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Don't Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23 Part 3: Who's the Bitch in Apartment 23
by MTL ([email protected]

The second that Chloe and June got through the door of Apartment 23 they were all over each other, as was the new norm between them. But it seemed especially true tonight, which wasn't all that surprising. Not because it was their first official date in Chloe was feeling romantic. June could have laughed at the thought. No, she had deliberately upset her girlfriend, and now she was going to get punished for it. Which shouldn't have been appealing, and June had certainly never deliberately upset a lover before, and she had certainly never imagined doing it as a way to push her lover to be rough with her. But then again, everything was different with Chloe.

"Are you ready to get punished?" Chloe growled into June's ear the second she broke the kiss, before biting down on that ear.

Which of course made June cry out, then grin as Chloe quickly switch to licking and sucking her ear, and then her neck, meaning that when June finally replied it came out as a moan, "Yes."

"Convince me." Chloe pushed.

"I am, ohhhhhh, I'm ready to be punished." June groaned, her voice way sexier than it ever had been before.

"Are you sorry?" Chloe almost whispered in her ear.

"No." June grinned wickedly.

Quickly pulling back so they were face to face Chloe just stared at June for a few seconds, clearly trying to look angry when in fact she looked proud, especially as she promised, "You will be."

Chloe's hands had been sliding all over June's body since they got out of the cab, so June thought nothing of it when those hands moved upwards. That turned out to be a mistake as suddenly there was a ripping sound, followed by a lot more as Chloe's hands went haywire. Honestly June was so shocked it took her a few long minutes to even register what was happening, and then realisation hit her like a freight train. Chloe ripping her dress off. Literally. The beautiful expensive dress that Chloe had bought for her was initially been torn apart. If anyone else had done that it would be horrifying, but because it was Chloe doing it June felt like she was in one of those cheesy romance novels that she loved, which made her swooned. Besides, that dress had been super uncomfortable and she had only worn it for Chloe. Who would probably buy her another one.

Once the dress was in tatters Chloe forced June to turn around, kneel down behind her, grabbed her butt and growled, "I love this ass!"

"Yeah, I noticed." June blushed a little, but mostly grinned.

Ignoring her girlfriend Chloe got down to some serious butt groping, squeezing and pinching June's ass like a butcher with a piece of meat, then Chloe eventually growled like June hadn't said anything, "But now I'm going to fuck it up! Mmmmmm yeahhhhhhh, I'm going to fuck it up real bad. Then I'm just going to fuck it."

As Chloe laughed and smacked her ass roughly just after saying that June let out a little whimper of apprehension, and then asked, "Should, should we maybe talk about safe words?"

"Safe words are for pussies." Chloe growled.

With those worrying words Chloe jumped to her feet, grabbed June by the hair and dragged her into their bedroom. June actually considered struggling out of Chloe's grip, and insisting they agree upon a safe word if they were going to do something more BDSM than the gentle spankings that Chloe had been giving her before. But it was this inpatient, dangerous part of Chloe she was so attracted too. Ha, after all these years June finally was dating a bad boy. Only it was a bad girl, and she was badder than any of the bad boys. Or at least more crazy. So for better or worse June allowed herself to be manhandled into the bedroom she shared with Chloe and then was forced over her girlfriend's knee.

There was a pause for a long few moments, then Chloe gently rested a hand down against June's ass cheeks. She left it there for quite a while, then Chloe began to grope June's butt again, clearly drawing this out. Which was just fine with June. She wasn't in a hurry to get spanked. At least not when Chloe was in this mood. Then again, the anticipation it turned out to be almost as worse as the spanking. Or at least June assumed it would be. She was so wound up to the point of jumping when Chloe suddenly grabbed hold of her underwear, and began slowly pulling it down to reveal her vulnerable little butt, then pushing them off the rest of the way while expertly removing her bra with the other hand, leaving June completely naked and exposed.

Chloe was stretching this out because she knew the anticipation of something was far more torturous than any other punishment in this world. She knew particularly from pining over June for months, which was unlike her. Chloe didn't pine, she took. She took the things she wanted, and damn the consequences, because life was too short. But things were just different with June. With June she had been scared. Scared of just how hard and quickly she fell for her, and just how bad she wanted her. Which was crazy, because she had seen hotter women, but something about June just drove her nuts. And here was her chance to punish June for it.

