Donna Reed Show: First Black Part 2 (mF,MF,F-mast,inter,food)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

Donna was in a fog, for the next few days. She couldn't stop thnking about
what happen to her in her own house and what would her family think of her.
She stood in the shower. She tried hard not to think of it, but it kept
coming back. Her fingers were working her pussy. She had three fingers
pumping herself. The squishy sounds of her wet pussy, that that person had
opened her up. Her fingers were deep in her pussy.

Still no relief, Donna wrapped a towel around her and ran to the frig. She
found a cucumber she had bought, but it too was small. She seen a squash,
long and curvy.

Back to the shower her lips trembled as she inserted the squash slowly. She
pushed it in and out. Finally, she was pumping it faster and harder. She
fell on all fours. Like some kind of animal she groaned.

She looked and saw the whole squash was inside her. What had she done? She
was a proper mother, a faithful wife, but look at her. She was acting like
some kind of whore. She pulled the squash out. She laid on the floor crying.
She got dressed for the family would be home soon.

As she was fixing dinner, her husband called saying he would be home late.
An emergency came up with a patient. The girls arrived home, gave her a
kiss. Jeff arrived and once again Josh came with him. Donna looked at him
and thought could he have been the one. She shook her head. He is so polite.

Josh once agin joined them for dinner. He even helped her with the dishes.
A fork fell. Josh bent down to get it and his hand touched her ankle. Donna
felt his hand moving up her leg, along her calf and soon she felt her dress
being raised. She stood there not saying a word. Jeff called out to Josh. He
stopped. Donna cursed her own son. Josh left. Donna then knew it was Josh,
who fucked her the other night.

That night in bed with her husband, Donna reached for his cock. She kissing
his neck stroking it until was hard. Off came her gown. She mounted her
husband's cock and began to fuck him. Though seven inch long and quite thick
it still wasn't enough. She rubbed her clit. Donna soon came. She laid on
him, but rolled off and fell asleep.

The morning arrived she made breakfast for her family. As she did her house
work the door bell rang. She answered the door and there stood Josh, all
smiles. Donna asked why he wasn't in school.

"Called in sick," he said.

He walked in and kissed her shutting the door. Donna felt his hands raise her
dress holding her ass. She took off her dress in front of him. Then her bra
and panties. She stood naked in front of him.

Josh smiled, "You want me to fuck you with my black cock. Tell me you want

Donna was on her knees she unzipped his pants. He wore no underwear. She
pulled out his long cock and she began to kiss it. Josh soon was naked,
sitting in her husband's chair while she was ridding the black cock which
filled her up.

She was on all fours begging him to fuck her. Here was this proper wife
begging a black stud to fuck her. Josh rubbed his lubed cock along her
pussy and then put it in her ass. Donna lost her breath, but soon found
it enjoyable. She moved back wanting more. Josh was jackhammering her ass.
He came in her ass and laid back. Donna kissed him, then went to his cock
and began to suck it. She licked his balls tasting her own ass and pussy.

Donna came out with something for Josh to eat, she was still naked. Donna
looked at him and his long limp cock as Josh ate. Donna said, "Would you
like to fuck me in my bed? My husband doesn't do it justice."

Josh almost choked.

Soon they laid in her bed. She was suckng his long cock. She spread her legs
and even opened her pussy for him. Josh looked at the hole he made. He knew
he would be fucking her from now on.

Josh was fucking her hard and fast, sweat on his fore head. Donna's legs
wrapped around him, begging for him to fuck her and squeezing his cock. She
screamed as she came again.

They laid in the bed. She was holding his cock in her hand. Once again went
down to suck it. She loved to feel it in her throat and he came once again in
her mouth. She drank it down.

The rest of the day they fucked until he couldn't any more.

Her kids arrived home. She was all smiles. Her husband, too. She kissed him,
and laughed knowing he would never fuck her again for her Dark Desire had
been filled.

The end?


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