Notes: Another rewritten scene, this time from S2, Episode 4 "Radar Love"
based on part of the episode's transcript. It is just one scene so don't
expect anything more than that. :)

Dark Angel: Radar Love Cut Scene #1 (MMF,oral,bond,tort,rape)
by ErosTrek ([email protected])

Asha was a block away from the sector checkpoint when she remembered she'd
left Logan's without her ID. "Shit! I just don't need this now" she muttered
to herself. Well, there was more than one way to get through a checkpoint.
The thin blonde woman took the long way round, approaching the wire fence
dividing Seattle into zones from an alley, picking her way through the piles
of garbage and rusted hulks of automobiles.

She found what she'd been looking for, a break in the fence. Carefully
pulling it apart, she ducked her head and ...

"Hold it right there!"

Asha looked up. A sector cop, his M4 carbine pointed at her head, had snuck
up on her. He'd probably known about the tear in the wire fence and had been
staking it out. 'Oh damn,' Asha thought, how was she going to get out of

"Ok, get up lady, hands behind your head, where I can see them. Don't even
think of running."

He took a step back as Asha stood up, her hands on her head, her fingers
intertwined, as the cop had ordered. Still aiming his gun at her, he pressed
his commo button and spoke, "Checkpoint Seven, I'm coming in with a Sector
runner" he paused for a moment and grinned from behind his helmet's visor,
"and she's quite a hot one too."

Asha rolled her eyes at that comment, then she felt one of his hands on her
waist, "Hey!"

"Hold still, while I check you for concealed weapons" the cop ordered "legs
apart and hands against the fence. Do it!"

She had no choice but to obey and stood gnawing angrily at her lower lip as
the cop went about his search in a leisurely manner, though she doubted he'd
have found an anti-tank rocket on her if she'd had one because his hands
seemed to rove mostly over her tits and ass.

After a couple of minutes of being groped, Asha had had enough. "Found
anything officer?"

In reply, he pushed her roughly against the fence and twisted her arms behind
her back, then cuffed her. He put his face close to her head, until she could
feel the rim of his visor press into her cheek and could feel his hot breath
on her lips.

"You know, babe, I'm feeling generous today. Just get on your knees and blow
me and I'll let you free, I'll say you managed to escape. What do you say?"

Asha couldn't believe her ears. She'd known most of the Sector Cops were
corrupt bastards, but this one was a pig too!

"W-what!? No way I'll do that you bastard!"

"Wrong answer, lady." He grabbed her from her shoulder and yanked her away
from the fence.

"Owwww" she cried as her shoulder almost dislocated, but he kept on pulling
her towards the checkpoint guardhouse as she stumbled along just barely
managing to keep herself from tripping.

* * *

"Hey, Mario, look what I've found trying to avoid the checkpoint."

"Wow, she's a beaut, sarge" Mario was the other sector cop who'd remained
behind in the small concrete building next to the checkpoint barrier. "Shall
I call HQ to send over a van for her?"

"Yeah, but do it later." He shoved Asha down on a plastic chair in the corner
of a small room. "I think we'll have a bit of fun with her first." He took
off his helmet and grinned at Asha, whose eyes had opened wide in shock as
she guessed what the cop had in mind.

"Sarge you sure? I mean, the last time, we lost a whole week's pay ... and
she wasn't even worth it ..."

"Yeah, but just look at this one, she's definitely worth it. And anyway,
even if the Captain finds out about it or she rats on us he isn't gonna do
anything about it this time."


"No. Because you see, I know for a fact that the good Captain is right this
very moment fucking the Sector Chief's wife. He won't remain Captain for long
if the Chief finds out about that ...."

The other cop still looked sceptical but his sergeant's argument kinda made
sense, and yeah, the blonde was a hottie! So he finally nodded and they shut
down the checkpoint, letting the few cars already there through, then putting
up the signs that redirected traffic to Checkpoint 8. It was a quiet morning
and there was very little traffic, so few complaints would reach up the chain
of command ... not that anybody in 2020 Seattle really cared if Joe Citizen
had to walk or drive a few more blocks because of a traffic diversion.

It was another 30 minutes before they came back to their prisoner, bulges
in their grey toned urban camo pants clearly visible as their flagpoles had
risen in anticipation of what was going to happen. Asha gulped. Her eyes
flicked left and right as she began to panic, but there was no way out. Her
hands were still cuffed painfully behind her back and her lithe body was no
match for the two burly cops.

"Guys, can we talk about this..?" she said as one of them, the one who'd
caught her ... the guy with the sergeant's chevrons on his sleeve ... began
to fondle her breasts through her t-shirt.