"Remember, you asked for this." Chloe said softly and unconvincingly before finally beginning the spanking.

To start Chloe lifted her hand high in the air and then brought it down as hard as she could, getting the most adorable little squeak out of June. She then repeated this process, a few times consistently, but sometimes she would keep her hand in the air for quite a while before finally bringing it down on the soft flesh beneath her. Then after a few strikes she went back to groping, and spanking, then groping, and spanking, then groping and so on. Partly because she wanted to warm June up before letting her have everything she was capable of. But mostly because it was fun, which was Chloe's main reason for doing just about anything.

Of course inevitably she would increase the force of the blows, at first just a few random smacks to let June know that it was coming, then she started minimising the amount of time between spanks. Sadly that meant decreasing the amount of time she was groping June's ass, but Chloe promised herself she would make up for that later. Besides, she was still having her way with that ass, just in a very different way. A way which made June let out the most adorable little cries over and over again as Chloe showed her who's boss, especially when there was finally no pause whatsoever in between each blow, announcing that the rough butt beating had begun.

While those cries were adorable they were also a little heartbreaking. It was almost enough to make Chloe feel guilty. Or at least it would have if June's butt cheeks hadn't been jiggling so invitingly. And turning a gorgeous shade of red now that the real ass pounding was underway. At least as far as the outside of June's ass was concerned. The inside of it would be pounded soon enough, something they were both very much looking forward too, but for now June was receiving this punishment she so richly deserved, and being reminded that in their relationship Chloe was in charge at all times, and June was her bitch.

June didn't need reminding of that fact, but despite her squeals of pain she did enjoy it. Sure, it wasn't her favourite way that Chloe regularly reminded her of their roles, but there was just something so wonderfully naughty about being spanked like a disobedient child. Especially when she was bending over Chloe's knee like this. Which thankfully her own parents had never done. Because they hadn't ever needed too June enjoyed this feeling of naughtiness to its entirety, and of course the feeling pleasing Chloe, which June craved more than she'd ever craved anything before in her life. Honestly she prefered the gentle spanking in the beginning, because it was her best chance to savour those feelings.

She clung to them as things became increasingly unpleasant, or just really painful and embarrassing. Both of which was part of the charm, but they became especially noticeable when Chloe started using force, mostly for the obvious reason, but also because being roughly spanked over her girlfriend's knee made June's pussy wet. Which of course made her cheeks flushed bright red, especially when Chloe obviously became aware of the wetnesses against her thigh, cackled with wicked delight, and then started to somehow increase the force of the spanking even more. Which just restarted the cycle all over again.

Luckily just as it was becoming too much Chloe abruptly stopped and began softly cooing and gently groping June's butt again, caressing at least some of the pain away. Then without any warning, other than the fact that she'd done this before, Chloe turned her around so that June was sitting on her lap and kissed her. Of course being forced to put any weight on her now very sore butt cause June to cry out, which naturally Chloe took full advantage of as she shoved her tongue into her girlfriend's open mouth. Not that June really minded Chloe using her sneaky ways to get the upper hand like this, which she showed by kissing her back just as roughly once she had recovered from her initial shock.

After a minute or two of that rough kissing Chloe pulled back slightly and against June's lips, "Bend over! I wanna get me a piece of that corn-fed ass."

"Where?" June asked with a grin, even though she was pretty sure she knew the answer.

Sure enough she was right, Chloe glaring slightly as she clarified, "On the bed. I want you on your hands and knees so I can take you like the bitch you are."

"Really? I thought you were the bitch in apartment 23." June cheeked, not for the first time.

"Oh we both know who the real bitch is around here." Chloe pointed out with a wicked smirk, "But as always, I'm more than happy to remind you."

"Mmmmm, please do." June grinned, finally doing as she was told.

