Donna Reed Show: First Black Part 3 - Slave To The Black (mF,inter)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

Donna Stone was at home and her pussy itched. After Josh had fucked her she
knew she wouldn't want a white cock again, even her own husband's. But Josh
had moved away, so Donna would look around she saw a young negro boy.

At the super market, she asked the boy if he could deliver her groceries she
gave him the address.

She waited. Her pussy was twitching. She wondered if his cock would be big.
She would soon find out. As the doorbell rang, she jumped.

Donna calmly opened the door, there stood the young boy, holding her goods.
She showed him in. Locking the door they walked in the kitchen. She offered
him something to drink. Oh what would her family think of her. She was about
to have this young black cock.

"How much?" she asked. She paid him. She held out a ten dollar bill. With a
trembling voice, "I'll give this to you if you show me your..." She couldn't
believe she said it "COCK".

The boy just stood there for a minute before he unbuckled his pants. They
fell to the floor. Donna could see the bulge in his white briefs. She knelt
down with trembling hands and pulling them off. "There," she said.

She smiled looking at the limp black snake, that she was about to put in her
wet mouth, "Would you like to see me naked?"

The boy nodded. Donna stood in her kitchen in broad daylight, unzipped her
dress and took her white bra and panties off. She knelt once again taking his
cock in her hand, opened her mouth and with her tongue began to lick the head
of his cock. It felt so good in her mouth. Donna took it all in her mouth.
She felt it swelling. She pulled back looking at the hard wet black cock.

She took him to her bed. She laid there legs open. She opened her pussy for
him. He watched as she rubbed her clit she told him to lick it. Soon his
tongue was in her pussy. Fucking her with it, Donna moaned with pleasure,
"YEESS! Eat my white pussy."

Donna watched as he laid between her thighs. He put his cock in her wet
pussy, slowly pushing in. She felt his cock filling her pussy. It was tight
for she hadn't had sex in weeks. Oh, she would take a cucumber to her pussy
in the bathroom at night for her husband could no longer satisfy her. Josh
had stretch her pussy, but this boy had plenty for her. He was now fucking
her hard. "OOOOHHHH, God!" she loved it so.

She begged him harder faster. The boy had sweat on his face. He groaned as he
came deep in her pussy. Donna didn't care if she got pregnant. All she wanted
was his cock. She got out of bed went to get him some juice. He was putting
on his clothes when she came back. "Where you going?"

She took his cock in her mouth tasting her own pussy and his cum. She sucked
him till hard again. "Now fuck my white ass," she told him.

Donna knelt on all fours spreading her ass. "FUCK ME!" she said and soon the
boy did just that.

The bed creaked like never before. She was a true slut. Her ass was being
filled with black cock. He fucked her pussy once more. He laid there while
she was kissing his cock. "I am yours," she said, "You have any friends?
Bring them to me."

"OH, no! You are mine white bitch," he smiled.


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