Donna Reed Show: First Black Part 1 (mF,inter)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

Donna Stone was making breakfast for her family, she had a smile on her
face for Alex had given her a good fucking the night before. Being a Dr. he
doesn't have much time, but when he does does he make use of it. She thought
how his cock felt rubbing her clit. It was getting her all wet again. She
opened her robe, rubbing her pussy while cookng her husband's eggs. Pulling
her fingers out dripping her juice over them, she licked her fingers clean,
she set the eggs at his place befor making her kids' breakfast, too.

Jeff, her son, bound down the stairs, and gave her a kiss on her cheek. Mary,
her daughter, came down with thier father. Both gave her a kiss good morning.
Jeff told his Mom he was bring a friend home to study and practice football.

Donna said, "Fine."

So the day went on until school let out. Jeff and Josh, his friend, arrived
home. Donna was taken back to see Josh was a black kid, a little taller than
Jeff. Josh shook hands. He felt her tremble. Josh knew he had another whitie
and soon he would let her feel his power. His cock twicthed. Donna blinked
she thought, "He can't be that big."

They went to study.

Donna was in the kitchen, Josh came up behind her, touched her shoulder and
asked for some pop for him and Jeff. Donna jumped, splilling what she had in
her hand. Josh knelt to help clean up the mess. Holding her hands helping her
up, Josh asked for two pops. Donna gave them to him Josh said thanks and

Donna was in the bathroom her dress bunched up she was rubbing her pussy.
She had came twice. She heard the others come in. She washed her hands and
greeted them with a smile.

Donna finished dinner. Jeff asked if Josh could stay. Josh sat next to Donna
and dropped his hand touching her leg. Donna jumped.

The dinner was over. Josh was leaving. Donna felt a little relieved.

Everyone was in the livingroom. Donna was doing the dishes. She felt a hand
over her mouth, she felt his lips kissing her neck, his other hand raising
her dress, and finding her panties. She felt the coolness as they hit the
floor. Then she heard a ziipper and soon felt a cock rubbing her slit. With
her dress bunched up, the person pushed in. Donna gasped as she felt how big
it was. Holding on to the sink, she felt the stranger take her. Her pussy was
wet and was milking his cock. He sped up until she came. He pulled out.
A pop sound filled the room and soon he was gone.

to be continued...


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