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Dark Angel: An Angel In Heat Part 4 (MF,F-mast)
by Sup Man

Max had stumbled home in a daze, completely shocked at what she had just
witnessed. She would of never had thought Alec would have had been in league
with Ted. Alec was supposed to be her friend, not the person who had been
blackmailing her. Not the person who had just fucked her in the bathroom of
a coffee house.

None of it made any sense. The why was oblivious, Alec was Alec and ever
since they had been assigned as breeding partners she had seen the lust in
his eyes whenever he looked at her. The how was in question. How did Alec end
up with Ted, and were there anymore people involved. As much as it pained Max
to do it, she had to focus and try to remember what happened that fateful

Max collapsed onto her bed, closing her eyes she tried to think back to that
morning. Images flashed before her eyes as she replayed the days events in
her mind. her enhanced memory letting her remember every detail, every touch
and smell she had felt that morning, letting her relive the moments of
weakness she had been trying so hard to forget.

It had been that damned cop that had started it all. Knocking on her door in
the most inopportune time. Catching her before she could devise a plan to
beat the heat with her dignity intact. She had little hope and soon enough
her pleading mind had lost out to her mating instincts. Max could almost
still feel his hands on her as he threw her down onto her ratty dinner table
and gave her exactly what she wanted. The cop had fucked her long and hard
and she loved every moment of it.

It didn't take long before another cop had shown up and quickly joined in.
Max bit her lip as she remembered the feeling of the hands on her body, the
sounds that filled her apartment as she was taken by the two men. More and
more men had arrived, as if Eyes Only had put out a bulletin telling all of
Seattle that she was ready and waiting to be fucked. She remmebered seeing
men everywhere she looked, all of them waiting for their turn with her. She
tried to push the thought away, not wanting to remember how many cocks she
had sucked, not wanting to think about how many men had came inside of her.

"Mmm," Max couldn't stop soft moan from escaping her lips as her memories
drifted to how good it felt being taken by all the men. Countless hands
running and caressing every inch of her body. Licking, kissing, worshiping
her body before roughly fucking her. They had moved her quickly into the
living room and that is where she first remembered seeing Ted.

Max chewed on her lip as she remembered laying on the ground of her living
room. She had been mounting a man, slowly grinding her hips into his, riding
him slowly as he sucked on her nipples. Another man behind her, his dick
deep into her ass. She remembered the intense pleasure of an orgasm rolling
through her body, the two men inside of her still continued to fuck her,
increasing her pleasure even still. She had looked up, gasping for breathe
and there Ted stood. The camera in his hand pointing directly at Max's sweat
covered face didn't even register to her. Too lost to her heat, her desire,
her need was too great, all she could think about was his cock that bobbed
slightly in front of her.

Max shifted on her bed, her skin flush as she relived those moments. Her hand
traveled mindlessly down her body, trailing slowly down her stomach they
snaked their way under her pants. Her legs parted slightly as she dipped her
fingers into her wet core. Slowly she rubbed herself as she remembered how
she had sucked Ted off, swallowing his cum as man after man took their turn
with her body. It had gone on for hours, a seemingly endless line of men
continued to fuck her all morning. While Ted had been there most of the
morning, silently recording her, fucking her when he had the chance. Alec had
yet to be seen.

"Ahh," Max gasped as she fingered herself to climax. Her body stretched out
over her bed her fingers still stroking her throbbing pussy as a tingling
wave of pleasure swept though her body. "Oh god," Max groaned, her mind was
getting sidetracked. She had to focus, Alec had to of been involved somehow.

"Everyone out! You're done here!" Alec's voice resonated in Max's mind. Max
remembered, Alec had stopped them, he must of known she was in heat and he
had came in and stopped the gangbang. The fuzzy image of Alec grabbing Ted
and taking his camera away from him filtered into Max's mind. Alec had been
trying to help and all Max could do was beg for him to fuck her. He had
carried her into her shower before finally giving in to her pleading, she
could barely blame him for that could she?

It was all coming together in Max's mind. From what she knew from the
situation. All the information she had gathered about Ted. Ted had been so
nervous that first time he had approached her. He had blackmailed her,
forcing her to suck him off before letting him fuck her. But after that day
something had changed, he never had tried to touch her again, and he seemed
much more prepared then he had been initially. Alec had must of somehow
figured out Ted's plan. And just as Manticore taught him he took advantage
of Ted and twisted the situation into something that would help him.