As soon as June had got off of her Chloe immediately retrieved one of her strap-on dildos from her toy collection, this one perhaps even bigger than the ones she had been using lately, which was really saying something. Thankfully she also retrieved a bottle of lubricant, as usual Chloe making a big show of strapping on the cock and then coating it with the lube while June grinned with glee. She did this directly in front of her, before moving around the bed so she could get in position behind June, at which point Chloe paused for a second to admire her handiwork, which made June blush a little, but it also led to her wiggling her butt at Chloe as a way to encourage her to abuse her ass some more. As if she needed it.

Chloe thought the same thing when it happened. That she was minding her own business, just trying to enjoy how beautifully red June's butt looked after it spanking, especially compared to the creamy flawlessness which was the rest of her skin, and then June just started teasing her with that ass. What could she possibly do but retaliate? Retaliate in this case being burying her face between June's butt cheeks and sliding her tongue over her cute little back hole, making her girlfriend let out the most adorable little gasp, quickly followed by a long drawn-out moan of pure pleasure as Chloe then began lapping away at her most forbidden orifice.

In the past Chloe had been big on receiving rim jobs because they were naughty and they just felt so good, but she hadn't actually dished out that many. Things were different with June. Everything was different with June, her stupid feelings pushing her to do things Chloe wouldn't normally do. It might be those feelings clouding her judgement, but Chloe swore that she just had the cutest little butt hole which was practically made to be licked. And more importantly fucked. But she would get there soon enough. For now she just concentrated on giving her precious June a long drawn-out rim job, making her girlfriend constantly let out the most wonderful moans in the process.

While enjoying that wonderful soundtrack Chloe rubbed her face in that cute little butt before moving her hands up so she could pull those cheeks apart and get her tongue deeper into that ass. And that was before she even started officially tongue fucking it. Yes, this was really just getting better access, Chloe taking full advantage of that by beginning to swirl her tongue around that puckered hole as well as up and down it. Then finally she pushed her tongue as deep as it would go into June's butt, which was pretty far thanks to the regular poundings she had been giving it, and then began thrusting that tongue in and out, even at one point jacking her head back and forth like she was in a metal concert.

Part of Chloe wanted to do that for hours as a way to punish June, but she just couldn't wait that long to give her girlfriend a proper ass fucking. So after a few minutes of pounding that ass with her tongue Chloe swapped her tongue for her fingers, pushing first one and then two of those digits into June's most intimate hole, which thanks to saliva and the lube was pretty easy. She then pump those fingers in and out, and up and down, and even twirled them around inside June's ass. Whatever it took to stretch out that little fuck hole. Then she pulled her fingers out, slapped that ass and grabbed a firm hold of her cock so she could aim it against her target.

Of course Chloe also ordered, "Spread your cheeks! Mmmmm yeahhhhh, show me that cute little bitch hole I love to fuck."

June obeyed without hesitation, her hands shooting to her cheeks so she could slowly pull them apart and expose her vulnerable holes just like Chloe had trained her to do. She was then waiting a surprisingly long few seconds to slide her cock up and down her ass crack, teasing June so much she actually opened her mouth to complain. But as soon as she did Chloe pushed forward, meaning that the only sound out of June's mouth was of pure pleasure as her girlfriend anally penetrated her with one hard thrust and then just left the head of the strap-on inside her butt for several long seconds. Which was mostly a good thing as it gave June a chance to relax and get used to it, but she had no doubt this was mostly for Chloe's enjoyment.

It was the same story when Chloe finally started stuffing her butt with more strap-on cock. After months with daily ass fuckings, and normally multiple ass fuckings each day, June's now well trained butt was used to this kind of treatment and could take it much harder and faster than this. Yet even during the frequent times that Chloe sodomised her in public her evil roommate insisted on a slow anal penetration so she could savour 'forcing' this ultra forbidden act upon the sweet and innocent June Corbin. Which was a little annoying, but at times like this June chose to concentrate on the good things about the slow butt stuffing.

Like despite how much she might swear otherwise this was a sign of just how much Chloe cared about her and didn't want to hurt her. And how much this incredibly twisted act please Chloe, which was what June craved to do above all else. But perhaps most importantly June just loved everything about getting ass fucked. Which was crazy. Or more accurately just another crazy thing about her new life. Because she had been so distinctly convinced she would hate this unnatural use of her body, yet she was almost as responsible for how regularly she was sodomised, both indirectly by wearing tight clothes and bending over a lot, and directly by whispering dirty things into Chloe's ear.

