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Don't Trust The Bitch In Apartment 23: Don't Date The Bitch In Apratment 23 Part 2
by MTL ([email protected]

Chloe did her best not to break her little promise and allow June some time to recover, and to eat the meal which eventually came for them after what felt like an eternity, but the other girl didn't make it easy for her. Sitting there, looking so cute and fuck-able. Seriously, Chloe knew she was coming off like super creepy and rapey right now, but to be fair, she was a girl, and June was her girlfriend, so it could be worse, but at this point even she was feeling ashamed at her lack of self control. But she just couldn't help it, and she swore June was doing this on purpose.

"What's wrong?" June frowned.

"Nothing." Chloe grumbled.

"Seriously, what's up." June pushed.

There was a brief pause and then Chloe leaned forward and confessed, "If you don't finish soon I'm going to fuck you on top of the table."

June looked adorably startled, and then squeaked, "Noted."

For a second Chloe thought she had pushed her luck and this was going to be the thing which finally made June run screaming. Which would be weird considering everything else June had let slide, but Chloe wasn't exactly thinking rationally at that point. Then to her delight June started rapidly shoving what was left on her plate into her mouth, barely needing to chew because she had started the meal by chopping up her food into bite size pieces. Chloe, having already finished her meal, just watched with a big dumb smile on her face, hating herself for her blatant show of affection.

Then she got to her feet, Chloe quickly joining her, and then June asked, "So you mentioned something about going somewhere?"

Chloe beamed happily and held out her hand, "Follow me."

Without hesitation June took the offered hand, which made Chloe smile wickedly and take a moment to think how adorably trusting her girlfriend still was, despite everything she knew about her. Then she firmly tugged her through the restaurant and into one of the private rooms which Chloe normally never used as she didn't give a fuck about who saw her bone, but she was secretly glad that June was such a prude because she wanted to be the only one seeing the beautiful blonde naked. Which she very much wanted now, and Chloe knew just how to get it, namely by distracting June. And nothing distracted June more than a nice hard kiss, so as soon as they were alone with the door locked Chloe pushed June up against the nearest wall and pressed her lips to hers.

Unsurprisingly June gasp but then quickly moaned into the kiss, eagerly returning it and allowing Chloe to start stripping her. She even returned the favour, which Chloe was more than happy about. Because most of the time wearing clothes around June just felt like a waste of time. All they did was get in the way and stop Chloe from having 24/7 access to her girlfriend's hot bod. Sometimes it almost felt like June might secretly share this belief, because while she denied it she was always very eager to get out of her clothes when they were alone together. Then again Chloe had always been awesome at sex, so it was yet another thing that wasn't surprising.

June loved kissing Chloe more than anything, which was really saying something as her girlfriend had taught her things about her own body she hadn't known, introduced her to pleasures she had never imagined and made her cum harder and more frequently than she would have thought humanly possible. But sex had never been important to Chloe, something the wacky girl had made very clear since the moment they met, and while Chloe swore it was different with June it was still things like holding hands, cuddling and just loving looks which really made June swoon. And kissing her was like the perfect combination of an affectionate touch and something sexually satisfying, at least mentally. Especially as it almost always led to more direct satisfaction.

As a result whenever Chloe kissed her like this it was inevitable that June would become lightheaded and consumed by it, her whole world fading away until nothing else existed except Chloe's mouth and tongue, and her own. Which gave Chloe the perfect opportunity to do whatever devious thing she wanted, normally involving stripping June naked so she could ravage her, and now they were in a moderately non-public setting June didn't mind that so much. What she did mind was the idea of Chloe making her cum again without returning the favour. Which was why when the kiss was finally broken it was June who broke it as she turned around and pressed Chloe firmly up against the wall.

Chloe obviously wasn't expecting this, and yet it was clear she approved from the wide grin on her face as June leaned in to kiss her neck. Also from the way she moaned, "Oh June, I love it when you think you can top me. It's adorable."

Trying not to blush June pressed a few more kisses to that soft flesh and then murmured into it, in a much more whiny voice than she intended, "I could top you if I wanted too."

"Oh God June, you're so funny." Chloe giggled, "I've always thought that, even if I wouldn't admit it."

"I could." June grumbled.

