Dave's World: Beth Boffs Her Boy (m/f,inc)
by Uncle Mike

The beautiful blond in the skimpy cheerleader outfit was on her knees now. As
the music pumped away in the background, she began to pump her mouth on her
boss's fat cock. "Am I doing all right?" she asked, his dick poking her in
the cheek.

God, Tommy thought, she's doing fantastic! He pounded away at his cock,
careful to keep his handkerchief ready just in case he shot his wad as strong
as all the guys in the video. Even in the darkened living room, lit only by
the glow from the TV, he could see that his cock wasn't as big as theirs --
but who knew? Maybe size didn't matter.

On the screen, the girl was on her back now, her legs spread apart. The boss
was feeding his hard rod into her pussy. The pink folds of her slit spread
apart easily as his helmet popped in and his shaft drove up and down.

Tommy squeezed his own cock, his fingers flying up and down as he felt a
burning sensation in his groin. His eyes were fixed on the pounding fuck on
the TV as he beat off, when suddenly he felt the cum burst free within him.
He barely had time to move the hankie up to cover his peehole when the orgasm
took control, squeezing his eyes shut as the jism boiled out of him.

When the young boy opened his eyes a few seconds later, he was disappointed
to see only a tablespoonful or so of gooey white stuff in his hankie. It was
a split-second later that he realized he could see it so clearly because the
lights were on. He spun around toward the kitchen archway, stuffing his cock
back into his slacks and zipping up.

"Mom! What are you doing home so soon?"

"Your dad and his buddies decided to see the all-night "Chainsaw Massacre"
marathon and I bailed on them -- where's your babysitter?"

Tommy looked at her from under his dark bangs, adopting his "little angel"
look. "Mrs. Scarpone? She's upstairs. She put Willie to bed and then she said
she was sleepy too so I let her use one of our sleeping bags. That's OK,

"Yeah," his mom said, hesitatingly. "I guess."

"Oh, hey, and Mom? Look what she brought for us -- all this neat stuff she
had left over from her retirement party. See, there's mixed nuts, and fruit,
and this stuff -- I think it's some kind of cheese, but it's too stinky so
I didn't have any. And it looks like snot."

"That's supposed to look like that, honey. So -- what were you watching?"

"Watching? Oh, you mean on the TV?" While he spoke, Tommy poked blindly at
the remote control. He hit the wrong button and on the screen a wad of spunk
flew back into the guy's cock. Finally he stabbed at the right button and the
tape stopped.

By then his mom was standing next to him. Briefly it occurred to Tommy that
she wasn't wearing much more than the cheerleader had. His mom had on a pale
yellow blouse, with the tails tied across her stomach, a pair of short white
shorts and sneakers. She wasn't built as well as the girls in the video, but
when he looked at the cleft between her breasts -- he could just see the top
of it -- he felt a little stirring in his now-soft dick. That was weird, and
a little scary. He'd always thought of her as just Mom, not a woman or
anything. But now that he thought about it, she had nice legs, too.

His daydreaming was interrupted as his mom snatched up the remote control.

"Was that a porno tape?" She pushed the Play button and the TV screen was
filled with the image of a thick cock disappearing into a milky white ass.
His mom watched for a second. "Oh," she said, " 'Debbie Does Dallas.' "

"You've seen it?" Tommy looked up at her in surprise.

"Yeah, back in college, I -- Hey, that doesn't matter. Tommy, where did you
get this?"

"Uh -- I found it?"

"OK -- and where did you find it?"

"Around?" The little boy looked up at her brightly.

"That's not good enough, Tommy. Now, come on. Where did you 'find' it? Did
you get this from one of the kids at school?"

"No," he said quickly.

"Then who?"

"Well --" He stalled, trying to decide which would get him in the least
trouble -- the truth, a lie or just avoiding the question.

"Come on, Tommy, I want the truth."

He decided to go for it. "I found it in Dad's office -- it was in one of his
file drawers, under 'S,' " he blurted out.

"Your father's office? Tommy, you know you're not supposed to go in there.
You ..." She went on and on. Tommy hung his head. Chose wrong, he thought --
she didn't want the truth after all. But, as she kept talking, it occurred to
him that it was better to get yelled at for going into Dad's office than for
watching the video. That hopeful idea was crushed when his mom abruptly
switched tracks.

