Dennis The Menace: Part 3 - Joey's Mom (bbF,inc,voy,cons)
by Sniper32

One morning at Denise's friend Joey's house, Joey woke up and went down
stairs to make some breakfast for himself. He then went into the living room
to watch his Saturday morning cartoons and to eat his cereal. He found his
mother Rita passed out on the couch. This was quite common as Rita was the
neighborhood drunk. Joey found her passed out some where in the house 2-3
times a week, so this did not surprise him. What did surprise him was this
morning she was past out wearing nothing but her bathrobe, which had fallen
open during the night.

Now Rita was a gorgeous woman with a hot body, about 6'0" tall, a flat
stomach, a nice tight ass, about a 36c size chest with 1/2 inch nipples when
hard, and long tan legs. Joey was surprised to see her sprawled out on the
couch with her legs spread wide open. He had seen dirty magazines before, but
none of the women looked as good as his mother did. She had a nice shaved
pussy with relatively large pussy lips and being as the window had been left
open the room was quite cool, her nipples were nice and hard.

Now Joey was like most boy's his age, quite a curious lad, he went over and
put his hand on his mother's breast and started to play with her nipples and
massaging her breasts, rubbing them, twisting her nipples then he started to
suck on one of her nipples, rolling them over and around with his tongue.
Rita started to moan and reached up and grabbed Joey's head and started to
push his face into one of her breasts. With her other hand she started to cup
and massage her other breast, twisting her nipple with her fingers, this went
on for a couple of minutes.

The Joey took his hand off of his mother's breast and started to caress her
stomach, slowly working his way down her body, until his fingers found her
clit, he started to softly swirl his fingers around the sides of it, gently
massaging her clit. Then he started to rub the tip of it, slowly at first but
then more vigorously, Rita was moaning and grinding her hips around getting
very turned on by these feelings she was experiencing in her drunk stupor.
She struggled to open her eye's only to see her young son sucking on her
breast and fingering her clit.

"JOEY WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!" she yelled out in a very slurred voice.

"Mom since dad died last year I've seen you get drunker and drunker. Your
passing out a couple of times a week and you are unhappy an lonely. I'm the
man of this house, so I'm going to take charge and am going to make you happy
again so you stop drinking," Joey said.

"But your my son and you are so young. This isn't right. We could get in a
lot of trouble if anybody found out about this," she exclaimed.

"Mom just lay back and let me take care of you," Joey said as he gently
pushed her back against the couch. "I've seen a couple of dirty movies and I
think I know what I'm doing."

So he get in front of his mom's legs and pushed them apart an then started to
suck on clit, he also inserted a couple of his fingers into her extremely wet
cunt and started to rub his fingers along the inside walls of his mother's
pussy, slowly caressing her vagina. He then started to pump his fingers in
and out at a rapid pace.

"Oh Joey that feel so good, it's been so long sense I've had any kind of sex
with anybody but myself. Eat me out and finger me until I cum. Yea honey
that's the spot right there! OH OH Mhmmgg! I'm cumming, Aiiiiiihhhh!!!" she
hollered out as she had her first orgasm. Her pussy was pouring out her
juices, as Joey was drinking it down like a champ. He continued licking her
and fingering her pussy through a couple more orgasms.

"Joey that was amazing, come over here and let mommy take care of you," she
said as she took off her robe and her son's pajamas. She then see's that her
son was very excited. "Not bad for someone your age," she said as she grabbed
his semi hard cock. "Were going to have fun with this," and started to pump
it up and down.

The next thing Joey knew his mother had gotten between his legs, his eye's
rolled into his skull as he felt a pair of warm wet lips surround his swollen
shaft. "Oh God Mom I don't know what your doing but please don't stop mom,"
he pleaded.

She smiled as she stared up in to her son's eye's, they were glazed over with
shear ecstasy, she placed on hand at the base of Joey's cock, slowly jacking
him off as she took him in her mouth once again, inch by inch, she let the
warm shaft slide over her hot wet tongue as she flicked the underside,
teasing her young son. Her other hand cupped his balls firmly squeezing and
rolling them around in her palm.

Joey started to buck and thrust his hips, driving his engorged cock deeper
in to his mom's hot mouth,she was stroking her son's cock harder and harder.
Rita started bobbing her head up and down his shaft working it farther down
her throat until she started to gag. Joey looked down and watched her lips
swallow his dick, this turned him on even more, so he grabbed her head with
his hands and started to face fuck his mom, slamming his dick as far in to
her mouth and throat as he could.

"OH SHITTTTTTT MOM!!! My dick feels like it's going to blow. Suck me, Suck
me!" he yelled out as he started to shot his load down his mother's throat.
Joey was amazed when he started to cum, his mom took it all without missing
a drop and continued to suck ever drop out of him, swallowing it all with a
huge smile on her face.

"Joey your cum tastes so sweet, just like your fathers use to be. God I loved
to suck his dick. He was a little bigger than yours but you are young still,
it will get bigger as you grow."

"Mom that was awesome, I've never felt anything as great as that in my life.
what's next? I'm still hard," Joey asked.