"Yeah, sure babe, we'll do the talkin' while you do the suckin'" he laughed
uproariously as he put a hand down her top, cupping a tit in one hand and

"Please no, stop it ..." Asha whimpered as he roughly pulled down her bra,
snapping the shoulder straps. His fingers found her nipples and began to roll
the stiffening buds between them.

The other cop had already pulled down his pants and was jerking his cock with
one hand as his colleague groped the woman.

"Come closer, Mario, I think she wants to suck you now."

Mario shuffled closer. "Do it" the sergeant ordered but Asha shook her head,
keeping her mouth firmly closed. She was on the verge of tears as the cop's
erection swayed in front of her face. "I said do it, bitch" he shouted as he
grabbed a fistful of Asha's hair and jerked her head down to Mario's cock.
The cock slapped against her cheeks and lips, leaving a moist trail of
pre-cum on them, but she kept her mouth shut tightly and twisted her head
about to avoid it. The cop tightened his grasp on her hair.

"Owwwwww that hurts" Asha pleaded "stop doing this, please." Her cries fell
on deaf ears as the sector cop dragged her out of the chair still clutching
her hair. He forced her down on her knees as tears of pain streamed down her
cheeks. It hurt so much, she was sobbing out loud now and unable to keep her
mouth closed. Mario had been waiting for just this moment and he slid his
dick in between her lips as the sergeant forced her head forward. She tried
to speak but only managed to gurgle something meaningless as the cop's hips
began to buck at her face, cramming his cock down into her throat. Asha did
her best not to gag on the thick member as he deep throated her roughly. Her
jaw hurt she had to open her mouth so wide to take it without having her
teeth knocked out. She shut her eyes, her thoughts on Logan and his
transgenic friend Max. If only she hadn't been so harsh earlier today,
talking about Max's furry little friends when Max had been in earshot. Oh,
she'd felt so embarassed that she'd left without her ID, and now look at the
situation she was in.

For a moment, her mouth was empty again and she gratefully gulped in several
lungfuls of air. Asha opened her eyes to see if the cops were done, but she
wasn't so lucky. The pause had come as the cops switched places. Now the one
who'd caught her trying to evade the checkpoint, had pulled down his zipper
and his erection - even bigger than Mario's - was shoved none too gently into
her mouth.

"Sarge, can I ..." Mario asked the senior cop and the man grunted his assent,
too occupied with face fucking the beautiful blonde to even manage a word.

Mario grinned like a kid about to be given some candy. He knelt on the
concrete floor next to Asha and undid the button of her tight jeans, then
pulled down her zipper. He slowly slid his hand down her crotch, over her
white panties. He could feel Asha shiver .. in fear? or maybe excitement?
as his fingers rubbed her groin through the thin material. The cop could
feel a growing spot of wetness on the woman's panties and his cock grew
even harder and he drooled out of the side of his mouth.

Asha squinted sideways at the cop kneeling next to her. The bastard had his
hand between her legs, down the front of her jeans and his fingers were
groping at her pussy lips, working up and down until her slit had opened
slightly and her panties were soaked - much to her consternation. For
heaven's sakes, she shouldn't be feeling excited, these two guys were
raping her! Yet, her body was sending out mixed signals as her cheeks
flushed, her nipples hardened and her labia spread apart and grew very

Oh god, she should be resisting more, yet the cock in her mouth and the taste
of pre-cum flowing onto her tongue as well as the thick yet nimble fingers
between her legs were making her horny. She rolled her tongue around the
Sergeant's cock as he stuffed it roughly into her mouth and she pursed her
lips around the shaft. The cop noticed the change in her attitude and

"So you enjoying it now, bitch? You like the taste of my cock?"

When Asha didn't answer he pulled his cock out of her mouth and grabbed her
hair again, jerking her head backwards.

"Say you like it!" he growled.

"Yeah" Asha squeaked in a low voice.

"I didn't hear you" he pulled harder on her hair.

" it!" she cried louder, anything to stop the pain.

"Good, good, now suck me hard you slut, drain my balls" he released her hair
and pressed his cock against Asha's lips. This time she opened her mouth,
forming her lips into an O and voluntarily began to blow the cop, her head
bobbing up and down on his penis. He laughed. "See Mario, the bitch is
enjoying herself, I bet she's one of those whores who work this area, though
I haven't seen her before."

"Maybe she's one of those high class hookers who service the rich guys in the
high rise district" Mario said hoarsely as he continued to rub Asha's cunt
through her dripping wet panties.

