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Dennis The Menace: Part 5 - The Sleep Over
by Sniper32

One Thursday evening, Alice was in her bedroom getting ready for bed, she had
just got out of the shower and was sitting naked at her make up table putting
on moisturizer, when her son Dennis walked into the room and sat on the end
of her bed. He watched her apply the lotion to her elbows and knees. "Mom
come over here and lay down and let me do that for you" he said.

So she got up and went over to the bed an laid down on it. Dennis took the
lotion from her an squirted some on his hands an started to applying it on
her legs, he started at her ankles an worked his way up her calves, then to
her thighs, slowly massaging the lotion in, first one leg then the other.

When he got to her freshly shaved pussy he put a drop of lotion on her clit
an started to massage it in, slowly he started making little circles around
her clit, getting it all nice and hard, then he started to massaging her
pussy lips, which were a tad larger than most women's. "Oh Dennis that feels
so good when you stroke my pussy, mommy is getting so wet and turned on,"
Alice said.

Dennis slid his finger's into her and started massaging her vagina, slowly at
first, getting her nice and wet. Then he started speeding up, he was
thrusting three of his fingers in her, in and out, in and out faster and
faster. He leaned over and started sucking on her clit while he was fingering

"Yea baby, suck on mommy's clit, I'm about to cum," Alice purred. "Here it
comes baby," she shrieked as she let loose her first orgasm. Her thighs
clamped around his head as her pussy started squirting out her juices all
over his face, Dennis lapped it up like a champ.

After about a minute, Alice got her breath back and said, "Honey take your
cloths off so mommy can get at your cock."

Dennis threw off his cloths and jumped back on the bed. "I'm not done
massaging you yet, mom," he said. So he grabbed the lotion and squirted some
more on his hands and started massaging her breasts.

While he was doing that Alice started slowly jerking his cock, getting him
fully erect. She loved her son's cock when it was fully erect, Dennis had the
largest penis she had ever seen, when it was hard it measured 11" long and 4"
thick, twice the size of her husband Henry's cock.

"Dennis come up here and straddle my chest, and put some lotion between my
tits and then titty fuck your mommy and I will give you a treat," she said
with a grin.

So like any good son, he did what his mother asked of him and started putting
lotion between her breast, then stuck his hard cock between them and started
pumping his cock back and forth. Every time he thrust forward his dick would
come out of the top of her tits by about 5", right into waiting mouth. Dennis
liked the feeling of his mother's mouth engulfing the top half of his cock,
while the rest of his dick was sliding between her milky white tits.

After about 5 minutes of this Dennis jumped off her chest, and rolled Alice
on all fours between his legs and started to face fuck her mouth. Dennis
always got really turned on by watching his cock disappear into various
openings in whom ever he was doing it with, especially his mom, who was one
of the only women who could deep throat him with very little problem. Alice
was taking his cock down her throat all the way to the base an then sliding
it back out to the tip, rolling her tongue over the huge head and then start
to deep throat it once again.

This went on for a few minutes when Dennis exclaimed "Mom here it comes". He
started shooting a massive load down her throat, thrusting in and out of her
throat, shooting spurt after spurt until it was leaking out the sides of
Alice's mouth.

"Honey your spunk tastes so good," Alice said after she finished swallowing
it all. "I want you in me now," she exclaimed as she grabbed his still hard
dick and pushed him on his back and slide it into her hot, wet and ready
pussy. She had mounted him and started to ride him, her breasts were jumping
up and down in front of him. He could see his mother's pussy lips engulfing
his cock as she went up and down on it. Every time she went up, Dennis would
pull almost out of her and when she went down Dennis would thrust his hips up
to meet her, they were in perfect rhythm.

"Oh God this feels so good, your cock completely fills me up, it's hitting my
pelvic bone with each thrust!" Alice yelled out.

After doing this for a while Dennis rolled her off an on to her back and got
between her wide spread legs and slammed his dick into her, he started to
pound her pussy with long fast strokes, slamming in an out of her with total
abandon like he knew she liked.

"I'M Cumming, Mgufffff, Ung, Ung" she screamed out as her pussy muscles
clamped down on Denise's cock. She started to shake an shutter with one
massive orgasm after another "Yes, Yes, Ravage your Mommy's Cunt with your
massive dick, make me cum, More, More!" Alice yelled.

