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Danny Phantom: Phantom Gencom Part 2
by C. King ([email protected])

Sam was in the air within seconds, with all of the practise they had done to increase their speed with their flight abilities. She was nearly behind the blue hue ghost and his army of cardboard, when she called out, "Hey Box Nut, look over here!"

This easily distracted ghost had been focused on scaring some of the humans who were running like their heads were cut off, and turned his head ... directly into the fist of the female halfa. Stunned for the moment with his jaw out of joint, Sam mouth opened up with her now lengthen canine teeth shown to the world around them as the teeth glows with a green energy field.

The beam fired from her mouth and smashed into the chest of her opponent as a stream of blue-green energy flowed from the Box Ghost. It was semi-invisible within the green energy flow, but one could make it out if they looked hard enough. As the blue-green energy left the Box Ghost, he seemed to get weaker. Dark circles surrounded his eyes, his open drooped open as he started to drool. His whole body seemed to slouch as he seemed to get thinner. Sam, however, seemed to get a more defined muscle tone as her eyes glowed violet and a low green glow coated her body like a second skin. The situation seemed to make the Box Ghost less and less a threat to Sam as the female halfa seemed to become a more formidable fighter.

The boxes around them as well as the bubble wrap lost all floating power and fell to earth, even as Ms. Mansion stopped the beam of energy drain. The Box Ghost wobbled forward and back as well as side to side as if he was drunk or high, out of it in any case as he could barely formed any kind of words more complex then "Duh?".

The glow in the wood vampire eye's seemed to increase as rings of pulsating violet flowed from her to the weaken spectre. In a voice which had the sound of a soft lullaby the woman with the violet hair said, "Into the thermos. Everything will be better once you go into the thermos."

Danny took the following moment to activate the Fenton thermos, as the energy spirit moved into the beam and deeper down the path into the containment device which would hold him until Danny could send him back to the Ghost Zone with his parent's Fenton Portal. The young Fenton turned to Sam, just in time to catch her floating down to the earth before she turned back into her human form. She ran up to Danny and kissed him passionately on the lips as they embraced rather clumsily.

Sam pulled back first and started talking rather quickly, "That was so cool, being able to fly by myself has to be the second best way to fly. Then draining the Idiot Ghost and becoming so strong was a real high, but I think I drained him a little too much. Not sure if it's because we have been practising so much with that power or if it's because Boxie was so weak. The hypnosis did make the trapping of him into thermos much easier, don't you think Danny?"

"Not sure, but I think all of the ecto energy you drained from him is giving you something like a sugar or caffeine high. You might have to work on controlling all of the energy you drain when you suck up too much of it. We don't need a hyper goth around here ... if that's not a oxymoron? A hyper goth is a oxymoron right, cause I want to make sure if Lancer decided to spring a pop quiz again. I don't think the saving the world excuse will work to well if I over use it for my tests." said Danny as he and his girlfriend headed back to the path to education, the path back to Casper High School.

Later in one of Casper High's classroom...

Danny was thank for he had been working on his study habits with the Gencom, so he could pick up most of the facts he was being given. He was also trying to avoid being distracted by a hot Sam nearby and a jealous Paulina who was trying to steal Danny from Sam. At least now that Paulina knew that Danny Phantom and Danny Fenton were the same person and a world hero and star. Not very deep with the young woman.

Danny was doing his school work as well as working on a little side project he knew he wanted to do, making a list of women in his life which could benefit with the power of the Gencom. He had chosen this class, math, to do this as he was making a series of rankings based on numerous topics. One of the important subjects was how hot the woman were, with women like Ember or Valerie ranking above someone like the Lunch Lady. Another subject was power of the being by why of ghost powers or Anti-ghost technology, this brought up another problem like threat level. Valerie was making the tops of the list with much of the rankings, but so was another being ... Desiree the ghost genie.

'Valerie is now on friendly terms, especially after I explained everything thing ... and she got her anger out on me. A few laser blasts does wonders for a pissed off woman. Desiree is not a friendly target since she is still out to get me or at least looking for a way to power up her wish granting powers. She can't stop granting any wish she hears and makes almost all wishes pervert themselves in a manner threatening someone, either the wisher or the ones around them. So Desiree is the biggest threat to me, especially given the fact I have my own electronic genie.

I don't think the Gencom is related to Desiree, but I don't want any influence from ghost genie to digital djinn. She's going to be the first one under the influence of the Gencom. Other female I've encountered are the Lunch Lady Ghost, Spectra, Ember, Valerie Grey, Pandora, Paulina, Star, Dora, and Kitty. Not counting my family like Jazz, Mom or Dani my female younger clone. I can make them the right age for me and ready for love, but I'm just not sure that I want to deal with incest at this time.' Danny continued to tinker with the list and numbers, with the lest using short forms so no one would figure out what he was figuring out.

Danny sighed as he moved the sheet to a pocket in his binder as he moved to the work he was trying to solve for the class as his mind made plans for what to do next.