"Yeah, could be. She was coming from Sector 9 when I caught her trying to
slip through the ......" the cop grunted suddenly as Asha ran her tongue
over a particularly sensitive spot on the underside of his glans and he
grabbed her head with both his hands, again forcing her mouth down on his
cock as he came, blowing thick wads of sticky semen down her throat. "Fuck
yeah, that was good!" he gasped as the last few spurts of cum filled Asha's
mouth and she swallowed with some difficulty.

He looked down at the other cop who still had a hand down Asha's jeans. "Come
on, you going to take all day? You gonna get a blowjob or what?"

"I .. I .." Mario looked somewhat embarrassed "I think I've cum already."
He'd been so aroused by feeling up the woman's groin and seeing her swallow
his partner's seed that he had just been unable to keep from coming as he
jacked himself off with his other hand and now a puddle of white stuff was
staining the guardhouse's floor.

The Sarge shook his head and laughed. "What a fuckin' idiot. You have this
slut right here and you blow your load on the floor." He shrugged. "You'd
better get that cleaned up yourself, I'm not going to be stepping in your
shit" he said as he zipped himself up and lifted Asha up off the floor and
back onto the chair.

Asha sat, somewhat thankful that she wouldn't have another load of cum in
her mouth and that the sector cops hadn't tried to actually fuck her. She
worked up the courage to speak.

"Guys, will you be letting me go now? she asked meekly.

The sergeant slowly put on his helmet and straightened out his uniform,
before shouldering his M4. He looked down at her and laughed disdainfully.
He didn't answer her directly, instead, he keyed on his commo and spoke
into his helmet mike.

"Checkpoint 7 requesting prisoner pickup, over."

A voice came through on the guardhouse's speakers, "Roger, 7, an armored van
is on its way. ETA fifteen minutes, over."

* * *

Asha sat in an interrogation room, bare except for a wooden table and a
couple of chairs. Two cops stood behind her, guarding her silently. A bald
man with a big walrus moustache had been questioning her for the past thirty
minutes. After she'd been orally raped by the sector cops, an armored van
had picked her up and taken her to Sector HQ where she'd been processed -
photographed and her fingerprints taken. At least the plastic cuffs had been
taken off her wrists and her arms didn't ache as much now. She'd waited alone
in the interrogation room for a couple of hours, then this guy ... some
detective probably ... had begun questioning her insistently. She'd answered
as vaguely as possible but she knew it was only a matter of time before they
realised who she was.

"Look, I told you, I left my I.D. at work. I can ... I can bring it in
tomorrow" she said as the door opened and the interrogator was handed a
sheet of paper.

"Your prints came through, Ms Barlow. We know you're with the S1W."

"I don't know what you're talking about."

He pushed a pen and paper towards her.

"I want the names and addresses of everyone in your group."

"This is crazy."

He slapped her across her left cheek. It stung so much, that she blinked
tears. She hadn't been prepared for it either, which made it hurt even more.

"This department does not take terrorist activities lightly."

"The S1W are not terrorists" she said hotly, unwittingly admitting that she
was S1W.

"Tell me what I want to know, or this is going to get ugly."

"Fuck you!"

Asha had steeled herself for what she knew was coming, but the man's backhand
across her cheek was much stronger than the first and actually sent her
reeling off the chair.

The guards behind her quickly grabbed her and lifted her back onto the chair.
She lifted a hand to her cheek. It felt tender and she'd have a nasty bruise
tomorrow. Asha glared sullenly at the detective as he put his hands on his

"Will you talk now, Ms Barlow?"

"No!" she shouted and flinched as he raised his hand ... but this time he
just pointed at her and looked at the guards.

"Soften her up. You know the drill. I'll be back in thirty minutes." He
turned and left locking the door behind him.

Asha glanced up nervously as the two cops came up behind her. They had wide
grins on their faces. It wasn't the first time they'd softened up a female
prisoner, though none as sexy as this one. They were actually looking forward
to it. They grabbed her by an arm and lifted her bodily from the chair,
throwing her back down onto the interrogation table, she realised what was
coming and she began to struggle and scream, but it was useless. The guards
were much stronger than she was and they pinned her down to the table as one
of them tugged off her tight jeans.

"Oh shit, not again" she moaned as the cop's hand lingered over her panties
then she screamed again as he ripped them right off her with one quick jerk.
The other cop ran a hand through her short blonde hair, stroking her head
almost as you'd stroke an animal. He had a lecherous grin on his face as he
looked down into her beautiful blue eyes. She stared back up at him trying
to look brave but she was unable to hide her fear as the man reached for her
breasts and grabbed them roughly through her t-shirt.