Dennis started to fuck her even harder and faster, pumping her cunt for all
he was worth, until he to started to cum. "Ung, Ung" he cried out as he fired
blast after blast of his hot thick creamy cum into his mother's womb. Between
their multiple orgasm's Alice was laying in a huge puddle, as her and
Denise's juices were running out of her pussy and Dennis wasn't done yet.

"Mom get on all fours" he said as he grabbed the lotion bottle and got behind
her. He squirted the lotion on her nice tight looking asshole and slowly
started to impale his dick into her ass.

"OH GOD YOUR SPLITTING ME APART" Alice screamed. "I'm cumming all ready,
don't stop but take it easy" she yelled out.

Dennis started to slowly pull out his cock and then slowly slide it back into
her ass until he was all the way in her, he started to fuck her with nice
smooth long strokes.

"Umphmmm, Umphmmm, Ung, Ung Yes that feels so good, that's it keep up that
pace take it nice and slow until mommy gets use to it" Alice exclaimed.

Alice could not believe the sensation running through her body, her husband
Henry use to fuck her in the ass when they were newly weds, but had not done
it but once a year for the last 5 years. She was in heaven as her son's huge
cock was being rammed in and out of her ass, as her son was so well endowed,
when ever he thrust into her ass her vagina was squeezed and her juices and
the remains of his cum were being pushed out of her pussy and was running
down the insides of her legs, plus she was cumin every 30 seconds as Dennis
sped up his thrusting.

Dennis had fucked one of his babysitters in the ass a few weeks ago and
figured he was going to try it with his mom. He never thought it would feel
as good as this, she was as tight as Blondie was plus she knew how to use her
muscles and was milking his cock as they fucked. "Mom this feel great, your
ass is like a tight glove around my dick and what your doing with your
muscles is incredible" he exclaimed as he continued to pound Alice's ass. He
started to speed up as he was about to cum "Oh Shit I'm cumming!" they both
yelled out together as Dennis let loose a huge blast of his cum, flooding his
mother's bowels. Alice clamped down with all her might an started to milk
every drop of his cum as she had an orgasm herself.

Dennis pulled out of his mother's ravaged ass, a lot of his cum started to
pour out and flow down her legs, adding to the huge puddle under her legs.

"Dennis that was incredible, were did you get the idea to try that"? Alice

"Well mom it's a secret, I can't tell you as I promised not to tell anybody"
Dennis replied. "Did you like it though?"

"Hell yes honey, your dad hasn't done that to me in almost a year" she said,
"but don't change the subject, what have you been doing that you can't tell
me about, I will not get mad or tell anybody else" she said.

"Well here's the thing mom, I've been having sex with you, Joey's mom, and my
babysitter Blondie, It's been going on for about 3 weeks" Dennis replied

Alice was speechless, she had went to collage with both of those lady's and
they all were in the same sorority together, so she knew how wild they use to
be back then, but she never would have guessed they were still like that now.

"Your still my favorite though mom" Dennis said quickly as his mom's face
looked some what upset.

"Thank you honey, I'm not surprised that this has been going on, you seem to
be turning into a little stud, haven't you"? she asked.

"I like sex and when they saw my dick they got the same look on there faces
as you did the first time you saw it and they went nuts, especially Joey's
mom, we both did her at the same time" Dennis answered.

"Who, you and Joey"? she asked in a very shocked voice, but she thought to
herself "Who an I to say anything I have a gallon of my own son's spunk
dripping out of all 3 of my holes".

"Yea it was awesome, I had her bent over the couch while she was sucking off
Joey. After we were done she said that she would be our fuck toy and we could
do her any time we wanted. Could you do that also mom?" He asked.

"Hmm, that sounds interesting, I haven't had multiple sex partners since I
was in collage at Mardi Gras." she thought. "Would you like that Dennis, to
share me with all of your friends?" she asked him.

"Yea that would be awesome, how about starting tomorrow, we could have a
sleep over. Dad's out of town until Monday morning!!!" Dennis said excitedly.

"Who would you like to invite to this sleep over?"

"Well you and me of course, then Joey, and Elmo, and how about Tommy, I think
he's doing his mom to, she's next on my list" he said.

"OK set it up with your friends but don't tell them what's going to happen,
we can have some fun and shock them, OK honey?" Alice said.

Dennis got all excited and gave his mother a kiss and jumped out of bed an
ran to the phone to set this all up.