There was no doubt in Max's mind that she was only dealing with Ted and
Alec now, no way either of them would willingly bring in more people. Alec
definitely didn't like to share, and knowing him he would have Ted under a
tight leash. Max knew everything she needed, and she knew exactly what she
had to do.

* * *

It was a rare sunny Seattle morning. Alec leisurely made his way towards
Ted's place, his mind devising the next perverted tormented game he could
force Max to play. He peddled down the street, his mind imagining the things
he would make his little sex kitten do, completely oblivious to Max who was
tailing him.

Max had been tailing him all morning. Mirroring his every move, waiting
patiently until he headed to his partners house. She crouched down in the
shadow of one of the many derelict buildings that lined Ted's street.
Watching as Alec entered Ted's house. Moving closer to the house she could
catch glimpses of the two men through the windows as they talked. Unable to
make out anything more then a mumble through the thick walls of the house.

Alec left the house thirty minutes later, a large grin plastered on his face.
Max watched as he made his way to a neighboring house and quickly scaled up
the run down exterior before getting comfortable hidden away in one of the
second story bedrooms. So thats where he watches she thought.

Almost immediately after Alec entered the neighboring house her pager started
to buzz.

"Predictable idiots," she muttered as she looked down and read the small LCD

Same house. 30 minutes.

Max shook her head. Alec was off his game, keeping the same meeting place,
such a rookie mistake. Stupid men, always letting their dicks do the
thinking. Max doubled back, making it seem to Alec like she was just coming
from JamPony. She parked her bike, keeping her face emotionless as she made
her way inside the house.

Ted greeted her at the door, smiling as he eyed her body up and down. Even in
her work clothes she looked hot as hell. He motioned her towards the living
room. Max's eyes drifted to the large window that dominated one of the rooms
walls. Large enough to give Alec full view of what was going on.

"Here," Ted said, handing her another wrapped box. "Open it."

Max looked down at the box, then back to Ted. It was now or never, she took a
deep breathe as she put her plan to action.

"Ted?" Max said, swallowing the bile that rose in her throat as she gave him
the seductive look that she could muster. "Why does your friend get to have
all the fun and not you?"

"Uhhh..." Ted stammered, this wasn't supposed to happen. Oh god, his body
froze as Max slowly dropped her coat and sauntered towards him. The look of
pure desire in her eyes, his cock hardened as he remembered the last time he
saw that look. The way she sucked him with such need and passion. Oh god Alec
was going to kill me, he thought as Max closed the distance.

* * *

Alec couldn't keep the grin off his face as he watched Ted hand her the box.
He had really topped himself this time.

"What the..." Alec muttered as he watched Max discard the box without opening
it. What the hell was she doing. She nodded and slowly removed her coat. What
the hell was this, Alec thought. This wasn't apart of the plan. What the hell
was Ted doing.

Alec's blood boiled with rage as he watched Max close the distance. Ted's
hands wrapping around her waist, squeezing Max's ass. That was his ass. He
couldn't believe that Ted was doing this. They had a deal, he was going to
kill him.

"You son of a bitch," Alec grinded his teeth as he watched Ted pull Max into
the master bedroom. Shutting the door behind him. Got dammit, he couldn't see
shit from where he was. Rushing he jumped down from his hiding space and made
his way to the bedroom window. "Fuck" he swore under his breathe as he
discovered the window had been covered.

Fucking mother fucker, Alec raged in his mind as he slumped down against the
wall. Listening carefully he could hear the bed creek. His hand tore at the
weeds in the ground as he heard Max's mumbled gasp through the wall of the

Alec sat there for the next Forty minutes. His anger growing as he listened
to the mumbled moans and cries coming from inside the room. His mind
imagining the things Ted was doing to his Max. Fucking her had and long,
pounding his cock into her until she cried out in both pleasure in pain. He
could tell by her moans that she was enjoying it. He remembered the first
time he had came to this house, he had watched Max suck him off. Watched as
he bent her over and fucked her.

"MMMm Yess," Max's loud cry erupted out of the room. Alec pinched his eyes
shut, unable to think of anything but Max and Ted together just feet from
where he sat. Then it stopped, the moans, the squeaking bed. Never had Alec
ever been so happy to hear silence. He sat there for a moment, just
listening. He heard the front door open, peaking his head around the side
of the house he watched as Max left. A slight limp in her stride before she
tenderly mounted her bike. She looked almost happy, almost glowing. Alec
clenched his jaw. He was going to kill Ted.

