Disclaimer : I do not own any character for this show they are the property
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The story takes place in season 4, when Alex and Paige discover that they
love each other, Ashley gets back from England, Ellie discovers that she's in
love with Craig and Emma falls in love with the guy that filmed Manny's tits
while she was drunk.

Degrassi: The New Guy Part 1: Emma Falls For Me (mf,mc)
by AzusRageFury ([email protected])

I remember that day like it was yesterday, it was my first day of school at
Degrassi Community School and I was pretty impatient to see all the hotties
that this school has to offer (with my mental power, I knew I would have
fun). Just as I was going to my locker, I saw her, the girl that I would
learn name was Paige, the most popular girl of this school, I had to get her
but I decided to play a game (I would have to seduce my way to her).

In my mind, I designed my plan, I would first get that girl from the
cheerleading squad( her name was many) by first getting her friend Emma (a
really tall blond girl, although her breast were kinda small, she was
stunningly beautiful).

I made up my plan in my head, first I would join her group of grasslovers and
when they would head up in the forest to do whatever they do in there I would
make my move. But first I had to get her boyfriend out of the way.

* * *

One day I was following Peter, Emma's boyfriend, while he was heading home.
He didn't realize that I was following him, so he didn't even realized that
I was playing with his mind. In fact, as he was walking and listening to
music, I altered his mind, I made him completely forget Emma, and I made him
love boys, in fact, I made him fall in love with that little geeky boy named
Toby. So because of little mind trick, he would call Toby tonight to tell
him that he loves him so much.

Proud of me, I headed home where my beautiful altered mother was waiting for
me, so as I entered my house she came crawling in front of me happy to see
her master come back. My mother was a former singer from Quebec named Mitsou
(she was a tall woman with blond hair and big breasts). I ordered to suck my
cock cause being unable to control all those hot girl caused some huge sexual
tension in me and I needed relief( that was why mother was here). She
unzipped my jeans and she started to lick my 6 inch cock, as pleasure was
taking form in my body. As she took all in her mouth, her head started
bopping up and down on my shaft. I placed my hand on her head and gave her a
rhythm with my hand, when I came in her mouth I ordered her to swallow it all
and to cook me meal, I ate the meal she had prepared and went to bed thinking
about what I would do tomorrow.

At school, all the members of the Green Club had their afternoon freed of
class because of the forest cleaning. Se as we went in the forest paired in
team of two, I made sure, using my mind, that I would get paired up with
Emma. After 20 minutes of cleaning and talking, I decided to rush into her
mind to make her incredibly horny for me. When the changes took place in her
mind, I was like a shock for her.

"Yeah, its not easy to defend the environment. Oh man, fuck this. I need

After saying this, she jumped on me making me fall on the ground and she
started rubbing her body against mine while we were kissing like lost lover.

"Man I need you so much," she said her hair glued to her face because of the
sweat, damn she was cute.

After saying this she undid my pants and grabbed my cock with her hand,
masturbating me (like my cock needed this, its was so hard it was hurting
me). As she was playing my cock, I removed her old sweaters and removed her
bra, admiring her beautiful not fully developed breast. I started to kiss
them and lick them like my survival depended on it (she was already trembling
damn she was sensitive and I must say that I liked it). As I was kissing her
and her breast, one my hand unzipped her jeans and entered her soaking
underwear and rubbed her clit, I knew my expert hand would soon make her
scream in pleasure so I ordered her to suck my cock. We placed ourselves in
a 69 position planting my hand between her legs.

After 2 to 3 minutes of licking and sucking each other, she came in my mind
and I pushed on the ground placing the head of my cock just at the enterance
of her asshole saying, "Baby, you'll like this, trust me!"

After saying that I enered her (she was so freakin' tight), enjoying her cry
of pain and pleasure, but every pleasant thing has to end. So when I couldn't
tkae anymore of this, I came in her ass and we each fell to the ground. She
took refuge in my arms as I asked her, "Did you like that?"

"Oh, Master, this is great!"

"Glad you liked it," I said, "cause there is a lot more to come."

_ _ _

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