Alice thought to herself "This could get interesting". Alice talked to all
the boy's mothers letting them know it was fine with her to have a weekend
sleep over, she told them to drop their son's off at around noon the next
day. So the next day the mother's dropped them off and told the boy's to
behave and do what Mrs. Mitchell says, an they would pick them up on Sunday
before dinner.

* * *

She told the boy's to go and play in the basement and went upstairs to change
into a different outfit. A little while later the boys were playing when
Alice came downstairs wearing a white, almost see through sports bra, with an
thin over shirt over it, the over shirt was wide open, and a very, very short
black miniskirt with no panties on underneath. She had a bunch of snacks for
the boy's and some cold pop cans which were pressed against her breasts. As
she walked by Dennis they exchanged a sly wink between them, the other boys
were speechless.

She bent over to put the food on the table and from the rear you could see
her naked ass and her pussy lips, an when she stood up her nipples were
poking through her bra, she turned an went back upstairs an d stood by the
door to listen in on what the boy's were saying.

"Damn Dennis, your mother is so hot, you could almost see her breasts through
that bra"! exclaimed Joey.

"That's nothing from were I was standing when she bent over you could see she
wasn't wearing anything under that skirt" Tommy said excitedly.

"Yea she's a MILF for sure, I'd like to bang that, I thought I was going to
pop a boner for sure" stated Elmo.

As Alice stood there listening to what the boy's were saying she started to
stroke her clit with one hand an pinching her nipples with the other hand,
"Yes this weekend is going to be a fun one for sure" she said to herself.

* * *

A little while later, Alice went back downstairs to see what the boy's were
up to, as it was way to quite down there with 4 young boys down there. They
were all sitting on the couch looking pretty bored, but when they saw her
they all perked up, "Mom were bored, what's fun to do down here?"

"Well how about a game, lets see what we have in the closet" she replied.

All of the boys went into the closet with her which made it a tight fit.
Alice felt a hand on her upper leg, an another hand on her ass. She bent over
a little which made her ass start to rub in Elmo's crotch. "Hmm nothing good
down here" she said then she reached up to the top shelf, making her breasts
almost completely come out from under her bra and mashed them in Tommy's
face. "I know lets play a game of Twister" she said as she pulled down the

"That's a kids game" the boys replied.

"Well how about I play it with you guys?" she said.

The boy's all looked at one another with a devilish gleam in there eyes. "OK"
they said.

So she laid the mat on the floor, making sure the boy's saw up her skirt
while she did so.

"I'll spin and call out the colors for everybody" said Dennis as he sat down
on the couch to watch his mom at work. "Mom you first, left hand red. Now
Joey right hand green, Elmo right foot red, Tommy right foot red" Dennis
called out. "Mom right hand blue."

Alice bent over and placed her hand on the spot and gave Joey a perfect view
of her bare ass, as it was right next to his face.

"Joey left hand red" as Joey reached for it he had to put his head between
her legs to reach the spot.

"Elmo left hand yellow" as he bent over his head was pushed up against
Alice's breasts.

"Tommy put your left foot on green" Tommy did this and noticed that Alice's
face was right on his crotch.

This went on for awhile with each of the boy's getting to see a lot more than
they thought they ever would of there friend's mother's hot body. At one
point Alice's left breast was stretching out of her bra completely exposed,
and her skirt was hiked up around her waist. Elmo's head was between Alice's
thighs when his hand slipped out from underneath him, they all fell on one
another. Joey had his hand lodged down her bra, cupping one of her breasts,
Elmo had his face pressed up against her shaved pussy, and when she fell one
of her hands landed on Tommy's cock. Thy all stood up with smiles and a
little red in the face.

"Well guys that was fun, but I'm going to go get dinner ready, have fun" she
said as she started walking up the stairs and adjusting her cloths.

"Man I got to feel your mom's tit" exclaimed Joey.

"That's nothing when she fell on me I had my face up on her pussy" Elmo said.

Alice heard what they were saying and thought "time for the next step".

* * *

A half an hour later she called the boys up for dinner, they pounded up the
stairs to eat, they were feeling pretty cocky being as the had seen or
touched parts of Alice that they never dreamed of seeing or touching. So
while they were in the kitchen, they kept rubbing up against her or dropping
things under the table so they could bend over and look up her skirt. When
she noticed that they were doing this she spread her long legs apart so that
they could get a better view.