He made sure Max had rode far enough away before charging into the house

"Ted!" he yelled as he pushed open the bedroom door. Ted was sitting on the
bed, naked. The worried look on his face was quickly replaced by fear as Alec
charged towarsd him.

"We had a deal Ted!" Alec yelled as he picked Ted up, throwing him against
the wall.

"I... Uhh... She... I didn't... I don't."

But Alec wouldn't listen to any of his blubbering excuses. Alec's hands
tightned around Ted's neck. His face turning red as he gasped for breath.

"If I ever see you again, or if I see you around Max your dead" Alec spat
out. "Got it?"

Ted nodded quickly and Alec released his neck. He fell to one knee, his chest
heaving as he gulped in air. Still gasping for breathe Ted had little chance
to react as Alec's fist connected with his face. Knocking him unconscious.

* * *

"Unnggh," Ted groaned as he slowly opened his eyes. His head throbbing, he
slowly picked himself up from the ground. From how hot the room was he
figured he must have been out for a few hours alteast. He went to the
bathroom and put on a robe. "Great" he groaned as he caught his reflection
in the mirror, his whole left side of the his face was swollen and bruised.

He made his way towards where he store his computers. Just as he had expected
all the harddrives and back ups had been destoryed. Any recordings that he
had of Max were gone.

"It was fun while it lasted," he muttered to himself as he went in search for
a ice pack.

* * *

The final tumbler fell into place and the lock sprung open. Slipping her
lockpick back into her pocket Max silently made her way into Alec's
apartment. She had checked Ted's place after Alec had left, happy to see
that Alec had destroyed all of Ted's computer equipment for her. Now all
that was left was Alec's copies. She quickly searched his place. Unsure
exactly where Alec was, she figured he was drowning his sorrows in some
dive bar and he wouldn't show up for awhile, but she didn't like to take
any unnecessary risks.

Finding his laptop she began searching for the files. Opening a file she was
shocked too see a video of her and Alec in the coffee shop bathroom. She had
never realized that they had been recording that. She bit her lip as she
watched Alec plow into her from behind. She watched as she shook with her
own orgasm. Ashamed that she had let herself get off in a bathroom stall.
Max was so engrossed with the video she didn't even hear the apartment door
open behind her.

Alec had tried to drink away his horrible day only to end up damning his
Manticore enhanced constitution. He had been downing beers for nearly three
hours and he only had little more than a buzz. He had given up and headed
back to his apartment, resigned to his fate of a long sober night. Reaching
his apartment he wasn't that shocked to find his door slightly ajar. Probably
stupid kids again he thought as he pushed the door open. He saw a figure,
bent over hidden in the darkness, doing something to his laptop.

"Hey!" He called just a fraction before his brain processed the figures
feminine form.

Max spun around quickly, shocked that she let someone sneak up on her only to
come face to face with Alec.


"Max... What..." Alec stuttered. She was wearing her skin tight suit and he
couldn't help but let his eyes trail down her perfect body. Images of Ted
fucking her flashed through his mind, of her muffled cries of pleasure as
Ted's hands explored every delicious inch of her flesh. "Fuck" he muttered
softly shaking the images out of his head before noticing his laptop. It was
on, and the recording of the coffee shop bathroom playing. His eyes darted
back to Max. Oh fuck, she knew.

* * *

"Uhhh... Max, It's not like..." Alec stuttered out as his mind searched for
something to say. "Uhhh."

Max clenched her jaw. The shock of being caught in Alec's apartment quickly
turning into anger as she watched Alec begin to stutter out some kind of
excuse. The time for excuses and pretty words had passed the first time he
had laid a hand on her.

The first punch land flush on Alec's jaw, sending him stumbled back in shock.
In a blur of movement Max followed with a knee to the stomach. Alec groaned
out in pain as he fell in a heap to the ground.

"Max..." he groaned out as he struggled to get back up.

"Shut up!" Max screamed. Kicking him again as he tried to stand sending him
crashing back to the floor. "I should kill you. You... You.." She couldn't
even say the words so she kicked him again.

"Max..." Alec growled finally catching one of her kicks. Throwing his own leg
out sending her tumbling to the ground with him. Not giving her the chance to
recover he pounced ontop of her. Crushing his body against hers as she
struggled to push him off.

