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Dick Van Dyke Show (FF,FFF,toys,oral)
by BBW Lover

Rob Petrie brought his wife, Laura to work with him because she and Buddy's wife Pickles had a shopping date in New York. When Rob and Laura walked into the writer's office, Buddy and Pickles were sitting on the couch talking to Sally. When the other girls saw Laura, they both pushed their shoulders back to push their tits out further. Both women had big crushes on Laura. And Laura had secret crushes on them. In unison, they both gushed out a "Hi, Laura."

Laura said hello to each girl as well as Buddy.

Pickles stood, walked over to Laura and gave her a peck on the cheek and said "Ok hot stuff, let's go shopping!"

As they turned to the door to walk out, Laura kissed Rob goodbye and waived to Buddy and Sally.

After they left, Sally turned to Rob and said, "Rob, do you ever worry that Laura and Pickles will run away together?"

"Naw," said Rob. "I have something Pickles don't have that Laura needs."

"A cock?" Asked Sally.

"No, a hairy chest." Replied Rob.

"Not so fast Rob." Replied Buddy. "Once in a while Pickles gets an odd hair growing out of one nipple."

Wanting to change the subject quickly, Sally said "And with that, let's get to work on this week's show."

Meanwhile, as they assumed their writing positions, Laura and Pickles were window shopping just downstairs from the Alan Brady studios. As they went from store to store, Pickles kept grabbing Laura's ass. Laura, at first pulled away, but she liked the feel of another woman fondling her ass. And Laura loved to watch Pickles walk. Everything bounced when she walked. Her ass, her hair, and Laura especially loved the way her big mountainous tits bounced.

Looking across the street, Laura saw the Brady Building, a building owned by the Alan Brady Corporation that had apartments the staff could use while in Manhattan and needed to stay near the studio. Laura had a spare key to Rob's apartment and whispered into Pickles' ear. Pickles' nipples literally got hard when Laura invited her up to their private apartment. They crossed the street, hand in hand, and into the Brady Building. They entered the private unmanned elevator and Laura pressed the button for the 8th floor.

As soon as the elevator doors closed, Laura turned and lip locked with Pickles, pinning her against the wall. Pickles opened her mouth and slipped Laura her tongue and reached up to squeeze one of Laura's perky breasts. Laura, in turn, grabbed one of Pickles' massive tits. Pickles let out a moan into Laura's mouth and with her free hand, she reached around and grabbed Laura's ass. They exchanged tongues and gropes until they heard the elevator bell ding when they reached the 8th floor. They broke their embrace and straightened themselves up, in case there was anyone on the other side of the elevator doors. With no one in the hall, Laura grabbed Pickles by the hand and headed for Rob's Manhattan apartment.

Once inside, Laura ordered Pickles to strip and get on the bed. As Pickles stripped, so did Laura. Once Pickles was naked, she down laid on the bed and Laura fell on top of her and began to kiss her. As they kissed, their hands explored each other's nude bodies. The sound of heavy breathing and kissing from both women filled the room. Laura started to move her kissing down Pickles' body. Stopping at one breast and nipple, then moving on to the other. She continued to move down to her belly, then her navel, and finally her pubic mound.

Pickles let out a louder moan and whispered, "Yesssssss." She reached down and grabbed two handfuls of Laura's hair and spread her legs to allow Laura better access to her pussy. Laura moved down to lick her clit. Pickles held Laura's head tighter against her pussy and began to hump her hips. "Oh, fuck me, Laura. Fuck me." Cried Pickles.

Laura accommodated by inserting 2 fingers into Pickles' pussy. With room to spare, she inserted 2 more and Pickles ground her hips against Laura's finger fucking action. After only a few minutes, Pickles humped her hips faster against Laura's face and spasmed into immense multiple orgasms. When she could no longer stand it, she pushed Laura away from her crotch and pulled her up to kiss Laura on the lips. She felt another micro orgasm when she tasted her own pussy juices. She had hoped Laura knew how to eat pussy, and she wasn't disappointed. Since Buddy didn't eat her pussy, the last person to eat it was Sally.

Laura rolled over and slid up on the bed and asked Pickles to fuck her. As Pickles moved to eat Laura's pussy, Laura stopped her and said, "No, I have a strap-on in the drawer. Use that."

