Dog With A Blog: Avery Gets A Birthday Surprise (g-zoo,facial,anal,creampie)
by Dr. Demented 666

So it was Avery's 15'th birthday and got back home from school and slipped out of her schoolgirl uniform and bra and panties to try something new she just witnessed in the girl's locker room. She saw that one of her friends had a perfectly shaven pussy, I mean totally bare. This really turned Avery on for some reason so she had to try it.

She went to the bathroom and took some scissors and snipped the longer strands of her pubes, then she turned to her trusty pink lady razor and shaving gel and lathered up her private area; gliding the razor over her pubes and shaving her pussy till it was bare. Avery washed up and admired her new look in the mirror as she gazed at her young body and her pert nipples standing erect over her small breasts and her slender long legs riding up to her just shaven pussy and her blonde hair in pigtails.

Avery headed back into her room naked where Stan, her brown and white border collie, was on the computer; presumably writing his blog. But Avery would stumble upon him doing much more than writing a blog, he was actually watching porn. Not any old porn, but porn that involved humans and animals. She stood there dumbfounded and totally naked with her jaw hung open...

"Stan! What is that!" Avery shouted as she seen his 7" red erection popping out of his furry sheath as he watched the sex on the computer screen unfold. Stan was surprised and quickly spun around to see Avery for the first time in her naked splendor...

"Avery...I....Uhhhh...I had no idea...You look so pretty...You shaved down there?" Stan, her talking dog stuttered out.

Avery smiled: "You think I look pretty like this?"

"Yeahhhhh...In fact you're hot! I mean...Look at you..." Stan uttered to his master.

"Would you like to try what you were watching on the computer?" She asked.

"Really? You really mean it?" Stan asked excitedly.

"Sure, I've been feeling very sexual as of late and wanted to explore the sensation but had no outlet. Besides, if we do it we don't have to worry about me getting pregnant. I think it'll be fun." Avery stated.

Thoughts of what they were going to do with each other were racing through both their heads as Stan was first to approach Avery and slid his long wet tongue over her bare pussy, working it into her and flicking it about in her pussy. Avery quickly orgasmed and her legs buckled, causing her to collapse to the floor where Stan licked her pussy some more and the wetness off her naval as she squirted several more times while giggling as her body trembled.

Stan went up to her face and stood over her as she lay on her back on the floor, letting her gaze up at his red erection pointing straight down at her. Avery reached up and began to stroke it and caress his furry balls. Stan lowered his back half slightly until his cock went in her mouth; Avery began to suck him slowly until he let out a loud yelp: "I'm cumming, Avery! I'm doing it in your mouth!"

Avery swallowed as much as she could until she had to pull him out and let him finish on her face, glazing it with long strands of dog cum. Stan moved to Avery's side and then worked his way down to between her legs, climbing on her in a missionary position and pleading: "Put me in you, Avery! I wanna feel that wet pussy of yours...The tightness...I want your virginity, Avery!"

Avery reached down and guided him into her, feeling the sharp pain of her hymen snapping and the sudden rush of fluids that soaked her legs and Stan's cock as it pummeled her virgin pussy. Avery cupped her mouth with the palm of her hand to muffle her screams as her dog fucked her with rapid thrusts of his hips, his furry underbelly keeping her warm and tickling her nipples...

"Move your hand, Avery." Stan commanded.

Avery removed her hand from her mouth only to have it replaced with Stan's tongue diving into her mouth. She could feel his long tongue dart down into her throat and she grasped the fur on his back while wrapping her legs around him as he fucked her hard on the floor and lapping up his cum off her face. Then she began to cum and squirted so hard it popped Stan out of her pussy. Stan continued his rapid thrusting and found his mark again and reentered Avery.

Avery's eyes popped open wide with a loud scream as tears rolled down her cheeks: "JESUS!" She shouted...

"Avery...You really got tight all of a sudden!" Stan exclaimed.

"You're in my ass, Stan! You're fucking me in the ass! HOLY FUCKING SHIT THAT'S BIG BACK THERE!" Avery cried out as her dog pummeled her backside with his balls smacking her ass cheeks and turning them red.

Listening to Avery's crying and seeing the veins pop out on her neck as she strained to take his ass fucking, Stan let out a loud howl as his cock pulsed in her ass. Avery could feel the immense swollen knot forming in her and she tried to push away but couldn't, they were now tied together as Stan blew his whole load into her.

Avery felt her bowels fill with his cum and the intense throbbing set off another orgasm, making her squirt all over Stan's underbelly and soaking his fur. The two were now satisfied as Stan laid atop his owner and playfully licked her neck and under her chin as they both waited for his knot to subside...

"We can't ever tell anyone what happened, you know that right? Not even on your blog." Avery said to him as his whiskers tickled the side of her face...


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