After dinner she told the boys to get in to the bed cloths and go down
stairs. She came down there a little bit later in her sexiest outfit she had.
It was a white bustier and the cups over her breasts were transparent, and
her panties were crotchless, she as wearing a very small short bathrobe, but
it was barely tied shut. The boys just stood there speechless, with growing
bulges in there pajama bottoms. She walked by them an sat on the floor and
said" Come on guys, sit down in a circle were going to play a new game.

The boys rushed over and sat down around her.

"Now guys were going to play an adult game, but you can't tell anybody about
this, OK? Promise me," she said. They all agreed to keep it a secret. "The
game is called Truth or Dare, when its your turn you can ask anybody a
question and they have to tell you the truth or you can dare them to do
anything and they have to do it, OK?"

"Since I'm the only female I get to go first. Tommy truth or dare".

"Um, truth".

"Are you still a virgin?" she asked.

"No" he answered.

"OK, Joey its your turn we will go clock wise" Alice said.

"Truth or dare Mrs. Mitchell?"

She replied "Dare."

"I dare you to take off your robe."

"Why you little scamp, OK if that's what you want and guys call me Alice this
weekend OK?" So she took off her robe and threw it on the couch.

"You're next Tommy".

"Alice truth or dare?"

"Truth" she said, the boys looked bummed, "were you teasing us earlier with
the game of Twister?"


"My turn," cried Elmo, "Dennis truth or dare."


"I dare you to kiss your mom with tongue."

So Dennis moved over and laid a tongue filled wet one on his mom's lips.

"OK, mom truth or dare?"


"I dare you to take off your top and show everybody your tits."

So she stood up and removed her bustier, letting everybody see her breasts.
She noticed that all of the boys had started to sport hard ons.

"My turn, Elmo, truth or dare?"


"I dare you to come over here and start sucking on one of my breasts."

Elmo dived across the circle and started sucking on Alice's left breast.

Joey said "Dennis truth or dare?"


"I dare you let your mom put her hand down your pants and touch your dick".

"My Joey you are a wicked young man aren't you" Alice said as she reached
into her son's pajama bottoms and grabbed his cock and gave it a few pumps.

"My turn, my turn!" Tommy squealed "Alice truth or dare?"


"I dare you to take off your panties."

You could have heard a pin drop as she stood up and slid her underwear down
her long legs. "Well guys I see were this is going an I'm not going to be the
only one naked so all of you strip and we will play a better game that I know
you will all love," Alice said.

"Aw but we like this game," the boys moaned out in unison as they all

Alice looked at all there cocks which were nice and hard. Joey was average,
Tommy had a long one but not that thick, Elmo had a medium size one that was
at least 5" thick. Then there was Dennis with his horse cock. Alice reached
in a desk drawer and pulled out a pen and paper, tore it into 4 pieces and
wrote 1-4 on each one. Then she put them all in Dennis's hat. "This game is
called 7 minutes of heaven, you all will pull out a piece of paper with a
number on it in that order you will join me in the closet for 7 minutes and
you can do what ever you want with me in that time, OK?"

So she let them pick out there numbers, "Remember anything you want to do
with me" she said as she walked by each boy she gave their cocks a few pumps.

Joey picked number one.

When he went into the closet there was Alice on her knees in the middle of
the closet, the light was on.

"I'm number one" Joey shyly stuttered.

"Well what would you like to do Joey" Alice said gently as she knew Joey was
the shy, quiet one of the group of Denise's friends.

"Well" he said as he reached out and started to fondle her breasts. "How
about a blow job, OK?" he said.

"Sure, honey, I'd like that too," replied Alice as she scooted up in front of
him. She took his cock and started to swirl her tongue around the tip and
licked it from the base back up to the tip before she let her lips engulf his
dick. She started bobbing her head up and down on it, while her hand began to
stroke his shaft.

"Oh Alice that's suck a good feeling, your mouth is so warm and wet," Joey
moaned, he griped the sides of her head and started to thrust his cock in an
out of her mouth. She started to roll his balls with her other hand,
squeezing them ever so gently. "I"M going to cum if you keep that up" Joey
stated, he started to slam his dick in an out faster an faster. "Umg, Umg, Oh
Yea!" he grunted as he shot off his first load of spunk down his best
friend's mom's throat. Alice was swallowing each spurt as it hit the back of
her mouth, after about 4 spurts Joey pulled his penis out of her mouth.

