Dick Van Dyke Show: Laura's Paint Job (M/F,F-solo,voy)
by Wilcox

My name is Laura Petrie. I'm happily married with a loving husband and a
young son. I've been a faithful wive but something clicked in me that fateful
day. I'm not sure how exactly it happened, but it did, and it was one of the
most memorable mornings of my life. I'm not normally a horny woman, but I
never realized exactly how much a stranger's cock would turn me on.

For years I had begged my husband Rob to do some work around the house, stuff
like painting the outside and replacing some rotten wood. I even tried
enticing him with a blowjob on several occasions, yet still he would not do
as I asked. He said he was just to busy and when he was home, he was too
tired to do it. He was always putting it off.

So, I took it upon myself and hired a painter to do the job. A friend of
mine's husband owned his own home repair and painting business so when she
recommended him, I gladly accepted the offer. I'd only run into him a couple
of times when picking up my son Richie from their house and never realized
what a stud he was until the morning he pulled up in my driveway. Just seeing
him step out of his truck with his tight fitting jeans and white T-shirt that
hugged his muscular chest had me tingling all over. He was about 6' 2" with
long wavy browm hair and the years of construction work had produced a hard
muscular body that rippled as he moved.

I'm sure he could see my nipples straining through my thin shirt as he walked
closer to where I was standing on the steps. I told him how my husband didn't
have time to take care of things around the house and that I was glad that
there was a man here who could handle what I needed taken care of. I got a
thrill as I watched him checking out my body. We exchanged small talk, and
then he went to work, but not before I noticed the huge bulge that seemed to
be crammed tightly into his stone washed jeans.

I watched him through the kitchen window, my heart racing every time he
lifted his perfectly sculptured arm and lathered the paint onto the boards.
His strokes were long and careful, like that of an artist, and I imagined him
touching me in this way. My friend was so lucky I thought, having a strong
verile man to satsify her sexual needs. Not like my Rob, I loved him dearly,
but there were times I wished for more in the bedroom department, a lot more.

I was getting so hot ... my pussy was leaking juices as I thought of what his
hard cock would feel like inside of my warm and velvety lips. It had been
weeks since Rob and I had made love. He kept putting me off, saying he was
under a lot of pressure at work and needed his sleep to keep his mind sharp.
I thought of it as part of the price a wife had to pay when her husband had a
creative job like Rob's writing for a successful TV show.

I wanted to cum so bad. Giggling at the thought of masturbating while my
friend's husband worked outside really turned me on. Knowing that I had only
an hour until I picked up my son from school, I undressed, carelessly
slinging my clothes around the living room, and falling backwards onto the
couch. My fingers found my already swollen clit, rubbing it between my two
fingers, then thrusting another inside my wet and waiting pussy, moaning as
I felt my lips contracting around my finger. My feet were situated in front
of me, on the coffee table, my legs spread wide, one hand rubbing my nipples
vigorously ... one and then the other.

I didn't even see or hear him open the front door ... but he did ... and he
saw me. I'd forgotten that I'd told him to come in if he needed anything. He
must have gazed at my dark mound, eyeing the folds of my pink pussy lips
that were opened wide, my finger massaging my enlarged clit, and the juices
draining down to my awaiting ass.

Next thing I know, he was there, kneeling in front of me, his head buried
between my legs, tugging on my clit with his teeth. At first I tried to push
him away but he was too strong for me and I eventually gave in to my burning
need. I was moaning in pleasure now, submitting willingly to his sweet
torture when his tongue began fucking my hot cunt. My lips contracted around
his tongue wishing it were his big cock buried deep inside me.

His strong hands, still coated with paint grabbed my hips roughly, moving my
wet pussy up and down as his tongue moved from my pussy then to my anus. I
knew I would come shortly, especially as he tongue-fucked my tingling asshole
while his masterful hands fondled my tingling breasts.

Raising himself onto his knees, he unbuckled his tight jeans, pulling them
down, and then began stroking his long, thick shaft with his hand, his
crystal blue eyes turning almost black with desire. It was so long and thick,
almost twice the size of Rob's, all covered with thick, rope like veins. A
small whimper escaped my trembling lips as my body writhed against the sofa,
begging for the feel of his massive cock inside of me.

I could already see the tip of his incredibly thick cock becoming wet. I
really wanted him now. Finally, he moved forward, nuzzling his long hard cock
into my aching, wet and waiting pussy. He slid it through my juicy slit,
rubbing it over my engourged clit as my pussy juices coated it completely. It
set off bolts of electricity coursing through me and I squeezed and hugged
him with my cunt lips, causing him to moan in pleasure as my tight cuntal
sheath streached around his thick dick.

