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The Facts of Life

By Uncle Mike
(Max S. Wojtylak)
[email protected]

The children were at school and Donna and Alex Stone were having lunch
together in their neat kitchen when Donna broached the subject.

"Jeff's growing up to be quite a man, isn't he?"

"A man?" Alex almost spilled his coffee; he put it back down, careful not
to stain his lab coat, before he went on. "He's not a man yet, is he? He's only
-- what, 11? 12?"

Donna hid a smile behind her own coffee cup. "He turned 12 last month,
dear, remember? And, well, I know 12 isn't really a man, but it won't be long
now. ...So don't you think it's time he learned things?"

Alex stared at his wife. "Things? He can't drive until he's 16. What's he
got to learn now?"

"The facts of life, dear. The birds and the bees? You know."

The doctor's face turned a delicate shade of pink. "Yes, I know them. But
-- I mean -- well, isn't that what we send him to school for?"

"Now, Alex, you know they don't teach those things in school. What's the
matter? You've done this before, haven't you? When your patients ask you
questions, what do you tell them?"

"To ask their parents," he said quickly, then stopped. "Er, but, that is
-- you did such a good job of telling Mary, why don't you take care of Jeff,

"Mary is a girl, dear -- or haven't you noticed?"

"Of course I've noticed. I'm a doctor. I mean -- but --"

Donna cut off further debate. "I found a stain in his shorts this morning
that I'm sure came from a wet dream. We can't put this off any longer. I've
told Jeff that you have something to discuss with him and you'd do it after
dinner. That's enough time -- if you need to brush up, I mean." With a chuckle,
she cleared the table and herded her husband back to his office.

=== === === ===

Jeff was waiting in his bedroom when his dad came up after dinner. Their
discussion was short and, to Jeff, very confusing.

"Your mother said it was time you learned about... things," Jeff's father
began. "Birds and bees. That kind of... thing. Here." With that, he thrust into
Jeff's hands a heavy, dusty old book and left the room quickly.

The title, what Jeff could read where the gilding hadn't worn away, was
"Medi al Ency lop d a & Syll bus." Puzzled, Jeff opened the thick book up to a
page marked by a sheet torn from his father's prescription pad and started
reading -- or trying to read. The words were long and unfamiliar, and the
pictures weren't much help: they looked like people with spaghetti in their
laps -- no, wait, that spaghetti was INSIDE their laps. Yuuck, Jeff thought.

=== === === ===

The next day, Jeff dropped in at his father's office after school. He told
his dad he'd tried to read the book but the words were too big and the pictures
didn't make any sense.

"Hmmm. Well," his father said heavily, "do you understand any of it?"

"Yeah, I figure it's about making babies and what mommies and daddies do,
but that's just 'cause I recognized some stuff I've heard kids talking about at
school. But I guess I don't really understand how it all works -- what the
mommies and daddies do, I mean."

"Yes." Dr. Stone glanced down at his appointment calendar, which was
blank. "I've... I've got to go over my records right now," he said, "but I'll
think about this and talk to you later."

"Tonight? After dinner again? Maybe if I could just ask you ..."

"Well, we'll see. Maybe not tonight."

=== === === ===

It was three days later when Dr. Stone finally trudged up to Jeff's room
after dinner, this time carrying a thin brown paper bag. Jeff was at his desk
building a model airplane and barely had time to turn around before his father
tossed the bag onto the bed and turned to leave. "There, those ought to help,"
Dr. Stone said over his shoulder. "You study those awhile. And if you have any
questions ..." He left the sentence hanging as he closed the door after

Curious, Jeff picked up the bag and shook out the contents: three
magazines about the size of comic books, with pictures of women on the covers.
He started flipping through one: more women, but they were naked. And men. And
they were touching each other and ...

Each night after school for the next week or so, Jeff hurried up to his
room after dinner and pored over the books. It didn't take him that long to
figure out what was going on; he just liked to look. He grew accustomed to the
things that happened when he looked, and figured out that the stuff that came
out of his penis was the same stuff he'd found in his shorts once in a while
recently, when he woke up in the morning. Soon he found that if he rubbed his
penis while he looked, he could make the stuff come out even more -- plus that
felt pretty good, too.