"That was awesome Alice" Joey said.

"Better than your mom?" Alice asked, "Don't worry Dennis told me all about
you and him fucking your mom, I will not tell anybody anything, remember
Dennis has a number also and when he comes in this closet I will do what ever
he wants. Me and your mom are a lot alike we both love our son's and want
them to be happy. So what next?" she asked as she noticed his dick was still

"Bend over and let me fuck you" Joey stated with a lot more confidence in his

So Alice got off her knees and bent over and Joey slid his dick in her and
started pumping away with short rapid thrusts, trying to hurry up. Alice
clamped down on his dick with her vaginal muscles. "Oh yea Joey keep doing it
just like that, your tip keeps hitting my clit and it feels so good" Alice
moaned. She started rubbing her clit with her finger an started to cum.

"30 SECONDS LEFT" Elmo yelled out.

About 15 seconds later Joey started cumming in her pussy, he shot 3 got size
spurts in to her pussy before Elmo yelled "TIMES UP". Joey gave Alice a kiss
and left the closet.

"What an adorable kid" Alice thought.

Next came Elmo, I was hoping that you would be next" she said. "What would
you like to do with me?"

"How about a blow job" he said.

Alice grabbed his cock and started licking it and pumping it, she had a tough
time getting her mouth around it being as it was so thick, but finally she
got it into her mouth and started to go to town on it, slobbering on it and
letting him face fuck her mouth, it didn't take long for Elmo to blow his
load in her mouth, he dumped a massive load in her mouth, shooting it down
her throat.

He pulled out of her mouth and laid down an said "OK now get on me an ride me
hard and fast" he commanded her.

Alice liked that and got on him and impaled herself on his hard thick cock.
"Oh God your so thick" she shrieked as she slid up and down his dick. Elmo
reached up and started tweaking her nipples as she kept cramming his dick
into her pussy.

A few minutes later they both climaxed at the same time, he shot two big
loads into her womb at the same time as she squirted her juices all over his

"30 SECONDS LEFT", yelled Tommy.

"Here let me clean you up," she said as she got down on her knees and started
licking his cock clean. "So how long have you been fucking your mom?"

"How did you know about that?"

"Dennis told me he thought you might be."

"TIME!" yelled Tommy.

"About 2 months ago" Elmo said as he left the closet.

Tommy came into the closet next, "Well hello, what can I do for you" Alice
said in a sultry voice, as she had always thought Tommy was a great looking
kid and now that she had seen what he was packing she really likes him. His
cock was at least 10" long but only 2" thick, perfect for what she had
planned. "Let me guess a blow job?" she said with a chuckle.

So she got on her knees an started feeding his cock down her throat, until
her lips were touching his ball sac, which were huge. She got into the rhythm
of his thrusts, you could see his cock going up an down her esophagus. He
started to slam his dick in and out of her throat.

"Oh God Alice I'm cumming" he yelled as he erupted a huge load of his hot
creamy spunk into her mouth, spurt after spurt, it just would not stop.

Alice tried to swallow as much of it as she could, but it was leaking out the
sides of her mouth and running down her chin and over her breasts. "I'm going
to drown in cum" she thought, finally he stopped cumming. "Damn Tommy, I
thought Dennis came a lot, but you have him beat big time," she said. "What
would you like to do to me next, if I might offer a suggestion how about you
sodomize me?" she asked.

"Whats that"? Tommy asked.

"Its were you stick this perfect size cock of yours up my ass," she said as
she fondled his still very large ball sac.


So Alice got on all fours and took some of the cum off her tits an rubbed her
asshole with it, Tommy got behind her and aimed the tip of his cum covered
cock at her anus and shoved it in, completely impaling himself in her ass.
"Oh yea Tommy, ravage my ass, that feels so good, slam it in me hard and
fast" she screamed.

Tommy was thrusting in her as fast and as hard as he could, he had never felt
anything like this before. "God your tight, it feels like my cock is in a
velvet vice" he cried out.

After a couple of minutes of pounding her ass, with her arching her back in
ecstasy, Alice had the cum of his two friends plus her own juices running
down her legs, he started to add his cum to the puddle forming around her
knees, as he started to cum in her ass, he deposited his huge load deep in
her bowels. "Ung Ung" he cried out as he continued to slam his cock in and
out of her ass.

"30 SECONDS LEFT!" Dennis shouted.