"Let's see what you got." A quick jerk and he ripped her t-shirt right down
the middle, exposing her tits. "Not bad at all" he grunted as he pawed at
them, "a bit on the small side, but very nice."

From under the table a cop produced two leather straps, one at each corner,
which he tied around each of her ankles, tightening them until her legs were
spread wide apart.

Asha whimpered. "Please ... no ..."

Her pleas fell on deaf ears. Another pair of leather straps went around her
wrists and she lay spreadeagled on the table, her body forming an X.

"Do you know what this is?" One of the cops showed her a thin, black metal
rod, about a foot long.

Asha shook her head, her eyes fixed on the rod as he waved it slowly above
her head.

"It's a taser, actually a modification on the standard one we use to subdue
criminals like you. The charge it delivers is nothing compared to those which
can knock you out in a couple of seconds. In fact, you can barely feel
it ..." he brought the taser wand down to her thigh and activated it.

"Owwwwww!" Asha's thigh jumped involuntarily as the muscle contracted from
the small electrical jolt it had received and it had felt as if someone had
pinched her.

"See? Barely any pain." The cop grinned as he slid the taser wand across
Asha's taut stomach, the cool metal tingling against her skin making her
flinch and squirm away from it. He used the tip to tease her navel, drawing
circles around it and then moving up to her tits. "Now on other parts of
the body, the result is interesting to say the least ..."

For a moment he teased a nipple with the metal wand as Asha looked down at
her chest fearfully then he activated it and ...

... Asha's back arched high off the table as she screamed and her body
thrashed in the constraints. A second later the wand had been deactivated
and she lay back again her eyes rolled up into her head as she gulped for
air. The nipple where the taser had touched was twice the size of the other
one, shocked into erection in a split second.

"See ..." the cop continued as if lecturing a student "... you might have
felt pain for a moment. That is unavoidable, but the beauty of this is that
when used on certain naturally sensitive places of the female body, the
pleasure is actually greater than the pain."

The wand moved to Asha's other nipple. "Oh god, no, don't do it, please,
please ... I'll do anything, just don't do it ag ... aaaaahhhhhh
fffuuuuuuuckkkkkk!" she screamed as the tip of the taser sparked an electric
blue against her nipple.

The cop put the taser down next to Asha's head and grabbed each very stiff
nipple between his fingers, rolling his thumb over them. Asha moaned under
his touch, her nipples felt as if they were on fire, yet the pain had almost
subsided. When he picked up the metal wand again, a shiver of fear and
anticipation ran through her body. It hovered for a moment over her chest
and then touched a nipple again, the first one. Asha had prepared herself
for the inevitable shock she knew was coming but her back arched off the
table involuntarily though this time she didn't scream out loud - instead
she bit so hard on her lower lip that she drew blood. Her left nipple felt
as hot as the center of the sun as it tingled with the aftershock of the
taser's touch. The same treatment was given for the second time to her right
nipple and fireworks seemed to explode behind Asha's eyes. As she arched her
back for the fourth time, she felt a wet sensation at her crotch before
blacking out. When she came to her senses the cops were looking down at her
and laughing.

"I told you that you that the pain would be bearable, but I've barely started
and you've already cum!" he shook his head as if disappointed in her. His
colleague slid his fingers between her legs, along her slit, feeling the
wetness that drooled out of the gaping pink inner labia. He sniffed at his
fingers then walked around the table to near her head and put his fingers
into her mouth, forcefully sliding them across her tongue, making her taste
her own juices. Asha tried to move her head to one side but it was useless as
he grabbed her jaw and held her in a vise-like grip. He dipped his fingers
back into her crotch gathering up more of her wetness and again forcing her
to taste it. This time her tongue licked his fingers clean without any
resistance making the cop grin at her sudden change in attitude.

"That's a good girl" he muttered "lick 'em, clean your pussy juice off my
fingers, go on."

At the same time the other cop had left the room for a moment and came back
with a police baton. It was made of extra stiff plastic, around an inch in
diameter and had a side handle coming out of one side some three quarters
of the way up the shaft. When the guy making her suck on his fingers stopped,
Asha relaxed for a moment but then her eyes went wide and she looked down in
shock as she felt something thick and cold slide against her pussy lips, then
slowly begin penetrating her.

"W-What are you doing?"

No answer from either of them as they both bent over staring intently between
her legs at the baton slowly disappearing inch after inch up her vagina. The
cop worked it in, twisting it around, pulling it out for a bit before pushing
it back in.