Perhaps the most humiliating part was that June even enjoyed the uncomfortable stretching of her rectum as it struggled to remember it was Chloe's personal fuck passage, and the fact that she got off on such humiliation. Part of it was because of the promise of greater pleasure to come, and the whole thing made her feel like a giant slut, but honestly June just enjoyed it because she was so utterly and completely submitting to Chloe. Of course it had nothing on the overwhelming pleasure that came when she finally had that cock completely up her butt were it belonged and Chloe was using her like the greedy little anal whore she had become, June first beginning to cry out with pure pleasure, then she used her words.

Chloe loved nothing more than to watch June's cute little butt hole taking her dick, especially when her sweet, delicate snowflake was spreading her cheeks to provide the perfect display of that poor little forbidden hole stretching for her strap-on. It was practically enough to make Chloe drool with lust and delight, the brunette unable to take her eyes off that wonderful sight throughout anally penetrating the blonde, or when the sodomy officially got underway. The only real pause was Chloe closing her eyes and letting out a little whimper when her thighs finally came to rest against June's butt cheeks, announcing that she had buried the full length of her cock deep within the bowels of the other girl.

That pause was brief, Chloe opening them again and growling as she began to pump her hips back and forth, meaning she got to watch her dick pumping in and out of June's ass hole while her precious roommate's sounds of enjoyment became increasingly loud. Which was really saying something, because it sounded deafening in the mostly silent room before, but now they alone would have been enough to make Chloe grinned sadistically. And then to make things even better June started to literally tell her how much she was loving being butt fucked, and how much she loved Chloe, and most importantly of all how she wanted more.

"Oh Chloe! Fuck me Chloe, mmmmm, fuck my ass!" June moaned happily, "I love it up the ass. I can't believe how much I love it up the ass. Oooooooh yesssssss, oh Chloe, you made me love it! Love it up my ass! Ohhhhhh fuck, you remember baby? How nervous I was when you popped my anal cherry? I made such a fuss, but now I wish I bent over and spread my cheeks like this on the first day I moved in. Oooooooh yeahhhhhhhh, mmmmm, I wish on my very first day in Apartment 23, in our Apartment, I bent over and gave you the hole that was always meant to be yours. Oh God Chloe, I love it when you fuck that ass! I love it so much! Oh God, and I love you. Oh Chloe, I love you so much, mmmmm yesssssss, fuck my ass, oooooooohhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeessssssss, fuck me!"

If it had been anyone else the declarations of love would have been a total moment killer, and under other circumstances Chloe would pretend they were. But not whenever she was butt fucking June. No, she couldn't pretend to hate those words, because she was too busy not tearing June's ass hole apart with every ounce of her strength. Of course that would bring a premature end to this wonderful heaven, and Chloe wasn't ready for that. And she never would be. Because this was her idea of pure heaven, not only having sex with June, but doing it in such a twisted and kinky way. A way which June would have never considered before getting together with her.

Perhaps more importantly it was showing June who was boss. Cementing the fact that in their relationship Chloe was very much the dominant top, and June was the submissive little bottom who took it in her bottom. Oh yes, June was taking it in her corn-fed bottom, Chloe still transfixed by her strap-on pumping in and out of her girlfriend's most forbidden of holes, which was still on perfect display thanks to June spreading her cheeks and proving just how good she looked when she was face down. And proving that she was Chloe's bitch. A bitch's bitch. Oh yes, Chloe might be the bitch of Apartment 23, but June was her bitch, the bitch's bitch of Apartment 23, which suddenly became vital for Chloe to remind June of that fact.

