Donna Reed: A Mother's Touch (mF, inc)
by Wilcox

All was not well in the Stone household. Outwardly they appeared to be the
perfect family. The father Alex was a successful Doctor and his beautiful
wife Donna was the prim and very proper poster woman for the perfect
housewife and mother. Their two teenagers were respectful and well thought
of by their friends and teachers. Their daughter Mary was a very pretty
fresh faced girl with her mothers trim figure while their handsome son Jeff
had developed into a handsome athletic young man.

The truth however was that the kids were going through the typical teenage
trials and dilemmas and that Donna was a frustrated woman who mourned her
lackluster sex life and goody two-shoe image. She secretly yearned for more
excitement than her workaholic husband was able to provide. He on the other
hand was clueless to the growing turmoil seething within his loving wife.

At the moment she was in the shower. The streams of hot water soothed her as
her hands spent much too much time lingering on her firm breasts and between
her legs. She felt the tingles course through her lush body as she flicked a
finger gently against her erect clit. It felt so good that she couldn't stop
herself from inserting a finger and then another into her neglected vagina.

Her mind was soon awash in lurid fantasy. Large demanding penises flooded
her thoughts. Alex was averaged sized at best and barely satisfied her when
they did make love, which was becoming rarer and rarer. She was lost in the
forbidden moment of self-pleasure and had just brought herself to a
much-needed orgasm when she became aware of a rush of footsteps down the
hallway and the slamming of a door.

She quickly stepped out of the shower and pulled on a short bathrobe then
went to investigate the noise. She quickly surmised that it was her son Jeff
who had just stomped into the house and that something was very wrong. It
just wasn't like him to act that way. She went to his door and pushed it
open to see Jeff stripping off his shirt, revealing bruises. She noticed
that he also had a split lip and her motherly instincts took over.

"What happened honey," she said as she went up to him.

"I don't want to talk about it Mom," he responded looking away from her.

"Come on Jeff, tell me what happened," she asked. "My God, who did this to
you. You were in a fight, weren't you?"

"Mom, I said that I don't want to talk about it ... OK," he said.

"You can tell me anything honey, you know that, don't you," she pushed. "I
promise not to tell your father if that's what's bothering you. It'll be
strictly between us. Come on baby, talk to me."

"Well if you really want to know, some of the guys on the team beat me up
after football practice," he said as he averted his eyes.

"How awful. I thought all of you were good friends," she said. "Why would
they attack you?"

"Well ... I kinda attacked them," Jeff admitted.

"You what, I don't believe it," she said. "Did they provoke you."

"Yeah," he said softly. "They were talking and I told them to shut up and
when they didn't ... I kinda snapped and went after them. There were too
many of them though and well...."

"They were talking ... my God Jeff," she said. "Whatever could your friends
say that would get you so upset?"

"They were talking about you Mom," Jeff admitted.

"About me," she responded. "I don't understand Jeff?"

"Well if you really want to know, I'll tell you," Jeff told his Mother.
"They said you were hot and that you had the best body of any of the Moms in
town. Then after I told them to shut up they said that they wanted to strip
you naked, then ... then ... they said they wanted to ... fuck you and make
you beg for more. They kept talking and then they said something else and
that's when I went after them."

"Oh baby," Donna moaned, secretly flattered by the teenage boys' lusting for
her, but also pleased that Jeff had defended her honor. Then it struck her,
"What else did they say honey. What was it, you can tell Mommy."

"Please Mom ... don't make me tell," Jeff begged.

"You will tell me right now young man," she insisted.

"You'll probably laugh if I told you, and I don't want that." He was really
struggling with whatever it was and he was having trouble saying it. His
mother continued to push him for an answer and he finally broke down. "Oh
OK...," he said softly. "They said that if they were your son and had a dick
as big as mine they'd be in your bed every night fucking you. There ... are
you happy?"

"What," Donna said in a stunned voice.

"See ... I knew I shouldn't have told you," Jeff cried out as he leapt upon
his bed. "The guys saw it in the shower and started calling me Donkey Boy.
Then they told all the girls at school about my ... problem, and because of
it they don't want to have anything to do with me."

"Well, Jeff," Donna said tenderly as she felt a tingle in her juicy snatch.
"Tell me about it, and we'll see what we can do to make things better. OK

"Okay Mom," he said, "but no laughing."

"I promise," Donna said solemnly making a sign of a cross over her heart. "I
assume that you're talking about your penis? How big is it?"

"Can I show you?" Jeff asked.

"Please do, baby," Donna answered in a soft little voice.

Jeff rolled onto his back, unzipped his fly, and with some effort, pulled
out his problem.

