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Dark Angel: An Angel In Heat Part 3 (MF,reluc,toys)
by Sup Man

"2 days from now. Same place. 6 AM"

Max fiddled with the note, reading it again as she rode her bike through the
street. It had been two days since that night. Two days since some sick fuck
forced himself onto her. Two days since she had the best fucking in her life.
Since then her life had been uneventful. Logan had been deep into some Eyes
Only crap so she hadn't needed to face him yet and JamPony had been the same
ol'. Sketchy still running any scam to make a quick buck, Normal still
yelling at everyone and Alec, well, Alec was Alec.

Max had checked the house six times since that night. But the men had never
came back, they were smart or maybe just lucky. She had figured out one of
them was named Ted by asking around and that he didn't actually own the
house, just squatted like most of the poorer people in Seattle. But other
than that, she had nothing, and she had no other choice but to do what the
note said. Not knowing what else to do she knocked on the door.

"Come in," a male voiced yelled from the inside. Max walked in see Ted
waiting for her, a large grin on his face, a small brown box in his hands.

"Well?" Max asked him. "You gonna fuck me now? Or later? Or maybe you're
gonna watch when your friend takes a turn?" Max spat at him, frustrated with
having so little control.

"Come on, be nice, I got you a present," Ted said tossing her the box. She
caught it, looking at it questionably, knowing that whatever it was it
couldn't be good. She opened it and looked inside.

* * *

"What the hell is this?" Max said as she pulled out the small device. It
looked like a small vibrator connected to a thong.

"It's a gift. Try it on."

"You got to be fucking kidding me" Max protested as she looked at the strange
device. It looked like something Kendra would own. She looked up at Ted but
the look in his eyes told her she had no choice. "Fuck" muttering she pulled
her cargo pants down along with panties. She ignored the red hot stare she
was receiving from Ted as she slipped the device on. The vibrator rested
snuggly against her pussy lips. "Happy?" she said, throwing her hands up with
a frustrated sigh.

"Mmhm," Ted replied and moved towards Max causing her to back away. "Shy all
of the sudden?" Ted grabbed her as he knelt down. He grasped the vibrator
with his fingers turning it on. It hummed softly, almost inaudible but Max
could definitely feel it against her body.

"Hey Ohhh," Max moaned as he pushed the vibrator against her clit. Ted pulled
the straps holding the vibrator in place, tightening them around Max's legs
and hips. "Come back here at eleven tonight and we'll take it off. Do not
take it off. There is no way you could pull it off without breaking one of
the straps, and if you do. I'll sure your friend Sketchy knows how much you
love sucking cock. Ok?"

"Yeah, whatever." Max said. She pulled up her pants quickly before he got any
more ideas. "We done?"

"Yeah. Have a nice day."

Max rolled her eyes at him and left the house. As soon as she was out of
sight of the house she stopped. "Ohhh fuck" she moaned as the vibrator pulsed
against clit. Her pussy was already soaking wet, her body trembling. The
thing had been on her for barely five minutes and she thought it was already
too much for her to take. "Fuck," she straighted herself up, ignoring the
stares from t,he people around her. Looking down at her watch. 6:10am.
Seventeen more hours. "I'm fucked" she groaned, as she slowly made her way
to work, desperately trying to ignore the vibrating device that was nestled
against her. Today was going to be horrible.

"It work?" Alec asked as he came out from the back room of the house.

"Yeah," Ted replied. "That thing will be getting her off all day."

"Good," Alec smiled, today was gonna be great.

* * *

Alec strolled into JamPony a hour later, twirling a small plastic device
between his fingers.

"Third and Jacobs street! Bip Bip!" Normal yelled out as he threw a package
at one of the many employees that lazed around the delivery bay. Alec
gracefully stepped aside letting the messenger past him his eyes casually
scanning the lobby looking for Max.

"Anyway, if I just had two hundred bucks..." Alec smiled as he picked up
Sketchy's voice coming from the other side of the lobby. No doubt begging
Cindy and Max to help him with another get rich quick scam. Just as he
thought, Max and Cindy were sitting on a sofa as Sketchy stood over them,
giving them a dramatic speech on how he could turn their two hundred
dollars into thousands.

"Uh huh," Cindy nodded at Sketchy as he rambled on. Max just continued to
ignore him as she stared off at nothing, a vacant look in her eyes. Alec
watched Max for a moment. The average person probably wouldn't have even
noticed anything off with her but Alec was anything but average. She was
chewing on her lip, her face flush as she tried to ignore the vibrator
humming away between her legs. Her grip on the sofas arm rest turning her
knuckles white. She had been wearing it for little over an hour and it
pained Alec to think how wet she must have been, how ready she would be
for him.