In time the books were just about all he could think about. Then he
started thinking about other women, women he saw every day, and what they'd
look like naked. He even thought about his mom, which he didn't think was very
nice but he couldn't help it.

He got even bolder and tried to think of ways to see real women naked.
There didn't seem to be too many, but he was able to do stuff like drop a
pencil on the floor at school and try to peek up the teacher's dress, or walk
over to one of the girls in the lunchroom and try to look down her blouse
(though there didn't seem to be much to see, there).

One night he even snuck up to his older sister Mary's door, while their
parents were still downstairs. He crept up to the keyhole and peeked in. He got
to see her take off her blouse, but she had a bra on underneath and before she
took that off or anything else she moved to the other side of the room and he
couldn't see anything.

=== === === ===

Then came one Saturday night. The folks were going out to dinner and a
movie and maybe dancing after, they said. But at the last minute, the sitter
they'd hired to watch Jeff had to cancel. Mary had plans to go out that night,
too, but she had to cancel and stay home instead. She was not happy about it,
but Mrs. Stone insisted.

After his parents left, Jeff tried to apologize to Mary.

"Oh, it's not your fault," she said, forcing a smile. "I know that. Don't
worry, Jeff, I don't blame you. It's just... well, it's just that I had plans
for tonight, that's all, and I was looking forward to them. Well, there's no
use crying over spilled milk. Look, why don't you go up and do some homework,
like Mom said, and then we can watch TV and have some popcorn?"

"Well, I finished my homework last night," Jeff started, "but ..."

"I haven't, and I need to work down here, so ..." Her voice softened. "So
just give me a little while, OK? I'll call you when I'm done."

Jeff went upstairs, but not to study. He pulled out the books his dad had
given him and once again stared at the pictures. After a little while, he
tossed the books aside and lay back on the bed, thinking about stuff.

He was staring up at the ceiling when Mary tapped on the door and walked
in. Lost in thoughts, he'd forgotten about the books on the bed until Mary
spotted them and reached down. She got one before he could stop her.

Her eyes grew wide as she looked through it. "Where did you get this? What
if Mom and Dad find out?" Even as she said that, though, she continued to flip
through the book, and Jeff could see her eyes flicking from picture to picture.

"Well, Dad GAVE it to me," he said. "I'm supposed to learn stuff from it."

Mary was dubious. "Learn stuff? Just what are you supposed to be

"You know -- what's in there. Birds and bees, Dad said. You know."

"Birds and -- Didn't Mom talk to you about that?"

"No. I think she's the one who told Dad to talk to me, though. But he
didn't seem to want to talk about. First he gave me this big old book, but I
couldn't figure out the words. So he gave me these." With a wave of his hand,
Jeff indicated the other books on the bed.

Mary flopped down to look at them.

As she stretched out on the bed and flipped through the books, Jeff looked
over his sister. In her mid-teens, she had already filled out; he knew that
from his peek through the keyhole. She had smooth, white skin, with just a hint
of tan. Her legs were long and slender. She had on a plain white blouse and a
plaid skirt. Underneath, Jeff wondered... was this his chance to find out?

While Mary was still engrossed in the pictures, Jeff cautiously reached
out a hand and began to stroke her back. He barely touched her, but he could
feel the thick strap of her bra as he slid his hand up and down.

Mary didn't seem to notice. Jeff started massaging her with both hands
now. He could feel his penis growing stiff and long as he did. He applied a bit
more pressure. Mary stirred -- and sighed quietly. Jeff kept rubbing.

Emboldened, he even slipped a hand down to her butt. She wiggled a bit; he
pulled it back.

But he kept rubbing her back, and as he did Mary's blouse rode up and
slipped out of her skirt. He slipped his hand down. A sizzle went through him
when he touched her warm, smooth skin. His sister looked back at him then.
There was a glazed sort of look in her eyes, but she said nothing as she turned
back to the books.