"Oh my God," Donna gasped at the massive shaft of teenaged cock that
appeared before her eyes. Her son held in his hand the largest cock she
could have ever imagined on boy or man, maybe a horse. But, then she quickly
added, "It's beautiful, Jeff. Those girls just don't know what they are
missing." She sighed as see gazed on her son's limp dick that in its present
state dwarfed his father's when it was erect.

She'd forgotten that she only had on her short red silk robe and that she
was totally naked underneath it. It covered only about six inches past the
underside of her firm bottom. The material was thin enough that the tips of
her nipples showed through as she sat on the side of his bed.

She could see that he was already a little aroused, and felt a longing
tingling between her legs at the sight of his big cock. He really was very
attractively built she thought as she reached out and stroked her hand over
his strong chest. "I hadn't noticed how muscular you've become honey. All
that football training certainly seems to be working." Donna dropped her
hand to his thigh, dangerously high up. "My, these are so strong now too!"
she smiled, watching his big cock twitch in his hand as she lovingly stroked
his thigh. "Does it get bigger baby?" she asked breathlessly.

"When I play with it, and make it shoot, but I'd be too bashful to do that
in front of you Mom," he said timidly. "I usually visualize naked breasts
... your ... your breasts. It works every time." She then noticed that he
was looking at her breasts through her partially opened robe, her nipples
were rock hard and aching she suddenly realized.

In her desire to communicate earnestly with him, she turned towards him,
drawing one bent leg up onto his bed. She didn't realize that in so doing,
her robe moved up her thighs enough that he could clearly see her trimmed
quim in all it's naked glory. She then leaned forward and caressed his

The front or her robe opened wide, exposing her breasts completely. Jeff got
a good look at them and her stiff nipples. Her eyes followed his gaze. She
blushed and moved to close up her robe.

Without even thinking about it, Jeff reached out and gently took her wrists
in his grasp, gently pulling her hands down into her lap, and also
preventing her from sitting up.

"Please don't Mom," Jeff almost moaned, "they're so beautiful. Please let me
look at them?"

Donna sat in silence, her mind flooding her with raw sexual impulses for her
son's huge cock that she fought to overcome. Gently she shook her head.
"It's wrong Jeff," she whispered.

"Please Mom," Jeff said again. "You said that you wanted to help me ...
didn't you?"

The anguish in his voice tore at Donna's heart. A war was being fought in
her head. She knew it was wrong, but she loved him so. And God help her, she
hadn't had time to fulfill her lust in the shower and she was aching for
release. Also, he looked so much like Alex did at his age. While she was
agonizing with these thoughts, Jeff released her wrists, reached forward,
slipped his hands inside her robe and cupped her breasts.

She had just decided that she shouldn't allow this, when she felt his hands
on her breasts. When his thumbs flicked gently, almost reverently back and
forth across her nipples, they sprang forth instantly. Jeff marveled at how
far they stuck out. Donna felt a delicious tremor run through her body,
right down to her pussy, making it feel as if it were on fire.

She spread her hands helplessly, and her right hand encountered his hard-on.
At the contact, an electric shock sent another tremor through her. Her hand
closed convulsively around it and she felt it jerk in response. 'Jesus it's
so big' she said softly. She couldn't stop herself now even if she wanted
to, let alone Jeff and she was honest enough with herself to admit it as she
began to stroke her son's huge cock.

"Ummm," Jeff said, "...that feels nice Mom."

"Jeff?" she said thickly,"...I know this is wrong but it has been so long
since...since I..."

"It's okay, Mom," Jeff said quickly. "No one will ever know about it! It'll
just be between you and me. Besides, it's not like I was still a kid or

"Maybe so," she sighed audibly. "But it will still be incest hon."

Jeff cleared his throat. "That's only a word Mom. If we are both agreeable
to it, so what? We both have needs that aren't being met. We'll be helping
each other, that's what families do ... help each other, right?"

"I'll tell you a secret," she giggled suddenly. "When you were still a baby
I used to love the way that you would suckle at my breast, and sometimes
when you were doing it I would play with you."

"Play with me?" Jeff echoed. "You mean you would play with my penis?"

"Yes," she said, still giggling. "And even when you were a baby you would
get hard when I played with you. Ummm... of course this was a lot smaller
the last time I did this."

"Please Mom, take off your robe, I want to see you naked! Please Mom?" Jeff

As if she was in a dream, Donna rose to her feet, standing close to the bed.
As she undid the sash of her robe, she saw her son's cock jerk with
excitement. Her hands shook as she reached up near her shoulders to remove
her robe. He slid over to the side of his bed and began to caress her thigh,
as she slid her robe off of her shoulders and let it drop to the floor.