"Take it! Take it bitch! Mmmmm yeahhhhhh, take it in your corn-fed ass!" Chloe taunted gleefully, occasionally smacking June's ass to emphasise her words, especially towards the end, "Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhh, take it like the bitch you are! Oooooooh yeahhhhhh, I might be the Bitch in Apartment 23, but you're the other kind of bitch. I'm awesome, and you're just a submissive little slut. My slut! Mmmmm yesssss, you're just my submissive little butt slut! My fucking ass whore! My anal loving bitch! Oh yeah June, tell me what you are! Tell me you're my bitch! A bitch's bitch! The Bitch's Bitch in Apartment 23! Fucking say it bitch!"

"Yes! I'm your bitch! I'm a bitch's bitch! The Bitch's Bitch in Apartment 23!" June cried out, in between yelps of pain as Chloe practically spanked her again, this time while butt fucking her, "I am so your bitch!"

"And the rest!" Chloe demanded.

"I'm... I'm your submissive little slut!" June parroted, struggling to remember what Chloe had said, "I'm your submissive little butt slut! Your fucking ass whore! Your anal loving bitch! Ohhhhhh Gooooodddddd, I'm anything you want me to be. I'm yours Chloe, oooooooh fuck, all yours!"

"Damn right you are! Mmmmm, especially this ass!" Chloe grinned, smacking June's ass extra hard, "That's mine, right?"

"Yes! Yesssssssss, mmmmmm fuck, my ass is yours! All yours!" June moaned, "Mmmmmm, you own my ass! It's yours to fuck whenever you want. Mmmmm, my butt hole is your personal fuck hole."

"That's because you're mine, and your corn-fed ass was made for fucking!" Chloe growled, "Say it!"

"My, my corn-fed ass was made for fucking." June whimpered.

"Good, now get on all fours like the bitch you are and bounce that ass back at me." Chloe ordered smiling as June obeyed, and then chuckling as she obeyed her next orders, "Mmmmm yeahhhhhh, that's a good little doggy. Now bark for me. Bark for your owner you little bitch! Ooooooh yeahhhhhhh June, prove that you're my little bitch by acting like a little bitch! Oh God June, that's it! Oh fuck!"

June was only too happy to take her hands off her cheeks, lift herself up onto all fours and start pushing herself back against the invading thrusts. To be fair, even the prudish version of herself would have happily done that, albeit with a man's penis inside her vagina instead of her girlfriend's strap-on in her ass. But she would have never said those things about herself before, and certainly not barked and panted like a dog, which should have been weird and off-putting, but somehow it wasn't. At least for June. Which was a testament to how much Chloe had broken her. Or fixed her, depending on your perspective. Either way this perverted humiliation only added to her pleasure, and at least in this blissful moment, June was completely shameless about it.

Sure, there were still times when she was embarrassed, like when her parents came to visit, and Chloe told them with a smile on her face how she likes it up the ass, and June can take her biggest strap-ons up there. But even that humiliation had some weirdly positive effect, at least afterwards, and it was more than worth it for the ecstasy June was now feeling. Or the ecstasy she would feel when Chloe made her cum. Or from just about anything they did together, for that matter, but in this moment it was hard for June to think about anything else but anally induced orgasms, mostly because she was trying to hard not to receive hers early. Or to beg for them too quickly, as she wanted to enjoy Chloe sodomising her for as long as possible. And more importantly she knew just how much Chloe loved it.

Ultimately though June just couldn't take it any more and she pleaded, "Harder! Please Chloe, ram my ass harder! Mmmmm, slam fuck it as hard as you can! Oh God Chloe, destroy my ass hole! Fucking wreck my corn-fed ass and make me cum! Please? I need it! Oooooooh, I need it now! I need to cum. Please Chloe, make your bitch cum!"

"You wanna cum little doggy, huh?" Chloe taunted, "Mmmmm, then help me. Come on June, slammed that corn-fed ass back at me! Oh fuck, yessssssss, that's it, mmmmmm, I'm going to wreck this ass! You hear me June? I'm going to wreck your little ass hole and leave it gaping wide open! If you don't beat me to it you little whore!"

The moment she had permission June increase the pace of her thrusts, pushing herself right up to the edge of orgasm in what felt like a matter of seconds. Which cause Chloe to laugh cruelly, and provide a little more verbal encouragement as June became increasingly incoherent. But then just as June thought she was going to have to make herself cum Chloe suddenly exploded with a series of powerful thrusts which sent June crashing over the edge of that powerful climax she had been craving. Then of course it was quickly followed by another, and another, and another as Chloe effortlessly fucked her through her orgasms and reminded June that her crazy roommate could literally get away with anything and she would still love her.

