Dick Van Dyke: Laura Petrie Becomes A Whore (MF,MMMMF,oral,anal)
by Swanson

Laura was driving home from the grocery store, thinking we are a typical suburban couple. We have a nice home, a good kid, good friends, and Rob has a good job. The only thing she would like to change is that they don't make love as often as she would like. Rob is usually too tired for sex during the week and the weekends they get tied up with chores and/or going out with friends. She thought it must be 4 weeks since Rob has crawled over to her bed to make love. However the shows summer hiatus was beginning so they would have time to make up for lost time in regards to sex. Rob was home when she got home.

He said "Honey guess what? Alan is going to make a movie during the summer and I going to punch up the script."

Laura hugged Rob and said, "Oh Rob that is wonderful."

Rob said, "No so fast, I will have to go to Hollywood for about 6 weeks, I leave in 2 days."

The next 2 days past quickly with no action, Rob was busy talking to Alan most of the time. The day Rob was to leave, Laura woke up extremely horny. As they packed she tried several times to get Rob interested in a quickie. She grabbed his crotch numerous times and did once get into his pants and stroke his cock for about a minute before Rob said he had to go. Laura kissed him goodbye and went into the bedroom to make love to her right hand.

As the days passed Laura thought about flying out to Hollywood and making love to Rob. But she knew he would be upset with her bothering him. She was so horny, that while she was masturbating an old memory of her cheating on Rob surfaced. When she married Rob, she was a 17 year old virgin. They were married only a short time, when Rob went to his interview with Alan. Rob had stayed up for 100 hours for a radio stunt and had a hard time staying awake during the interview.

What Rob did not know was that Alan was upset that Rob could not stay awake and took Laura aside. He told her that she had a nice mouth and that she was probably a great cocksucker. He said if she would suck his dick, he would meet with Rob the next day.

Laura knew she was not experienced at sucking cock (Rob usually did not ask her to have oral sex) and she asked Alan if there was something else she could do to reschedule the interview. Alan suggested they could fuck.

This shocked her more than sucking him. She told him she would think about it and get back to him once she put Rob to bed. The thought of sucking a famous person like Alan Brady turned her on. So she went to Alan room and knocked on door. Alan asked her what would it be, she did not say anything, she step in, close the door and dropped to her knees. She unzipped his pants and reach in pulled out Alan's cock. It was a little bigger than Rob's about 8 inches and it was thicker. She slowly began to draw circles around the head of his cock with her tongue and then she licked the entire length.

Alan moaned slightly with delight as she put his cock into her mouth and started to pump it with her hand. Alan said something about going faster and grabbed the back on her head and started to force her to go faster and deeper. Laura gagged a few times but kept on sucking knowing this was the break Rob needed to get his career on track.

Alan was really ramming his entire cock down her throat but she did not stop sucking. Suddenly he came and she had a mouthful of cum, not knowing what to do she swallowed. It was the first time she ever swallowed and it turned her on. If Alan had tried to seduce her at this moment she would have given in and rode him hard.

Laura then since she cheated once (even though Alan never saw her naked and only touched her head), what would the harm of doing it again. But sucking a cock was not the same as sleeping with someone, but she needed a man. She thought hard as to whom she could get into bed; the only men she knew were neighbors or business associates of Rob. Therefore word of the affair would probably get back Rob. So she went into the bedroom and began masturbating again, when the phone rang. It was Rob, filming was going to stop for a couple of days to change location and he was going to catch the plane out and would be there by 5:00 PM. He told her to get a room at hotel in New York and he would meet her. She said "Oh Rob! I need you badly."

Laura quickly called Millie and arranged to have Richie stay the weekend. She packed him up and sent him next door. As the bathtub filled with hot water, she pulled out her sexy underwear, hose, and dress. In the tub she began to shave her legs as she got near her pubic area, she decided to shave there and give Rob a surprise.

Two hours later she had checked into the hotel. She took off her suit she worn and began to get dress even though Rob would not be there for another 3 hours. She was so excited she paced the room, she could not stand waiting. So she decided to go to the hotel bar and have a glass of wine to calm down. She went to the desk clerk and told him that if her husband came in looking for her she would be in the bar.

