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Danny Phantom: Phantom Gencom Part 1 (no sex,md,mc,body modification)
by C. King ([email protected])

Danny Fenton had been using the strange computer program for weeks now trying to see if it was dangerous. So far he had been proven to be wrong about worrying about the advance, even magical program. Yet it didn't keep him from being careful with it's uses for the last little while, even if he just used it to change to lunch room menu or cause the press to back off him for saving the world. There was still his previous bad reaction to wishes due to a particular ghost woman.

'Even if she's a killer babe and can grant your every wish, the fact she does this by making the wishes backfire on the person wishing them tends to turn people off. Yet this thing has yet to let me down, even when I made changes to myself. A little improvement in information comprehension and retention dues a lot for making school work easier. Plus homework's a snap when you have ghostly speed in the mix.' Danny thought as he used the time he usually would have been using to study to use the program. He had avoided telling his friends about this tech yet due to fears of the dangers it could cause.

Now it was time to do what he had been thinking about for the last week, something which had been invading his mind during the times of his daydreams. Daydreams which had to be rushed since he had to mix high school with ghost hunting, yet the same daydreams had been getting more sexual in nature. Which lead him to the most sexual woman in his mind, Samantha Manson.

Danny didn't know the Gencom system had been flooding him with erotic images, increased in his sexual drives, and loosened the restriction of the young ghost boy from using the electronic djinn's powers for sexual gains. Now after the time spent on lesser wishes that Danny had used to test its power. Deciding to take its time, it had chosen this moment to strike with hentai ambitions.

Yet before he did that, he made a file like he had done for himself. A base file which could be used to revert a person to the form they had before they had done all of this body, mind and sexual transformation. Now to create the change file for Sam, like he had done for himself as well.

Danny pulled up the profile of Sam, and started to make a change to her orientation. Using a bar with heterosexual on one end and homosexual on the other, with a box to be used for making exceptions for sexual orientation. Like making a lesbian lust after certain men or having a straight woman lust after certain women. Danny moved the bar to the homo side while placing his name in the exception box, so that Sam would be attracted to woman but still love and want him.

'Okay, I've made it so Sam would like to go girl watching with Tucker and me. She'll love the way it would drive her parents up the wall with it's non-comformality. I will love it since it might help me get the occasional threesome or orgy with her help. This, however, is the time to focus on making Sam sexy.' Danny continued as he moved to the fetish section of the same sexual heading as orientation.

'No surprise she loved the gothic look for being sexy, yet let's see what we can do with this. I don't know much about the fashions she's into with the movement, but I do know the pieces I like to look at. I love to see her in those shiny tight outfits, but I know she's not going to wear anything which came from an animal so leather's out. Yet latex and spandex should make up for some of the rejection of leather.' thought Danny as he added a positive reaction to these fashions. He then moved on to some extra modifications.

'Would love to see some high heels on her, rather then flat heeled combat boots. High-heeled combat boots, other kinds of boots and shoes. I should go under the body modifications to make it so her feet can adapt to no heels to mega-heels. I'm also going to open her color palette to more then just black. Darker colors like green, blues, purples and deeper reds. What else should I do?'

'Let's try a few things with the physical aspect of the system. What physical changes would I want to make to Sam with this thing?' Danny asked himself as he moved up the body aspect of the screen.

'This little trick in altering the structure of her leg and feet at will which will allow her to wear any heel size from nothing to skyscrapers. I might like to see larger breasts, but I don't want to make them too big at the moment. So I'll just slip it from a medium B to a medium C, just an upgrade of a cup size. I can also use this option here to make her more sensitive to my touch, which can help with making out.' Danny thought as he made the changes to her body he wanted.

For the most part, Sam had a lot going for her. A great body and mind, being both an athlete while being a goth and having a straight A plus average. Danny was mostly making minor mods in his mind to make their time together more fun. He slipped under the mental aspect which contained many multiple stats, including emotions.