"Ohhhhh fuck ... ohhhhh fuck ..." Asha moaned as the makeshift dildo burrowed
deeper and deeper into her until only the handle stopped it from going any
further. The woman's body squirmed left and right, her movement limited only
by the bonds that tied her to each corner of the table. The object inside
her, filling her completely, was intensely arousing for Asha. When the cop
grabbed the baton by the side handle and began to jerk it in and out swiftly,
Asha screamed again and again, her cries echoing around the interrogation

Asha's head tossed left and right, her blonde hair stuck in sweaty strands to
her forehead as she blinked away tears of intense pleasure mixed with pain as
the cop violated her with the baton for what seemed like hours, though only a
few minutes passed. Her legs strained uselessly at the leather straps.
Suddenly, the baton was out of her, the black plastic glistening with her
pussy juices as strands of the clear fluid dripped thickly from it.

Asha lay still, her breathing coming in ragged gasps. "It's over, thank god
it's over" she repeated silently to herself, but she was mistaken. The guards
were not done yet. The rounded tip of the well lubricated baton was pressed
against her anus making her gasp. "No, not there" she screamed in pure terror
as one of the men teased her little pink pucker with his finger until the
sphincter began to open, then the baton was forced inside, widening Asha's
asshole to its limit as her cries became hysterical. "I'll talk ... I'll
talk ... just stop ... please oh god stop ... oh fuck it hurts so bad ..."
she screamed almost unintelligbly but her captors just laughed and continued
to insert the baton up her ass while one of them rubbed her clitoris with his
thumb and inserted three fingers knuckle deep into her redhot cunt.

The door opened and the bald interrogator peeked in. "You boys done yet?"

"Almost, sir, give us five minutes."

"You've got two. I said soften her up so that she'll confess, not enjoy

The cop grimaced at the detective's back as he left, if it were up to him
he'd keep at this for another hour, bringing the woman to the edge time after
time, before finally bringing her off in one big bang, then she'd be willing
to sign anything, even admit to being behind the Pulse itself! "Pass me the
taser" he told the other cop who handed it over to him, "let's finish it
quick. Hold her arms down, I wouldn't want her breaking them or anything."

He touched the taser wand to Asha's unsheathed and highly aroused clit. The
cold metal against that highly sensitive bit of her anatomy made her moan
loudly. What happened next made her cum instantly and very wetly. The taser
discharged, the same low intensity that the cops had applied to her nipples
before, but on her clit the effect was multiplied tenfold. The instant it
activated, Asha gushed a thick stream of cum, drenching one of the cops and
her scream could be heard throughout the Sector HQ even though the room was
soundproofed. She continued cumming, her orgasm seemingly unending, her hips
bucking wildly as she squirted and squirted and squirted. It had never
happened before to Asha, but then none of her usual gentle lovers had ever
discharged a specially modified taser on her clit. Finally, Asha's screams
settled down to a series of low moans as her orgasm died down. The cops undid
the leather straps and put her jeans back on, before sitting her down on the
chair. The t-shirt was torn beyond use, so they left her topless. Her head
lolled to one side, her eyes half closed. Her cheeks were flushed a deep red
and her body was coated in a mixture of sweat and the pussy juice she'd
sprayed so copiously moments before.

The detective came back in and stood before her. He lifted her chin up and
looked directly into her eyes, "Now tell us all you know about S1W or I'll
have them start over on you."

Suddenly the glass covering a large vent in the wall shattered and a woman
burst through. It was Max! She kicked one of the guards in the stomach making
him double over in pain and she finished him off with a chop to the back of
his neck. She twirled around, catching the other cop with a kick to the side
of the head, dropping him instantly.

Asha seemed to come alive when she saw Max and she jumped on the bald
detective's back, punching him on the side of the head - ineffectively. "I'm
gonna kick your ass! I'm gonna kick your ass!" she repeated like a mantra.

Max finished with the cops, turned to see Asha attempting unsuccessfully to
take out the man. She grinned at the funny scene of the topless, tall, thin
blonde, clinging to the bald guy's back. Her nose twitched for a moment as
she picked up the scent of Asha's juices and she looked around the room
wondering just what had gone on here before she'd come to the rescue. She'd
have to ask Asha, but first she'd better get her out of here. Max walked up
the the detective and knocked him out cold with a single punch to his jaw.
Asha dropped off his back and looked at Max, astonished.

"It's my thing, what me and my furry little friends are trained to do."

"I'm sorry Max, really sorry I said that .. I .. I .."

"Come on. Let's get out of here"

.... see Dark Angel Episode 2.04 "Radar Love" for the rest of the
(non-erotic) story :)


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