Donna Reed Show: Donna's Infamous Discovery (mFf,facial,first,anal,cream pie,squirt,inc)
by Dr. Demented 666

Victor, a handsome 13 year old boy and son of Donna's college roommate, was staying with the Stone's for the weekend and they were all marveled at how intelligent he was even though his own mother didn't think of him as so bright.

Victor was amazed at the beauty Donna exhibited, even though she was old enough to be his mother. He admired her classic figure and shapely hips and mesmerized over what her breasts must look like under her dress. He even found himself drooling over her 15 year old daughter, Mary, who was just as pretty and natural in her teen years with long black hair and model-like looks and a perfect smile.

Victor found himself in his bedroom and totally naked on the bed and playing with himself to the thoughts of what he'd like to do to Mary and her mother-individually or together. He never masturbated before so this was all a new experience to him as his sexual awakening came to life as he caressed his soft skin on his stomach and massaged his prepubescent scrotum as he stroked his penis to an erect 6".

"Victor, I was wondering if you'd like to...Oh my GOD! I'm so sorry! I didn't know you were! What the heck are you doing to yourself?" Mary said with shock as she stumbled into his room to ask him if he wanted to go into town with her.

Victor shot up with his erection bouncing like a spring board and red in the face, standing there naked and looking over at the girl he was jerking off to just before she walked in. Victor reached down and took hold of the sheet on the bed and tried to cover his thing up until Mary came over and brushed it away...

"Don't cover up, I like what I see...You're the first boy I seen naked...You're actually quite cute." Mary stated with a smile as she admired his youthful good looks and glossy eyes as they took in her beauty.

"Really? Wow...I was actually just pleasuring myself to you." Victor confessed.

"Really?! I'm so embarrassed...What were you fantasizing about?" She asked with curiosity.

"You know...Sex!" He said with a sheepish voice.

"Jeez Victor! Sex at our age? My mom would kill me..." Mary blurted out as he stood there still naked...

"Buuuuuttt, on the other hand it does sound like fun..." She told him as she reached out and took his cock in hand and felt it come alive in her grip.

Smiling, she watched his skin on his shaft fold up and around his cock head as she massaged it. Victor quickly grabbed her behind the head and pulled her to him and began to kiss her, working his tongue into her mouth and Frenching her as she played with his dick...

"Mary...Will you try something with me?" He asked with an unsure voice and breaking their heated kissing action...

"Sure, what is it?" She replied.

"Here, get down on your knees." He asked of her.

Mary sunk to her knees and stared up at the boy who placed himself inches from her and began to swipe his erection against her face and neck, making her gasp with surprise as he pumped his hips in a humping action. Slowly he rubbed his shaft against her lips and coerced them open, shocking her yet again as he pumped his dick back and forth into her mouth as she looked up at him with her innocent eyes as she took hold of her pony tail and pulled himself into her mouth in a fucking fashion.

Victor moaned and panted heavily as a dizziness came over him and his stomach contracted and his hips spasmed. Mary began to choke and shoved him away, flailing her arms about to try and block the fury of cum shooting from his cock into her mouth and on her face and in her hair...

"STOP! YOU'RE MAKING A MESS ON ME! HOLY COW, VICTOR!" Mary squealed to him as his orgasm subsided and cum dangled from her chin a good foot as the rest of her face and neck sported long strands of white cum across them...

Mary stayed on her knees still looking up at the twitching boy as she kissed and suckled his cock head, when...

"MARY! VICTOR! STOP THAT THIS INSTANT!" A harsh voice came from the doorway of the bedroom.

It was Mary's mom, Donna, standing there with a disgusted and shocked look on her face as she seen her daughter bring and orgasm from a boy 2 years her junior...

"You're in big trouble little miss! And you! Get dressed! How could you!?" Donna stated sternly.

"But it felt really good...I want it to happen again." Victor stated as he pulled Donna close to him so his naked body pressed against hers through her dress as he forced his tongue into her mouth.

Donna's screams were muffled from his tongue as she struggled to unhook his arms from her and push him away...

"Don't fight it mother...Just go with it...It'll be fun with him, you'll see...Here, let me help you..." Mary whispered into her mother's ear from behind as she unzipped the back of her mother's dress.

Donna didn't realize it yet but when Victor surprised her with his tongue, her daughter had gotten completely naked and positioned herself behind her...

