Laura Petrie Becomes a Whore Part 3 (MF,FF,oral,anal,bond)
by Swanson

It was about 2 weeks since Rob returned from his fishing trip when Laura decided to go into town on a shopping trip. Around noon she thought she would surprise Rob and take him to lunch. As she entered his building she ran into Allen Brady.

Allen asked, "Laura is Rob expecting you? Before you answer let me tell you he eating in because the script they gave me this morning was garbage."

"I was hoping to go to lunch with Rob but if he is busy, I won't bother him." Laura answered.

Allen said, "I'm not too busy, would you like to go to lunch with me?"

"OK, but nothing fancy"

Allen replied, "First I have to look at some papers, so come to my office. We can grab something to eat once I'm finished looking at the papers."

Laura said, "Fine, I'm in no hurry."

Laura and Allen went up to his office, Allen opening the door for Laura. As Allen entered he locked the door behind him and he said, "Laura please have a seat on the sofa. You're looking good."

"Thanks Allen, you look well." Laura responded.

Allen sat down next to Laura and said, "Laura you are very sexy. You come across as innocent and načve in terms of sexuality but every so often I spot a look that shows you know what you want." He then leaned in and kissed her.

Laura returned the kiss by slipping her tongue into Allen mouth. Allen slowly unbuttoned Laura's blouse exposing her lace bra, he slipped his hand inside one of the cups and began caressing her breast. Laura responded by rubbing his crotch, as Allen started to grow she unzipped his pants. Freeing Allen's dick, Laura stroked it until he was at full length. She then got onto the floor in front of Allen and put his dick in her mouth. She moved her head up and down; she circled the tip with her tongue and pumped his dick with her hand.

As Laura was sucking his dick, Allen reached around to Laura's back and undid her bra. He took an erect nipple between his fingers and squeezed and with his other hand he fondled the other breast. Still on the floor Laura moved away from his dick and turned around. With Laura now on all fours in front of him, Allen got off the sofa and push Laura's skirt up to her waist. Then he pulled her panties to one side and started to push his dick into Laura's wet pussy. Laura pushed back against his forward thrust in order to drive his dick deeper into her. Allen said, "Laura I have waited years to fuck you, you're so fucking sexy."

Laura did not respond but continued the push back against Allen. She finally moaned, "Oh God, Allen."

Allen increased the speed, pumping Laura's pussy harder. He could feel her pussy beginning to tighten. Laura moaned, "AAAHHH! It's so good." As Allen continued to pound her, she could feel she was close to having an orgasm.

Suddenly her body started to shake and shiver, she was cumming. Allen climaxed at the same time, but could not pull out of her for fear of shooting sperm onto Laura's clothes, so he shot his seed into her pussy.

After a few minutes, Laura and Allen got up off the floor and straighten their clothing. Allen said, "Laura you better leave now before my secretary comes back from lunch. Maybe we can have lunch another day?"

Laura quickly went to the door and peeked out to see if his secretary was at her desk. As she left the office and she smiled and winked at Allen and said, "Thanks, anytime you want to have me for lunch give me a call."

When Laura got home the phone was ringing. She rushed to pick it up thinking it would be Rob. "Hello?"

"Hi Laura, this is June. Do you remember me?" the caller said.

June was the choreographer and lead dancer on the Allen Brady Show. Laura had filled in for a week a couple of years ago. Laura said, "June, how are you doing?"

June said, "Laura one of my girls quit and I was wondering if you would be available to fill in?"

"June I'm flattered but I getting a little old to dance professionally and don't think I could go through another week of torture you call dancing." Laura answered.

"Sorry, I did not make myself clear. I'm involved in another project that is more modeling than dancing. Allen said you would be perfect for the job." June said.

"Allen, Allen Brady?" Laura asked.

June said, "Laura, I have to run to rehearsal, could you meet me for lunch tomorrow at noon. I will meet you outside our office building and explain everything."

Laura met June the next day and they went to an apartment June rented. Once at the apartment June said, "Laura I'm involved in private modeling. I and my girls model lingerie for clients. We also do favors for these clients."

