Darcy's Wild Life: A Pig In Love (f-best,mc)
by Hamster

Orson was a pig. More specifically a super-intellegent pig. He was also a pig
in love.

Darcy Fields had saved him from certain death and then Darcy's mother had
bought him from his asshole owner and given him to Darcy as a pet. She had
recognized that he was a special pig, better than other pigs. She had even
kissed his snout. He was in love now. He was absolutely desperate for Darcy.
He knew he had to have her. Despite all of his rather impressive intellect
there were a few things standing in his way. Firstly he lacked the ability
to communicate in English. Although he understood it he found that his mouth
parts were inadequate for verbal communication in English. Second there was
his was his becursed lack of opposable thumbs. Orson however was not one to
let his handicaps get in his way. So he waited and he watched. Opportunity
would come. Eventually it did come Jack and his frined where discussing some
idiotic plot while sitting by his pen. Eventually Jack left but forgot his
backpack which contained a book titled 'Hypnotism for Dummies'.

Orson was no dummy but he figured the book may prove useful. He dug the
yellow-covered book from out of the pack and proceeded to read it from
cover to cover. He was able to read so quickly that by the time that he
was finished only a few hours had passed. A plan began to formulate in
his mind. He needed a patsy, a weak-minded fool whose mind was so utterly
weak and frail that he couldn't help but crumble under the might of Orson's
tremndous mental power.

Eli approached the pen.

"Hi Orson, I have some snacks for you." Eli said.

DING! DING! DING! We have a winner.

Orson waited for Eli to drop the food in his troth and then mase eye-contact.
Orson met Eli with an unflinching gave. Eli stared into the eyes of the pig
and could not break it's gaze. Orson stared right through his eyes and clear
into his mind. The simple human brain was laid out before him like a diagram
and all Orson needed to do was make a few changes to the digram. Orson had
taken what was in the book and expanded on it with a few of his own theories
and inherant genius.

"What is your bidding, master?" asked Eli in a zombi-like trance.

Orson planted his instructions directly into Eli's brain. He hoped he wasn't
causing too much permanent damage but it was an intuitive process that likely
had some quirks that may need working out. Eli turned and left to do the
pig's work. Hours later Eli returned with the things that were requested of
him. Eli piled up all of the books that had been requested of him in front of
Orson. One by one the pig devoured (figuratively) one book after the other
until he had learned everything there was to learn from the local 'Borders
Books and Music'. He now had a knowlege base to work with.

"Eli." Orson ordered psychically. "I have more books I need, you will need to
order them. I also have some other material that I need. Here is a mathematic
formula that you can use to consistantly win at poker. Use it to make money
so that you can buy what I need."

"Yes master." Replied Eli.

By then end of the week Eli had collected everything that Orson wanted and
Orson began to put Eli to work. By the end of the day Eli had completed the
construction of the pig's lab. Soon it would be time. The following day the
love of his life arrived to see him. She was wearing powder blue jeans and
a white blouse.

When Darcy Fields arrived at the pigpen she was more than just a little
surprized. There was all of the machinery that Eli had purchased and put
together on behalf of Orson.

"What is all of this?" Darcy asked to nobody in particular.

"This is the boss's stuff." Said Eli.

"The boss?" Asked Darcy.

"Orson." Replied.

"Orson? Eli, Orson is a pig." Said Darcy.

"Actually." Said Orson psychically directly in Darcy's brain," I am a super
intellegant pig."

"Who said that?" Said Darcy as she jumped in alarm.

"I did." Replied Orson inside of her head.

"For quite some time now Darcy I have been trying to work on a way to have
what I want." Orson.

Darcy was now a little scared. After all, she was talking to a psychic pig.

"What is it that you want?" Asked Darcy.

"You Darcy." Replied the pig. "You see Darcy I have fallen in love with you."

Darcy turned to leave but she couldn't. The pig interjected himself into her
mind. He tugged her pulled there until he had re-mapped her brain. He felt
like a producer telling the script-writer to make some changes, and he was
about to change the rating from 'G' to 'XXX'. She girl would now be attracted
to him and very horny.

"Whoa, I feel weird." Said Darcy.

"You are completely fine my dear." Said the pig. "Why don't you give me a

"You want me to kiss you? But you are a pig. And I'm not." Darcy protested

"But you want to do it very much." Orson said in her head.

"Yes." Darcy admitted.

"Then just do it." Said the pig.

Unable to think of a good reason not to, said reasons having been removed
from her mind, Darcy knelt in front of the pig and kissed his wet slimy nose.
The pig slipped his tongue in her mouth.

"Take your cloths off." Orson ordered.

"But Eli is watching." Protested Darcy.

"Never mind my minion." Orson said.

Darcy stood and took off her shirt. This is so weird, she thought, I'm
stripping for a pig! But for some reason, in her mind, it all seemed like
the right thing to do. She removed her belt and shoes and then pulled her
tight pants down and stepped out of them. She finished by removing her
underwear. She now stood in the center of the pig-pen completely nude.

"Get on all fours my love." The pig ordered.

Darcy did as instructed and was now on her hands and knees in the mud. Orson
trotted over to her, she could feel his piggy nose against her now very hot,
wet pussy. The pig sniffed deeply and took in the aroma of her cunt. Darcy's
entire body tingled with this contact. The pigs rough tongue scraped her
pussy and sent shivers up and down her spine. She felt the pigs hooves on her
back. The pig's penis poked at the entrance to her pussy.

"Yes please fuck me." She begged loudly.

With that he drove his cock into the wet hole and Darcy cried out softly as
the member invaded her then ripped past her virginity. The swine drove in and
out and with each stroke pain faded to pleasure. As Darcy began to enjoy the
the porking she was recieving she thrust back instinctively to meet each
stroke. Darcy was now bucking wildly with pleasure and Orson couldn't believe
he had gotten his hands on such a wild fuck.


It was too much, Orson started cumming. After filling her with his seed the
pair collapsed in the mudd and just lay there breathing heavily for a long
time. After enjoying himself with Darcy the pig began to contemplate what to
do next. He finally decided to have a go at world conquest.
_ _ _

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