He continued to drive it into me until he'd buried his 10 inch dick to the
hilt. He held it there as I got used to having a dick buried almost twice as
deep as Rob had ever reached. He smiled and said, "Looks like I have another
job to take care of for you Laura. I've never seen a woman who needed to be
fucked more than you do right now."

He began to move in me and soon his strokes were long and powerful. His
pulsating cock seemed to touch every inch inside of me as the broad head
pounded on my cervex. His hands moved up to my jiggling breasts and really
worked them over, squeezing hard and tweaking my stiff spiky nipples. I
watched in total joy as his huge cock, glistening with my juices, pounded
deeply into me. Suddenly after several minutes, he withdrew, bringing his
head back down and began to eat me once more, sucking every inch of my
quivering cunt.

Raising his head, his lips found mine, turning me on even more so as I tasted
my own pussy juices on his lips and tongue. I wanted more, as I sucked on his
tongue like I would his cock, rolling it around with my tongue, almost
inhaling it. My fingernails made long, red marks down his back, through the
thin T-shirt he wore, clawing at him like a wild animal and groaning loudly
into his mouth as I came.

Finally, he pushed me down and brought my legs up over his powerful
shoulders, inserting his huge cock into my wet pussy again. He fucked me hard
and deep as I went into orgasmic heaven. The intense feeling of being fucked
by such a huge cock made me have one orgasm after another as he pounded me
for another ten minutes before letting my legs down. He rode me for a few
more minutes and then suddenly he pulled it out and began rubbing his wide
head over my clit. Then he slid his hands behind my knees and pushed my legs
up to my chest as he slowly slid his massive prick down my crack to my tiny
puckered little anus.

Realizing what was happening, I pleaded "No, don't, please no ... you're
much too big ... I've never had it back there before!!"

He smiled down at me and said, "Well, there's always a first time for
everything Laura. Trust me ... your going to love it. Besides your sexy
little ass is just made for fucking ... relax and go with it baby, because
I'm going to fuck you up the ass, one way or another."

He nuzzled his huge cock at the tiny puckered entrance to my tight little
asshole and caved in my rear passage. His cock was slick and lubricated and
he forced it in deep past my overmatched spincter, streaching my tight anal
passage taunt around his big ten inch wrist thick cock as his first lunge
rammed his prong four inches up my butt.

"OH! Uh! Oh! Uh! Oh! Uh! OHHHHH!" I cried. "OOHHHHH PLEASE ... it's too

His wild lust filled eyes bored into me as his cock squeezed deeper and
deeper into my tight little asshole. My fingers tightened into a fist and
then, incredibly to my lustful mind, the pain changed in nature, just he had
said it would, and his cock began to feel incredibly good in my anus, hot
and hard, searing inexorably inward.

I came almost instantly, crying out in pleasure as he continued to fuck me
up the ass. Each piledriving thrust buring his big dick deeper and deeper
until I felt his heavy balls slapping against my upturned ass. I knew I was
taking all ten inches on every deep thrust he was throwing into me as his
hips pressed tightly to my buttocks on every long deep thrust. My body rocked
and jerked under his thrusts, my heavy breasts jogging and bouncing as he
moaned thickly, his hands now on my hips, pulling my anus up and down the
length of his massive cock.

He fucked me powerfully up the ass long after I climaxed, watching my face
contort with sexual desires, my body wet with perspiration. I whimpered,
writhing my buttocks erotically in his crotch as his hands slid up my body
to squeeze my breasts as he sodomized me slowly, deeply and thoroughly.

Pulling his incredible cock out of my ass, he drove into my trembling pussy,
over and over again. I could feel his swollen shaft becoming harder,
pulsating as his whole body tensed in preparation for releasing his creamy
seed into my hungry pussy.

Just knowing he was about to come made me get off once again. This time I
grabbed his hips, bucking against him wildly, riding his long thick cock as
we came together, our moans echoing through the empty house.

After several minutes of trying to steady our breathing, he pulled his cum
drenched dick out of me with a soft popping sound. We kissed deeply, then he
stood and pulled his jeans up and over his now softened cock. He turned to
leave, but stopped and stared at me. My body still glistened with tiny beads
of perspiration, the air radiating of sex.

"Thanks Laura. Enjoyed the break."

"Anytime stud!" I giggled. "Thanks for the great fuck."


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