The bar was crowded with guys wearing name tags, probably a convention or something. It took only minutes before guys started to hit on her. One nice guy, Bob, sat next to her and pretended to be her date to keep the other guys from hitting on her. She thanked him for being so valiant and for not trying to flirt with her. About this time a bellhop asked if she was Laura Petrie and that she had a call. Laura went to the house phone and it was Rob. It seems that the studio executives had seen some rushes of the movie and were not happy with a couple of scenes. Rob had to stay in Hollywood and rewrite a few scenes.

Laura returned to the bar with tears in her eyes, Bob asked what was wrong. As she explained he ordered another wine for her. Before too long she started to feel a little tipsy, she guessed that 2 glasses of wine without eating anything all day went to her head. A friend of Bob's a guy named Joe came over and she had another wine. At this point the bar had gotten very noisy; Laura, Bob and Joe had a hard time hearing each other. Bob suggested going to another bar but Laura said she had a room and they could order more wine from room service.

Once they got in the room, Bob grab her around the waist and pushed his groin into her ass.

She asked "What are you doing?"

Bob said, "Come on Laura you been asking for it from the moment you came into the bar."

She replied as she struggled to get free, "Asking for what?"

Joe said, "To be fucked."

Laura started to really struggle harder as Joe grabbed one of her 34 C tits with one hand and was trying to get the other hand between her legs. Bob was pushing his groin into her ass and she could feel his manhood grow. Joe made finally got between her legs and was rubbing her pussy.

Laura almost screaming said, "Stop, I'm going, I'm going, I'm, Oh God, no, God no, please st..."

Laura struggles got weaker with each passing moments, their hands all over her body felt good and it excited her. She stop struggling and helped Bob remove her dress and she undid her bra. He slipped his hand down inside her panties and remarked that she was a naughty girl when he discovered she was clean shaven. Joe pulled off her panties to get a better view and started to lick her clit. Laura was about to burst with excitement, she could not believe how turned on she was getting. She grabbed Bob pants and unzipped him freeing his 7 inch cock and became stroking. Joe pulled out his cock it was a little smaller and she grabbed it with her free hand. She thought, here I am a suburban wife and mother and I'm stroking two stranger's cocks at the same time. Joe pushed on her shoulders and she obediently went to her knees and began sucking his cock. She then put Bob's cock in her mouth and began alternately sucking and pumping each cock.

Joe said "Oh Shit I'm Cumming."

She opened her mouth and caught some of his cum on her tongue while most hit her in the face.

Joe then pulled up his pants and said he would be back and left. Bob went into the bathroom and returned with a towel for Laura to wipe off her face. Bob removed all his clothes and gestured to Laura to join him in bed. Laura quickly responded. Bob then became to suck on her nipples which were already erect, then slowly worked his way down to her pussy and became licking her clit. After several minutes he inserted a finger, then a second finger into her and she became to quiver. After only a couple in and out moves of his fingers Laura started to moan "ahhhhh" she had her first man-made orgasm in months. Bob just laid there for what seemed several minutes.

Laura said "Your fingers were nice but your dick inside my pussy would be better".

Bob wasted no time, he slowly slip his cock into her pussy and began pumping. His mouth searched and found her erect nipples and he began to suck.

Laura moaning was getting louder and she screamed "Fuck Me, Oh Bob please Fuck Me, Harder".

Being a dancer she had no problem grabbing her ankles and pulling her legs wide open them. Bob pumped as hard as he could.

Laura screamed, "Oh Fucking God, I'm Cumming", her whole body twitched.

Bob did not let up and continued to pump her. She had another orgasm, but Bob would not stop and continued to drive his cock into her.

Laura said, "Bob are you going to cum for me, Bob shoot your cum into me, Oh God I'm Cumming again."

Bob could not hold out any longer and let his cum loose. Bob could feel Laura's pussy walls grabbing his dick and pump his cock for every drop of cum. Laura could feel his cum running out of her pussy.

Just as Bob was pulling out of Laura, Joe returned with 2 other guys. Joe had something in his hand but Laura could see what it was. Joe introduced the 2 other guys, Matt and Peter the Great.

Laura laughed and said, "Peter what makes you so great?"

Joe and Bob laugh as Peter pulled down his pants. Peter cock was enormous almost a foot long.

Laura said "Holy cow your cock is so fucking big."

She crawled across the bed and said "Let me hold that baseball bat."