More importantly for this precious moment, June would be totally devoted to her. Oh yes, June meant every single word she just said, and more. Even the words of ownership. Because it was so wrong, but June felt like she was literally Chloe's property, and in that moment she wanted to be nothing else. Especially because she knew she was the one piece of property that Chloe truly cared about, and took care of, the thought making her smile widely with twisted happiness. Which was the last coherent thought she had for quite a while as her mind melted away from the intensity of the ecstasy she was receiving, June cumming so much now it felt like one continuous orgasm.

Chloe knew that similar ecstasy awaited her whenever she allowed herself to go over the edge, much like the pleasure she'd received in the past. Except of course, she'd been waiting for partners to get her there, which wasn't even quite equal to the pleasure she was receiving now, and she hadn't even cum yet. God, what had loved done to her? Because she wanted to believe it was just the extremely kinky sex, but this wasn't close to the physical pleasure she could receive. No, physically this was just her clit being constantly bashed by something within the harness, and maybe the pleasant weight of June's meaty cheeks against her thighs. Although the pain of putting so much energy into a fuck was tiresome, and she would never have put this much energy into making someone else feel good before.

Of course June had turned her entire world upside down, ending with Chloe relentlessly violating this wonderful woman's ass hole with a giant strap-on just to get them both off. And it was better than anything else she'd ever had with all those people who didn't mean anything to her. Which was why it felt necessary to Chloe's sanity, or maybe even survival, to drill the idea into June's head that this was where she belonged. This was her rightful place. She was born to be Chloe's personal fuck hole. Oh yes, June was an orifice for her pleasure, something which gave them both pleasure. That gave them purpose. That gave Chloe purpose. Yes, what went unsaid was that while June belonged to Chloe, Chloe belonged to June just as much. If not more.

That was the thought that went through Chloe's mind when she could no longer hold herself back and she came wonderfully hard. Oh yes, the constant bashing against her clit, the sheer joy of sodomising June and although those thoughts in her head meant it was just too much for Chloe to take in she had the kind of satisfying climaxes that she could only have when anally taking June Colburn. To be fair part of that was Chloe being able to power through her first climax, and the next ones, continuing to pound June's ass hole even after her girlfriend collapsed in exhaustion. And more impressively, several minutes later when Chloe could no longer keep herself upright and she too collapsed down on top of June's sweaty body.

The moments before that had been truly epic, Chloe finding a second wind as thanks to her firm grip on June's waist her precious girlfriend truly became nothing but an ass for her to fuck as the other girl collapsed face down, Chloe adoring the way that she was keeping June's ass in the air just to get herself off. But as awesome as she was Chloe didn't have unlimited stamina, and ultimately she was forced to collapse down onto June, and even stop the butt fucking all together. Although it wasn't long after that Chloe began kissing the soft sweaty flesh beneath her, paying extra attention to June's shoulders and neck so she could mark what was rightfully hers, which was a perfect way to end a perfect butt wrecking. That, and a few loving words...

"Who's my bitch!" Chloe growled into June's ear.

"Me. I'm your bitch." June sighed with a blissfully happy smile on her face.

Chloe savoured that response briefly, before demanding, "Prove it."

June then cried out as Chloe suddenly got up onto all fours, pulling the big strap-on dildo out of June's ass in the process, leaving her battered back hole to feel horribly open, empty, and worst of all unloved. Oh God, June was actually missing the feeling of a cock in her ass. She could have never imagined such a thing, but even in her exhaustion June found herself wanting to beg for Chloe to put it back in. Not to go back to fucking her, just so she could feel Chloe inside her again. And on top of her. And kissing her neck. Yes, June had particularly loved those last two thing. But, knowing what Chloe wanted from her and feeling an overwhelming urge to give it to her after those amazing orgasms, June reached back and pulled her ass cheeks apart, exposing just how gaped her butt was. Which of course made June blush.