"But, hey, wait a minute. We can talk about his office some other time. What
we need to talk about is what's on this tape. Just how much did you see?"

"Uh -- all of it?"

His mom sat down beside him on the couch and put an arm over his shoulders.

"Do you know about ..." she began.

"Sex?" He broke in quickly, hoping to cut her off. "Yeah, they told us all
about it in school. We don't have to talk."

His mom laughed. "All about it? Tommy, I've got two kids and I don't know all
about it. Like how that girl took the guy up her..." She blushed. "Uh, look,
Tommy, what I wanted to say is, if you have any questions about, you know,
sex and stuff, you can ask me."

He looked up at her and opened his mouth.

"Or your dad," she added. "That's it! Ask your dad. Anything!"

Tommy's shoulders slumped. "Oh, OK," he said. He hated to ask his dad about
anything serious. Dad always made a joke out of it. Well, Mom made jokes,
too, but she didn't put hers in the paper every week for everyone to read.

"Oh, Tommy, I'm sorry," his mom said, hugging him to her. "I didn't mean to
blow you off. I mean, I did, but I shouldn't. Look, I -- Oh!"

Tommy followed her eyes down to his crotch and saw a dark stain spreading
across it. Oh great, he thought, now she'll think I pissed my pants like a

"It's not that," he blurted out. "It's cum. I was jacking off. I..." He saw
the look of shock on his mother's face and realized, with a sinking feeling
in his stomach, that he'd made the wrong choice again. It would have been a
lot better if she thought it was piss, he knew.

His mom was staring down at him, open-mouthed. "You -- masturbated? Honey, I
didn't think you were old enough."

"I'm not a kid," he said defiantly. "I can get a hard-on and stuff, just like
anybody. It happens lots, whenever I see pretty girls."

"Uh, Tommy, I -- I just -- I mean, I never saw you with one around the house.
I -- what am I saying? Of course not, the only woman you see around the house
is me."

Tommy didn't like it when his mom put herself down. She wasn't half as bad as
some of the other kids' moms. He tried to make her feel better.

"I get 'em at home, too," he said, "from seeing you."

"You do? Wow, that's -- I mean, oh, dear, you shouldn't -- from seeing me?"

"Sure. See, it's getting stiff now!" Triumphantly Tommy yanked open his
zipper, freeing his cock to poke through the opening. It didn't look too
impressive, not after the ones he'd seen on the video. He started yanking on
it to make it grow.

"Stop that," his mom said sharply.

With a thud, Tommy realized what he was doing. Pulling his prick right in
front of his mother! His hand froze in mid-stroke. "I'm sorry, Mom," he said.
"I didn't mean to -- I didn't know what I was doing."

"Hey, Tommy, I understand," she said. "But is that how you do it?"

"What do you mean? Isn't that how everyone does it?"

"I mean you were so rough, honey. Holding it so tight and pulling it so hard.
Doesn't that hurt?"

"I thought it was supposed to," Tommy said.

"No, honey, it's not," his mother said. "Look, masturbating is a perfectly
normal thing. But you shouldn't be yanking on it like that. You just hold it
gently and, um, rub, you know."

"But if I don't hold it tight, nothing happens."

His mom reached down and circled her fingers around his shaft. They were warm
and soft, and she slowly tightened them until they fit snugly but didn't
squeeze. "Like this," she said, and she began to stroke his cock up and down.
Quickly it hardened and lengthened. This felt different than when he'd jerked
himself off, and not just because she wasn't being rough. Somehow, having
someone else do it made it better.

"You see what I mean, Tommy? You can be easy on it and still make it work.
How does that feel?"

"Wow, that feels great, Mom," the young boy sighed. "Man, my cock feels

Even as he said it, Tommy knew he'd used the wrong word. His mom immediately
stopped stroking.

"Oh, God," she said, "what am I doing?"

"Don't stop," Tommy pleaded, putting his hands around hers. "Please, please,
Mom, keep it going! It felt so good!" He bucked his hips up, sliding his cock
through her fingers. "Come on, Mom, please!"