When Tommy pulled out of Alice's ass, he slid his dick right into her pussy
and started to just fuck the shit out of her cunt. Faster and faster, in and
out went his dick. The cum he dumped in her ass was leaking out of her and
running down on to his cock, giving it extra lubrication for him to ravage
his friends mother's pussy.

"I'm cumming, Umghfff, Yes, Yes, ravage my cunt!" Alice screamed out.

"TIMES UP!" Dennis hollered as he opened the closet door, there was his
mother on all fours getting fucked by his friend, his cock covered in three
guys worth of cum slamming in and out of her well fucked pussy.

"Honey could you give him a couple of your minutes or you can join in if you
want" she panted.

"I'm Cumming" Tommy cried out and then blew his seed all up in her.

It was not as big as his first two orgasms, but when she felt his spurt hit
her cervix she started to cum also. She contracted her pussy muscles around
his cock an milked the last of his sperm out of him.

Tommy got up, he was weak in the knees from having three large orgasms, an he
stumbled over to the couch.

Dennis only had 5 minutes left on his time, so when he closed the door he
asked his mother for a titty fuck, she spat between her breasts which mixed
with he sweat, Dennis placed his dick in between them and started thrusting
in an out, while she sucked on the tip of his cock on each thrust, this went
on for a few minutes until he came himself, spewing his sperm across her face
an in her hair.

"TIME!" Dennis's friends called out at the same time, Dennis opened the
closet door and stepped out.

Alice stood up an walked out covered in cum from head to toes, four boy's
worth of cum was running out of all three of her holes, dripping from her
chin, and running down her legs.

"Well guy's how did you like that? Did you all enjoy yourself? I know I sure
did." she asked.

"Yea that was great!" they all chimed in together.

"Well you have the next 36 hours to do anything you want to do what you want
with me. For now we all need to go take a shower and get me cleaned up and
you guys need you sleep to regain you energy. The only rule for this weekend
is nobody can wear any cloths until just before your mom's come and pick you
up, OK?"

So they all went up stairs and got in the shower together an cleaned
themselves off an helped Alice clean herself off.

She loved the feeling of 4 sets of hands rubbing all over her body, lathering
her up, fingers being thrust into her pussy as more fingers played with her
clit. When they were done they all got out and dried off. She climbed into
her bed while the boys put their sleeping bags around her bed.

Through out the night, one boy or another would wake up an get into bed with
her and would get a blow job or decided to get in between her legs and slam
his cock into her well fucked pussy dump a load and go back to sleep. She got
fucked at least a dozen and a half times that first night. She got about a
half an hours worth of sleep before the sun came up.

* * *

At the breakfast table the boys had a circle jerk an all four boys dumped a
large load of their hot creamy jism in her mouth at the same time. It was
pouring out of her mouth and running down her chest. Alice was in heaven, her
whole body was one big nerve ending. The boys would go down stairs and watch
TV or play video games while she was upstairs in bed getting one or two of
them. Other times she would be on the living room floor with one dick in her
mouth and one in her pussy or ass. The boys were insatiable and never seemed
to run out of sperm. She would take a shower and Tommy and Joey would come in
and join her, fucking her in any opening they desired. They would cut loose a
load of cum in her and leave to go downstairs. Then the other two would show
up and do the same thing a couple of minutes later.

One time Dennis came in the bathroom while she was on the toilet and got a
blow job, then fucked her on the floor while the others waited there turn to
ravage her. When she was making lunch, the boys lined up behind her and
pulled a train on her. Each boy would come up to her and fuck her in her
pussy, orgasm, then the next one would repeat the process, by the time they
all were done Alice had been fucked by each of them 3 times. She had cum
pouring down her legs. She could not get enough of their dicks.

* * *

Saturday night all of them spent the night in her bed and gang banged her all
at the same time, she had every hole filled with dick and cum, one hole would
have two cocks in it. This went on all night long. By the time the boys
mother's came to pick them all up Alice had been fucked at least 75-100 times
and had swallowed so much cum her belly was extended. Both her pussy and ass
were rubbed raw. She told them all that they could have another sleep over
the following month when Henry was going to be out of town for a week.

* * *

On Wednesday all three mothers called her and said that their sons had went
home and gone straight to bed and had slept until that morning. They wanted
to know her secret.

She said, "I just let them have fun and burn off as much energy as they
wanted to."


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