Jeff put both hands under her blouse now, pushing it up as he massaged her
back. His penis was pressing so hard against his slacks that he thought they
would burst open. His hands moved to Mary's sides and he pushed them up
further. His fingertips brushed against the stiff, scratchy sides of her bra
cups. Mary raised herself up slightly on her elbows! Jeff eagerly reached for
more, moving around to kneel astride her and putting both hands firmly on the
cups of his older sister's bra.

She was breathing heavily now, and so was he. His shaft, pressing through
his slacks, rested on the cleft of Mary's backside. Tentatively he moved the
tip of it back and forth, rubbing against her.

Neither of them had said a word since Mary flopped onto the bed. At last
Jeff broke the silence.

"Sis? Do you want to?"

Mary said nothing in reply, but she rolled over underneath him. Her arms
surrounded him and pulled him down into a crushing, passionate kiss. Jeff kept
his lips closed, like he'd always done with his Mom and his aunts, but Mary's
tongue pressed between them and entered his mouth. Soon he was pressing back,
entwining his tongue with hers.

Mary's hands roamed his back, tangling in his short hair, tugging his
shirt out of his slacks. She hugged him to herself tightly. Their legs
wrestled, Mary's skirt riding up to her crotch. Her plain white cotton panties
were soaked with her juices and they stained the front of Jeff's pants where
his hard cock pressed against her. His hands snaked up under her blouse to her
bra. His fingers slipped underneath and their bodies shook as he made his way
up her gentle slopes and brushed against her sensitive nipples.

Mary broke the kiss and came up gasping for air. "Oh, Jeff, I don't know
if we should," she said huskily, even as her hands were pressing on his
buttocks, pushing his shaft against her crotch. "I don't think... uhhhhhhhh!"
Jeff cut off her doubts by sticking his tongue into her ear; her whole body
became electrified.

Soon they were tearing off their tops and pressing their warm bodies
together. Mary's nipples were hard and Jeff could feel them tickling his
hairless chest as he and his sister twisted on the rumpled bed. Her breasts
weren't as big as those in the books, but these were real and right there. He
hungrily moved down and sucked on them, putting into practice what he'd learned
from the pictures. Mary's back arched as he slid his tongue along the mounds
and then flicked at the nipples that stood out from the small brown aureoles.

As he licked and sucked all over her chest and neck, Mary undid the clasp
of her skirt and tugged off her panties, twisting and turning until she could
kick herself free of the last of her clothes.

Now that she lay naked underneath him, the metal buckle of Jeff's belt
began to scratch at her fuzzy brown pubic hair. He lifted his hips slightly and
his older sister slipped her hands in, undoing the buckle and pulling down the
zipper. Soon Jeff, too, was naked, his rock-hard member rubbing against her
smooth white thigh.

"Mary," he said in a whispery voice. "Mary, I want you so bad. Now I know
what all those pictures mean! Please let me do it to you!"

"Oh, Jeff, how can we?" Mary struggled within herself to be the voice of
reason, but her vagina was already soaking wet and raw passion was surging
through every nerve in her body. "I mean, we're brother and sister! We can't...

Jeff's roaming hands had found her labia and slipped inside. Involuntarily
Mary began to buck up at him. "Oh, God, yes, I want you!" she shouted at last.
"I want you inside me! Please, please, put it in me!"

Not waiting any longer, Jeff placed the head of his penis at Mary's
entrance. After a few false starts as it slipped up or down, at last his shaft
drove between her lips and into her hot, wet tunnel. Almost immediately he felt
an orgasm building within him, but Mary was bucking up at him so hard that she
drove his penis through her own hymen as Jeff let go, the warm cum filling up
his sister's cunt.

He felt a laziness overtake him, but Mary held him tightly to her,
refusing to let him go. Very soon his penis began to swell again. As she felt
her brother's cock fill her vagina again, Mary resumed the rhythm. Jeff joined
in, heaving his hips into the air and driving them down again. Squashy noises
burbled out of Mary's hole as their juices bubbled out under the pressure of
his thrusts.

"Yes, yes, that's it!" Mary shouted. Jeff could only grunt his excitement
and joy as he pounded away.

Her hips rose around him, opening herself wider to his thrusts. "Oh, God,"
she said, "I feel like I'm going to split wide open!"

