Laura Petrie Becomes A Whore Part 2 (MF,oral)
by Swanson

It was a Thursday night as Laura nervously paced in the living room while Rob and Jerry were in the kitchen planning their camping trip that started Friday afternoon. Laura was afraid of being left alone for 2 days and nights because she didn't trust herself. It had only been 3 months since she fucked 4 strangers and memories were still very vivid. In fact, she almost has an orgasm every time she thinks of Peter's foot long dick. She was torn between the guilt of cheating on Rob and acting on the impulse to achieve the state of hyper-arousal she felt while fucking multiple strangers if left alone.

As Jerry was leaving he said, "Laura I will be back tomorrow around 1:00 to load the car right after I drop Millie off at her cousins for the weekend."

Laura and Rob went to bed but Laura could not sleep. She continue to debate in her mind as to what to do, whether to spent a quiet weekend at home alone or go out and get fucked. She must have dozed off because Rob's alarm woke her. She got up and started her daily morning routine of getting Richie up for school and making breakfast.

As Rob left for work he said, "Honey, remember the furnace man is coming to do the annual checkup".

About 10:00 the furnace repairman showed up. Laura went down into the basement with him while he checked to see if everything was working properly. She noticed that he kept glancing over at her and caught him checking out her rear end as she went upstairs. He came up stairs about 30 minutes later and gave her the bill. She opened the desk draw where Rob kept the checkbook but it was missing. Still searching in the draw she laughingly said, "I don't seem to have any money, how am I going to pay you? Oh sorry, that sounds like I'm coming on to you. I mean my husband must have taken the checkbook for his trip this weekend, could we mail you a check?"

Smiling the repairman said, "You're a beautiful lady, so I think an arrangement could be worked out."

Laura looked at the bill and said, "Would doing something with my rear be proper compensation for your work?"

He said, "You mean you want to fuck me?"

Laura walked over to him and started to unbutton his jeans, he reached out groped her breasts. He pushed her sweater and bra up, exposing her tits. He put his mouth over one of her rock hard nipple and began to suck on it as Laura pulled down her pants and panties. She turned around pushing her bare ass into his groin. He pulled out his dick and rubbed it against her butt crack. As she lean forwarded and grabbed the desk, she said, "Fuck me but do it slowly at first."

Obediently the repairman slowly pushed his dick into her waiting pussy. As he increased his speed Laura's moans started getting louder. Finally Laura screamed out, "Harder, fuck me, faster".

His legs were smacking into her ass making a loud sound as his entire dick was entering her pussy. The desk Laura was holding onto was bouncing against the wall due to the force of his pounding. Laura looked over your shoulder and said, "Cum inside me, are you going to cum for me."

The repairman continued to pump her sweet pussy. He could tell he was about to cum. He let loose and shot cum into to her. Laura's body began to quiver and shake as she yelled, "Shit, I'm Cumming."

They stay in the position for about a minute before the repairman pulled out of her. Laura pulled up her panties, pants and put her bra and sweater back in place. She smiled, kissed the repairman on the forehead and said, "I will make sure my husband mails you a check next week."

Repairman looked at her quizzically and asked, "I thought this was the payment?"

"It was your bonus, you do good work."

As the repairman left, Laura looked at the clock it was just before noon. She went into the bathroom and cleaned up, Jerry would be there shortly. About 30 minutes later she heard a noise coming from the garage, Jerry was loading the gear into his station wagon. She went out and helped him load the car. When they were finished, she said, "Jerry want a drink or something?"

"Sure" Jerry said, as they walked into the kitchen.

Laura said, "What will it be, Coffee, Tea, or Me."

Laughingly Jerry said, "You of course but make it coffee. It's funny, in the entire time we have known each other, I don't think we have been alone more than 5 minutes."

Laura said, "I don't know about you but I avoid being alone with you because I'm attracted to you and want you. Do you ever think about being with me?" What Laura was really thinking was Jerry was an available cock and she wanted to fuck.