"Stop it, you're killing me," Chloe chuckled.

"Well, it's a good thing I know how to make you stop laughing." June smiled, leaning up to whisper in Chloe's ear, "I wanna go down on you."

There was a brief pause as Chloe's laughter died away, then she practically growled, "Say it again."

"I want to go down on you." June repeated, more firmly than before, "I want to top you while on my knees."

There was another pause, and then Chloe roughly pulled June back by her hair so she could look in her eyes as she ordered, "Say it like a big girl."

Yet another pause, and then June smirked wickedly, "I want to eat your pussy."

"My cunt." Chloe corrected, "You want to eat my cunt."

"I do." June admitted, smiling sweetly at her glaring girlfriend before adding, "I want to eat your cunt."

At this point Chloe's eyes had gone full on crazy, which June was very used too. The good news was it was crazed lust, as was proven by the way Chloe shoved June to her knees and then pushed her face into her cunt while ordering, "Then eat it!"

"What's the magic word?" June singsonged.

"NOW!" Chloe growled loudly.

If this was just about anyone else June would have rolled her eyes and demanded that Chloe say the proper word. The thing is, she didn't mind becoming something of a socialite, and more importantly Chloe's little lesbian bitch, if at least outside the bedroom Chloe was at least a little respectful and polite. After all, in a relationship people were supposed to compromise with each other, and even change each other. But June also really loved it when Chloe took charge, even when June was so close to grabbing it for herself. Or at least it felt like it. Besides, June didn't think she could ever turn down the chance to eat Chloe's yummy little cunt.

Normally June hated that word, but it seemed so appropriate for Chloe, and she could practically feel her girlfriend force her to use that word in her head, making what happened next all the more delightful. Which of course was namely June smiling wickedly up at Chloe, then the blonde gave the brunette's cunt a little kiss, and then pulled back slightly so she could slowly slide her tongue over the other girl's pussy lips. This of course caused Chloe to let out a loud cry of pleasure, which made June's heart flutter with delight, and her whole body tingled with joy. And that continued to be the case, even as Chloe forced her sounds of pleasure to be smaller in scale, as June became lost in licking pussy.

"Ooooooohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhhhh, eat that fucking pussy!" Chloe moaned shamelessly, "Oh fuck, munch my carpet! Yeeeesssssss, munch it carpet muncher! Oooooooh yessssssss June, your becoming quite the little carpet muncher, and I love it. Fuck, that's it, that's fucking it, right there, ohhhhhhh fuck June, you're one amazing muff diver."

Chloe really struggled keeping her mouth shut during sex with June. With other people it was just a little fun, something she often used to liven up often mediocre sex, but June was different. Her emotions were heightened to a ridiculous level, and she was often in danger of saying something really sappy, like telling June just how much she adored her. Or worse, that she loved her. She was also in danger of being too abusive and possessive too quickly, so Chloe had to concentrate on what she said at a time like this very carefully to make sure she didn't go too far. At least at first. Later when June was distracted she did pretty much say what she wanted, but for now there was at least something of a limit.

Things were also different when Chloe was distracted by something, like June's beautiful face when she fingered her, or her yummy little pussy every time Chloe was the one to go downtown. She'd even get distracted by penetrating one of June's sexy little fuck holes or those big doe eyes staring up at her. Hell, sometimes even the sight of that pretty little blonde head between her legs was enough to shut Chloe up for a while. Thankfully this was one of those times, at least until she started really working over her clit, which was normally a sign that June was ready to make her cum. Or at least so lost in eating pussy enough that she wouldn't mind what Chloe said.

