The following is an adult story based in fictional persons that I didn't
create, just borrowed. If you feel assaulted by graphical sex or you are a
minor you should stop reading here! For the rest, have fun.

Dark Angel: For Her Girlfriend (M+F,inter)
by CTsotsoras ([email protected])

Her eyes blurred and her legs couldn't hold her anymore. She felt. The
soldier got closer and very carefully. They hit her with one more arrow with
the special drug. Then they used a teaser to confirm she was unconscious.
Then they grabbed her and carrier her to their black HUMVEE. Their leader, a
young lieutenant, jump to the front passenger seat and look at the driver.

Lieutenant: Back to Menticor! We make it! Max is ours!

They drive for few miles and every minute makes them happier. They have made
it! THEY! The lieutenant turned to his men.

Lieutenant: Gays, when we delivered the package we going to celebrate this!

Gays: Yes! Sir, you are the best!

Soldier: Sir? Why do we have to wait? Look at this piece of meat we have

Lieutenant: Stop it soldier! I thought about it too but we will risk more
then our career with her! We already damaged her too much; if we touch her
HE will kill us!

Silence fall and they stayed like this for the next few miles.

Then they saw it. A car in the side of the road.

Lieutenant: Check the prisoner.

Soldier: Tied up sir!

Lieutenant: Okay! Stop. Everybody out. Take care of the fire!

They jumped out, two of them with fire distinguishers in the hand. Within
minutes the fire was out. The lieutenant looked at the driver. A young black
woman, dressed very sexy with silver hot pants and a pink tank top two
numbers smaller as it should be. She had long legs, curvy hips, huge tits and
full lips.

Lieutenant: Are you okay miss?

Cindy: Oh yes! Thank to you! You were great!

She stands on her tiptoes and kissed all six of them on the cheek. They were
hard before, but now it was obvious!

Lieutenant: Miss. Its late and your car is unrepairable. Can we take you to
the next point were you will be safe?

Cindy: Ohhh. That's so kind of you!

She runs to her car and takes her purse. She tried to pull a big bag but it
looked heavy. A soldier helped her.

Cindy: Boys. I want to thank you!

Soldier: Its okay Cindy, we are glad to help.

Cindy put her hand on is crotch.

Cindy: I can do something about this!

The lieutenant looked his soldiers. Why not? They wanted to celebrate their
victory with whores and it was sure that they wouldn't be so eagerly like

Lieutenant: Okay girl! Let's have a room to this motel.

As they checked in and the door closed behind them Cindy started to kiss them
one after the other. Those already kissed started to strip of their uniforms.
Then Cindy waited until the last one was naked too. She was surrounded by six
very horny men. They got closer and started to caress her young body with
their hands. Here clothes were gone before she noticed. Then lips and tongues
joined the hands on her body. She reached out and strokes the two closest
cocks, then the next and then the next two going one time around all of them.

Cindy felt their hands press her down to her knees. When she got down someone
slapped her cheek with his cock. She breathed deep and opened her mouth. He
shoved his cock between her full lips and grabbed her hair as he started to
fuck her face. Cindy gags and had the need to puke but she knew she had to
keep them busy. She knew her best chance was to finish them fast, so she
started to suck with power. He came quickly. She gags and coughs but he had
hold of her hair and she was forced to swallow a great amount from his jism
to keep her breath way open.

He pulled back giving high five with his comrades. Cindy was ready to suck
the next one when the lieutenant stopped her. He ordered a soldier to lay on
the bed and then Cindy to sit on his cock. She did that taking the big piece
of meat to her unused pussy! The pain was big but she does like she liked it.
The lieutenant grabbed her hair and pressed her to the chest of the soldier
beneath her. He moaned as her big soft globes crushed to his chest.

Cindy knew it was time for her ass to be assaulted by those animals! She felt
someone spreading her ass chicks and then something hot and wet! A tongue! At
least she wouldn't be completely dry! She closed her eyes and moaned as the
pleasure she felt make her body shiver. She rocked her hips around the cock
in her pussy knowing that her own body will betray her. And that's what
happened. She was a lesbian but her body worked against her and juices flowed
from her pussy to the crotch beneath her as she came wildly.

The tongue moved away and her anus clinched in anticipation of what was
coming. And she couldn't wait too! The soldier laughed, the bitch wanted to
be ass fucked! Cindy couldn't believe the reactions of her own body! To want
to be ass fucked! The soldier positioned his cock in her dark pink hole and
pushed in all in! Cindy opened her eyes and mouth wide from pain but no
scream came out! Only loud pleasures moan! Then she closed her eyes again
and enjoined to be double penetrated!

As she opened her eyes noticed two soldiers in front of her. They pushed
their cocks past her lips stretching her big mouth to the limits. They
grabbed her by the hair and started to fuck her face! The last two make her
stroke their cocks. Original Cindy the most convinced lesbian of the city
was fucking six men! Simultaneously!

One after the other they started to shoot their loads! In her pussy, in her
ass and her back, in her mouth and face, in her neck and breasts! She was
covered with their cum!

They send her to the shower. When she returned to the room she found them
ready again! This time they choose different holes of her body. And Cindy
enjoined it more than the first time! The orgy continued through the night
and dawn found Cindy once more covered with cum! She walked to the shower

The satisfied soldiers after having fucked her in every way were dressed.
They put fifty dollar in her pocket and walked out. As they got closer to
the HUMVEE they noticed the broken window. They froze! Pulled their guns
out and run. Max was gone! And someone sabotaged the engine!

Soldier: Shit!

Lieutenant: The girl! Cindy! Get her!

The soldiers run to the room. It was empty! Her clothes were there but she
was gone! From the window in the bathroom they saw a black car disappearing
through thick clouds of dust.

A naked Cindy fell into the arms of Max.

Cindy: I am so glad you are free!

Max: I am glad too! I have to thank you for everything you do for me.

Cindy: Not necessary.

Max: Yes it is! Logan! Keep your eyes on the street!

Max spread Cindy's legs and dive to her pussy!

Logan kept his eyes on the road and smiled. He got four cameras around the
back seat and they linked to his VCRs! He didn't have to risk his friendship
with them for a glimpse!


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