Trance TV: Dark Angel
by Tranceman

Usual crap about how I don't own this and age stuff. Been interested in
mc fiction for a while now but never got the nerve to try before. Enjoy.

The quiet of the city streets was broken by the roar of the motorcycle
as Max raced through the streets of Seattle. It was night, the perfect time
for her to continue on her search for the other experimental kids, the chance
to find others like her. She ripped down the streets, the wind blowing her
dark brown hair behind her, her leather clothing sticking to her ample body
as she made her way past some of the rubble of post-apocalyptic Seattle.
Logan had passed her a tip he had been sent in secret, emphasizing that it
could be a trap. While Max was willing to acknowledge that, she didn't want
to lose a possible link to her past.

She finally came to the address she had been given. It appeared to
be a deserted warehouse on the outskirts of town. Max quickly got off her
motorcycle and pulled off her goggles, heading stealthily towards the
entrance. She slipped inside and carefully moved about, trying to get a bead
on things and figure out just what was what around here. She stopped at a
small sound behind her, her eyes glancing about, her enhanced vision picking
up the movements faster than any normal human could.

In a flash, Max was across the warehouse, gripping the man by the arm
and slamming him against the wall, launching a kick against his ribs as she
did. The man grunted and tried to clear his head as Max put an arm against
his throat. "Talk. Now. Or die. Now."

"Good evening to you, too," the man said. As Max's eyes adjusted fully
to the darkness, she could make the guy out. He had the look of a military
guy but a young one with a geekish face and a goofy smile that wasn't helped
by his large teeth. "Name's Steve. Nice to finally meet you, Max."

"Polite. Well, there's a switch. Usually, you guys are trying to kill me
first before talking," Max said, raising an eyebrow.

"Um, actually, I'm not offically with them," Steve said, still smiling,
even as Max increased her grip on his throat. "I mean, I do work for them but
I'm not with them right now. They think you're somewhere near Los Angeles
right now and they're looking for you."

"Why would they think that?"

"Because I forged some records to make it look like you were there,"
Steve said.

"Okay, I'll bite. Why?"

"Well----"Steve bit his lip.

"I'm running out of patience here, buddy, so talk now."

"Because the first time I saw your picture, I feel head over heels for
you and I just wanted to meet you so bad and have a chance to be with you."

Max stared at him and laughed. "What, you went to all this trouble to
ask me out on a date?"

"A date?" Steve asked, surprised. "Oh no, no, no, not a date, not a date
at all. I just want to fuck you."

"Okay, now I am pissed," Max said, increasing the pressure on Steve's
throat. "Maybe I should make you an example to your boss."

"Maybe," Steve said. "Or maybe we can do this." His hand reached into
his coat and pulled out a small remote control, flicking the switch.
Instantly, the warehouse was filled with light, several lights in fact,
bright ones that shone right into Max's eyes and immediately started
blinking, taking on a wild strobing effect. Max was shocked by how her body
suddenly seemed frozen as the lights blinked into her eyes. That shock soon
faded, along with her thoughts as the lights continued to flash in her eyes,
over and over, draining her of her will and strength as they flashed.

"I'm surprised, Max," Steve said as she slumped to her knees, her eyes
glazing over as the light continued to flash into them. "Did you really think
the government would create a genetically enhanced fighter without some way
of controlling her? They've never managed to get hold of you long enough to
get the programming in. Of course, I could manage to get it installed but I
had to distract the big-wigs in order to do it. And now, I've got you all to

Steve looked down at Max, intrigued by the sight of this incredibly
beautiful woman kneeling before him, eyes gazing blankly ahead as she swayed
slightly in her trance. Steve grinned and undid his fly, allowing his hard
cock to pop out. "Max, take my cock and suck on it hard." Obediently, Max
took Steve's rod into her hands and slid it into her mouth. She took it deep
into her mouth, the tip touching the back of her throat as she mouthed him.
"Suck it," Steve hissed. "Suck it all the way, baby, suck it all the way."
He groaned as Max deep-throated him, taking all of his cock into her mouth,
licking his shaft as she pinched away at his balls. Steve grunted as he came,
his wad blasting down Max's lovely throat, holding onto her tight as he made
her lick away and swallow all his cum.

After it was all gone, Steve moved back. "Undress, Max. Now." In a
flash, Max was naked in front of him and Steve was stunned by how gorgeous
her body was. A nice set of breasts, long smooth legs, a hot little ass, just
perfect. Steve took her by the hand and pulled her to him, pushing her down
onto the ground. With her back on the floor, Steve moved over her, pushing
his dripping cock into her passage. Max moaned as she felt him enter her,
then moaned again as he started pumping, his cock sliding in and out of her
tight passage. Steve's face moved to Max's tits, licking and kissing at the
erect nipples. He pushed himself harder and faster into her, his cock
plunging deeper and deeper into her pussy. Max moaned beneath him as he
continued to work at her, his shaft shoving into her womanhood with every
push. "Uuhhhhh....." Max uttered as Steve continued to go to work. "Here we
go," Steve muttered. "Here we go, here we go, here we go.....Ahhhhh!" He
finally let loose in a terrific orgasm that rocked Max's body and caused her
to shriek in pleasure as he came into her.

As Max came down from her orgasm, Steve grinned. He had a beautiful
woman as his slave now and he intended to take full advantage of her for as
long as he could. Who said Angels only came from Heaven?


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