"Well in that case come over her between my legs and fuck the shit out of
me," Rita said, as she slid down on the couch so Joey could get her soaking
wet pussy. She moaned as her son placed the head of his dick in the opening
between her thighs and start to slide it into her. They both groaned as his
cock slide in with ease. Joey could not believe how wet and tight she was,
her pussy felt like it was swallowing his dick as he started to thrust into
her as hard as he could, his balls were slapping against her.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm Mom, your so wet and tight. it feels like a glove wrapped around
my dick," he purred. He could feel his mother push back and forward meeting
each of his thrusts, he drove his penis into her harder and harder, going as
deep into her cunt as he could with each stroke so that she would holler out
in ecstasy. He was amazed at the sight of his cock sliding into the place
that he had come out of, the look of his cock covered with his and her love
juices turned him into a pint sized animal as he slammed his cock back into
his mother's love hole.

Both of them were so wrapped up in what they were doing to each other,
neither of them noticed that Joey's friend Dennis had entered thought the
back door of the house and was standing in the doorway between the kitchen
and the living room watching Joey ravage his mother's pussy, and fucking
like rabbits. He was so turned on by the sight of his friend's naked mom who
he had always thought was a very beautiful lady that he had taken his own
cock out and was jacking off.

As Joey was pounding his mother's pussy with all the intensity he could
muster, he was thrusting in her using long strokes and going slow then short
stokes and going fast. Rita was in heaven. She could not believe her son was
such a great lay, she had already had multiple orgasms. She threw her legs up
and over Joey's shoulders so he could get an even tighter fitting pussy to
bang away on. The feeling was intense, she was having another orgasm, she
threw her head back and let out a scream of pure lust.

"AHHHHHHHHHH!!!" she hollered. Whipping her head back and forth when she
happened to see Joey's friend Dennis standing about 4 feet away jacking the
biggest cock she had ever seen it was at least 11 inches long and about 4
inches around.

Even though she was embarrassed that she had been seen fucking her son by
another person she didn't care. She had to get that slab of man meat in to
her, so she waved Dennis over. Dennis came over to the two of them, Rita said
"God Dennis Your Huge!" as she grabbed his dick and stared to suck on the
head of it, trying to get her mouth around it, and get it in her throat.

"Hi Dennis" Joey said "Isn't my mom a great dick sucker? She was sucking mine
earlier. She's awesome and she will let you cum down her throat," he said as
he continued too pound his cock into his mom's pussy.

"OH that feels great," exclaimed Dennis, as Rita had managed to get his dick
in her mouth an started to deep throat his tool. The muscles in her throat
were gripping the whole length of his cock as he started to get into the
rhythm with Joey's thrusts.

When Joey pulled out Dennis slammed his dick in. Rita was in heaven, she had
never had two dicks in her at the same time and the sensation was pushing her
over the edge, wave after wave of pleasure was washing over her.

"Mom I'm going to cum. Oh Oh YEA Oh God Mom! I'm going to cum in your pussy,"
Joey yelled out.

Rita pulled Denise's dick out of her mouth and exclaimed, "Oh Baby Yesssssss!
Fuck Yessssss! Cum in Mommy's Cunt! Fill Me Up with your Hot Cum!" she cried.

Joey pushed his cock deep into his mother's pussy one more time and then
exploded, unloading load after load of his cum deep with in her cunt. He
screamed out, feeling his cum shooting into her at the same time as she was
cumming. His mother's pussy clamped down on his dick, milking the cum out of
her son's cock.

"Dennis, come around here and shove your cock in there," she said as her son
pulled out of her. She pulled her pussy lips apart for him. "Joey come up
here and let mommy clean you off."

Dennis slid over between his friends mother's legs and lined up his dick with
her pussy and jammed his cock into her pussy, completely bottoming out on his
first thrust.


She started grunting and moaning under Denise's assault on her cunt. He was
slamming his meat in and out of her with wild abandon. She was having orgasm
after orgasm. Dennis was fucking her pussy like it had never been fucked
before. "My God you are so tight it feels like my dick is in a vice," Dennis
grunted as he pulled out an then shoved it back in.

Rita grabbed her son's dick and started to get him hard again. She was
sucking his balls while she was jacking him off. Her pace was frantic as she
then started to suck on the shaft. Her lips totally engulfing her son's
member down her throat with Dennis down below her waist punishing her now
well fucked pussy.

Rita was now deep throating her son, slobbering it with all the saliva she
could muster getting to stay rock hard. She could not believe the taste of
her son's sperm and her pussy juice that remained on his cock could taste so

"AHHHHHHH, I'm going to cum soon!" Dennis yelled out.

"Me too Mom!" cried out Joey.

"That makes three," Rita mumbled out with Joey's cock lodged down her throat.

Dennis came first, letting loose with a massive load deep in his friends
mom's pussy. Spurt on top of spurt erupted from him. There was so much that
it was leaking out the sides of Rita's pussy and running down her legs and
soaking into the front of the couch.

At the same time as Dennis let loose his first spurt and it hit the back of
Rita's womb. She cut loose with the most intense orgasm of her life. Her
vaginal muscles started contracting on Denise's dick, milking him as he came.
Then Joey came spewing his load across his mother's face and in her throat.
Rita sat there while her son jacked off the last of his load in her mouth.

They all laid there, intertwined with each other for a few minutes completely
spent and satisfied. "Well I've been fucked sober," said Rita "if you guys
don't tell anybody about this, I will be your new fuck toy. Anytime you want
me, I'm yours to do what you please with, OK?"

"I love you mom," Joey said, "I'm glad that you are happy again."

"Yea this could be fun, and think summer vacation starts in two weeks,"
Dennis replied with an impish grin.


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