'I'll give her some of the same mods I made with myself to help me in school, even if she doesn't need it. Then I remove most of the jealousy she might feel to other girls with me, and replaced it with her own lusts for intimate contact between the girls and myself. They're the mental changes.' Thought the ghost boy as he clicked the keys.

One option came up in his mind, one which had him thinking. Under all aspect of the Gencom were the option of superpowers. Physical powers were types like super strength and speed. Mental powers were like psionic powers and shooting out energy or elemental forces. Sexual powers seem to be powers based around getting someone to have sex with you or making the sex you had better.

'They even have a template system next to the macros which can turn a person into a half-ghost like me or a full ghost like those in the zone. I wonder if I should chance it and see if I can transform some into something ghostly. The template system causes a conversion of the person into what they would be like as a ghost, which means the powers would depend on the individual. Or I can try to make my own template with specific powers of my choosing. Should I dare?' thought Danny and he looked at the options before him.

The Next Day...

Sam met Danny at the front door of Fenton works, which wasn't unusual except that Tucker wasn't here as he normally would have been. Danny could guess what had happened to the black teen, "I take it the world's youngest mayor has been delayed by some more city planning and will be meeting us at Casper High?"

"Yeah, seems he didn't expect the paperwork that comes with the job. Or at least the paperwork with all of his technological improvements. I'm just glad I got him to promise to keep up with the environmental aspect of things, even with his hatred of anything vegetable related." said the goth as she moved in close to place an arm around the neck of her boyfriend.

"Of course, the ability of you to threaten him bodily harm didn't have anything to do with it," said the ghost boy as he was the sly look in his girlfriend's eyes. He then continued with the conversation, "How have you been adapting to the accident? Has my training been able to help you out?"

"My parents are a little less then thrilled with the whole thing, but mainly have been focusing on getting revenge on Technus. Nobody expected him to try and create his own half ghost so he could learn how to defeat you. Good thing I have you to show me how to control my powers, since I don't want to look as... inexperienced as you did when you got your powers." said Sam, as the continued on their way to the high school with only a small slow down.

"I might not know as much about being half ghost as Vlad did, but I don't make you have to use your powers for evil. Still, it was strange about how you and Vlad both had a more vampiric appearance in ghost form then I do." Danny knew why she looked like a vampire was because he was the one to decide on it. Along with some of her own powers, which differed from his own powers.

"Yeah, a little creepy. Still, I pull it off better then he does. Less creepy when a girl looks like a vamp then a man. Also my powers are more suited to being a vampire with the ability to drain energy from ghost and people. I can use the power I drain to boost my own abilities or someone else's ghost powers, while weakening a ghost or knocking out a human. Then there's the hypnotic powers I got with the whole deal. It seems to be even more powerful then normal hypnosis since it can make someone do something they don't want to do." said explained as she mentioned some of those different powers Danny gifted her with.

"Like how Pauline suddenly decided to take a long walk off a short peer by the lake?" Sam just couldn't contain her laughter at the little prank which had occurred just a few days before in this new wish altered world.

"I at least allowed her to wake up when she hit the water and swim her way back. So what do you think about the elemental abilities I displayed yesterday. I know it's not your ice power, but it seems something in a similar vein."

"Very funny," Danny commented, his mind full of the memories the Gencom had given him of this altered world and his own actions in it. He then continued with the discussion, "Who knew that your element would be wood?"

"Wonder if this is a side effect of Undergrowth's control of me when he attacked Amity Park? Or if it's just a connection to my ultra-recyclo vegetarianism plus the love of plants I have?" asked Sam as they continued on their way to the steps of the Casper High.

"I don't know, who knows where my power over ice and snow came from? It's similar to several of Frostbite's people, so it is possible for you to have powers similar to some of the other ghost residents of the zone. It's just one of the flukes of having ectoplasm in your blood. We'll just have to figure it out." said the ghost boy as he moved in closer to the new ghost girl for a kiss.