Alec glanced down at the plastic remote he held in his hand, it looked just
like an normal car alarm but it was so much more. He pressed one of the
buttons not sure if the cheap device would even work. He didn't have to wait
long to see results.

"Uhhnhh," Max moaned in shock as the vibrator sped up bringing her oh so
close to climax. Sketchy and Cindy both looked at her surprised at her sudden
outburst. "Uhhh. I gotta go" Max stammered out, her face turning red with
embarrassment. "Gotta get to work," she added lamely before getting up and
heading towards the front desk.

"Normal, Gimme something to deliver," Max's request earning her a suspicious
look from Normal. But he knew better than to comment on it, if for once in
her life she actually wanted to do her job he sure wasn't gonna stop her.

"Here," Normal replied handing her a small bundle of packages. "All in sector
four," Max grabbed the bundle and shoved it into her bag. Hoping that the
change of scenery and fresh Seattle air would help take her mind of the ever
increasing heat building between her legs.

"Hey! Wait up," Alec called out quickly peddling to catch up with her. Max
groaned, having Alec tag along with her was exactly what she didn't need
right now. "I'm headin' that way too."

"Whatever," Max replied, she had bigger things to worry about than Alec
annoying her for the next hour. "Fuckmm," she groaned softly as the device
began pulsing stronger against her clit. She bit her lip, trying to hold
back another moan as she felt her stomach tremble with pleasure.

"You okay?"

"Huh?" Max's head shot up, she had completely forgotten Alec had been riding
with her. "Yeah, sure I'm great." Putting on her best poker face she headed
off towards her first delivery with Alec following her.

For the next hour Alec played dumb as he and Max delivered packages around
town. Using the remote he played her like an instrument, enjoying the sound
of her soft moaning. Watching her squirm as she tried to hide her obvious
arousal. He teased her, played with her, always keeping her on edge, never
giving her any relief to her torture. Max was almost panting now as she
peddled towards her next delivery and Alec could see the desperation in her
eyes. It was almost too much to take and Alec's constant chirping was
definitely wasn't helping. Reaching into her bag she grabbed her last
package, groaning as she read the package. It was addressed to her.

* * *

It was a large yellow envelope, her name printed clearly on the front, the
paper slightly bulging as if there were something soft inside. Having no
other choice she looked inside seeing the black blindfold from last night
and another note. "Fuck" she muttered to herself as she read the message
on it.

"Whats that?" Alec perked up as he feigned curiosity.

"Uhh, nothing," Max quickly replied. "Um, I forgot to deliver this, I gotta
head back this way" she said as she nodded in the direction they just came.
"I'll see ya later at Crash, Kay." She didn't give a chance to reply as she
turned around and rode off.

Max rode for a few blocks before nearing her destination, a small coffee shop
called the Coffee bean. She reread the first half of the note as she entered
the cafe.

Coffee Bean on Third and Naveen Street. Mens Washroom. Last stall.

Her head down, Max quickly made her way towards the washrooms. Thanking
god that the coffee shop was mostly empty. Silently she entered the mens
washroom, sighing in relief as she saw it was empty. Max cautiously pushed
open the last stall and entered. She sighed as she pulled out the blindfold
from the envelope, rereading the end of the note.

Put the blind fold on, take your pants off. Hands against the wall and no
peaking. Someone will come for you.

Biting her lip Max slowly shimmied her pants off, holding in the gasp as the
fabric ran over her over sensitive flesh. The vibrator had been humming away
all day and her entire body throbbed with every pulse. It had brought her so
close to release so many times before pulling back, as if it had a life of
its own and it enjoyed teasing her. Her pants around her knee's she slid the
blindfold over her eyes.

Max's body tensed as she heard the bathroom door creak open. She could hear
the soles of the persons shoes stick to tiled bathroom floor with every step.
She clenched her ass as she felt the stall door open.

Alec needed all of his willpower to hold in the groan as he saw Max's bare
ass just feet in front of him. Her hands on the wall, her body arched as if
she was offering herself to him. He bit his check as he saw the results of
his constant teasing, her pussy was dripping. Her panties soaked, her pussy
lips and inner thigh glistened with her juices. He squeezed himself into the
stall with Max, closing and locking the think metal door behind him.

Alec quickly freed his dick from his pants before gently caressing Max's bare
ass. God it was perfect.

"Please," Max gasped as she felt the hands barely skim across her bare skin.
The whole day had been too much. The constant throbbing between her legs as
the vibrator teased her, she was about to lose her mind. She just wanted it
to end. "Please... hurry," she pleaded, resigned to her fate, but wanting to
get this over with before another man walked in on them.

