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Dennis The Menace: Part 6 - Alice Meets Henry's New Boss
by Sniper32

One late afternoon, Alice was in the kitchen making dinner, when her husband
Henry came in the house though the back door. He through his brief case on
the kitchen floor, he then almost ripped the refrigerator door off the
hinges when he grabbed himself a beer. "Honey, your home so early and you
look upset" Alice said when she saw the look on his face.

"Remember earlier this week when I told you I was getting a new boss, well I
met him today. What an asshole." Henry said "He came in today and started
changing everything, the man's impossible to please. He found faults with
everything I've been doing. I've been with this company for almost 12 years,
I know it inside and out, he's been there 9 hours and doesn't know squat, and
wants to tell us how things should be run, what an ass" Henry vented. He
finished his beer and grabbed another one. "He's only 25 years old an just
out of collage, some kind of jock football player who some how found time to
get a business degree" Henry bitched.

"He sent me home early because he wants me to think about how I can "impress"
him at the meeting on Monday". You will get to meet him yourself at the
retirement party for my old boss Jack tomorrow night" Henry said. "Henry you
need to calm down, dinner will not be ready for awhile, and Dennis is
spending the weekend over at his friend Joey's house. So go take a shower and
watch some TV an calm down" Alice told him as she was massaging his

Henry finished his beer and went upstairs to take a shower. While he was in
the shower Alice turned the stove temperature down and went downstairs and
jumped in the other shower. In the shower she shaved her pussy, making it as
smooth as a baby's bottom, she had a plan to calm her husband down and get
his mind off of work.

Henry was sitting on the couch watching TV and drinking another beer when
Alice came up from the basement wearing only a sheer silk 1/2 bathrobe that
only came to just below her waist. "Honey just sit back and relax, I'll make
you forget about your job" she said as she got on her knees between his legs.

She started rubbing his groin, slowly caressing his balls through his boxer
shorts, getting him nice and hard. She reached in to his boxers freeing his
now hard cock, she slowly started to run her tongue up and down his hard
shaft, rolling his balls in one of her hands, she did this for a few minutes
before she let her lips engulf his hard cock. She let his dick slide in and
out of her nice an hot, wet mouth. She started to bob her head up and down on
it, taking his cock all the way down her tight throat with each thrust.

"Oh honey that feels so good, yea all the way down, your throat is so tight"
Henry moaned . He started to thrust his cock in and out of her throat, faster
an faster, "Ung Ung Umm" Henry grunted as he started to cum in Alice's mouth,
shot after shot was spurting in her mouth.

"Oh honey I needed that, that felt great, come up here an lay down on the
couch, it's your turn" Henry said to Alice. She climbed up on the couch, were
he grabbed the sash holding her robe closed and pulled it off, exposing her
fine naked body to him. He reached up and started fondling her breasts,
licking the nipples and massaging her tits. This made her nipples hard, he
then started to make them even more sensitive by giving each one a hard
squeeze and then nibbling on them.

His head started kissing his way down from her chest, down to her flat
stomach, flicking his tongue in her belly button because she liked that,
until his head rested between her long creamy white thighs. He started by
slowly rolling the tip of his tongue over and around her clit, gently getting
the tip under the hood of it, this was making her so wet that the tip of his
tongue just slid over it. Then while he continued to lick and suck on her
clit he slid a couple of his fingers into her and started thrusting them in
an out of her.

"Oh Honey Don't Stop, That's The Spot Right There!!" she exclaimed, as her
hips started to buckle and gyrate on his face. Alice loved it when Henry ate
her out, the way his tongue felt in an on her pussy, his long fingers
plunging away in her. It didn't take long for her to start to cum, "Oh Yea,
Ummmphh, Ung" she cried out as she had one orgasm after another, her love
juices were running out of her and Henry was drinking it up, her legs were
tossed over his shoulders and her thighs were being pressed around his head
to keep him locked in place.