Then June blushed even more as Chloe taunted her, "Mmmmm yeahhhhh, that's a pretty little corn-fed booty which has been put in it's place. Mmmmm, and been reminded of who it belongs too. Ohhhhh yeahhhhh June, you're mine! And now you and your amazing ass knows it!"

To emphasise her words Chloe gave June's butt a firm slap, causing her to cry out again, but then June teased, "I'm a bitch's bitch?"

"Yeah you are!" Chloe giggled with delight, giving June's behind another slap before allowing herself to fall on her back next to her girl and push things even further, "You're my anal loving bitch. And you know what else? You're my ATM loving bitch! Ooooooh yeahhhhhh, get over here bitch! Get over here and go ass to mouth! Mmmmm fuckkkkkk yesssssss!"

Again obeying like the well-trained bitch she was June let go of her cheeks, crawled in between Chloe's legs and wrapped her lips around the dildo which had just pummelled the deepest part of her butt. And then she moaned. She actually fucking moaned from tasting the deepest part of her own butt on a strap-on cock. God, June still couldn't believe this was her life, and how happy all of this made her. Especially at knowing she was so thoroughly pleasing Chloe, who of course continued gleefully providing commentary and even reached down to stroke June's hair as the once innocent blonde started bobbing her head up and down the ass flavoured dick.

"Ooooooohhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhh, suck it June! Suck my dick!" Chloe laughed wickedly, her eyes fixed to the pretty blonde head in between her legs bobbing up and down her strap-on, "Suck that big dick clean of your own ass cream you nasty little bitch! Yeahhhhhh, get every drop. Mmmmmm, every fucking drop, oooooooh fuckkkkkk! That's so hot and nasty. Where did you learn to be so nasty June, huh? A sweet little corn-fed thing like you? Did someone corrupt you June? Turn you into a dirty little whore? Their whore? Huh? Mmmmmm yeahhhhhh, I bet someone turned you into their cock sucking whore, and I bet they love it."

Just about avoiding the urge to roll her eyes June concentrated on sucking the strap-on. That was easy at first when it was covered with her ass cream, and she was just focusing on the first few inches, as that was easy and gave her a chance to savour the flavour that she had grown to crave. But very quickly she was bobbing her head up and down on the first half of the dildo, which was now pressing against the back of her mouth and fully clean. Meaning she had the clear choice of quitting while she was ahead, or trying to take more like Chloe had trained her to do, and clearly so desperately wanted. Which Chloe was only too happy to remind her.

"God yes June, deep throat it!" Chloe encouraged gleefully, her grinned becoming almost painfully wide as she gently but firmly pushed down on June's head, "Deep throat my big dick! Take it deep you beautiful woman, oh fuck! Oh fuck yeah, that's it! Take it! Mmmmm, take it down your fucking throat! Ohhhhhh fuckkkkkkk, that's my girl! Oh yeah, that's my good little deep throating cock sucker! Oooooooh fuck yeah, suck it! Suck it good while your taking my dick down your little throat. Oh fuck yeah, every inch! Yeahhhhhh, get every single inch down your pretty little throat! Fuck June, I've never been more proud of you."

What was really weird was that June felt proud of herself for it. And in a way, it was a sign of their relationship. Chloe was the one who had taught her to deep throat, after all. Before they got together it wasn't a skill June would have ever needed with her ex-fianc‚, but she definitely needed it with the types of dildos that Chloe liked a strap around her waist, including this one, and it was extremely thrilling to be able to take every inch. Which was a recent development, and June was still choking and gagging violently towards the end, but with a lot of effort she was able to stuff the entire length down her throat, and thus give it a thorough cleaning. Of course while the ass cream itself was enough for a reward June normally got another, and this time was no exception.

That reward was Chloe eventually pulling June up into a kiss, and then in what Chloe thought of as a moment of weakness, whispered against her lips, "God June, I love you."

"Urgh, lady boner killer!" June teased, calling back to how their night began.

"Bitch." Chloe laughed, punching June playfully in the arm.

"Uh-huh." June happily agreed, "I'm a bitch's bitch. And I love you too, bitch."


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