Degrassi - The Next Generation: Manny's Date Part 1 (mf,oral,anal,cons-nc)
by Vampiresex

Sitting in class Manny sees Craig walk into class and starts to daydream,
imagining his big thick cock pounding her mouth and filling her belly full
of his sweet seed. The teacher starts to talk again and is startles her out
of her dream.

Later that day Manny is at her locker and sees Craig at his. She walks up to
him and says, "Craig, I like you." She turns around to walk away when Craig
calls after her.

"Wait Manny....I like you too."

Later that day at Emma's house Craig knocks on the door to pick Manny up
for her date. Manny grins in anticipation for what she has planned to do on
their date. Emma lets Craig in and Craig says she looks hot. Manny smiles and
thanks him. They leave for their date and go to the mall. The carnival is
there so they decide to do that instead of a movie.

After awhile at the carnival manny says she has to go to the bathroom. Craig
walks with her to the bathroom. Manny goes in to see if anyone is in there.
There isn't so she come back out and pulls Craig in.

"What are you doing manny?"

Manny says, "This!" and pushes him up against the wall and yanks his pants

Craig looks down in shock and is shocked more when Manny puts his now rigid
cock into her mouth. Craig quickly gets horny and grabs Manny's black hair as
he starts to pump his cock down her throat. Manny was a little shocked that
Craig got into it so fast and gagged a little. After 5 minutes of deep
throating Craig, Manny feels his cock quiver and squirt cum down her throat.
She quickly pulls his cock out of her mouth and gets blasted in the face with
cum. Craig is surprised that Manny took his cock out when he started cumming
but got more horny when his cum landed on her face and then she opened her
mouth and let the rest go into her mouth. Manny let the rest of his cum into
her mouth and held it there to show Craig. She stood up and opened her mouth
for Craig to see his cum in her mouth then swallowed.

Now it was manny's turn to be shocked as Craig pushed her over to the sinks
and yanked down her pants and panties. Craig then turns her around and bend
her over the sinks. "Craig, wait. What are you doing?"

Craig says, "This manny!" and shoved his 10 inch thick cock up her ass.


"No bitch you, asked for this!"

Craig relentlessly pounded manny's ass for 10 minutes before he came in her
ass. Craig pulled his cock out and a small river of cum started to run out of
Manny's bruised ass and down her leg. Craig then put his clothes back on and
left. As he was leaving he saw Liberty enter the bathroom.

To be continued?


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