Finally after her orgasms subsided, Henry spread her thighs apart and started
rubbing the head of his engorged cock up and down her well lubricated slit,
he covered the tip with her juices, then slammed into her, completely
impaling her, he continued to thrust in and out of her, savagely fucking her
with all of his anger running threw him with each thrust.

"Ung, Ung, Ung" he grunted as the continued to ravage his wife's cunt,
smashing his cock into her hot, wet, tight cunt. "Oh God, Oh God Yes, Harder,
Harder" Alice screamed. Henry was usually a gentle, tender lover, so his
actions were making Alice cum hard, one huge orgasm after another were
racking her body.

After about 10 minutes of power fucking her in this position, Henry pulled
out an flipped Alice over the arm rest on the couch, he almost bent her over
it. He then lined up his cock with her tight little ass and slammed it in
her,and started using long hard thrusts. With one hand he grabbed her hair
and started pulling her back an forth to meet each of his thrusts, with the
other hand he started to slap her ass. As Henry was brutalizing his wife's
ass he kept mumbling "Fucking New Guy, Don't Tell Me How To Do My Fucking
Job". Over and over again his cock was being buried in Alice's tight ass. She
was shocked, her normal timid loving husband had never fucked her like this
before, she was in some pain from the forceful fucking in her pussy and ass,
but the raw power of it had pushed her over the edge sexually. She was in
orgasmic bliss, between the hard cock being slammed in and out of her and the
slapping she was on the verge of a massive orgasm. She felt Henry's cock
speed up an start to expand in her ass, she knew he was about to blow a load

When Henry erupted in her ass, he spewed a massive load of his hot cum into
Alice's bowel's, spurt after spurt was dumped into her. When she felt the
first blast empty into her, she let loose her own orgasm "AHHHHA OHWWW
MMGHFFF YES YES" Alice screamed as she clenched down on his cock, milking it
dry with her ass muscles. Her own flood of cum was running down her legs an
forming a puddle on the couch.

"Oh god Henry that was incredible, I never knew you had that in you" she said
as she pulled herself off his cock. "I'm sorry honey, I don't know what came
over me. I have never been like that in my life" Henry said in an apologetic

They both went to the bathrooms and cleaned themselves off and Alice finished
and served him dinner. "Honey that was the best sex I have ever had, you have
nothing to be upset about" Alice said to his after he was done eating, she
sat on his lap "It's just I've never been so, so... aggressive before, I
don't know what that was all about but I'm glad your not mad at me" he said.

"Henry my dear, if all it takes to get laid like that again is to get your
boss to piss you off I might have to ask him to piss you off more often" she
said with a wink to let him know she was joking. "Besides, you at least used
all of that aggression up on my lower extremities and have calmed down" she
said as she gave him a lip numbing kiss.

After a couple of more beers an some TV, they both went up to bed, when they
were both in bed Henry rolled over an cupped one of her breasts and started
to gently squeeze it, he began to massage it, rolling her nipple softly
between his fingers, making it nice and hard again. He started kissing her
neck an ear, slowly running his tongue up and down her neck. "Honey, whatcha
doing, it feels nice what ever it is" Alice purred.

While he was working on her neck and breast, she slid one of her hands down
to his cock an started to gently massage it, she griped it softly and started
to jerk him off using gentle tugs an pulls. After about 5 minutes of this
Alice swung around an laid on top of him. She took his semi hard member in to
her mouth an started to slowly blow him. Henry once again had his head
between her thighs an began to eat her out again. They both took there time
with each other, neither of them felt the intensity they had experienced a
couple of hours earlier.

Alice was slowly swirling her tongue around the head of his cock, while she
rolled his balls in one of her hands, then she would flick her tongue up and
down the underside of his shaft. She kept this up for a few minutes before
she let her lips swallow his dick all the way down her throat. While Alice
was deepthroating him, Henry was licking her clit an sucking on her pussy
lips, his tongue would lick up one side of her cunt an down the other side,
just like a sucker. The made her pussy very wet.

