Dallas/Dynasty: Part 4 - Dynasty Cums To Town (MFF,FF,FF-best,inc,oral,anal)
by Spyder ([email protected])

J.R. Ewing a wealthy snobbish oilman of Texas is about to embark in another
venture with an out of town partner. He called Blake Carrington of Denver
Colorado to join in on this opportunity to enrich themselves with more money
and fields from the oil industry. In return Blake has offered J.R. the chance
to open his own diamond mines in South Africa. The Carrington's are on board
the private jet to Dallas for this historic meeting. Flying to Texas with him
is his wife Krystle, Fallon his daughter, his ex wife Alexis and her stepson
Jeff. About two hours after taking off the group land safely in Dallas and
are greeted by a waiting limousine with the Ewing insignia on its side.
Pleasantly surprised by the hospitality of one of the countries most ruthless
businessmen, Blake is weary of the man's sudden turn of civility.

While in the limo, Fallon has been seated in the front with the driver, who
turns out to be a woman. Shocked by the turn of events, the daughter of Blake
slides her hands up the short skirt of the driver and playfully injects her
fingers into the waiting pussy of the black haired female. The chauffeur
flinches as Fallon has masterfully got her to cum very quickly, as this is
going on she is stripped of her shirt to reveal a pair of breast that are
mouth watering to a horny bi sexual female. Fallon licks the areolas of her
Texas born lover and then proceeds to suck the medium sized treats she
uncovered a short time ago.

A half an hour later, the limo arrives outside the mansion of the Ewing's,
Fallon straightens her clothing after the hot time she had with the driver.
Lucy Ewing, the niece of J.R. and Bobby, meets them; Fallon licks her lips
at the sight of this gorgeous blonde vixen. They wink towards one another
and realize that the sex is going to be part of the next few days. Inside
the Southfork ranch, the newly arrived visitors are shown to the rooms they
will be sleeping in since the Ewing's do not want them to stay at a hotel.
Instead of going to her room, Alexis takes the limo into town and asks to be
dropped off at he Ewing oil building in Dallas and upon her arrival she asks
to be lead to J.R's office.

The secretary takes her to his office and introduces Alexis to J.R., who
looks her over and decides that an out of the office meeting is in the
offing. Alexis agreed and they head to the hotel room that J.R. shares many
sexual encounters with many women. In the elevator after arriving at the
hotel, Alexis grabs J.R.'s crotch and squeezes his cock. J.R. responds by
reaching around her to unzip the dress she wears this day. It falls to the
floor of the elevator gently and then they kiss one another passionately.
J.R. makes the comment that Alexis kisses much better than his wife, but
Sue Ellen is much more sexier in the breast area than her. Alexis smirks
and unzips his pants, allowing them to fall to the floor in the penthouse
suite once they step from the elevator. J.R. is shocked that this lady is
sexually motivated at her age and watches as she lowers his boxers to give
him a blowjob. Moans fill the room as the two evil business people create
some much-needed passion and heat in the fanciest hotel in Dallas.

Moving her to the couch after her performance, J.R. lowers her to the
leather-upholstered piece of furniture and proceeds to eat her wildly hairy
pussy. More moans fill the room as J.R. and Alexis are joined by a surprise
guest his wife Sue Ellen. Sue Ellen slinks over to the couch, undresses
quickly and joins the two at their games. The red headed lady kneels down
to help J.R. in his snacking on the well used pussy of the newest business
partner to Ewing oil and in the back of her mind she wonders how Blake or
Krystle taste, thinking of the moment she will have to enjoy their sexual
advances. J.R. and Sue Ellen straighten out as Mr. Ewing drives his cock
into Alexis' tight ass, she screams as she is feeling her first dick in her
ass ever, but doesn't ask J.R. to stop his ass fucking.

Meanwhile at the house, Bobby has opted to go to the study for the final
papers to be signed, but is interrupted by Fallon. She walks toward Bobby
while sliding from her jeans and sweater; Bobby looks over and walks in her
direction to stop her advances. He thinks for a second and figures what the
hell, this young woman is hot and he needs to unleash his cock very soon.
Fallon kneels down, unzips his pants then lowers them along with his shorts
and kisses his nearly hard dick. As she does this Lucy walks in and joins
them, already in a bathing suit, she removes it and licks the areolas of
the Carrington girl. After seeing the nipples get harder and harder, Lucy
joins Fallon giving head to her uncle Bobby. Fallon is surprised that this
kind of free sex happens in the Ewing family, but continues to give head to
her Uncle. Fallon lets go first and lies on the floor; Bobby moves Lucy over
and widens Fallon's sexy legs to give head to the young vixen, joined by the
bi-sexual Lucy. Fallon moans as her two lovers eat her pussy; Bobby kisses
her clit and then plants one on Lucy's lips as the two make Fallon climax
many times over. Lucy then lies on the floor to masturbate while Bobby fucks

Fallon accepts the hard cock of the youngest Ewing brother deep in her hot
box and looks over as Lucy jams her fingers into the pussy she would love
to eat. Once Bobby has unloaded in her pussy, Fallon moves towards Lucy and
starts to devour her cunt, which leaves Bobby to ass, fuck the young lady.
Climaxing from the force of Bobby's pounding of Fallon's ass, Lucy also lets
out a scream of pleasure as the sexual threesome have completed the first
round of talks to secure an equal agreement between firms.

Now in another part of the house Pam and Krystle have become acquainted with
one another. Pam has surprised the current Mrs. Carrington by strapping her
on a bed with ropes and slips her pants off her lovely bottom. Grabbing a
whip, Pam unleashes the leather on the white ass of her lover to be. Noticing
some red lesions forming on her white skin, Pam lowers herself to the bed and
licks the wounds of the blonde slut of Blake Carrington, bringing a smile to
the lovely woman's lips. Heading out of the room for a moment Pam leaves the
now untied Krystle to herself, who then removes her blouse and bra, thus
following the wife of Bobby Ewing to where she heads. She is shocked that the
lady has lead her to the stables, lurks quietly in the building and watches
as Pam begins to suck the horses cock. Not at all disgusted by what she has
seen, Krystle joins her hostess to do the same, the ladies take turns giving
head to the animal. Soon they look at one another and take turns fucking the
beast, letting go only as the animal has unloaded horse cum on the ground.
They lick the horse clean and turn to completing what they started in the
house. Krystle lies from toe to head on Pam and the tow eat pussy as the
horses whinny in the background. Climaxing heavily, they soon fuck each
other, clashing pussies together as the cum flows freely over and over again.

Inside the house, Bobby has cum all over the two young women he has fucked
and inside of Fallon as well. Lucy on the other hand has had her uncle cum
inside her before and knows it will happen once again in the future. As well
at the hotel Sue Ellen, Alexis and J.R. sleep after a morning of hot sex.
The week goes accordingly as the contracts are signed and the sex is hotter
than the first day. Even Ray Krebs and Jeff Colby has got to fuck the six
women that joined Blake who was left out until the last evening when the
women round the house, Pam, Sue Ellen, Lucy, Krystle, Alexis and Fallon. He
remarked it was the best sex he has ever felt and enjoyed. Jeff forgot his
stash of condoms, but enjoyed the release of cum in all the ladies he fucked
hard that one night alone in the house.

At the end of the week, the Carrington's leave for Denver and happy that they
have a contract that allows them to have some oil fields in the Texas area
and in return they singed over some diamond mines to the Ewing's of Dallas.

The End


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