Laura said quizzically, "How skimpy is this lingerie? Also what are these favors you mentioned?"

June took Laura to the closet and opened the door. The closet was full of intimate apparel. All were very sheer and revealing. June said, "These don't cover much, we don't like to leave much to the clients imagination. As to the favors, if you are walking around the room almost naked what would you guess?"

A shocked Laura said, "You have sex with these men? That's illegal. Don't you worry about being caught? And why would Allen recommend me?"

June replied, "It's fairly safe, police have bigger crimes to solve and besides some of the city's more power people are clients. The clients pay for a modeling to an agency and no money changes hands in this apartment. They are charged $300 per show and the models gets $125. Allen is one of my biggest clients. Are you interested?"

Laura was stunned that June would be involved in something like this but the idea did intrigue her. Laura said, "Allen Brady pays for sex?"

"No, he pays for the service for people he wants favors from, like sponsors, network people, and occasionally guest stars. So are you interested?" June answered.

She thought for a few moments and then said, "Why would you or Allen think I would be willing to do this modeling? Also when do you do these shows and how often?"

June said, "So you seem to be interested. Allen said you would be a great professional and he knows you would enjoy the work. A girl averages around 3 shows a month. You would have to be here around 11:00 am and are out of here by 2:00 maybe 2:30 at the latest."

Laura reacted, "Modeling practically nude is one thing but fucking a stranger for money is a total different can of worms. My first reaction is no, but something about the idea is appealing."

June got up and sat down next to Laura. "What would it take to convince you?" she said as she began to rub Laura's leg. Her hand moved towards the end of Laura's skirt, she then started rub her leg moving up under the skirt along Laura thigh. Laura made a little sound as June's hand reached her pussy. June rubbed her pussy for a couple of minutes. With her other hand she cupped one of Laura's breasts. She began to squeeze and could feel Laura's nipple get hard.

What June was doing felt extremely good, Laura could not believe a woman was getting her juices flowing. Laura softly said, "June what are you doing?"

June bent over and kissed her on the lips, and said, "Shhh." She slowly began to unbuttoned her blouse and pushed up her bra. She took a nipple in her mouth and sucked on it. June then kissed Laura again, this time slipping her tongue into Laura's mouth. They kissed passionately for several minutes.

June then led Laura to the bedroom. She removed Laura's blouse and skirt, undid her bra, and took off her panties. She took one of Laura's erect nipples in her mouth and pinched the other with her fingers. Laura closed her eyes and leaned her head back. She could not believe a woman could make her feel so good. June then removed all of her clothes. With both women naked standing in front of the bed, June's hands began to rub her pubic mound. She slowly slipped a finger into Laura's pussy; she then slipped in a second. Laura's body started to quiver, she felt weak in the knees. June pushed Laura unto to the edge of the bed. She pushed Laura's legs apart as she knelt down in front of Laura. June moved her head towards Laura's pussy and with her tongue started to lick. Laura let out a deep moan as June took her swollen clit between her lips. June continued to suck on Laura's clit as she reinserted two fingers into Laura's pussy. Moving her fingers in and out Laura body began to shake. Laura screamed in delight, "Right there, Oh my God, that's the spot." June could feel Laura's pussy wall close in on her fingers as Laura orgasm.

June held her fingers in Laura for a minute or so and as she removed them Laura pulled her onto the bed. Laura rolled on top of her and began kissing her breasts and eventually moved down to June's pussy. Never being with a woman, Laura tried to mimic what June had done to her. She licked June's wet pussy, with her tongue she found June's clit and sucked on it. As Laura inserted a finger, June let out a small moan. June's moaning got louder as Laura pumped June's pussy with her finger. June suddenly grabbed Laura's head and pushed it into her pussy. June's body began to quiver and shake as she had an orgasm.

The two women lay in the bed for about 10 minutes without saying anything. Finally Laura broke the silence, "June, Allen was right, I'll take the job."

June then walked Laura through the routine of giving a show and what to expect. She told her when she had a show that the clothes she was supposed to wear would be on the bed. June told Laura her code name would be Miss April and to refer to her as Miss June.

