
Colleen and her fear if her grandmother said "No" in this letter. Colleen
handed the letter to Mary and asked her to read it. Colleen sat back and
listened to Mary as she read the letter, going from the pleasantries to the
part about finance. Mary read out "I am sorry that I cannot fund you all the
money, but have enclosed half of the money."

Colleen immediately began to cry and Mary hugged her close telling her it
would be alright. It was then their was a knock on the door. Mary got up and
looked through the spy hole and realised it was another customer. She looked
around to Colleen and apologised and told her she had to work. Colleen got
up and tidied herself up and Mary opened the door for her to leave. She
kissed Mary on the lips as the door open, surprising the man at the door and
Colleen walked out. As she walked down the hall she heard the man say to
Mary "How much for the two of you", she heard Mary laugh and Colleen walked
towards the steps. It was hearing that and being in this place she remembered
what Hank had said not two weeks ago. She thought back to the offer he had
said "You come work for me, your virginity is worth a lot, I could get more
for you."

Colleen walked down the steps and to the door that led to Hank's office,
knocking on it gently, she heard him inside and walked inside. She was a
little shocked to see young Miss Jenny Ryder on her knees with Hank's cock
in her mouth. Jenny was only 13 but she had gone through the change during
the year and Colleen had noticed at the school how popular Miss Jenny was
becoming with the boys in the school. Jenny didn't see Colleen enter the
room and continued to suck Hank as he was instructing her. Hank pulled out
his cock from her mouth just as he was coming and he shot in directly in
her mouth, lips and then face. As she stood up and cleaned her face she
thanked Hank for teaching her and turned towards the door she saw Colleen.
Jenny got really embarrassed straight away but walked towards the door.
Colleen lent down and whispered something into her ear. Jenny walked out.

Hank sat back down as Colleen walked towards the chairs. Sitting down she
looked at Hank.

"I've come about your proposal", said Colleen

"Well, well well, I never really thought you would", replied Hank.

"Well this arrangement will be under my terms and not yours", said Colleen.

"What arrangements?" replied Hank.

"You said that you would need to trial me, that's not going to happen, if you
are to get my virginity, your going to pay for it, and not what you usually
pay either," said Colleen.

"I don't pay for it girlie," said Hank.

"Well this time you do, I know you have wanted me for so long, wanted my
succulent red lips around that cock of yours, that is going to cost you one
pound, if you want to be the first between my legs, your going to have to pay
another 4 pounds and then if your able another 5 pounds to fuck my ass", said

"Get out of here little girl", shouted Hank.

Colleen turned around and just as she got to the door and turned around,
"Just so you know this is what you missed," said Colleen as she lifted her
skirt to show off her hot ass.

As Colleen opened the door and stepped through and was in process of closing
door when she heart Hank call out "Oh for Christ sake, yes I will pay."

Colleen smiled before turning around and stepping back inside.

"Money first", said Colleen as she headed back to the desk.

Hank opened his drawer and pulled out 10 pounds and handed it to colleen.
"I'm going to fuck your pussy so hard for that", said Hank.

Smiling Colleen said, "Promises Promises." Colleen put the money in her bag.

Hank moved to Colleen as Colleen started to undo her blouse. With only two
buttons to go Hank grabbed the blouse and ripped it off her body. Untying the
bodice Colleen's breasts were soon out and Hank didn't take long to move his
hands down to them followed closely by his mouth. Colleen started to undo her
skirt and let it fall to the floor, now standing their in only her panties.
She couldn't believe how easy his was and that he had paid the 10 pounds.

Dropping down to her knees she started to jerk the big cock in front of her,
and then with her tongue started licked around the head of Hank's cock. She
tried to act like this was her first cock that she had sucked and kept asking
did he like this and was she doing it correct. It wasn't long before Hank had
his hand behind her head and he started thrusting his cock into her mouth
faster and further. She had learnt to deep throat but acted like it was
hurting and coughed a number of times as if it was choking her. Colleen moved
her hand between her legs and inside her panties and started to rub her
already wet pussy and clit. Moaning into his cock as she licked and sucked,
she couldn't get enough. Hank kept up his thrusting until he was ready to
explode and pulled out just at the first load of his cum shot into Colleen's
mouth. Cum kept exploding from hanks cock and onto Colleen's mouth, face and
dripping down to her breasts. Putting his cock back into her mouth she made
sure she had drained his cock of cum.

Moving back from the floor she got back on his desk and continue to
masturbate for him and to get herself off, putting her two fingers in and
out quickly, she orgasmed just as quickly.

Hank moved between her legs, and immediately put his cock head between her
pussy lips. Colleen tensed her pussy muscles to imitate a virgin pussy for
when Hank started to fuck her. But Colleen wasn't expecting what happened
next, when Hank grabbed her hips and thrust his cock fully into her. She
cried from the suddenness of it, and also because she knew Hank would be
expecting that. Squeezing her muscles she cried, and moaned no, and she saw
the smile on Hank's face and she slowly started to lessen the muscles, and
started to moan a little. Hank couldn't believe how hot this girl was, he
had fucked all the whores in his saloon but to have this little girl here,
moaning for his cock, he had wanted this since she had come to their town
3 years ago.

Colleen started to use her pussy muscles to massage his cock, she knew that
Hank had been with many women, but she guessed in most cases they just layed
their. Each time I felt him withdraw I would roll my hips back, only to feel
him thrust up to meet my movements. Sweat glowed on our bodies as we fucked
faster and faster. Colleen thought it was fun to feel another cock inside
her, the feel of another cock and another body. Thinking how could girls just
stay with one guy when this was so much fun.

They had been fucking for 20 minutes when Hank heard the words he wanted "Oh,
God, Hank, I'm cumming, I'm CUMMING, I'M CUMMMING!" Colleen moaned.

Over and over her young body was racked by throes of sexual pleasure. She
shook and hugged and kissed as if her whole world was going to come to an
end at any moment. Her climax continued, pulsating around hanks cock. Hank
couldn't last much longer, the feeling of being first in Colleen after all
this time, and watching her orgasm all over his cock was too much and he
started to shoot his hot cum deep into Colleen.

Hank collapsed onto Colleen ad they laid in that position for a while,
Colleen could feel his cock getting smaller inside her. Colleen pushed him
off her and got off the desk and when over to the spit bowl and squatted and
looked down at she felt his cum start to leak out of her. When it slowed
down, she walked over her clothes and start to put them on.

Walking back over to Hank. "I want the key to room 3, I know it's vacant. I
get to charge the clients what I want, and they have to understand that. I'm
not a 2 bit whore, you don't own me, when I have enough money I will stop. Do
you agree to this arrangement?"

"As long as I get 25% then that's ok," Hank said.

"15% and I won't tell the girls that your skimming their money. Remember Hank
I can actually count."

Looking sheepish Hank agreed and handed over the keys to room 3.

Colleen walked up the backstairs to begin her career.

The end, watch out for chapter 5 when some of the town folks find out about
Colleen's new career.


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