He started to take off his pants and shorts.

"No!" she said to him. "Let me do it! I want to undress you. Jesus, I want
to undress you so badly baby."

"I want you to undress me too Mom!" Jeff told her.

Suddenly, a sense of urgency overwhelmed her. She couldn't undress him fast
enough. As she pulled his pants and underpants down his legs, his manhood
popped upward and was now standing up rock hard like a missile on a launch
pad. 'Wow! He's not just big, he's huge!!' she thought.

Placing her hands on the insides of his thighs, she gently urged him to
spread his legs. When he had done so, she lifted first one leg over his near
one, then the other, giving him a good look at her pussy. She saw the desire
flash in his eyes. She knelt between his legs and brought her face down
close to his huge cock. She stared at it for a moment, and then she looked
up past it, along his body and into his wide opened eyes.

"Would you like me to suck your prick?" she asked him in a husky voice.

"OHHH YES MOM!!" he exclaimed.

She shivered as she watched the lust for her smoldering in his eyes. She
gently grasped his big cock, thrilling to the silky feel of its skin. She
breathed its manly odor in deeply before she parted her lips and her tongue
snaked out to wrap around the head. Donna pulled back for a moment to watch
the head now coated with her saliva glistening in the light. As she watched,
pre-come began to seep out of the hole at the tip of its head. She leaned
forward and his cock pressed softly against her lips.

She parted her lips, letting the head slide barely inside, her tongue
flicked over the end, tasting the pre-cum that dripped from the end. She
felt his hands on the back of her head, and heard the gasp that escaped from
his lips. He drew her toward him, pushing a little farther into her mouth,
then released her. Her head came forward, engulfing more of his throbbing
manhood. Then slowly, with lips pursed, she withdrew, her tongue playing
with the slit in the head of his prick.

She looked up at him again, running her tongue over the sensitive underside
of his cock, her bedroom eyes smoldering with lust. His hips started
pumping, feeding cock to the parted lips that begged for it. They both knew
that he couldn't hold back. It was like trying to stop a flood. He
stiffened, muscles tense, his scrotum tightening, and then the eruption
rocketed out of him. Spurt after spurt of cum filled her mouth. She choked,
then swallowed, some trickled from the corners of her mouth. She swallowed
again. Jeff watched his mother's head bobbing as she went down on him, his
hand gently stroking her hair.

She looked up at him as she marveled at how he could have just ejaculated
more cum than her husband could have matched in a weeks worth of orgasms and
... he was still rock hard. As she sucked out the last drop of his tasty
semen she watched his unwavering gaze fixed on her every movement.

"God Mom, that was incredible. I want you so bad," he pleaded. "Please Mom
... I want to be in you so bad."

"I want it too baby, she moaned. "I want to feel my baby's big cock sliding
back in where he came from. Okay baby. I'm going to stick your cock in my
cunt now!" and so saying, Donna got up and straddled her teenaged son's

Slowly, she lowered her pussy toward his stiff rod, looking into his eyes
the entire time. She held his manhood with one hand, and reached down to
spread the lips of her pussy with the other. His eyes opened wide as he felt
and watched his cock slide into his loving Mother. Her cunt lips stretched
to the max as she lowered herself further. A strong adrenaline rush ripped
through her veins as she was taking in another man's cock for the first
time. She'd been a virgin when she'd married and Donna trembled excitedly as
her son's thick length slid into her.

It excited her no end to watch him watching her as she fought to slide down
her son's huge pole. She continuously lowered and raised herself, sliding up
and down on his massive prick to work it in deeper. The intense feeling of
her cunt stretching over his long thick cock was making her weak.

Donna's cunt worked feverishly to adjust to his enormous size. Feeling more
comfortable that she could handle him, she lowered down and his huge cock
easily passed her husbands depth. She bounced up and down as her son's big
rod slid in and out of her wide stretched cunt deeper and deeper.

When his entire length was within her, she paused for a moment, smiled and
said; "Now my son, I'm going to make love you till we both come!" And with
that she began to slide herself up and down his incredible length as she
cupped her breasts and began to tweak the nipples. This spurred Jeff into
moving with her. They bucked together for a few moments before he reached up
and filled his hands with her bouncing tits.

As Jeff filled his mother with his huge hard cock, he squeezed her breasts
lovingly. His fingers started at the outside edges of her breast and slowly
drew in toward her nipples. He gently pulled his mom's nipples out and let
them go several times. Donna was in heaven, being filled completely and
being stimulated by her son's hands.