Either way Chloe just couldn't resist letting the floodgates open and letting pure filth fall out of her mouth, "Yesssssss, that's it June, tongue my clit! Tongue it you fucking dyke! Tongue it with the dyke tongue I own! Ohhhhhhhh fuck, you're mine June! All mine! Your cunt is mine, your ass is mine, your mouth is mine, and you better believe your fucking tongue is mine! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh fuck yeahhhhhhhh, you were born to be my pussy pleasing little lesbo June, mmmmmmm, now prove you've accepted your purpose in life by making me cum in your hot little dyke mouth and all over your beautiful little lesbian face! Yessssssss, lick my clit harder! Harder, harder, harder, yessssssssss, faster, ooooooooh, now fuck me! Tongue fuck me like the dyke whore you were always meant to be! Oh yeahhhhhhh June, you know deep down you always wanted a piece of this. That you were never meant for boys. Or girls. You were just meant for me. Fuckkkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhh, you were designed to be my personal pussy pleaser, mmmmmmm, so please me. Make me feel good. Fuck my cunt hard and deep with your little dyke tongue so you can eat my fucking girl cum you filthy little queer! Oh fuck yeah, you're so gay June, soooooooo gay for my cunt, oooooooh yeahhhhhhhhh, make me cum, make me cum, make me cum you dyke aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk, oooooooooohhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeesssssssss fuckkkkkkkkk meeeeeeee Juneeeeeeeee!"

She might have said things after that, Chloe honestly wasn't sure. And it certainly didn't matter to her. She was 100% sure that after what felt like hours of teasing June was finally and truly lost in the act she was born to do, eat Chloe's pussy. But more than that, she was fucking it. Like literally. As in June had finally just pushed her tongue into Chloe's cunt and began thrusting it in and out, the evil blonde driving the brunette crazy with her wicked ways. And really, under those conditions what could Chloe possibly do other than squirt her girl cum directly down June's hungry throat and all over that pretty little face of hers while screaming hysterically?

For anyone else Chloe would be way too far gone to feel even the slightest bit of guilt. Of course no one else had ever made her cum this hard. So it was kind of ironic that she would have moments of clarity in it. But she did. Like the realisation that somewhere along the way she officially started fucking that pretty face she so adored. She even felt guilty about it. And maybe even a little worried, despite the fact that she really did this every time June went down on her, and that despite the fact that she was more brutal than with any other of her whiny lovers June seemed to love it, which just made Chloe love her even more as it proved they were perfect for each other.

June did love this. She loved this more than anything else in the world. Because it was pleasing Chloe, and she would do anything to please Chloe. June felt she had proven that repeatedly ever since they gotten together, but even though this could be painful it was definitely an extreme she enjoyed. Yeah, June enjoyed a lot of the extremes that Chloe talked her into, which embarrassed her, but on the upside it did mean they were perfect for each other, the thought making the blonde smile happily against the brunette's pussy as she made her cum over and over again using what Chloe had told her. And yes, maybe a little natural talent, has Chloe liked to say, which both made June blush and feel more proud of herself.

Of course June's main focus wasn't thinking how much she loved getting face fucked, or eating pussy, or even making Chloe cum. It wasn't thinking at all. No, June was very much focused on doing. She wasn't thinking about making Chloe cum, she was making Chloe cum. And almost just as importantly swallowing that cum. It was hard for not to get distracted by the taste of that yummy liquid, or the fact that Chloe brutalising her face made it difficult to swallow any of her girlfriend's cum, let alone the majority of it. But having Chloe cum in her face, and later to have that cum covering her face, was a reminder that she was Chloe's, which was enough of a consolation prize for June to be able to concentrate on what really mattered.

Unfortunately when Chloe really got going at the grinding on her face June was unable to keep up the tongue fucking. At least not for very long. So she had to be more creative. Like licking Chloe's clit whenever she got the chance. Or better yet sucking on it. And not in the gentle, teasing way she had been doing before, but really applying all the pressure she could to make sure that Chloe came nice and hard. She also pushed and rubbed her own face as much as she could into Chloe's cunt, which wasn't much but still had a good effect. Finally she moved her hands to Chloe's ass, just rubbing the cheeks at first, and then collecting some escaped pussy juice onto her finger and then pushing it into Chloe's ass hole.

That last thing in particular always made Chloe cum extra hard, but weirdly Chloe had forbidden June from doing it. Apparently in Chloe's crazy mind taking it up the butt was a bottom's job, and as she repeatedly told June there was only one bottom in their relationship, and her name was June Colburn. So ironically June knew she would be punished for this, but that was okay, because she was in the mood for Chloe's kind of punishment. But first, she tried to make it worth it by ramming her finger to the knuckle in Chloe's butt hole and then slamming it in and out, at the same time sucking her clit roughly, making Chloe squeal and cum extra hard.