Danny was also admiring the look which Sam was going for, which was in alignment with his commands on the Gencom. She was dressed in a tight t-shirt which was made of cotton and didn't have the shiny aspect to it, but it did show off her new attributes up front.

Her skirt was a shiny material which was a faux version of leather. It was a chemical that her family had been developing with regard to biodegradable plastics. Easy on Sam's environmental mindset, yet with the untapped potential for wealth her parents loved. It was black with a brilliant sheen and was cut so it came to mid thigh on her. It had a little bit of pleating and was made so it could breath with her physical activity. She was not wearing her common sweater on her hip to cover up this little flash of sexiness.

On her feet were mid-size heeled boots, with shiny black material which was no surprise for the goth. The heel was thin and looked like it was made from a black metal. It was just above the ankle length in size. She was able to balance and walk in the heels with great ease, yet Danny had yet to see if Sam could run in them like he had designed her to be able to do.

As he moved in for a kiss from the lips of his girlfriend, which were shiny with some kind of lip gloss... it was then he was distracted by the arrival of Tucker Foley, his best friend.

"Hey, guys! Wait for me, I just got done with all of the paperwork and I am ready for a relaxing day at school," said the black teen as he ran up to them. Their tech obsessed friend was dressed as usual in his yellow long sleeve shirt and green pants, with his unique red hat and his trusty backpack. A backpack likely filled to the brim with electronics which would likely include a number of PDAs. Tucker Foley then continued with his sentence, "I can't believe that I just said that about school."

Tucker then took in the sight of his two best friends were about to kiss each other till he interrupted, which brought a blush of shame to redden his dark skin. He laughed nervously as he said, "Sorry guys, don't let me interrupt you two lovebirds. I'll just look in the opposite direction for a little bit."

"You have a real knack for time, Tucker." said Danny as he tried to think about how to save this moment he was having with Sam, when the goth lady took the initiative and grabbed his head with one of her hands to pull his head in close. Lips locked together as the two young lovers began to make out for what seemed like forever, even if it was just for a few short moments. Danny could taste the favoring within the lip-gloss and was surprise that it was a tangy grape which made sense with the purple coloring.

"I hope this can hold you for now, since Lancer is likely to get his limited dander up with any major display of affection. Even if you saved the world from destruction and become the Hero of Earth, like he says, 'High school is not the same place as the world'." said the dark haired female as she pulled back reluctantly from her boy friend. However, she was leaning on his arm with her head on her shoulder once she could move to the right spot. Which only made the smile on the ghost boy's face match the one on the new ghost girl.

"Boy, I look at the two of you and wish I had a girlfriend. I just haven't had the time to look around for the right girl for me. You know, some one-drop dead gorgeous whose into tech and meat. Not too many of them in the world, heaven knows I've tried." said the youngest mayor in the city's history. Which what made Danny think of something he could do to make the situation of making out with his girlfriend a little easier.

'If I can get Tucker his own girlfriend, someone he could make out with, I might be able to spend some more alone time without hurting my friendship with Tucker. How am I going to find a beautiful woman who's into tech and meat, and who isn't a medical professional or a giant snake? The meat and tech should be cancel out the medical pro, and giant snakes are not that common. I am going to have to think about this, since it might require the modification of an existing woman... or ghost? The last might be easier if I just improve the appearance of the Lunch Lady ghost and mellow out her agenda against non-meat diets.' thought the dark haired boy as he thought of the options which were open to him.

'Among the girls at school, there are Star or Ashley. Even after the grilling from the time they dated when I was going with an overshadowed Paulina, Tuck still has fantasies about her. Or at least her and her non-existent twin from that dream of his, which reminds me to get upset at him for making me his janitor in his dream. Next choice is another one of the cheerleaders, Ashley. I haven't hung out with her much and we don't run in the same circles, but Tuck did seem to be into her now and then. Not sure who else I can find in the school to date Tucker that he is into, other then Paulina and I have plans for her. Perhaps I can use the internet. Tucker could fix me a meat and tech site, heck he likely built his own chatroom for the topic. This will be a secondary project for me to under take, next to Operation: Make Danny's Life Happier.' thought the blue eyed boy as he headed into the high school campus with the other students in the district.