"Get off me!"

Much to her surprise he did. Quickly standing and backing away from her. His
hands slightly raised at his sides as if he was asking for a truce.

"I don't want to fight you Max."

"Ha," Max spat out as she picked herself off the ground. "You'd rather screw
me huh, you stupid... God, I can't believe you Alec. After all I've done, you
go and fucking..."

"Ah, Come on Max. You could of stopped it anytime if you really wanted too."

"Shut the hell up Alec." Max grinded through her clenched jaw. Alec swore he
could feel the anger pouring out of her. Her stance aggressive, ready to
attack at any moment. He should of probably just turned around and ran, skip
town and never look back, but instead he continued on.

"Years of Manticore training for this exact purpose Max. You're telling me
you couldn't figure Ted out? Ted was a fucking idiot. You could have had all
of his tapes within the first day. I watched you Max, you half assed it. You
let us get away with it because you liked it."

Max charged at him again, throwing a wild punch that he easily blocked. Never
fight with anger Alec thought to himself as he caught her follow up punch
pulling it towards him throwing Max off balance. With both hands on her
shoulders he shoved her back hard sending her stumbling backwards.

"Come on Max! All the shitty crap going on in your life. All these mutant
Manticore freaks running around looking to you for help. You got some freak
cult chasing after you ass. People telling you that you're the savior of all
mankind. On top of all that you have to constantly worry about killing your
boyfriend just because you forgot to roll your sleeves down. Then Ted came
around with his shitty ass idea to blackmail you, so you used that as an
excuse. An excuse to finally just let go and forget about all your problems
for an hour or two and let someone else be in control." Alec eased a bit
closer to Max. "You're a Manitcore trained solder Max. Best of the best. You
don't let some stranger fuck you in a bathroom stall if don't want him too.
You let Ted fuck you till you were screaming for more today Max, you don't do
that kind of shit unless you like it." Alec shuddered as he spoke, hating to
remember the sound of Max's moans as Ted plowed into her.

"I didn't," Max said, her voice still dripping with venom. "You idiot, I knew
you were listening. You heard what I wanted you to hear... But that doesn't
matter. You... You're gonna leave town and never come back. And we'll both
forget this week ever happened."

Alec couldn't help but smile as Max admitted to him that nothing had happened
between her and Ted. A smile that didn't help Max's mood at all.

"No, I'm not going anywhere" Alec told her.

"No?" Max repeated in shock. She was giving him a way out, and he said no.
She really was gonna kill him.

"You need to stop lying to yoursel... ooofmpt!" Alec was interrupted as Max
charged him, spearing him into his wall. Dust and dirt exploded from the wall
as the dry wall cracked under the force of the collision. Alec wrapped his
hands around her waist, twisting his body throwing hers off him. If she
wanted a fight he'd give her one.

"Just get. Out. Of. My. Life." Max grunted as she through a flurry of punches
at Alec.

Alec could taste blood as some of her strikes snuck through. Maybe fighting
wasn't the best idea he though as a knee connected with his ribs. He had to
stop this before he ended she actually won. Alec lunged out at her knocking
them both off balanced sending them both tumbling to the floor. Punches and
elbows where thrown as they rolled ontop of each other, vying for control.
Alec somehow managing to end up on top, breathing heavily as he pinned Max

"Get off," Max yelled as she struggled under him.

Alec pinched his eyes closed the feeling of Max squirming under him heating
his blood. He caught a strange look in Max's eyes as he felt his arousal
grow. His gaze leaving her eyes to focus on her pouty lips. God those lips
had haunted his dreams since he first saw them. They were parted slightly as
she gasped in air. He licked his own lips figuring if Max was going to kill
him he might as well die happy.

Violently he crushed his lips against hers. Sliding his tongue into her mouth
as she moaned in protest. He let go of her hands, cupping her face deepening
the kiss. He was shocked when instead of attacking him Max's fingers tangled
in his short hair pulling him closer as she began kissing him back.

"Ohgod," Max moaned against Alec's mouth as all the anger and hate boiled
over into passion. Their mouths collided violently together their tongues
dueling. Her hands no longer satisfied with simple gripping his head began
pulling on his clothes. A desperate need to feel his skin against her own
washing over her.

"Ohhh" Alec groaned as Max rubbed her hips against his raging hard on.
Pulling away from from her mouth. "Max..."