At least until Chloe pulled her upwards and growled into her face, "You know I have to punish you now, right?"

"I know." June grinned, "I can't wait."

"God, you're the perfect woman!" Chloe chuckled evilly before shoving her tongue down her girlfriend's throat.

Chloe then pushed her hand underneath June's skirt and smirked wickedly at the wetness she found there. Of course it wasn't surprising, but it was a reaction that Chloe could never get tired of receiving from the sweet and now formally innocent June Colburn. Especially when discovering the reaction made June moan and whimper with embarrassment or pleasure, or more than often than not both. This time there was definitely just pleasure, but that was because Chloe was busy rubbing that little pussy of hers, first through the thin fabric of her ruined panties, then touching the bare skin when she pushed them aside.

Sometimes June scolded her for going right for the prize, even if Chloe knew for a fact she was warmed up and ready for her because of something Chloe had already done, or in wonderful cases like this because of something June had just done. This was her favourite kind of pre-empted strike against that, and it always worked like a charm, June too busy kissing her back to complain that Chloe didn't spend enough time groping her first. To be fair Chloe had a free hand, and she was putting it to good use, firstly sliding it all over June's body, then concentrating on her boobs and butt, and then finally just her awesome boobs. And Chloe hadn't really even got started yet.

"I was going to be so nice to you..." Chloe whispered in June's ear when she eventually broke the kiss, "I was going to bring you back here and fuck your corn-fed ass hard and deep, just the way you like it, with no one watching. Now maybe I'll take you back to our table and bend you over in front of everyone. Or better yet, butt fuck you out on the street. Would you like that, huh? Being truly publicly ass fucked? Huh? Mmmmm, then you'd probably get arrested for being publicly sodomised by your girlfriend. Won't that be fun? You'll finally get to be a sex offender, like me, and have to tell any future employer, and your current one, that you were naughty and got publicly fucked in the ass by your girlfriend. You want that, huh?"

"No, please Chloe. Anything but that." June whimpered, pulling back so she could look into Chloe's eyes so she would know she was serious, "Wait until we get home, then you can do anything you want to me. I promise. Or maybe right here. Please?"

Chloe cursed those Bambi eyes which forced her to do whatever June wanted, but she decided to at least keep up the illusion for a little bit longer, "Well..."

"Surely you could think of some other way to punish me." June said hopefully, her Bambi eyes now twinkling with wicked glee.

Which just made Chloe fall harder for her, "Oh, I'm sure I could think of something."

After that exchange Chloe pushed two fingers roughly into June's cunt, causing her girlfriend to cry out in a mixture of pain and pleasure. Well, it was mostly pleasure as June was wet and ready for something like this, but Chloe was normally nice and started off with just one. She also didn't normally go past three fingers, but she was soon inserting a third and then a fourth into June's tight little pussy, making the other girl squirm up against the wall Chloe now had her pressed against. Then with a wicked smile crossing her face Chloe tucked her thumb in there too, which was easy enough, at least compared to what she did next, which was push the rest of her hand into June's poor little pussy.

Honestly Chloe was expecting June to cry out in protest and offer her anything else in exchange for not doing this, but the formally innocent girl made her so proud, and fall for her even more, as again although her eyes went wide and her mouth fell open June never truly protested having her cunt stretched wider than ever before. Not even when her pussy stretched wide enough to allow those knuckles to slide through, the rest of the fist quickly following and all of a sudden Chloe had her whole hand inside her girlfriend's pussy. She had her whole hand inside sweet little June Colburn's tight little cunt, which felt wonderful, even though she was worried that June was going to stop her at any moment given the look on her face.

Taking evasive manoeuvres Chloe softly whispered before beginning to kiss June's neck, "You're doing so well baby. I'm so proud of you."

June knew what Chloe was trying to do. She mostly only said those words to make June's heart flutter, and just so she could get away with something. And it almost always worked. Why should this be any different? Sure, it was another thing June never thought she'd do, but ever since they met Chloe had been pushing her into trying new things, and for the most part June had enjoyed them, especially the sexual things, and it was really hard for her to resist Chloe, especially over sexual things. Besides, June had been hoping to be punished, and while it wasn't what she had in mind the hard part was over so she may as well give this a shot.