"Should I stop?" Jeff asked fearfully, pulling back so quickly that the
head of his penis slipped out of her.

"No, NO, DON'T STOP!" she screamed, frantically shifting underneath him as
his cockhead stabbed all around her opening. Desperately she reached down and
grabbed it herself, guiding it to her opening and bucking up eagerly to ram it

"Yes, YES! Oh, YES! Harder, Jeff! Do it harder! Put it all in NOW!" Mary's
body, soaked in sweat, was gyrating madly. Her fingernails were clawing into
her younger brother's back as her legs spread wide. Then, all at once, she
seemed to lift bodily off the bed as her groans became a screaming, sobbing
bellow of ecstasy. "YESSSSSS! Oh, God, oh, Jeff, oh, god, oh, yes!" The orgasm
shook her body over and over while Jeff held himself still, feeling the
sensations of his sister's cumming wash over his cock and spread through his
whole body.

When Mary's tremors quieted down, Jeff tried to resume his thrusting, but
she was sated below and his motions were too much to bear. He pulled out
reluctantly, but Mary could see that her little brother was disappointed.

As he lay next to her on the bed, his shaft still standing out straight
from his waist, she reached above her head on the bed and picked up the books.
She leafed through one until she found the picture she wanted.

"Here, Jeff," she said, pointing it out to him. "Do you want to try that?"

He stared at it in shock. "Would you... do that?"

In reply, Mary crawled over so that she was squatting over his legs. She
took Jeff's hard cock in her warm hands and bent down until the purple head was
just below her lips. She breathed on it, washing it with the warm breeze, and
then bent lower, taking the shaft into her mouth.

Jeff groaned in awe and delight as he saw and felt his cock disappear
between his sister's lips. She took it in slowly, bit by bit, until he could
feel the head bumping up against the back of her throat. Circling her hands,
she caressed the base of his shaft as she bobbed her mouth up and down on it,
flicking her tongue at the head.

Jeff closed his eyes and lost himself in the sensations as she ministered
to his erection. At one point she let go and his eyes opened in surprise, only
to see her grab hold of him again like an ear of corn as her lips and tongue
rode up and down the sides of his penis, at last engulfing the head again.

He felt the now-familiar sensation of orgasm began to boil up inside him.
Mary, too, must have felt his penis stiffen and engorge, for she tightened her
hands around the base, shutting off the flow.

Then she began to shuffle around on the bed, still keeping his cock in her
mouth. She had turned around facing the other way and now straddled his face,
bringing the musty smell of her cunt to Jeff's face. She ground herself into
his mouth a few times before he got the idea and began to lick and suckle her,
his hands grabbing at her buttocks to press her down.

His tongue drove through the sopping wet layers, pushing deeply into the
hot folds. Her juices coated his face and every so often he had to lift her off
slightly and gasp for air.

All the time Mary was keeping up her stroking and sucking on his penis,
pressing her lips hard around the shaft as her head drove up and down.

Finally, Jeff could hold back no longer and his cum shot into Mary's
mouth, pulsing over and over again through his cock. Mary swallowed it all and
her hips began to grind against her brother's mouth until she too orgasmed,
stiffening for a second and then releasing, stiffening and releasing. The
motions pulled deep groans from Jeff as Mary's mouth teased at his now
ultra-sensitive cockhead. The mixture of pain and passion drove him wild and
his hands clawed and clutched at his sister's slippery wet body. Every nerve in
his body seemed to be alert; he could feel her nipples pressing against his
stomach, her hair cascading on his thighs, her legs squeezing the sides of his
head. It was several minutes before they both calmed down and huddled under the
wrinkled sheet for warmth as the cooling sweat sent shivers through them.

=== === === ===

On their way home from dancing, Donna Stone sleepily rested her head on
her husband's shoulder.

"I forgot to ask, dear," she said quietly. "Did you ever talk to Jeff
about... you know what?"

"Yes, I did," Alex said, keeping his eyes on the road before them. "And if
I must say so myself, I think I did a very good job. You know, maybe I should
have done this with Mary, too. I'm pretty good at it, I think."

"That's nice, dear," Donna said, and snuggled in closer as she drifted off
to sleep.


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