"Don't talk," Max moaned out before capturing his mouth again with a
passionate kiss. Biting at his lips as her hands trailed down his body.
Gripping his belt buckle she snapped it in two, her hands darting into his
pants to find what she was looking for. Smiling as Alec moaned out her name
as her hand wrapped around his hardness.

Max shimmeyed out of her own tight pants, kicking them off her feet her legs
wrpaing around Alec's waist.

"Ahhh" they both moaned out loudly as his hard cock rubbed painfully close to
Max's swollen pussy.

"Fuck me Alec," Max moaned breathlessly into his ear.

Alec didn't need to be told twice. Capturing Max's mouth with his own in a
brutally passionate kiss as he roughly thrust himself into her wet hot sex.
Max's scream was muffled my his mouth as he fucked her hard.

There was nothing gentle or romantic about it. Alec let out all the pent up
anger and tension as he brutally pounded into to Max. Her face wincing in
pain and pleasure with every powerful stroke. Max hugged his body tight,
crushing their bodies together as Alec fucked her harder and faster then any
normal man could. Her body bucking under him, meeting each of his thrusts.
The sound of their bodies sweat covered bodies slapping together, their moans
and grunts filling the room.

"Ohhh god.. Alec... Alec.. ohhhhh... pleasee" Max screamed out as she came
hard. Her mouth open wide gasping for breath as her body shuddered against
his. Her pussy convulsing around his invading cock, her legs tighning around
his hips her hands digging into his ass as she pulled him deeper inside of

Alec quickly followed. Biting his cheek to muffle his moan as he thrust his
cock deep inside of her. His cock throbbing as his cum gushed into her womb.
Compeletly spend he collapsed down ontop of her. Her hips still lazily
grinding against his, her pussy milking his cock of every drop of cum he had.

They both laid there for a moment, basking in the afterglow of the most
amazing sex of their lives. Only to be interrupted by the loud knocking at
his door.

"Is everything alright in there," Alec's landlord called out. "People have
been complaining about the noise!"

Max gasped as Alec rolled off her, suddenly missing the feeling of his body
against her. She shook the feeling away and grabbed her pants.

"Things are fine, Mr. Burrows," Alec yelled back. By the time he turned his
attention back to Max she had already pulled her pants back up... "Max?" he
asked tenatively.

"I can't. Later... I just... I gotta go Alec." She replied, staring at the
ground where they had just fucked. She shot him one last confused look before
fleeing the apartment.

Alec let himself fall back into in sofa. Sighing loudly as he realized how
complicated his life had just become.

* * *

A few hours later Alec finally found Max. She was at crash, sitting alone at
one of the tables nursing a beer. Seemingly deep in thought. He cautiously
approached her, not sure how she would react to him being here.

Max's looked up at him for a moment before turning back to stare aimlessly at
the crowd of people that littered the bar. He sat there until the silence was


"Maybe it's best we just pretend none of this ever happened." Max jumped in,
interrupting him before he could speak. Max didn't even bother to look at
him, missing the look of disappointment that crossed his features.

"If that's what you want." he replied lamely.

"It is." Max told him as she stood. Her face emotionless. "Guess I'll see ya
at work." with a curt nod she quickly made her way towards to exit.

Alec sat in silence, watching her walk away. He wanted to call out to her,
tell her that he didn't want to pretend to forget. That he didn't want to go
back to the status quo, but he kept his mouth shut.

Manticore had trained him since birth to always take advantage of any given
situation. To never pass on an opportunity if it would help you achieve your
goals. Last week he saw such an opportunity and he had took it. But he knew
now that was a mistake. He had crossed a line. He had gone to far and should
be considering himself lucky to still be alive much less given a chance for
a start fresh. If Max wanted time, then he would give her time. He leaned
back, looking around the bar. Grinning as he watched Sketchy embarrass
himself infront some girl he was trying to hook up with.

Alec stood up, threw some bills on the table to cover Max's tab and made his
way over to see if he could salvage his friend's night. Maybe he could learn
something from all that had happened. Maybe in time Max could forgive him,
but until then the status quo wasn't so bad.


Authors note: That's it, for now. I'm not that pleased with how I ended the
story, but I had some requests for a happy ending so I decided to kind of go
that route. Once again, I am planning on writing another Dark Angel story in
the future. So if you had any requests or any scenes feel free to email me.
Hope you enjoyed it.


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