Later in the day...

Danny was walking out of the school when he was joined by his sexy girlfriend as she looked at him. She was trying to smile in a smirk to try and not look perky, but more of a creepy kind of joy like watching cheerleaders suffer. She was soon joined at his hip as she began to speak to him, "Been thinking of you all day. Or at least thinking of things I wanted to do to you? You doing anything after school?"

"You know, nothing at all. Why are you asking?"

"The fact is Danny that my mother and father are leaving for a month long trip with just my grandma and their thousand dollar security system left in charge. So I was wondering if you might want to spend the long weekend this week and the following weekends with me?"

"So how are we going to get any kind of privacy with your Grandma and the cameras looking at us? Unless you've a plan to get around them?"

"I don't but my grandma does. Seems like she has her own secrets she doesn't want my parents to know about ... like her secret boyfriend in the Daredevil Senor Stunts team. Seems my mom and dad would hate to think of my sweet little old granny taking skydiving trips onto a motorcycle which would then jump a row of cars. So we made a deal that I could have whoever I want over and she can do the same as long as we keep it on the down-low. Granny's hacking skills seem to be as great as her skydiving skills."

"Prize winning skills?"

"Nine time seniors female jumpers trophy winner. So are you in?"

"Just let me get a few things and check it out with my parents to see if it's okay. They might a little bit objectionable to it, but making the Mansons upset does seem to mellow them out a little. Just give some time to explain ... or at least come up with a good excuse. I'll meet you there." said Danny as his mind changed it's tracks as this new little bonus came his way. It would give him more time with Sam and with the Gencom in his hands they would be having a lot more fun then a normal long weekend.

A list of what to bring as well as changes he could make using his new found genie crossed his mind, 'Got to use it to make it okay for the 'Rents to allow me to stay with Sam, got to make sure the Manson don't find out or at least willing to deny it happened. Make Sam okay with me using and playing with the Gencom, maybe even let her join in with the fun it can be used on certain woman. This weekend is going to rock.'

Late in the same afternoon...

It was five thirty when Danny was ready for the long weekend for with Sam at her mansion, the house that cellophane on deli toothpicks built. He was entering the huge building in the middle of the city of Amity Park. It was painted in bright and sunny colours, which made sense given how Sam's parents were.

The dark haired goth had mention time and again how she was 'a creature of the night born into a family of morning people'. Her parents were like they were out of a perky fifties television show, excluding their dark judgemental side about people ... or their ability to organize a powerful mob of angry villagers against anything they didn't like.

They still didn't like Danny, especially given the fact he was a half ghost, but they were more ... tolerant then before. The reason was simple to Danny, "It's a lot easier to be tolerant of someone when you have your asses and your property saved by the person. Still Sam is mention how they looked into getting a copy of Freakshow's ghost control sceptre likely to influence me ... like how my dad looked for one to make me do all of the chores before mum and Jazz set him straight. Sam seems to be doing well to get her parents of the ghost control track, and at least we know how to break the control of the damn thing."

There was a note next to the front door with his name on it, which turned out to be a note to meet with Sam in her room. Fortunately after all of the times he had been here after the lady goth had decided to trust her with her wealth secret, he had the route memorized. Which was helpful given how confusing the mansion could be if you didn't know where you are going. So this might be why the new ghost girl had left instructions on how to get there.

The mansion was quit which made sense due to the lack of people in it, with the exception of Ms. Manson and maybe her grandmother. Still it was a little disturbing with all of the ghost Danny had fought in the years since getting his powers and the opening of the Fenton Portal. Legends and myths about haunted houses with many the size of this building didn't help things, but he wondered if Sam liked the idea even with the way the house was decorated.

Soon he was at a door which was different from most of the other entrances in the huge home, as it was painted dark and covered with signs telling one to avoid entering the room or face some kind of threat. He moved to the doorknob and opened up into the room where the darkness seemed to grow as the room was painted in blacks and violets. Horror movie posters huge with pictures of goth bands, occult and horror based were the theme of the room with lamps shaped like claws or human heads sitting on black dressers and desks. The bed was a classic four poster bed made of wood with bird claws as the feet of the bed. Black see through curtains trimmed with violet allowed him a glimpse of a woman behind them.

The female figure behind the curtain rose to a reclining yet sitting position as one hand seemed to motion for Danny to come forward. The young man dropped a huge bag he had packed for the weekend next to the door as he walked slowly to the bed to build suspense and his own desires. He pulled back the curtain the reveal something which caused his blood to run hot with his male sex hormones.

It was Sam, her hear done up in a set of sexy goth pigtails on the top of her head held back with skull hair ties. On her neck was a violet choker with a black bat holding to on in the centre of it. On her long legs were a pair of black and violet striped stocking which hung from a garter as they sloped down from her thighs, showing how they were a bit over-sized. On her hands were small lacy black gloves without any kind of covering for her fingers, which revealed short nails painted a shade of violet boarding on black. On her body was a baby-doll nightie made of a black yet mostly transparent with exception over the length of her breast covering her nipples and a small strip over her vagina.