It was then the moans of a ghost could be hear from the schoolyard, one which was familiar and quite annoying. From the ether came the cry, "I am the Box Ghost, master of the boxes and bubble wrap! Fear me and beware! "

Fading into view around the recycling bins out back behind the school was a ghostly blue dockworker. He motioned with his hands and the cardboard boxes, which had been flattened, rose up. The paper produces had refolded into cubes and rectangles which were floating around in a chaotic manner. This was causing the student body to run off in all directions in a panic at the otherworldly figure on their campus. Even though the boxes had nothing within them, except for dust and too small scraps of junk.

"Okay, an annoying start to a day full of distractions. Guess it's time for me to teach the Box Ghost a lesson about spooking people... again." said Danny as he was getting prepared to become a specter as well. Yet he was stopped by a female finger to his lips.

"Danny, let a girl take care of this. Besides I have been waiting to test my powers out on a ghost other then you, and face it the Box Ghost isn't a major threat to me. It should be a quick use of my powers to make mulch out of him, " the goth chick stepped back from her boy friend and began her transformation with Danny's catch phrase, "Going Ghost! "

Danny began to smile again as he saw the twin rings of white appear around her center as they rose and sank around his girlfriend's sexy body. Her body had remained the same pink tone as she usually had, which was the same as Danny in his ghost form. Her hair had turned into a shade of shiny purple instead of the black to white transformation of Danny or white to black of Vlad Plasmus. He figured that it would make her unique and fit into a flower like theme of her elemental powers, both the goth wig she wore and the hair beneath it. The irises of her eyes turn a shade of lighter purple as well, since he didn't want to make them green like his own or the creepy red of plasmus. Besides he had already quite a bit of green on her person anyway, in the form of the costume he was planning for her.

He had been inspired to make her a wood based ghost after his experience with her sexy costumes during the Undergrowth incident. Even if he was worried to death about her safety as well as those of the people of Amity Park plus the creepiness of her mind control personality, those outfits still had the net effect of making him hard when he thought back to them. So he had modified the two with some other touches to match the vampire theme. Her body was covered by a single piece which resembled a leotard of bright leafy green, which when looked up close would have the look of individual leaves covering her up. The suit went up to the top third of the young woman's breasts, with a ragged bust line which seemed to look like pointed leaves. The suit continued down her body in a skintight fashion as the same pointy design covered the joint where the legs separated from the hip, even when the suit went behind her through the legs. The suit continued up her back with a scoop to the middle of the same part which showed off her shoulder and mid-back.

This was accented with a cape of darker green materials with a black lining. An included collar which took the form of a more rounded leaf like shape with the single pointed thrusting up behind her head to the high of her now purple ponytail. It was rounded at the bottom and slowly thinned out to the narrow tip mentioned before. The cape ended in the same ragged leaf design at the bottom just under Sam's bottom. Danny worried about the dangers of a cape, so had made some adaptations to the cape. The cape was held together with a strange purple rose which was some kind of clasp.

Her arms were covered with gloves the same deep green of her cape, as were her boots. The gloves and boots matches in other ways as well, with the boots going up to mid-thigh and the gloves going to mid-bicep. The point where the boots met thigh and the gloves met bicep, were a black band which had some thorny spikes on them. Her wrists also had a thorny black band while the tips of her fingers had nail like thorns which were purple to match her eyes. Her boots had no extra black bands, but the heels were black and narrow to dagger points.

Her entire costume seemed to shine when the light reflected on it, giving it a leather or latex like look to it.

"Time to kick some Box Ghost butt!" said the new vampire girl.


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