About a week later Laura got a call from June. "Laura is tomorrow OK for you? Be there early enough to change, the client Mr. Smith will be there at noon. Have any questions?"

Laura said, "One question, when Mr. Smith leaves what should I do?"

June replied, "Just lock up and go home. Thanks"

The next day Laura arrived at the apartment about 11:00 am. On the bed were nylons, garter belt, very sheer black panties, bra, four silk scarfs, and an envelope. Laura quickly dressed but didn't know what to do with the scarfs. She opened the envelope to find $125. She had about 45 minutes to kill, so she started to pace. She stopped several times to look in the mirror; she adjusted her breasts in the bra, combed her hair and checked her makeup each time she stopped.

There was a knock at the door, Laura rushed to the door and opened it slowly standing behind so no one from the outside could see how she was dressed. A very distinguished man, who had a very expensive suit on stepped into the apartment and he said, "I'm Mr. Smith, I assume you are Miss April?"

Nervously Laura answered, "Yes, please come in. Please excuse me I'm new."

Mr. Smith said, "I know, I break in all the new girls. Let me look at you."

Laura spun around slowly as Mr. Smith looked her up and down. He then sat down on the sofa and said, "Miss April could you walk away from me and then turn and come back to the sofa."

Laura tried to walk to other side of the room as sexy as she could. She turned and walk back to the sofa briskly trying to get her breasts to bounce. Mr. Smith was smiling and said, "Do some dance moves, dance around a little."

Laura did as instructed. Remembering a dance she did when entertaining the troops before she met Rob, Laura jiggled her body, shaking her breasts and finished with a high leg kick right in front of Mr. Smith's face so he could get a view of her pussy.

Mr. Smith reached out and started to rub her right leg, slowly moving up the thigh. Once he reached the garter strap be undid it, then he repeated the process on her left leg. He asked her, "Please put your leg up on the sofa." Laura put her leg on the sofa and bending forward trying to give Mr. Smith a view of her breasts. He proceeded to slowly remove her stockings and then the garter belt.

"Remove your bra and panties," Mr. Smith commanded.

Laura did as ordered and asked, "Is there anything else I can do for you?"

Standing naked in front of him, Mr. Smith smiling said, "Would you like to retire to the bedroom?"

Once in the bedroom, Mr. Smith had her lie down on the bed and spread her arms and legs wide apart. He proceeded to tie a scarf around her wrists and ankles and secured them to the bed. Laura started to get scared thinking Mr. Smith was going to be rough and maybe leave her tied up. Mr. Smith removed his clothes, revealing a 10" dick. At the sight of his dick, Laura forgot her fears.

He stood at the foot of the bed and began to massage Laura's right foot. She could not believe how sensual it felt. Smith moved to other foot. She was getting hot just from a man rubbing her feet. He massaged her feet for several minutes; then with his tongue he slowly licked her leg moving painfully slow towards her pussy. Laura could feel his breath on her pussy, she was getting extremely excited. Mr. Smith flick out his tongue touching her pussy lips; he ran his tongue along her already very wet pussy. He continued to lick her and eventually found her swollen clit. He sucked on her clit for a while and then began to rub it with his finger. He increased his speed until Laura felt like she would burst. Laura was moaning in pleasure, she could tell she was close to climaxing. Smith could sense she was close so he sped up his hand movement. Laura's body started to shake and convulse. Smith knowing she was climaxing inserted a finger into her pussy and moved it in and out. This caused Laura's orgasm to last longer than normal for her. Her body finally stopped quivering but Smith continued to pump her pussy with his finger. He inserted a second and then a third finger. Laura moaned with delight, "AAAHHH!"

Smith with his other hand suddenly inserted a finger into her ass. The sensation of a finger in her ass and 3 fingers pumping her pussy was too much for Laura to stand. She climaxed again. This time Smith pulled out his fingers, and started to kiss and lick her stomach moving up towards her breasts. Once he kissed his way up to her breasts, he took a nipple in his mouth. He sucked on it and with his hands fondled her breasts. Smith straddled Laura putting his enormous dick between her breasts; he started to poke her nipples with the head of his dick. Smith pushed Laura's breasts together around his dick, started to fuck her tits. With each forward thrust Laura flicked her tongue out trying to touch the tip of his dick.