She began combining circular motions with up and down motions. Donna could
feel his large mushroom head moving around and up and down touching every
inch of her wet tunnel. Every time it came in contact with her sensitive g
spot, she trembled in ecstasy. She leaned forward so that her breasts were
rubbing his face and he responded by suckling on her erected nipples as she
rode his big prick. It was so incredible good, for both of them.

"Do me baby. Then shoot your come onto me, wherever you want! Just let me
know where you want to come and give me enough time to get into position!"

They continued on as his hands slid down to cup her firm little ass as she
rode his big cock. It was more than he'd ever expected. More than he would
ever fantasized as he'd jerked off to thoughts of his beautiful mother. He
knew that now that she'd sucked out his first load the second would be under
greater control and he wanted this moment to last forever. After several
minutes however his mother did something that drove him to the brink.

She cupped the underside of her tits, grasped them firmly and brought them
up towards her chin. Dropping her head, she then proceeded to lick, suck and
bite her turgid nipples. She had tried it one night while masturbating next
to her sleeping husband. She found that when she did this, she got so
excited, that her nipples really puckered up and would extend to close to an
inch. Sure enough, that's what they began to do. While doing this, she'd
been watching her son's eyes. His reaction both excited and pleased her. It
filled him with a deep lust. He shuddered with it.

"OHHHH Mom! You shouldn't have done that. I'm going to come real soon. I
want to come on your face and tits and in your mouth as you suck your
nipples! Look how far they stick out now!"

"I know love! I can feel how excited they are with my lips and tongue. I
learned how to do this while pleasuring myself. I've never done it for
anyone else but myself and I'm glad you're the first!"

"God! Thanks Mom!" Jeff exclaimed.

"I'm going to get off now baby and you can come all over my face and tits,"
Donna told him.

"OHHHHHH yes!" her son moaned.

Donna quickly slid off of his prick and moved to sit on the edge of the bed.
Jeff jumped off the bed and stood in front of her, his cock a few inches
from her face.

"Do it baby! Jerk yourself off and come all over my face and tits! Give it
to me!!" Donna begged.

Jeff grabbed his thick prick and began to hammer his fist up and down the
long length, while his mother started licking and sucking her nipples again.

"OHHHHHH Mom! I'm going to come!" he moaned again.

"Yes baby. Do it! I'm going to come myself! Give it to me baby. Come all
over your Mother's tits and face! Hurry. I'm cumming! Oh God I'm

"Oh shit! Ohhhhhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhhhhhh !!! Here it comes!! All over you Mom!!
Ohhhhhh Mom!! OHH..AHHHH...OHHHHH FUUUUCK!!!!"

"Yesssss baby! Ohhhh look!!! Your cum's spurting all over me!!!"

Jeff's cock pulsated. His orgasm was so strong he thought he was going to
pass out.

Spurt after spurt shot out to splash against his mother's tits, nipples,
face, and even in her hair. They then collapsed together on the bed in a
close embrace, Jeff's hand on her tit and Donna's hand caressing his cock
and returning it to rock hard stiffness.

"Oh dear. I'd forgotten that young men could go again and again. Just look
at what I did. I guess I'll have to take care of it again," she said as she
rolled up onto her hands and knees and gave her son a come-hither look.
"Please do me from behind honey," she asked. "Your dad is a strict
missionary position man and I've always wanted to try it this way."

"My pleasure," Jeff said as he quickly got up behind his sexy mom. He pushed
his cockhead between her gorgeous buns and nuzzled it in against her tiny
anus as she let out a low whimper. He moved down and slowly sank deep into
her hot squishy crack. She let out a loud moan as his huge pecker forced
it's way into her tight cunt even deeper in this position, slowly sinking
the entire length up Donna's very tight pussy in one long thrust leaving her
son's cock head pressing firmly against her cervix.

Jeff began to fuck her glove tight cunt powerfully. He started stroking with
slow rhythmic strokes, gradually increasing the pace as he went on. His
hands moved to trap his mom's flaring hips in a strong grip and he began to
fulfill his fantasy of fucking her brains out doggie style.

It was only a matter of minutes before a powerful orgasm washed over her.
"AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ......" she moaned cumming on her son's thick
pole as her pussy milked his entire fully embedded length like she had
fingers inside her. Jeff was now hammering her cervix as he began slamming
his meat clear to the hilt with piston like strokes.

Donna for her part was wild with lust, and she couldn't get enough, the
feeling of getting fucked doggy style by her son's massive dick was sending
her over the edge! The liquid sounds of a tight slurping pussy filled the
room as a loud squish accompanied Jeff's every power laden thrust.

