Donna Reed Show: Mary's First Boner (Ff,herm,inc,oral,anal,facial)
by Dr. Demented 666

Mary was experiencing her first erection, a boner that just wouldn't stop being hard. Yes, she was born a hermaphrodite and at the height of her sexual desires at the tender age of 15. There she stood, naked in her bedroom with a boner that she was pleasuring by rubing it in a humping manner against the curved corner of her dresser.

Just then her mother walked into the room with an armful of Mary's just washed clothes...."Mary, I have yourrrrrrr...What...What are you doing!?" Donna stumbled out to her daughter.

"Mother! I'm so embarrassed! It won't go away." Mary tearily said.

Donna smiled and walked over to behind Mary and gave her a reach around as Donna's chin rested on her daughter's shoulder and peered over and downward as she grasped Mary's bulging cock...

"Mother...What are you doing!?" Mary wondered with disbelief, her eyes bulging open as she watched her Mom stoke her boner.

"It's ok, honey...I'm here to help. Just relax and enjoy...See, it feels good, don't it?" Donna whispered into her daughter's ear. Mary nodded her head in a profound 'YES' as she watched her Mom stroke her dick that now began to glisten in her precum.

In moments Mary's jaw dropped and she yelped as she began to orgasm. Donna controlled her daughter's hard cock and aimed it at the mirror on the dresser, watching as load after load splashed against the mirror and slid down the reflective surface.

"There, all done...Feeling better now, Mary?" Donna asked with a smile.

"YES! Mother, I can't believe you just did that to me."

Donna let go of Mary's cock and started to walk out the door when Mary said: "Wait Mom, don't leave me hanging like this...Just once more!"

Donna looked over her shoulder with a grin, "Finish yourself off, you'll be ok."

Donna went to her bedroom and took off all her clothes to get ready for bed when Mary burst into the room with her boner still raging and pressing her mother up against the front of her dresser while tucking her erection between her mother's smooth legs but not putting it in her, just letting it slide between them and pop out the front with each forward thrust.

"Mary, stop!" Donna pleaded.

"Just watch it, Mother! Watch it happen again!"

Donna watched as her daughter slid her cock between her milf legs and her bush tickle the head of Mary's cock. Seconds later Mary was breathing heavily into her Mother's ear and winced as she blew another load all over her Mother's dresser mirror. Load after load splashed onto the glass and clung to her Mother's bush.

Finally Mary finished and pulled away from her Mom and giving her a 'Thank you' spank on her bottom. Donna couldn't believe what just happened as Mary strutted out of her bedroom completely satisfied; heading back to her own room to go to bed.

Later that night, Donna heard soft moans and got up and they led her to her daughter's bedroom where Mary lay on her back totally naked and with another erection. This time she was sound asleep and in the process of a possible wet dream. Donna found herself getting wetter by the second and entered Mary's room and took off her robe.

Donna climbed into bed completely nake with her daughter and went down on her, putting Mary's 8" cock into her mouth and sucking it. Mary woke suddenly to see her Mom giving her oral... "Mother, What are you doing to me!?"

"Relax, Mary...You needed help again and I'm here to give it." Donna replied.

Mary dropped her head back on the pillow with a mumbled 'GOD! I can't believe this!"

Donna continued to give her daughter oral when Mary blurted out..."It's happening, Mother!"

Her Mom pulled away and rose to her knees, leaving Mary panting and confused..."Don't stop! I was almost there!" Mary pouted.

"I know, but lets try cumming somewhere else this time." Donna said with a devilish grin.

"Like where?" Mary curiously asked.

Donna laid on her back next to her daughter and stroked her perfect pussy and bush. What was nice about Mary's private area was it was smoothly shaven.

"Mary, come here between my legs and put it in me." Her Mother begged.

Mary rolled over and onto her Mother as Donna reached down and guided her daughter into her wet pussy. They both kept their eyes open and gazed at one another as Mary began to thrust into her Mother. Donna moaned with pleasure and wrapped her palm around he back of Mary's head, pulling it down to her face and slamming her tongue into her mouth. Mary reciprocated with a tongue lashing of her and and soon Donna was wrapping her legs around Mary's waist...

"That's it...Fuck me! FUCK ME, MARY! FUCK ME GOOD AND HARD!" Donna screamed to her daughter.

Mary thrusted so hard that her cock popped out of her Mother's pussy and went up her ass. Donna let out a painful scream and dug her fingernails into Mary's back, running claw marks down her spine...

"FUCK! YOU'RE IN MY ASS! IT HURTS!" Donna painful exclaimed,

Mary smiled and slowed her thrusting as she tenderly kissed her Mother and lover, continuing to feel her Mother's pulsing asshole around her bulging cock. Mary began to give her full slow strokes, pushing her full length into her mother and pulling it out to it's tip and than plunging it back into her fully. Donna's eyes turned watery and tears rolled down her cheek as Mary leaned in and licked them from her face.

"Play with yourself, Mother. Play with yourself while I do you." Mary asked of her.

Donna slowly reached down bewteen her legs and began to finger herself and massage her clit as her daughter continued her anal thrusting, now turning the feeling of pain to pleasure.

"Mother! I'm gonna CUMMMMMMM!" Mary shouted.

Donna continued her mixed expressions of pain and pleasure as she rubbed her clit rapidly..."Me tooooooo....GOD! I'M CUMMING, TOOOOOOO! FUCK ME, BABY! KEEP FUCKING ME!"

As Mary shot her load up her Mother's ass Donna orgasmed, squirting all over Mary's lower body and soaking her sheets. Mary rooled off of her Mother by her side and Donna quickly got on top of Mary in a '69 position, surprising Mary as she put her dick in her mouth for a post-fuck ass-to-mouth suck off.

Mary slid her tongue over her Mother's cherry flavored pussy and licked her cum up as it drooled from her Mother's ass and dripped off the ends of her pubes. Mary wrapped her lips around her Mother's pubes and pulled the stuck cum into her mouth, lapping it up like a puppy does water. Mary could feel her cock glide down into her Mother's throat, feeling her esophagus muscles clamp down around her shaft.

Mary couldn't old back any longer and blew her load straight into her Mother's stomach as her cock was jammed down her Mother's throat it's full 8". Donna, too, started cum again; squirting all over Mary's face and breasts. Their bodies convulsed in the positions they remained in and Donna slowly took Mary out of her mouth and let her cock rest against the side of her face.

Mother and daughter would fall asleep in this '69 position for the next 4 hours, enjoying each others warmth and scent as they dreamed of what they would do to each other next.


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