So against her better judgement June concentrated on relaxing, which was made easier by the gentle kisses to her neck and the soft encouraging words from her girlfriend. It even felt kind of good, although it felt a lot better when Chloe pushed her dress down, followed by her bra, so she could wrap her lips around one of June's nipples. Chloe had made it very clear she had a thing for June's boobs, which turned out to be a very good thing, as normally it meant that June got at least some form of foreplay, and the sex between them was often enhanced by Chloe going for her tits at a time like this, like all those other times Chloe going back and forth between her boobs as a sort of distraction for what else she was doing.

In this case Chloe was nice enough to concentrate on June's boobs for several long minutes while leaving her hand completely still inside her pussy, and when she did finally begin moving it was slow and gentle, giving June time to get used to the sensation. Surprisingly it felt really good. Really weird, but good, June moaning loudly in pure pleasure as she began to get fisted for the first time. Which of course pushed Chloe to fist fuck June a little harder while grinning around her nipples, and then she eventually lifted her head to give her that wicked grin of hers. Then finally Chloe gave her the kind of verbal encouragement June had got so used to receiving from her twisted girlfriend.

"That's it June, moan for me! Mmmmm, moan while you're taking my fist in your pretty little dyke cunt!" Chloe moaned with wicked glee as she gradually increase the pace of the fisting, "Ohhhhhh yeah, moan for me baby! Moan while you're getting fucked like a proper little lesbian bottom. Ooooooh June, you're such a hot little bottom. Mmmmm fuck, I love having you as my hot little dyke bottom! Take my fist! Take it! Take it in your hot little queer cunt like a proper little lez! Ohhhhhh June, we really are proper lezzie girlfriends now. Me fisting you to orgasm while a bunch of rich white men wine and dine their women, mmmmm, then failed to get them off half as good as I'm about to get you off. Ohhhhhhh, it's the perfect lesbian experience. Ooooooh yeahhhhhhhh, you're taking my whole hand inside you like the perfect little lesbo bottom you are! Fuck, you're taking my hand so well. I'm so proud of you baby. Yes, that's it! That's soooooo hot! Oh fuck yes, moan for me! Mmmmm, moan while I fist fuck your little dyke pussy!"

After Chloe went on for what felt like forever June finally whimpered, "Please..."

"Please what baby? Please make you cum?" Chloe pushed, "Tell me baby. Tell me what you want."

"Please, please make me cum." June whimpered, forcing herself to be somewhat coherent as she continued, "Mmmmm, oooooooh Chloe please, please make me cum! Fist me baby! Fist my pussy! Oh God, it feel so good, ohhhhhhhhh, I love having you inside me! I love having your whole hand inside me! Oh God, I can't believe your whole hand is inside me! Ohhhhhhh, fuck me Chloe! Fuck my pussy with your fist! Fist me, oooooooh yessssss, fist me. Fist fuck me! Mmmmmm, fist fuck me like a proper little lesbian bottom! Oooooooh yessssssss, I'm a bottom! I'm a bottom, I'm a bottom, yeeeeeesssssss, I'm a bottom, mmmmmm, and you're my top. I'm your bottom and you're my top Chloe, oooooooh Goooooooddddddd, prove it by fist fucking me and making me cum! Yessssss, make me cum for you Chloe! Please? Please make me cum like a good little dyke bottom as you fist fuck my lezzie cunt! Please just AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKK, OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSS!"

As always forcing those extra nasty words out of June's mouth was enough for Chloe to give June what she wanted, in this case fisting her hard enough to make her cum. It didn't take much, as Chloe had effortlessly bought her to the edge which suggested this wasn't her first time fisting another girl. Not that June really cared at the moment. Not when she had a powerful climax racing through her. A powerful climax which was quickly followed by another, and another, and another, as always Chloe bringing her to the edge of unconsciousness, before slowly bringing her down from her high. She then carefully moved her hand from June's pussy and then bought it up to the blonde's lips, June wordlessly opening her mouth and beginning to clean it, much to the brunette's delight.

"Have I mentioned you're the perfect woman?" Chloe grinned wickedly.

"I love you too." June responded without missing a beat.

Chloe frowned, "Now you're really going to get it."

"I can't wait." June murmured happily before she went back to cleaning Chloe's hand.


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