Twice more, the beautiful housewife and mother reached mind-shattering
orgasms, as she was fucked doggie style on her son's bed. He marveled at the
way his beautiful mother wiggled and pushed her gorgeous butt back to meet
his deep hard thrusts as he fucked her like the sex machine he'd become. She
worked her hips and milked his thick cock for all she was worth as he took
her to fuck heaven.

Eventually he felt the need to cum begin to tingle deep in his balls.
"OHHHHHHHH MOM," he moaned. "I'm getting close."

"Oh Baby pull it out ... don't cum in me," she moaned.

"OHHHH I need to cum in you Mom," he told her. "I'm going to fill you with

"No baby," she begged. "Not in my cunt. Anywhere but my cunt."

"AHHHH ... OK ... have you ever taken it up the ass Mom?" he asked. "Can I
cum in your ass. You did say anywhere."

Donna pleaded "No, don't, please no ... I've never had it back there before!
I'll suck you off baby, OK?"

He pumped her for another minute, staring at his mother's tiny star shaped
anus clenching and unclenching in rhythm to his deep hard thrusts. It was as
though his dick had a mind of it's own. Without consciously thinking of what
he was doing Jeff slipped all the way out of his mom's tight spasming little
pussy and nuzzled his cock in against her even tighter little asshole.

His mother whimpered again as Jeff's cockhead throbbed at her virgin anus.
It yielded under the pressure as he flexed his buttocks and shot his hips
forward. His thick cockhead popped into her rear channel and deep up her
virgin asshole as he drove up her Hershey highway.

It slowed to a stop halfway in. Donna was fighting as best she could; her
sphincter muscles were resisting Jeff with all their might. Her tight little
athletic ass was holding him back until for just an instant her muscles
relaxed to reposition themselves. At that point, all Jeff's strength drove
his rock hard meat to its hilt up his mother's tight hot virgin ass.

She shrieked in pain at the sudden invasion of her virgin anus, but nothing
could stop her horny son from forcing open her incredibly tight spincter and
burying his long thick cock to the hilt.

Donna screamed again as Jeff pulled back slightly and re-buried his hard
shaft into her virgin hole. He pulled it back slowly and rammed it to the
hilt again with equal force. No way he wasn't going to fuck her sweet ass
now that he was into it, he thought. He powered it to her and soon turned
her cries into those of joy and unbridled lust.

He was pumping her with long deep strokes now. Fucking his mom's glove tight
asshole with the stamina of a bull servicing his herd. She screamed in joy
as even more intense orgasms consumed her and she began humping her
beautiful ass back to meet her son's hungry loins. She whimpered, writhing
her buttocks erotically in his crotch as he pumped her. His hands moving
down her body to squeeze her swinging breasts as he sodomized his beautiful
mother slowly, deeply and thoroughly.

On and on they butt-fucked for over half an hour until Jeff was on the verge
of getting his rocks off. Then he slammed his meat back into her hot squishy
cunt, resuming the drive to his orgasmic release. "Where do you want it
Mom?" he moaned as he pildrove his big dick to the hilt in her spasming
pussy. "I'm gonna cum in you one way or another. Tell me where you want it?"

"My ass," she moaned. "Cum in my ass baby."

Jeff switched holes again, powerfully slamming his cock up his mother's ass
to the hilt as he shot his load and pumped her tight little anus full of his
potent seed. After about a minute he pulled out and laid it in the crack of
her fantastic ass, slowly sliding it between her firm undulating buns as
more of his heavy cream oozed out of the hole on the tip of his big cock. It
dripped all over her pretty little ass and he watched his cum run down the
crack of her butt!

"OH Mommy, I love your ass," he said as he unconsciously fit it back into
her newly opened anus and buried it to the hilt in one glorious thrust as
she let out a soft mewing sound. Jeff let it soften in her exquisite
tightness as her tight anal sheath gently milked away. Mentally and
physically they were both exhausted. Never in all her years had Donna cum
like that. Never that hard. Never that intense. Never with so much
excitement and satisfaction.

She knew that she was addicted to her son's big dick and that she would fuck
him whenever he wanted her from now on. "That was incredible Jeff", Donna
moaned, "but remember, this is our little secret. If your father or sister
ever finds out we'll be in big trouble. Can you keep our secret baby?"

"Oh Mom, you know I will as long as we continue to take care of each others
needs," he replied. "And right now we both need a shower. Dad still has
office hours and Mary's at cheerleader practice so we could go in together.
I've dreamed of making love to you in the shower and we have plenty of time.
What do you say?"

"I say that I think I've created a sex monster," she said as she gave him a
tired smile, grabbed her son's cock and led him to the bathroom.


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