Dances With Wolves: A First For Smiles A Lot (b-solo,b-zoo,anal,cream pie,first,exhib)
by Dr. Demented 666

It was late in the day and the sun beat down on the young 12 year old Indian boy named Smiles A Lot and made his skin glisten red in its light. The boy was experiencing his first sexual awakening as he hovered in the thick weeds about 50 feet from the river where the indian women were bathing naked. He watched as they showered their bodies with the cool water and their naked bodies glistened with wetness as they rubbed their breasts and full black haired muffs.

Smiles A Lot found himself massaging his growing erection through his cowhide pants and realized this has never happened to him before and quickly turned his attention to what was happening down below. He removed his moccasins and pants and stared at his 5" boner, admiring the hardness and pleasure it brought as he stroked it and his hairless privates as he caressed his smooth stomach and twirled his fingertips over his nipples as he rested himself over a log so his hips were up off the ground and back, shoulders and head were laying on the ground.

Suddenly he felt a wetness form over his shaft and hand and he rose his head to see the wolf 2 Socks, Lt. Dunbar's faithful wolf, standing there and licking his shaft. It felt really good so he removed his hand and let the animal continue his lengthy licks of his cock. Within seconds the boy was orgasming, his body convulsing and stiffening out straight as a board as he panted and whined like a puppy as he lifted his head and witnessed for the first time the emission of white cum shooting from the tip of his dick and onto his stomach where the wolf readily lapped it up and licking its chops.

Smiles A Lot dropped his head back down to the ground with a huge smile on his face and felt the wolf climb over his boyish frame and onto him. He could feel 2 Socks rapidly thrusting and its large red cock pounding against his ass entrance. Smiles A Lot had a worried look on his face and shook his head in a 'NO' fashion as he tried to push the massive wolf off of him, but to no avail.

The wolf found his mark and with one forceful thrust he penetrated the young boy and sunk his 8" wolfiness deep into the boy and started to fuck him with rapid thrusts as its cheeks huffed and puffed. Smiles A Lot winced and squinted as he struggled to endure the onslaught the beast was giving him, fucking his tight virgin ass as the boy groaned and veins popped out on his neck as he gasped with each successive entry into his ass.

Smiles A Lot clenched at the wolf's fur and lifted his legs and slowly wrapped them around the animal as it continued to take him, allowing for easier entry into his ass and a much better feeling of what was happening. Smiles A Lot found himself cumming again, his hot cum shooting onto his stomach and the furry underbelly of the wolf as it pounded him hard and fast until it let out a loud and long wolf howl as it came inside the boys ass and filling it with semen.

2 Socks slowed his thrusting until he full stopped but remained knotted in the boy. Smiles A Lot winced with slight pain each time the wolf tried to withdraw before its knot subsided, but when it finally did pull free a flood of cum followed. The knot popped out of the boys ass like a cork and white cum spew from the gape and dripped down the side of the log, leaving the young boy gasping for air and his body shivering with delight as 2 Sock lapped the cum up from his gaping asshole as his long tongue sunk deep into the boys gape.

Smiles A Lot lived up to his name after this first sexual encounter and really did smile a lot every time he met up with the wolf for a secluded encounter.


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