She was wearing some make up with the large patches of make up being around her face. She had chosen a foundation which was white and pale, but had some kind of pale blue under tones which seemed to sparkle in the low light her lamps were giving off. Her eyes were given a lighter tone of violet with black lines drawn around them to give an ancient Egyptian look to them. Her lips were painted the same violet of her nails, which was a violet boarding on the shade of black which contrasted with the violet of her eyes and eyeshadow.

"I take it you really like violet and black?" asked Danny as he made a wise crack at the situation before him.

"Very funny, but if you're not a good little boy you won't be getting any of this." said Sam as she gestured with her hand over her body.

"I thought you goths liked the bad boys, like vampires or loners? So shouldn't be if you're not a bad boy you won't bet getting any of..." said Danny, making another joke before he was interrupted ... by violet lips on his. This was followed by a hand grabbing both his white t-shirt and blue pants and then a breeze on his skin.

The young lady pulled out of the kiss and show off the shirt and pants she had removed from the young man, "Looks like selective intangibility has some advantages during sex, like quick removal of clothes without ripping them. I can think of a few others as well. Before we go any further, I have to know if you brought protection, Danny."

"It was a little cringe inducing for me, but I managed to get a some condoms from Jazz in case something happened. Of course, she then gave me a rehash of the talk and made promise not to make any decisions on this too rash with thinking with 'my real brain'. there in my bag."

"Good, I just wanted to know if you were the kind of backwards thinking jerk who thought it was the woman's responsibility. A modern woman however is prepared for any kind of situation, including sex." said the goth woman as she pulled out from behind her a small square package holding a circle inside.

"So how do you want to start? Cause I'm a little new with this."

"So am I, but given it takes a little longer to cause a woman to cum then a man, I think you should start with a little bit of foreplay. Or that's what I get from the ladies magazines my mother buys me. I'm still green at this too, but I have a feeling I have a little more research then you. Or at least better research materials then just a set of picks of nude chicks on the Internet. So how are you going to get my pilot light lit for you to start my furnace."

"I have a few idea from my 'poor' research materials from the Internet." said Danny as he got onto the bed and started to lift up the bottom of the baby-doll nightie. He lifted it up so most of the material was covering the breasts of the young woman. A flat abs and nearly bare pussy with just a small tuff of what looked like blond hair.

"Mention my real hair colour and people will not be able to find your body ... ever! Also no jokes about it ever, or the same thing with happen with your body!"

Danny looked a little nervous as he knew this would have to be a careful topic in the future. He still wanted to continue with sexual activity, so he moved his focus to the body before him. He began by kissing around the belly button of his girl as he made some minor sucking of her skin over the muscles. He moved downwards to the mounds of her reproductive canals, as he passed the fluff of hair he managed to playfully tug at the offending mound of gold.

This ended as he arrived at the little nub which was her clitoris, one of the most sensitive parts of the female body. Danny had been checking up on sexual information since he hit puberty, when he wasn't tracking down ghost or being nervous around his parents. One of the sexual tidbits he had gotten from a cable show on Tuck's technology channel was the information the nerves which brought female pleasure were in the clit as well as in the front of the vagina. Which meant a short penis could make better pleasure with a woman when used right, then a bigger cock which could hurt a woman if used improperly.

So Danny was focusing on the organ he could see outside of Sam's body. An idea came to him as he remembered he could use his ghost powers in limited ways with his human body. A carefully control burst of ice breath on the little joy buzzer followed by his normal warmer breath seemed like it might do something. The lightest of frosty air touched the little sex button and caused it to become more rigid, like a penis in cold water. This produce a shiver through the woman as his head hovered over her vagina with a minor groan of slight annoyance from her, before he used his breath to heat up the chilled area. This caused a deeper moan rather then groan as she seemed to get some pleasure from the temperature change in her sex button.

Yet it was still rigid from the cold he had used from before, so it was making a wild guess that it was continuing to be in a chilled state. So he continued to breathe hot air on top of it for a couple of minutes to try and warm it up. More soft moans of pleasure came from Sam as Danny continued with this. Then came the sudden blast of light cold breathe which reinvigorated the rigid nature of the clitoris, as Danny proceeded to place his lips over the joy buzzer. He was using his tongue this time to warm her up as he sucked and licked her like a popsicle.

Twin partly gloved hands clamped down on his head as her nails dug into his head in a shallow manner, enough for him to feel the scratching of the nails but on deep enough to leave marks in the scalp. Feelings of pleasure which came from scratching was making Danny get more horny as he continued to suck on the clit, but Sam suddenly pulled back for a moment before pushing herself into his mouth.

Danny wasn't sure about this, but it seems his actions were bring out the desired effects on Sam.


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