Alec was taken back by Max's submissive demeanor, shocked when she gently
pushed her ass back against his hands. Maybe Max wasn't the prude he thought
she was. Maybe she did have a kinky side after all. Pulling himself closer to
her, Alec gently kicked her legs further apart before letting his cock slide
up and down Max's pussy lips, coating himself with her juices.

Max bit her lip as his cock teased her, rubbing against her moistness but
refusing to enter her. She groaned as she arched her hips, giving him better
access to her but he still held out. Seemingly content to tease her some
more. Max had had enough, reaching back she grasped his cock. His body went
rigid with surprise but before he could react Max thrust her hips back
plunging his cock deep inside of her.

"Unnghh," they both moaned in unison as Max's warmth surrounded him. Finally
Max though as she felt his cock fill her. Alec quickly recovered from his
shock, if Max wanted to play rough, he could play rough.

"Oh fuck," Max yelped as Alec returned her thrust. Ramming himself deep into
her pushing her body closer to the wall. "Fuucck," Max groaned in pleasure
as he didn't let up, holding her hips tightly as he punished her body by
pounding his cock deep into her cunt. Her body was rocked with every thrust
she couldn't hold back the gasps of pleasure as she was roughly taken from
behind. With the constant teasing all morning it didn't take Max long to
reach her peak. Reaching between were their bodies were joined Max pushed
against the vibrator bringing it even closer to her throbbing clit.

"Yesss." Max growled as she came, her body trembling as after hours of
torture she finally found release. Alec groaned as he felt her spasm around
him but he didn't relent as he continued to roughly fuck her as she gasped
in pleasure, her climax coursing through her body.

"Fuck," Max groaned softly hanging her head in contentment as her orgasm
slowly washed over her. Her breathing heavy she leaned against the wall for
support. Alec's pace had slowed, his rough pummeling thrusts turning into a
leisurely stroke as he slid himself in and out of Max. Reaching around her,
he grabbed the vibrator that had tormented her all morning. Thinking she had
had enough he popped the strap off, freeing it from her body. Max gasped as
she was finally freed from the small device that had tormented her all

Still hard Alec pulled out of Max's dripping pussy. He pulled on her
shoulders turning her around before pushing her down onto her knees. Still
reeling from her orgasm Max put up little fight as she dropped to her knees.
Her lips parted slightly, her tongue sneaking out just between them, she
knew what he wanted and she was too exhausted to fight.

Grabbing himself Alec pushed his cock against Max's pouty lips. Without
hesitation her lips parted, and she took him inside of her warm wet mouth.
She moaned as she tasted herself on him, with her tongue she lazily licked
all of her own juices off of his cock.

Alec held back the groan as Max expertly began bobbing her head up and down,
swallowing his cock. He wished that there was no blindfold so he could watch
her face as she sucked him off. But blindfold or not Max made quick work of
him. Alec's body shook as he came, his dick throbbed as he shot his load down
Max's throat. Her fat lips sealed around his shaft, moaning as she felt his
warm cum slide down her throat as she swallowed all Alec had to give.

Finished, Alec pulled himself back into his pants. He looked down at Max
as she knelt on the floor, her breathing heavy. Even with most of her face
covered with the blindfold the conflict raging inside of her was easy to see.
Alec ignored the emotions he felt seeing Max that way, and quickly made his
way out of the bathroom and coffee shop.

Max sat there for a moment as she tried to regain her senses. Trying to shake
of how good that man had made her feel. How some strange man blackmailing her
was giving her the best sex she had ever had. It just wasn't right. Picking
herself up she took a moment to clean up and make herself look respectable
before leaving the coffee shop.

Trying to put what had just happened behind her she checked her watch, before
turning her bike back towards JamPony. Then she saw him, out of the corner of
her eye, by pure luck, there Ted stood. Oblivious to Max's watchful eye he
was leisurely shopping at the farmers market across the street. Max said a
silent prayer thanking whoever was up there for this huge break. Finally she
would have an advantage over her tormentors.

Ditching her bike Max made her way across the street, hiding in the crowd she
began tailing Ted as he went along with his normal everyday business.

* * *

Normal was going to kill her, that Max had no doubt. She had been tailing Ted
for almost three hours now, patiently following his every move. He had lazily
strolled through the market for what seemed like hours before getting a phone
call. Now he steadily made his way back towards the same coffee shop Max had
been at early. No way where they that stupid Max thought as she kept her

"Ah-ha," Max exclaimed as she watched him join another man at a table. His
back turned Max sat patiently waiting for him to turn towards her. "Oh my..."
Max gasped as she finally got a good look at the other man. "Alec?!"


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