After about 10 minutes of this Henry swung around and laid Alice on her back,
he took each of her ankles and spread her legs wide open and slid his now
very sensitive engorged cock in her now wet, hot pussy. He started with long
smooth strokes thrusting into her with a slow steady rhythm, while he was
thrusting into her he was thumbing her clit. "Oh Yea, that feels so nice
Mmmmm" Alice moaned. He started to speed up using shorter strokes, as he
continued this for a few minutes, Alice's pussy started to spasm with
multiple minor orgasms, she was building up to a major one.

Henry pulled himself out of her and rolled her over on all fours, he got
behind her and slid his dick into her, "Oh Oh Ummph, Yea Harder, Faster
Faster" Alice yelled out. Henry sped up his thrusts, pushing into her as fast
as he could, he grabbed her hips an every time he pulled back he would rock
her forward, then he would pull her back to slam into his hips, driving his
dick further into her.

Alice's orgasm was building, her vagina muscles started to clamp down on
Henry's cock, "YES YES YES" she screamed out. "Here it comes, I'm cumming"
Henry grunted and they both came together, his spurts met her spurt. They
both collapsed on the bed together, cuddling up with each other. "Well that
was unexpected" Alice said. Well after our first throw down downstairs
earlier, I figured a softer more gentile experience might be nice" Henry
said. "It was nice" she agreed. They both got up and went to clean up and
then came back to bed and went to sleep wrapped in each others arms.

The next evening they were getting ready to got to the party, Henry was
wearing one of his normal suits, were as Alice was wearing a black, low cut
and short cocktail dress, it only came to half way down her thighs, and with
the heels she was wearing she was stunning.

When they arrived at the hotel ballroom, Henry and Alice made the rounds,
saying hi to his coworkers and to Jack. After they had hit the open bar Alice
an Henry were sitting at there table when Alice noticed her husband tense up.
She followed his eyes and noticed a young muscular guy in an expensive suit
walking towards them. "Shit its my new boss Robert" said Henry. As Alice
looked Robert over she was amazed that he was her husbands new boss, he
didn't have the look of a business man. He was a big guy at least 6'5 and
around 250-#, all of it muscle, he looked like a gorilla in a suit, but she
could see the frat boy jock in him. His eyes and smile reminded her of a
shark she had seen a few years earlier.

As Robert came over to there table Henry stood up an introduced Alice to him.
"Sir this is my wife Alice", he said. "Alice it is a pleasure to meet such a
beautiful woman" he said as he kissed her hand. "Henry I hope you would not
mind if I asked your wife for a dance later, you would not have a problem
with that now would you? Robert asked with a "I don't care if you do have a
problem with it "condescending tone in his voice. Henry looked at Alice with
a look of panic in his eyes. "Alice lets have that dance now" Robert said as
he slid her chair out an helped he up out of it.

The band just started playing a slow song when they got to the dance floor.
Robert put his arms around her and pulled her close to him. Her body was
almost being crushed against him, his hands were on her hips and her breasts
were being smashed against his massive chest. "You are a very lovely lady an
I will admit I find it very hard to imagine you with a lame ass like Henry. I
have been reviewing his work and frankly I am not impressed with what I've
seen so far. I was thinking of letting him go come Monday, but I think if you
are willing to help convince me other wise I might let him stay and keep his
job" Robert whispered in her ear as he spun her around the dance floor. The
lights were quite dimmed on the dance floor, and they were off to the back of
the other dancers on the floor, were most people could not see them,
especially Henry at there table.

Alice was shocked with what Robert had just suggested an even more surprised
when his hands started to wander over her breasts and ass. "How much is your
husbands job an pay check worth to you, he's a little old to be trying to
find a new start at a new company" Robert stated as he ground his pelvis into
her stomach area and nibbled on her ear as he continued to whisper these
threats in to her ear. "What do you mean convince you otherwise" she asked,
"you can't mean what I think you mean, I'm a happily married woman." "Well,
how happy will you be if I fired your husband?" lice looked around the dance
floor to see if there was anybody watching them, nobody was.

