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This story is dedicated to the person who drew this awesome drawings, they
gave me the idea for this story.

Dennis The Menace: Part 1 - A Mother's Love Part 1 (bF,inc,fist)
by Sniper32

Dennis was in his bedroom one afternoon, doing what young boys do, when his
mother Alice stuck her head in and told him that she was going to the store
and would be back in about an hour. Now Dennis was home alone and being the
curious type decided to snoop around in his mom and dads room and see what
he could find. So he went down the hallway and into his folks room, first he
looked under the bed, in their dresser drawers, in their nightstands, he
found nothing, then he decided to look in their closets, there he found a box
with the words "Alice's Fun Stuff" written on the side, so he took the box
out of the closet and opened it up on the bed.

Inside of the box was filled with photos of his mom naked in various posses.
Now keep in mind that Denise's mom is about 5'9", blond, long legs, a nice
tight ass, and a nice set of 36C breasts. Seeing all of these photos gave
Dennis a new feeling were he had never felt before, and as young boys tend to
do, he started to rub and stroke his cock, it started getting bigger and
bigger which surprised him, after about 10 minutes of this he was shocked, it
had gotten quite long and thick.

Unknown to Dennis, his mother had returned and had come up stairs to her room
to change her cloths, she had entered the room and was shocked to see her
young son standing naked from the waist down with the largest cock she had
ever seen in her 32 years of life.

Dennis heard his mom's gasp and saw her standing by the door, he tried to
cover himself and hide the pile of pictures that he had been looking at, but
his mom came over to him and started to look at the photo's and asked him if
this excited him?

Dennis said "Mom you are the most prettiest mom the whole world, but why are
you naked in all of these pictures?" He also asked "Why is there nothing
between your legs like what I have, see," as he turned and showed her his
very large and hard penis.

Well by now Denise's mom was so shocked by the size of her son's cock, it was
at least 9" long and about 3 or 4" in diameter, almost twice the size of her
husband's. "Well Dennis, boys have a penis and women have a vagina, that's
why there's nothing between mommy's legs but a small hole, that's were you
came out of when you were born. We also have breasts, were as males don't,"
she said as she started to cup and massage her breasts.

"Mom can I ask you a question? Can I see see your vagina and breasts being
for real being as I have seen them in all of these picture?"

Now this shocked Dennis's mother big time, but after watching her son's huge
cock for the last 5-10 minutes, she was getting very horny and very wet, so
she said, "OK Dennis, but you can't tell anyone about this."

So she took off her shirt, bra and then her skirt and panties, but left her
nylons on. Now Dennis was starting to feel really funny watching his mother
stripping in front of him. Once she had removed all of her clothes, she went
over and sat on the edge of her bed in front of Dennis and spread her legs
apart so that Dennis could get a good look at her vagina.

"WOW," Dennis exclaimed "you look a lot better in person than in all of them
photos, but why do some of these picture show you with hair above this slit
here?" as he ran his hand over her pussy lips and poked the spot above them.

"Well Dennis, sometimes a woman lets the hair grow there, but sometimes she
will shave it off so when her husband eats her out it feels better, and when
he puts his penis in there it feels better also."

Now Dennis started to scratch his head and asked, "What do you mean 'eats
it'? Like a sandwich? An what do you mean 'puts his penis in there?'"

She was shocked she had just made that comment to her young son, figured in
for a penny in for a pound, plus she was getting so horny and wet. "Dennis
can you keep a secret?" she asked.

"Yes, mommy."

"How would you like for mommy to show you how to use that beautiful penis of
yours like a big boy and make you old mom very happy?"

"OK," he siad.

"First of all come over here and lay on the bed," she said.

So Dennis came over and jumped on the bed and laid down. His mom moved over
and started to fondle his penis and stated, "Dennis you have know idea how
lucky you are to have a penis this size, you are going to make women very
happy, especially me. You are twice the size of your father."

"Oh mom that feels so great," Dennis exclaimed.

"Well if you like that you are going to love this," she said and started to
slowly lick up and down the sides of Denise's cock, while playing with his
balls. Then she engulfed his cock with her lips, sliding as much of his dick
down her throat as she could. After a few tries she had managed to get the
whole thing sliding down her throat. She started bobbing up and down faster
and faster getting totally caught up in the moment.