"Tommy, we shouldn't be doing this," she said, but even as she spoke she
started moving her hand up and down on his shaft. "I'm your mother, you know.
I can't be ..." she drifted off into silence, still rubbing his cock. It grew
and grew and a tiny bead of goo appeared on the tip. She swept it up in her
hand and rubbed it all over the rod.

"When did you get so big?"

"Oh, I'm not so big," he said, bashfully. "Not like the guys on the video.
They were huge!"

"Yeah, well, most guys aren't," his mom said, still stroking. "You're not
full grown yet, but that's a pretty impressive cock for a kid your age. It's
about -- oh, Tommy, how about if we stop now?"

"Aw, Mom, not yet, please? Couldn't you wait until I cum?"

"But my hand's getting tired, Tommy," his mom said. "I don't..."

"Aw, please, Mom?"

She slid off the couch, her hand still on his cock, and knelt before him,
resting her arm on his knee. "Just a little while longer," she said.

"Gee, thanks, Mom," Tommy said. When he looked down at her, he was able to
see down her blouse. She didn't have any bra on, and her tits filled out the
material. He could even see her nipples pressing out. They're really great,
he thought, and without planning it he reached out and began caressing them
through the silky blouse.

His mom looked up at him with tears in her eyes, but she said nothing. The
combination of her hands on his cock and seeing her right there in front of
him were too much and Tommy fumbled at the buttons of her blouse. Finally
they all came undone and the blouse popped open. He stared, awestruck, at his
mother's jugs. All that smooth white flesh made him hornier than ever. He
imagined himself as the boss in the video, fucking that cute cheerleader.
Heck, his mom was cuter than her. Tommy cupped each of his mother's tits in
a hand and massaged them, rubbing the nipples back and forth between his
fingers. From the sounds his mom made, he guessed that she liked it, too.

Then something incredible happened. He was concentrating on squeezing those
ripe breasts when he felt something really warm around the head of his cock.
He looked down and his mom was taking him into her mouth! Incredible! Just
like he'd seen on the video, but tons better for real. His cock was small
enough for her to take it all the way in, until her lips were squeezing right
around the base and he could feel her tongue licking around it inside her.
Then she slid back up and down and it was amazing. Tommy rubbed her tits
harder and then just put a hand on either side of her head and started
shoving her down onto him. "That's great, Mom!" he shouted. "I wanna fuck
your mouth! I wanna fuck it good! Suck on it harder, Mom! Yeah!"

Then all at once she pulled off his cock and he was afraid he'd said
something wrong. But instead of going away, his mother just stood up and took
off her blouse and then pulled down her shorts and her panties. She had a
patch of fur, Tommy saw, and then there was her slit. Wow, he thought, just
like in the movie. Only this was his mom's, right in front of him. What was
he supposed to do? Suck on it, like that one guy? He was afraid he'd do it

But his mom didn't wait for him. She stepped up onto the couch, put one knee
on either side of him and grabbed his cock, putting the head of it just at
the entrance to her cunt.

"Now, Tommy," she said, and her voice sounded funny, kind of choked, "I don't
want you to tell anyone else what we did. This is just between you and me,

"OK, Mom," he said eagerly.

"Oh, God, Tommy, this is so wrong, but you've got me so horny I've got to
have it. I'm sorry, honey," his mother said as she sat down, impaling herself
on his hard cock.

Man, the little boy thought, this is the best ever! He couldn't believe the
feeling as his mom's hot, wet box squooshed around his shaft. Her tits were
right in his face and he suckled them greedily, taking first one nipple and
then the other into his mouth. His mom was bouncing up and down on him, and
with each thrust his cock sent a shiver of delight all the way through his

"I love you, Mommy! I love you! I love fucking you! You make me feel so good,
Mommy! I want to fill your pussy!" His mother's cunt felt 20 times better
than even her mouth, all hot and slick and tight, even though his cock wasn't
so big. She seemed to be able to squeeze around it, and he could feel her
muscles grabbing at his shaft as it drove in and out. Tommy bucked his hips
up at her as his mother rose up and plunged down again and again.

"Fuck me, Tommy," she called out, "fuck me, honey. I want your cock in me!
Oh, sweetie, this is wrong but it feels too good!"

