Dallas: Part 1 - Pam's Acceptance (MMF,ncon)
by Spyder ([email protected])

Southfork ranch, home of the oil rich Ewings. A family who have never been
poor a day in their lives. Jock and Miss Ellie have had a fine marriage;
their eldest son J.R. married a former Miss Texas in Sue Ellen. This lady
is either drunk all the time or is fucking around with the ranch hand Ray
Krebs. Bobby is about to turn the household upside down, as he is bringing
home his new wife, Pamela Barnes. This girl is from a poor family and is
the chief enemy of the Ewings. Bobby arrives with his new wife and is told
to get to Houston where he is needed to calm a foreman down on one of the
rigs. He leaves immediately and leaves Pam to fend for herself.

That night, J.R. and Ray slip into the bedroom of the new Mrs. Ewing to
welcome her Southfork style. Drunk and fully nude, the two men reach Pam's
bed. She has no idea what she is in for with the Ewing men.

She looks up and smiles, then asks, "Just what are you doing here?"

"We are the welcoming committee, Pam. It has been a long Ewing custom to
have the men welcome the newest lady in the house," says Ray.

Pam attempts to leave, but is thrown back towards the large bed. J.R. tears
the lace lingerie off the lush body of the new sister-in-law. She shrieks in
horror in what is about to take place. Ray has begun to give her stiff jabs
of his fingers in her cunt, while J.R. slaps her ass hard.

"Okay bitch, we demand that you suck the life out of our cocks, if you want
to stay here," demands an angry Ray.

J.R. looks over the redhead and says, "Maybe miss prim and proper has never
sucked the male organ. It is possible that she will be taught for the first
time, Ray."

"That could be, but I want her to deep throat it until her mouth has my full
load inside it," says the rough ranch hand.

Pam reaches out and disappoints the men by draining the cum out of their hard
cocks. Back and forth she continues, as each of the men know that Bobby is
the luckiest man on earth to enjoy this bitch. Soon the sex turns rough as
J.R. and Ray rape the shapely Barnes woman.

"Come on bitch, you are getting what Sue Ellen got the first night she
entered this house," a very loud J.R.

"Are you telling me that the two of you raped Sue Ellen?" questions a tired

"Oh hell yeah, our daddy and Ray did the deed and I had the option of
watching Sue Ellen get hers for the first time," states J.R.

Believing the words of her brothers-in-law, Pam allows the sexual misdeeds
to happen. First one and then the other, as the two men pound the body of
the new Mrs. Ewing with their cocks. In her ass, in her face and finally
in her pussy until the cum is all over her body. J.R. slaps her ass as he
re-enters it one more time, fucking it hard and fast. Ray lies under her
mouth as he force-feeds his dick in her sore mouth. Meanwhile, on a chair
Bobby has returned home and watches as his wife gets her welcome to the
family rape. Pam glances over and wonders why he hasnít stopped it and then
it dawns on her that J. R and Ray have been telling the truth. The rape
continues as Pam becomes sorer and sorer by the second. Without warning the
session ends, but is replaced by an even hornier Sue Ellen.

To be continued...


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