"You have a rubber dick and didn't tell me?" exclaimed Pickles.

"Don't worry, Pickles," Laura replied. "I'll use it on you soon enough."

Pickles reached into the drawer and pulled out the strap-on and after fondling it and jacking it off, she put it on. Laura spread her legs and pulled Pickles toward her and Frenched her. Laura squeezed both of Pickles' tits, that seemed to be the size of the Hindenburg, and pulled her on top of her. Pickles eased herself between Laura's legs and guided the dildo into Laura's wet and warm pussy.

Once inside, Laura emitted a high-pitched squeal and moved her hands to Pickles' very ample ass cheeks. Pickles thrusted into Laura with long, steady strokes and bent down to suckle on Laura's nipples. As Pickles fucked Laura, she reached for Laura's tits and squeezed them as she continued to nibble on her nipples. Laura's orgasm was building causing Laura to thrust upward to meet Pickles' thrusts. When Laura came, she held the last upward thrust and held Pickles' firmly against her groin. When Laura's orgasms subsided, she relaxed and went limp on the bed. Pickles laid flat on Laura and gently kissed her lips, her rubber cock still in Laura's pussy.

After several minutes of recovery time, Pickles rolled off of Laura and laid next to her, reaching down to stroke her rubber phallus. Laura took a deep breath and said, "I wonder what Sally is doing now."

Without missing a beat, Pickles reached for the phone and dialed the number for the writer's room across the street. "Sally? Laura and I are waiting for you in Rob's apartment across the street. Come join us."

After she hung up the phone, Laura exclaimed, "Pickles Sorrell!!?? You slut!"

Pickles just smiled and said, "I'm sure Sally won't mind taking a break from work." Laura gave Pickles a big, wet kiss.

Just a few short minutes later, there was a knock at the door. Pickles opened the door totally naked and came face to face with Sally Rogers, both with wide grins on their faces. As she entered the room, Sally told Pickles that she told Rob and Buddy that she and Laura wanted her to help them shopping.

Pickles closed and locked the door behind her and Sally saw Laura on the bed with the dildo from the strap-on being pushed in and out of her pussy. Sally immediately stripped naked and locked lips with Pickles and moved her towards the bed. Sally laid on the bed never breaking her kiss with Pickles as she pulled her on top. As Sally was kissing Pickles, she reached over to the dildo Laura was pumping in and out of her juicy cunt and took over for Laura.

Laura gasped and cried, "Oh, Sally."

Sally reached up to fondle one of Pickles' massive tits. Pickles responded by fondling one of Sally's, which were not as big as hers, but still had plenty of mass to them. Pickles slowly descended down Sally's body, kissing every inch along the way. As she made her way down Sally's torso, Pickles stopped to French Sally's navel. Sally pumped the dildo into Laura's pussy faster as the ecstasy of Pickles' tongue drove her closer to a long-awaited orgasm.

When Pickles finally reached Sally's wet pussy, Sally pulled the dildo from Laura's pussy and handed it to Pickles then asked Laura to sit on her face. Laura sat up and moved to straddle Sally's head. Pickles and Laura both reached their targets at the same time. Both Laura and Sally felt warm tongues flicking and licking their clits and pussies. Pickles placed the dildo at the entrance to her own hungry pussy, sat down on it and pumped it like the horny nymphomaniac she was. Sally could feel Pickles' muffled moaning through her wet muff.

All three women humped and licked each other for nearly 30 minutes until the sound of wet, sloppy pussies being eaten or fucked drowned out the noise of the Manhattan traffic below. Sally was the first to cum, buckling and contorting as each orgasmic lightning bolt hit her contracting pussy muscles. Hearing Sally cum caused Laura, then Pickles to each have simultaneous multiple orgasms. After she finished cumming, Laura collapsed onto the bed. Pickles, with the rubber cock still in her pussy, moved up and kissed Sally. Sally kissed her back, savoring the flavor of her own pussy juices on Pickles' mouth. A flavor she was very well acquainted with.

With a thud the dildo dropped to the floor, causing Pickles to reply, "Oh, fuck, that felt so fucking good."

After a moment of silence, Laura said "We three girls need to go shopping more often. I know Millie Helper would LOVE to join us too."

This got the attention of both Sally and Pickles. Pickles looked at Sally and said, "Well, you owe me $20."


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