"Mom that feels so so good, it's starting to feel funny and tingles."

"Don't worry Dennis, just lay back and let mommy take care of it for you,"
she exclaimed as Dennis started to get into it and started move it back and
forth. Ramming his cock up and down his hot mom's throat, all the way down
and all the way back, then with a grunt and a holler he started to shoot his
cum all over his mom's face and down her throat.

After Dennis caught his breath he asked, "Mom what's that white stuff all
over your face?"

"Well Dennis that's called cum, when a male shoots that inside a women vagina
it can make a baby, unless she takes precautions to prevent that from
happening like I do."

"Can we do that next mom?"

"Sure Dennis, come here and will show you how to make mommy happy, first take
your fingers and start to slowly rub Mommy's pussy."

"Whats a pussy, you mean a cat?"

"No honey, its another name for a vagina, like a cock is for penis. OH YA

"Wow mom you squeezed my hand so hard it hurt, are you OK?"

"I'm fine Dennis that felt so good."

"Mom can you show me how to eat you out like dad does?"

"Sure honey but first swing around so I can play with your cock again and get
it nice and hard."

"OK mom like this?" he swung around and was laying on top of his mom with his
cock in her mouth and his head between her legs.

"Dennis this is called 69'ing, now put your mouth on top of my clit and start
rolling your tongue all around it."

Dennis put his tongue on the top part of his mom's pussy and started licking
and sucking on it like it was a sucker, at the same time she started to blow
him like it was an Olympic event trying to get him nice and hard again.

"Oh Dennis, ya just like that, now stick your fingers in mommy's pussy and
start moving them in and out, so he did put one finger in and started sliding
in and out, slowly at first then faster. Just then she started to cum again,
because the sensation of her son's finger and tongue in and on her pussy plus
the fact that his cock was getting harder and being crammed down her throat
pushed her over the edge. She started bucking and thrashing around the bed
with Denise's head trapped between her legs, she was screaming, "MORE

Being a good son he was, Dennis then put in 2, 3, 4 more fingers his mom's
now completely soaking wet pussy, Dennis was getting very turned on over this
so he pulled his cock out of his mom's mouth and spun around and stuck his
whole hand up in her, that's when she started to squirting all over the
place, this went on for about 5 minutes.

"OH MY GOD DENNIS, your father never made me cum as hard as that in 11 years
of marriage. Now come and lay on top of me, I need that huge dick of yours
inside me now." So she grabbed his hard cock and slide it over now soaked wet
slit and nature took over, Dennis slide his cock into his mother's pussy.
"Slam it in me hard son," so he did just that, he started slamming into his
mom as fast as he could, as he was so large, every time he bottomed out the
head of penis hit her cervix bone and drove her into immediate orgasmic

"Mom your so hot, wet and tight."

"That's because your dad is so much smaller than you. OH GOD HERE COMES
ANOTHER ONE!!! Go faster for a couple of strokes then slower Dennis make this
last for mommy."

After about 5 minutes of this Dennis screamed out, "Mom I'm going to cum."
She locked her long legs behind his back, holding him in her tight. "Here it
comes mom!" She could feel his sperm shooting into her womb, filling her up,
he wouldn't stop, it felt like he had shot a gallon of sperm into her.

Dennis just kept slamming his cock into his mom's hot, wet pussy for another
10 minutes, completely resizing her pussy. She was on her 7Th orgasm when he

By this time she was so full of cum between the to of them that it was
leaking out the sides of her pussy every time Dennis pulled out only to ram
it back in some more.

Finally they both collapsed on the bed together.

"Mom that was awesome, can we do that everyday?"

"Dennis I am positive we can do this again anytime you want. But look at me
you must not tell anybody about this. I will teach you all the different
positions, think of me as an after school teacher. We can do this as long as
your father doesn't find out, I don't know how he would handle this. I will
do this with you because I love you and frankly I just can't get enough of
the monster cock of yours."

"I love you to mom, but can I tell you a secret. I heard that my friend
Joey's mom gets drunk all the time and lets Joey do this to her also."

But thats another story!!!


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