"Mary! No! This isn't right! I'm your mother! And he's just 13!" Donna exclaimed as she felt her dress slide to the floor and Mary begin to work at her bra, unsnapping it and exposing her motherly breasts to the boy in front of her as Mary's pubic muff softly rubbed against her mother's smooth bottom.

Victor leaned in and began to lick them as Mary sunk to her knees and pulled down her mother's panties and licked her way up the back of her mom's leg until her tongue playfully fluttered it way into her mom's pussy. Donna's eyes sprang open with surprise as she felt her daughter's wet tongue impale itself into her, nailing her G-spot and making her gush orgasmic fluid all over Victor.

Donna became red in the face as her squirts dwindled to slow drips that ran down the insides of her legs as the cum on Mary's face smeared into her mother's backside. Mary took her mother by the hand and led her to the bed where she motioned for her to lie on it on her back. Donna did so with an unsure and reluctant look on her face knowing this was going to go a bit too far for her liking as it already did.

Mary straddled her mother's face and looked down at Victor going down on her mother and making her squirm and her hips spring up with excitement as he licked his way up her stomach and slowly helped her give oral to her daughter as he sunk himself into Donna's pussy. Donna's squeals were muffled as her face was buried in her daughter's pussy as Victor took her, giving her first fuck by anyone other than her husband.

Victor couldn't believe the feel of the voluptuous woman's pussy he was taking and its incredible warmth and clenching vaginal walls as her stomach rose and sunk with heavy breaths. Mary watched as her mother was fucked by the young boy and taking great pleasure in what her mother was doing to her, licking her sweet pussy until she exploded her orgasm all over her mother's face and tits.

Victor thrusted hard into Donna's pussy with each explosive cum shot, filling her so full that his cum back washed passed his cock and onto the sheets as his pumps slowed in her and he withdrew. He and Mary both stared down at the messy white stuff flowing from Donna's hot pussy and how her face glistened with her orgasm.

Mary turned and straddled her mom until they were face to face and Mary was atop of her wagging her hot ass at the boy...

"C'mon, Victor...My turn...What are you waiting for? Take me..." Mary begged of the boy to deflower her while she was on her own mom and beginning to tongue kiss her.

Mary and her mother's stiff nipples raked against each other and they broke their lip lock when Mary had to cathc her breath from the sudden stiffness entering her virginal womb, filling her with a meaty presence she never felt before and quickly snapping her hymen and popping her cherry. Mary winced in slight pain until her mom softly stirred her fingertips along Mary's stomach side and down between her legs to where her index and middle fingers slid to the side of Victors cock as it slid back and forth into her daughter...

"He's taking me mother! He's in me so deep!" Mary squealed to her mom.

"I know! I can feel it, honey...You're so soft down there Mary..." Donna exclaimed.

Then Victor pulled from Mary's pussy and pushed himself firmly into her ass, making her gasp in horror and exhale heavily as she screamed with his sudden full plunge into her...

"What is it, Mary!?" Donna shouted to her daughter her got all teary eyed over top of her..

"He's up my butt, mother! God! He's hurting me!" Mary screamed.

Donna pulled her hand from her daughter's now vacant pussy and reached around to feel the boy plunging himself hard into Mary's hot ass again and again...

"That's so hot, Mary...Him taking you in that hit little butt of yours..." Her mother exclaimed from under her while flicking her tongue against the corners of Mary's mouth that accumulated tears from her eyes...

"Make him stop, mom! PLEASE! OUCH! DAMN IT!" Mary screamed and pleaded.

Donna didn't say a thing but soon watched her daughter express a sudden relief with a roll of her eyes. But, Victor wasn't completely satisfied and needed to orgasm; so he went to Donna's smoking hot ass and pushed his hard cock into hers next.

Donna cringed as her hips shot up to escape the sudden anal penetration, but with her daughter atop of her there was none. Donna gasped with pain as the young boy fucked her in the ass for her first ever anal and stretching her to new proportions. Victor reached down and began to finger Mary's ass and pussy at the same time while he took her mother as their mother-daughter vaginal pubes entwined and hooked together with their fluffy kinkiness.

Soon, Mary was squirting all over her mom as was her mom all over her as Victor pulled from Mary's ass and humped her ass cleavage, shooting his hot mess all over Mary's back as her and her mother made out with Donna's legs snared around her daughter's waist.

All three soon realized the dilemma they were in as they all knew what just happened never should have. Victor would soon leave and hope to come back soon for a repeat of what just happened, while Mary and her mother would remain incestual lesbians for quite some time to come...





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