Tommy's hands grew slippery with the sweat dripping off his mother's tits as
he groped her, thrilling at having in the flesh what he had seen only on the
screen. He tried to fantasize that he was burying his rod in one of the girls
from the porno tape, but the reality was too intense, and he realized that
fucking his mother was far more exciting than any fantasy. He felt his cock
grow bigger than ever, and a familiar sensation burned in his groin. He began
to moan, his head buried between his mom's bouncing breasts.

"I think I'm gonna do it, Mommy," he cried out. But she reached down and
squeezed the base of his shaft really hard and poked at him underneath his
balls. He wasn't sure what she'd done, but he felt the surge pass away and
his cock stayed hard within her.

The feeling was getting almost too much to take, though. It seemed like the
sides of the head of his cock were on fire, and the sensation got hotter
every time his mom plunged her wet hole down onto him. He grabbed her around
the waist, his hands slipping on her sweaty body. There was a strange odor --
kind of icky, but somehow it made him feel even hornier. He felt the surge
building in him again.

His mother must have sensed that he was near the edge, for she speeded up the
tempo until it was almost more than he could take. She clutched her young son
to her bosom as she squatted down onto his engorged dick. "Shoot it," she
called out "Cum in your mother's cunt, Tommy!"

And he did, although he tried to hold it back. Wave after wave of jism shot
out of him as he groaned loudly, until at last he was drained and his cock
began to shrivel and popped out of his mother's sopping wet pussy.

But she wasn't done yet. Frantically she humped away at his cock as it
deflated, and when it was too small she grabbed her son's hand and shoved it
at her crotch.

"Stick your fingers in me," his mother commanded. "Oh, God, Tommy, don't
stop! I'm too close! Fuck me, fuck me!"

Tommy slipped first one, then two, then all four fingers into his mother's
slippery cunt, shoving them in and out. She shifted around, getting on her
back on the couch and spreading her legs wide before him. "More, more!" she
cried. "Give me more!"

Tommy was desperate to please her, but his hand was too small to fill her
aching pussy. Then he saw the fruit bowl Mrs. Scarpone had brought and he got
an idea. He snatched something from the bowl and shoved it into his mom's

"YES!" she howled, "that's it! More, more, faster, faster!"

Tommy held onto the banana tightly as he slammed it into his mother over and
over. It quickly became covered with slimy secretions and it was hard to
hold; once he lost his grip and the whole banana slipped inside her.

"DON'T STOP!" she yelled, writhing and bucking around on the couch. "No, no,
keep it up!" Tommy dug into her pussy and got a hold on the yellow fruit
again and went back to the quickening rhythm.

And then his mother began to buck even harder, her ass flying a foot off the
couch and then slamming back down into it. "Oh, GODDDDD! I'm cumming, Tommy!
I'm CUMMMMIIINNNGGG!" As he lost his grip on the banana again it got sucked
all the way into her cunt while she flailed wildly, up and down. The banana
shot out of her on one wild fling.

His mom's screech rattled off the walls. "No, no, I need it!"

Tommy was desperate to please her, but had run out of ideas. As he hung his
head in shame, though, he was surprised to find that he was once again stiff.
Quickly he scrambled onto his mother's sweaty body, and she grabbed at him
as he positioned his cock at her hole. She took over from there, dragging
his body up onto hers and bucking her hips up at him so hard that he almost
bounced off. She folded her legs around him tightly and held on, thrusting
up again and again. Tommy tried to help as much as he could, driving his rod
into her as her breasts pummeled his face and he had to struggle to breathe.

"Fuck me, Tommy!" his mother said, over and over, as she beat her head up and
down against the couch cushions. "Faster, faster, YesYEEEEESSSSSSSSS!"

This time they came together, Tommy's cock shooting out one more load just
as his mom shuddered and twisted underneath him in a shattering orgasm.

While his mom was gathering up her clothes, Tommy put the cushions back on
the couch and helped clean up.

"Now, remember," his mom said as she slid into her shorts. "You're not
supposed to tell anyone about this. Promise?"

"I promise," Tommy said, and he meant it with all his heart. He loved his
mother more than ever.

But a devilish thought came to him, and he couldn't help it. "Hey, Mom," he

"What, Tommy?"

"The next time we have a babysitter? Uh, can we get Mia?"

"Yeah, I guess, but why -- Oh, Tommy!"


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