After fucking her tits for several minutes, he untied her right hand. Laura immediately grabbed his dick and began stroking it. Smith smiled and said, "Take it in your mouth, the whole shaft."

Laura had never deep throated a dick this big. She lifted her head as much as she could with one arm still tied. She lick the length of his dick, circled her tongue around the tip while pumping it with her hand. She moved her lips over the tip and started to take in as much as she could into her mouth. She pulled back several time but with each forward movement took in more of Smith's dick. Laura felt like she had most of his dick in her mouth, when Smith said, "Miss April deeper, open your throat."

Laura pulled off and again tried to deep throat his dick. This time as she got about 7 inches into her mouth. Smith pushed forward and she gagged. He pulled out and inserted his dick again, this time holding the back of her head. Laura gagged but Smith kept pushing until she had his whole dick in her mouth and throat. Smith backed off a little and began fucking her mouth very rapidly. When Laura gagged a few more times, causing him to stop.

Smith retied her right arm and he started to suck on her fingers. He sucked on 3 fingers before kissing her arm moving towards her shoulder. He licked and kissed her shoulder, then her neck and finally took her ear lobe in his mouth. Laura could not believe how good it felt. Smith while sucking on her ear, move his hands over her breasts and rubbed her nipples. He continued this for a few minutes and then straddled her again. This time is dick was just above her aching pussy. Laura could not take it anymore, she blurred out, "TAKE ME! I NEED YOUR BEATUIFUL COCK INSIDE OF ME! FUCK ME!!"

Smith just smiled and ran the tip of his dick across her pussy lips. Laura tried to arch her back and hips in an attempt to get his dick inside of her. But Smith continued to tease her pussy with his dick. Laura was going crazy, she wanted him so bad. Her body started to shiver and she climaxed for a 3rd time. Laura begging Smith, "Please stick your dick inside me, fuck me, I need to be fucked. PLEASE!!!"

Smith reached down and untied her legs. Once Laura's legs her free, she wrapped them around his waist pulling her wet aching pussy towards his dick. Smith inserted his dick into her and pumped in and out. Every fiber of Laura's body wanted his dick; she arched forward with every thrust he made. Smith entire 10" dick was inside her and pounding her hard. Laura's was in pure ecstasy. Smith could feel Laura's pussy beginning to tighten around his dick so he pounded her harder. Laura climaxed again. Smith pulled out of her but he was not finished with her.

Mr. Smith untied her arms and rolled her over on her stomach. He climb behind her and guided his dick into her already very wet pussy. He grabbed her hips and pulled back as he thrust his dick forward. His legs and pelvic area were slamming into Laura's ass cheeks, making a loud smacking sound. Laura grabbed the sheets in both hands to keep from being pulled up off the bed; she buried her mouth in a pillow so her screams of pleasure would not be heard outside of the apartment. Every inch of her body tingled; she could not believe how good he made her feel. Smith continued to pound her at a more rapid pace and with more intensity. He slapped her ass several times with his hand. Surprisingly Laura enjoyed the slapping. He suddenly let out a loud moan and pulled out of Laura send sperm all over her back. Laura also climaxed for a 5th time but it did not stop her from quickly spinning around and grabbing his dick in her mouth. She caught the last few squirts in her mouth; she licked his dick clean.

Mr. Smith got up and went into the bathroom and took a shower. When he came out he dressed and handed Laura $50.

Laura said, "I have already been paid."

He responded, "That is you tip. I'm going to tell Miss June you are the best whore she has working for her." And with that he started to walk out the door.

Still naked Laura ran to the door and said, "Thank you very much."

"You earned it." Mr. Smith answered.

Laura reached out and straightens his tie and she said, "I appreciate the tip but I was thanking you for the best fuck of my life."

Mr. Smith left without replying. Laura took a shower and went home. On the drive home she could not believe she had 5 orgasms in one session of fucking and she made $175. She could not wait for June to call her about the next show. She now knew she truly was a whore, and she loved it.


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