"You know what I mean, I want you to let me do you tonight or come Monday
Henry's going to be fired" he said as one of his hands cupped and squeezed
one of her breasts. "I have a room right down the hall, I want you to join me
later after the party, for the night to be my sex slave and let me do what
ever I want to do to you" he said. As the song ended an they walked back to
the table, he said "Think about it" as he left her at the table an went to
the bar.

"Think about what honey?" Henry asked Alice as she sat down at the table.
Alice looked shocked and concerned as she told him what his boss wanted an
the threats against him. Henry was shocked an pissed. "What can I do, we live
pay check to pay check, and with the job market like it is, I don't know if
you could in a job right away, an he is right about you being a little old to
be starting over at the bottom at another company", Alice stated.

Henry was amazed that his wife of 12 years would do this for the family. "Its
just ex for one night, you've done so much for me a Dennis over the years.
Let me do this for you, I don't like this any more than you but what can we
do. I love you an we will get past this" Alice said. "Ok, we have no choice
in this but I swear to god I will pay that fucker back if it is the last
thing I do" Henry exclaimed as he slammed his drink down on the table.

Robert was at the bar watching the two of them talk, Alice looked over at him
and nodded her head up an down at him. He gave her a cruel smile an went to
his table to eat dinner. After dinner was finished an all of the speeches
were made Robert gave her head wave towards the door, Alice had been pounding
away drinks all night, a lot more than she normally would on a normal night,
she followed him down the hall to his room.

He opened his door and went in, Alice followed him in a few seconds later. As
soon as she entered the room he slammed the door behind her and grabbed her.
He started kissing her an groping her breasts. In the process of man handling
her he ripped one of her dress straps off, he did not care, he grabbed her
dress an pulled it off of her an threw it on the floor by the door.

So there was Alice in high heels and a black lace thong standing in a room
with her husbands boss. "Oh baby, you look better than I ever would have
believed possible" Robert said in a drunken slurred voice. He grabbed her an
pushed her on her back on the bed an ripped her thong off an threw it on the
floor near her dress. "What do we have here, no bush" he said as he thrust
his hand between her legs, running his fingers between her pussy lips before
roughly entering her pussy with them.

He started fingering her hole quite roughly, with his other hand he started
to take his tie an shirt off, then he undid his belt to his pants, they fell
to the floor, he was already semi-hard just from looking at this hot mom
laying before him with he legs spread wide open and three of his fingers
buried in her bald snatch.

When Alice saw his cock she almost fainted, he was a monster, semi-hard he
was at least a foot long an 5" thick an it was still growing. "Yea bitch, I
bet that piss poor excuse of a husband of yours ain't packing a tool like
this" Robert stated. "Blow me" he commanded her. Alice took hold of his dick
an started to swirl her tongue around the tip of his flesh covered baseball
bat sized cock, as she was doing this, she was trying to come up with a way
that she could get this in her mouth. After a few minutes of sucking on the
tip and jerking on his shaft, Robert swung her around on the bed, so that her
head was dangling off the side of the bed. He started sliding his cock
through her mouth and down her throat, as this position gave him a clear shot
wit the angle of her mouth and throat.

Alice's eyes began to bulge out an water, she felt his cock sliding down her
throat, the tip was already hitting her larynx, she started to gag on it an
thrash around in panic due to the fact she could not get air in her lungs.
"Yea bitch, take it, your throat is so fucking tight." "What you can't
breath, here let me fix that" he said as he violently pulled his cock out of
he mouth. When Alice started to gasp for air, he cruelly rammed his cock back
in to her mouth, laughing as he degraded her.

He continued to play this game with her for about 10 - 15 minutes before he
finally pulled out of her mouth for good. Robert then grabbed her hair and
pulled her off the bed and threw her on the floor, her got in between her
thighs and impaled her pussy with his hard cock, ramming it in completely to
his balls in her semi wet cunt with his first thrust. Alice started to scream
out in agony, but as she started hollering he grabbed her by her neck and
squeezed to keep her quiet.