A stunned Jerry tried to answer but could not utter a word. Laura step closer to him and began to rub his crotch, she could feel his manhood grow. Finally Jerry said, "Laura you are so beautiful and being with you is my ultimate fantasy. I think of you almost every time I'm with Millie."

Laura undid his belt, unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick. It surprised her to see that it was big, about 9 inches. She slowly drop to his knees and began to lick his shaft, she circled cockhead with her tongue. As she began to shallow the shaft, Jerry lean back against the counter, grabbed it with his hands and he moaned, "Laurie this is a dream, I can't believe you're sucking my dick."

Laura continued to bob up and down on his dick, and was to the point where she had most of the 9 inches down her throat when Jerry pulled her to her feet. Jerry knew he was about to let go of his load and desperately wanted to fuck Laura. He pushed her back against the kitchen wall and removed her clothes. He thought she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. As she leaned back against the wall naked, he slowly began to kiss her neck. He then moved down to her left breast, he took in the nipple and sucked for a few seconds. He moved to the right nipple and then slowly down to her pussy mound. He knelt down and began licking her pussy lips. As he slowly forced her pussy lips open with his tongue, Laura put her leg over his shoulder so he could get his tongue deeper into her. He found her clit and sucked on it, as Laura moaned in pleasure. He suddenly rammed a finger into her and then a second, this startled Laura and she said, "Jerry, fuck me now."

Jerry stood up and guided his dick into her wet pussy. Laura pressed her back against the wall for balance as she wrapped her legs around Jerry waist. She started to pull herself into his forward thrusts, sending his dick deeper into her. He was fucking her hard and she could feel she was close to climaxing, when she moaned, "Jerry pump your seed into me, Oh God fuck me, let go now."

Jerry could feel Laura's pussy wall tightening around his dick. He could tell she was about to climax and he could not hold on any longer, so he let loose. He shot cum into Laura; he kept cumming for what seem like a minute. He finally stopped cumming and just held his position inside Laura until he got soft. As he pulled out he told Laura, "I have never felt this good ..."

Laura in a panic voice interrupted him, "Jerry was that a car in the driveway? Hurry, get dressed."

Jerry pulled on his pants and rushed out the door. Laura found her sweater and pants and quickly dressed. She picked up her panties and bra and tossed them into the broom closet just as Rob walked into the kitchen. He looked at Laura and said, "What wrong? You hair is a mess and your look flush."

"Oh Rob, the furnace guy made a mess and I was cleaning it up when I heard your car. I guess I must have rushed up the stairs to fast."

Rob said, "Laura I'm sorry the furnace guys messed up, but you need to get ready to go out. You know the play you wanted to see? Well Allen is sending a limo to pick you up."

"I'm going with Allen?"

"Sort of, you're going with Allen, Mel, their wives and next week's our guest." Rob said.

"Who is the guest star?" Laura asked. "And why me?"

"The guest star is an up and coming star. He was the neighbor on the Dee Reed Show and the network is thinking of giving him his own show, you know him, Bob Cane. As to why you; Bob didn't want to be a fifth wheel since his wife was still in California, so Mel knowing you would be alone tonight volunteered you. The limo will be here around 6:00 to pick you up."

Laura finished dressing and waited for the limo. As she waited she could not believe that she was only seconds away from Rob catching her fucking Jerry. She thought that almost getting caught would have frightened her but it actually turned her on. She wondered if some day Rob would like to watch her fuck another man.

The group was early for the play, so they stop to get a drink. Bob talked about his wife and kids; he seemed like a nice guy. At the theater, he touched her hand a few times and once her leg. She thought that it was probably an accident as he moved to get more comfortable. However, at intermission she knew it was no accident. Bob looked around and saw that Allen and Mel were not in ear shot, when he said, "Laura you're definitely the whole package."

"I'm the whole package of what?" Laura asked.

Bob said, "Let me start, you're beautiful, have great legs, a nice ass, and great tits. Do you know how to use those assets? Does your husband know you cheat?"

She said, "What makes you think I cheat."

Bob said, "I have a 6th sense, I can tell you fuck around."