She grabbed it with both hands and started to stroke; she tried to put it into her mouth but was only able to get a few inches in.

Peter laughed and said he preferred "pussy lips."

He climbed into the bed and laid on his back, Laura straddled him. Bob joked that Peter would split her in half as she lower herself on to his enormous shaft. Laura rock back and forth taking more of cock with each bit of movement. His cock was reaching places she never felt before, she screamed and her body twitched with another orgasm. She starting riding him like a bucking bronco, experiencing sensations she did not known someone could feel. She was lost to the world, lost to fact that 3 other men were watching her fuck this gigantic cock, she had to have had 3 more orgasms. The other guys were urging her on to fuck Peter.

Peter said, "Laura you're fucking beautiful, your pussy is so tight."

Laura could feel he was about to erupted when she pulled off of him, his cum shot into the air hitting her in the face and tits.

As Laura laid on the bed catching her breath, Matt climb onto the bed and said "My Turn." He was small compared to Peter about the same size as Joe. She grabbed his cock and began pumping and started to suck it. Matt rolled her over and inserted his cock into her pussy. Matt grabbed her hips and began pumping at a furious pace. He was pumping her so hard they were making loud smacking sounds. Laura did not think she could ever feel anything as good as Peter cock in her.

She could feel her excitement grow and she burst out "Oh Fuck Me, whoever you are Fuck Me" as she came. He continued grind his pelvic into her and with one final jam let go with his load.

Joe said, "My turn, have you ever had in the ass?"

Laura looked at him and said "Weren't you watching, Matt just did me."

Joe laughed and said "In your ass not doggie style."

Laura looking shocked said, "Oh no, not there, please not there."

Joe responded, "You'll like it, and I want a virgin a-hole."

Laura looked around the room for some help but other men were agreeing with Joe. Laura was not convinced but at this point in the evening she would try anything. Joe opened the bag he had carried in and pulled out a jar of Vaseline. He had Laura get into doggie style position and starting to rub Vaseline in and around her asshole. He inserted his finger into her anus and then a 2nd and 3rd finger, he pumped her a few times. Laura cried out in pain but deep down she could feel excitement. Joe rubbed Vaseline on his cock and slowly insert into her ass. Laura cried you in pain but as Joe pumped her she started to get aroused. Joe started to speed up as Laura began to moan a half cry, a half excitement. Joe grunted and pulled out shooting cum on her back.

After Joe had fuck her ass, Laura started to get out of bed.

Bob pushed her back and said, "We're just getting started."

After this point in the evening, Laura could not remember how many times the 4 guys fucked her, how many cocks she sucked or how many orgasms she had. She did remember being fuck and someone started fucking her in the ass at the same time. The sensation of 2 cocks in her at the same time caused her to have multiple orgasms.

After what she guessed to be a couple of hours, everyone stopped. She decided to go to the bathroom. Once in the bathroom she looked at herself in the mirror. She had dried cum in her hair, on her face, breasts, her back and running down her legs.

She said to herself, "Oh Rob, what have I done to you", "I'm going to tell those guys to get out."

Feeling guilty she took a shower, as she ran her hands over her body the thought of all those hands on her excited her. The longer the shower took the more she thought of how great it felt to be fucked by strangers, and she wanted more. She thought this must be how a nympho must feel, can't get enough.

She walked out in the room naked, and found that everyone had left. She quickly ran to the door out into the hall, realizing she was naked she went back in the room. She had worked herself up to a have another round of fucking and now everyone was gone. So she started to get dress to go back down to the bar and find some new cocks, when she noticed it was 2:00 AM. The bar would be closed. Next to the clock there was a note. It said, Thanks, you're the best looking whore we ever fucked. Laura sat down on the bed and said out loud, "I am a whore, only a whore would fuck/suck strangers, only a whore would allow to be fucked in the ass. I'm worse than a whore because I did it for fun, no charge"

The next 3 months life returned to normal. Rob never knew of her depravity. But deep down Laura new that she craved sex, the more depraved and dangerous the better. The next weekend Rob was taking Richie on a camping trip, she didn't know if she could resist her urges. Could she resists going out to find somebody or bodies to fuck once Rob and Richie left. She thought now I know what it feels like to be a junkie, except I'm a whore who wants sex.


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