Robert kept ramming his cock into her, ravaging Alice's pussy. She had never
had a cock in her like his, she felt her pussy rip and start bleeding under
his assault, he didn't care, he continued plunging in and out of her, again &
again. She was trying to breath but with his hand wrapped around her throat
this was proving difficult, she tried scratching his arm and chest to get him
off of her neck.

Robert looked down and saw that she had drawn blood when she scratched him,
"Oh, you like it rough do you?" he said evilly. He pulled out of her and
picked her up by her neck an tossed her back on the bed, but on her stomach.
"Get on all fours" he commanded. When she got on all fours he pushed her head
down on the pillows an slammed his horse cock back in her and started fucking
her with long, hard, fast strokes.

Alice's body took over from her an she started rubbing her clit as Robert
savagely fucked her from behind. Her pussy had never been this full since she
gave birth to her son Dennis 10 years earlier. She started to respond to his
thrusts now that her cunt was lubricated, she started to rock back to meet
Alice moaned.

"I knew you would come around, they all do. Bitches love the big dick I've
got, they can't help it" Robert said. Alice's pussy was getting wetter and
wetter, with the size of his dick, it was hitting every nerve in her vagina.
She started to cum and cum hard, Alice was squirting and between that and her
blood there was a stream of her fluids running down her legs , forming a
puddle between her knees.

Robert kept riding her hard, slamming his cock into her, faster an faster, he
had never had such a hot, tight pussy to do as he wanted with before,
normally he couldn't find any woman who would let him stick his horse cock
into them except the whores he paid. "Here it comes" Robert said as he
grabbed her hips an proceeded to speed fuck the shit out of her, he stared to
unload in her. He dumped load after load into, every time he drew back his
cock from her pussy his cum would start running out and flow down her legs,
mixing with hers and adding to the puddle between her knees.

Alice's knees and thighs were quivering with the residual effects of her many
massive orgasms, she figured now hat Robert had gotten what he wanted she
could get up and go clean herself off. "Remember when you were scratching me,
well paybacks a bitch" he said. "NO" Alice screamed as she felt him thrust
his cum covered cock into her ass. "NO NO, STOP YOUR SPLITTING ME OPEN STOP".

Robert just kept thrusting his cock into her ass, she was right about being
slit open, blood was now pouring down her thighs, every time he thrust into
her he would slap her ass as hard as he could. Alice had never felt such
pain, she was yelling and screaming for him to stop, she had tears running
down her face.

Robert was grunting with every thrust he took "Ung Ung oh yea, your so
fucking tight, hell I might make this a steady thing, like twice a week you
let me fuck you and I will not fire your asshole of a husband Ung" he
grunted. Alice was going into shock from blood loss, she had never felt so
abused and hurt before.

Just as Robert started to bust a nut, the door to the room was slammed open,
in the hallway stood hotel security and the president of Henry's company.
"HELP ME, HE'S BEEN RAPING ME ALL NIGHT" screamed Alice. Security took one
look at her blood soaked thighs and the pile of ripped cloths by the bed,
plus the bloody scratches on Roberts chest and arms, they tackled Robert an
threw him on the floor, he started to fight back so the guards all tazered
him, when he hit the ground they put the cuffs on him. The president of the
company grabbed a bed sheet and threw it over Alice and he hustled her out of
the room and down the hall to his room, were he told his wife to go get Henry
and call the cops and an ambulance.

By the time Henry got to the room, he past Robert in the hall being led out
by the cops in hand cuffs. His boss met him at the door and told him what was
happening, and why Robert was in cuffs. The ambulance showed up and Henry and
Alice went to the hospital were they fixed Alice up, in a couple of days she
went home.

Alls well that ends well. Robert is now serving a 10 year prison sentence,
with a cell mate who is bigger than him in ALL ways(he now answer's to the
name Roberta). Henry was given a HUGE promotion to senior VP to assure that
he would not file charges against the company. As for Alice, shes back to
normal and feeling frisky.


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