At that moment Allen walked over and said he made reservations for dinner after the play.

At dinner, Bob lean over and whispered to Laura, "You didn't answer me if you know to use your assets."

At that moment Mel's wife said, "Any one for the little girl's room?"

Laura got up and went with her to the restroom. When Laura returned, she tapped Bob leg, with her hand under the table she handed him her panties. Laura said, "Does this answer your question."

After the limo dropped her at home, Bob arrived by cab about 10 minutes later. He walked into the house carrying a camera, he said, "Laura let me see those tits, I love tits."

Laura responded by removing her dress and her bra. Bob quickly reached out with both hands and grabbed each breast and began to squeeze. Her nipples immediately got hard and he moved in to suck on them. Laura grabbed his hand and led him to the bedroom. She removed her shoes and stocking, he already had her panties. She started to undress him so she could free his dick. She dropped down and began to licked it with her tongue and pump it with her hand. She put his dick into her mouth and began to shallow the entire shaft. She bobbed up and down on his hard dick for several minutes, Bob started to moan. Not wanting him to cum, she stopped and said, "I wonder what your cock feels like when it is inside me. Your think you are up to me riding you hard?"

Bob said, "Laura bring it on and fuck me anyway you like."

Laura pushed him down on the bed and climbed on top of him. She maneuvered herself over dick and guided it into her hungry pussy. She slammed down hard, taking in his entire manhood in one movement. She was pumping up and down on him hard as he moaned. She rolled over on her back and urged him to climb on top of her. As Bob entered her, she said, "Bob fuck me hard, don't hold anything back. God I need you to fuck me, fuck me."

Bob responded by pounding her as hard and fast as he could. He could feel Laura was about to climax but he kept pounding her. Laura let out a scream as she came but Bob did not stop. She looked at him and said, "Oh my God, I'm cumming again, fuck."

As Laura came for a second time, Bob pulled out and shot cum onto her stomach and tits. As they lay in bed catching their breath, Bob said, "Fuck you're great. Does your husband know what a great fuck you are?"

Laura said, "Rob is a nice guy, we make love, we don't fuck."

Bob said, "That is sweet, but he is missing out on a good time. I bet he wouldn't mind being fucked once in a while."

After about 30 minutes, Laura got up out of bed and cleaned off the drying cum. She returned with a tube of lubricant, squirted some into her hand and began stroking Bob's dick. He got hard fairly quickly. Laura then rolled over on all fours and said, "Now I will show you how to use my 'ass'ets."

Bob needed no coaxing, slowly guided his dick into Laura asshole. As he entered Laura, she let out a low moan of pleasure. He continued pushing into to her until she had his whole dick inside her anus. He pulled back and started pumping her ass. Laura's moans were getting louder; she started to move her ass in rhythm with his movements. Bob said, "I would not believe it but you do know how to use your 'ass'ets. Shit I'm going to cum."

"Cum for me baby, shoot that cum all over my back. Shit I'm cumming, I love ass fucking." Laura yelled as she and Bob came together.

They both fell asleep fairly quickly. Bob woke up maybe a couple hours later and said, "I have to go, I have a meeting. But before I go let me take your picture." He grabbed his Polaroid camera and took a picture of Laura naked. He said, "I will add this to my collection."

Laura said, "Who are you going to show that picture to? Also how did you know I cheated on my husband?"

"First, I don't show my pictures to anyone, I just keep a record who I fuck. To your second question, it is a pick up line." Bob responded.

"You mean I fell for a pickup line?"

"I find if I don't get slapped in the face when ask a woman if she fucks around and cheats. She usually fucks around and I most likely will have a great fuck." Bob said.

Laura asked, "Do you have time for a quickie?"

Bob responded, "As much as I would love to fuck your lovely pussy, I really have to go."

As they walked to the door, Bob said, "Laura you're a great fuck and next time I'm in New York maybe we can hook up. Remember a day without sex is a day wasted."

Laura smiled and figured she definitely did not waste yesterday, getting fucked 4 times by 3 different men.


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