Dave's World: Beth Returns To Teaching Part 1 (m/F,inter,ncon)
by Wilcox

With her youngest child now old enough for pre-school, Mrs. Beth Barry
discussed returning to work with her husband Dave. They talked it over and
he agreed that the time was right for her return to her teaching career so
she applied for work as a substitute teacher in the local school system.
She'd missed the interaction with her students when she'd stayed home to
raise her children and looked forward to re-entering the workforce. She was
pleasantly surprised when she got a call asking if she could come in to
substitute for the school librarian at the high school.

Deon Johnson was in his junior year at the high school Beth was placed at.
He was 6' 2" with a shaved head and a muscular build. He didn't like the
teachers or any adult connected with the school for that matter and he
defied authority at every opportunity. Deon was only concerned with the
important things in life, doing all the girls he could and having a good

He'd never felt the need to go to the school library before but his English
teacher told the class that they were all required to take out a book for a
book report. The class had to spend the entire period in learning how to use
the library as well. Deon was disgusted that he had to learn something he'd
never use in life. Plus he had to spend an entire hour being bored in a
place where everyone had to be quiet.

When the English teacher introduced the school's new temporary librarian to
the class, Deon's mouth dropped open as he starred at the most beautiful
woman he'd ever laid eyes on. He had expected to see the old hag of the prior
year but was surprised at the beautiful blonde woman that was introduced as
the new librarian.

He took in the lovely Mrs. Beth Barry and guessed she was about 5' 4" and
weighed about 115-120 lbs. Her short blonde hair and baby blue eyes had
Deon captivated, not to mention her long ivory legs and big firm tits.
Typically, it was only a few minutes before Deon got into trouble and he
felt embarrassed when the beautiful substitute librarian reprimanded him.

Beth had looked up and saw him making comments to the guys near him, causing
them to break out in loud laughter. Beth knew she had to take control and put
a stop to the disruption in the library. What she didn't know was the Deon
had been commenting to his buddies on how he'd `like to have a crack at the
new librarian's tight white ass'.

After being embarrassed, Deon was determined to get even. Her sweet innocent
look and curvaceous body had his cock twitching as he planned on teaching the
sexy new teacher a lesson of his own. Over the next few weeks, Deon often
dreamt of the beautiful librarian, imagining her naked body writhing beneath
his as he put the boots to her. He made it a point to go to the library after
school each day. Picking up a book, he faked reading it as his eyes stayed
glued to the sexy librarian's curvaceous body.

Staying late, Deon watched her every movement. He explored the entire
library and found a closet that contained mops and brooms, a closet that went
unchecked as the lovely librarian told everyone it was time to leave. He knew
the closet would allow him to go unnoticed. As for the day, it would have to
be a Friday when all the teachers and staff rushed off early to start their
weekend he decided.

The eventful Friday came and everything went according to Deon's plan. When
there was a line to check out books, Deon knew he could make his move without
being noticed. He was hidden away in the broom closet when the lovely
librarian began to let everyone know it was closing time. Peeking out of the
closet, he observed everyone filing out of the library and Beth locking the
front door. The closet door was left open slightly, so he could watch her as
she went about cleaning up the mess left by the students.

From the closet, Deon watched as the beautiful librarian picked up books left
on the study tables as she cleaned up the room. Then she was approaching the
nearby study table that he had been at before slipping into the maintenance
closet. He saw her sigh in disgust when she got to that desk, observing a
reference book and candy wrappers that were strewn about.

Beth had seen the arrogant black student sitting here in the far corner of
the library. She had never seen the student prior to that day he attended
that English class in the library. But now he showed up everyday when
classes let out. She cringed each time she saw him, feeling his stare
following her every movement. Worst, it felt as if his glaring stares were
mentally stripping her of her clothing. Lost in thought, Beth was unaware
of the stalker that slipped out from the closet and was now right behind

Deon grabbed Beth with his left hand over her mouth and flashed a switchblade
in front of her. Beth was terrified and paralyzed with fear. He instructed
her to be quiet or she'd be hurt. Beth nodded her head in fear. His left hand
moved from her mouth and began to slowly creep down to the perfect breasts
that he had wanted so badly to touch. He squeezed each one through the thin
blouse and bra, feeling the blonde married woman shiver from the unwanted

Beth was hesitant to follow his demand to undress but was too afraid of being
sliced with the knife. Seeing the large black hand holding the knife in front
of her, she knew who it was, knowing he was responsible for that mess on the
study table. She hesitantly began to obey his demands and slowly unbuttoned
her blouse. She cringed and shivered in disgust as a black hand slipped into
her now open blouse, fingers pushing under her soft lacy bra. She groaned in
shame as a sensitive pink nipple was touched, flicked and then pinched. First
one nipple arose in stiffness then the other arose from the fondling.

Her eyes closed in shame as Beth felt her nipples respond to the undesired
stimulation. She bit her bottom lip, trying desperately to keep her body from
responding to the lewd fondling of her body. She knew this was being forced
upon her, yet she felt strangely stimulated at the thought of her body being
bared before this black student.

"Please, pleaseeeeee ...please don't do this to me! Please, please
...I beg you!" she whimpered. She gasped as the knife easily sliced through
the thin strip of her bra joining the protective bra cups, revealing her
perfect ivory breasts capped by her stiffened pink nipples. She groaned, her
eyes closing, and her head tilted back against her attacker. "Ohhhhhhhh
...ohhhhhh!" Beth groaned as the thumbs of the threatening student were
flicking both her nipples.

"Ohhhhh ...please, don'ttttttttt!" Beth panted, feeling a roving hand inch
its way down to her skirt. The button to her skirt popped off from a hard
jerk. Then with the zipper pulled down, her skirt lay at her white heels. Her
blouse and bra soon dropped to the floor next to her fallen skirt, leaving
her only in her panties and white heels.

Then a black hand began to tease her just above her top of her panties. Beth
squeezed her legs together in fear, then groaned as the squeezing of her
thigh muscles actually squeezed out some love juices into the crotch of her
panties. "Ohhhhhhh ...ohhhhhhhhhhh!" she moaned as the hand moved down over
her panties and a finger sought out her stiff clit. Never had she felt so
stimulated sexually, never had she felt this hot and in need of sexual relief
with her loving husband.

"Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, pleassssssseeeeeeeee ..........!" Beth sobbed as
her body shook from the tremors stemming from the rubbing of her sensitive
clit. "Ahhhhhh...ohhhhhh!" she moaned as her panties were pushed over her
trim hips to flutter down onto her fallen skirt. Completely naked, except
for her white heels, Beth sobbed in embarrassment and fear as a thick black
finger dipped in an out of her slick womanhood.

Beth gasped as she was suddenly lifted in the air; the thick finger still
buried in her slick twat. The strong black hands easily lifted her and
carried her to the nearby table, the table where she had embarrassed Deon
when he had made a disruption. It was Deon's intent to embarrass the lovely
librarian on the very table that she had embarrassed him at in front of the
class. He stepped between her partially spread legs, leaned over and gave
her a passionate kiss. Beth's confused and frighten mind caused her to
respond to his tongue as she kissed him back deeply.

Deon's thick black fingers began to tweak at her hardened pink nipples.
She moaned with pleasure from the unwanted stimulation. "Please ... no ...
please leave me alone ... I've never been with anyone but my husband ...
please don't rape me!" she softly sobbed as they kissed.

He smiled as he lifted and unbuttoned his jeans, letting them fall to the
floor. His long thick black horsecock sprang to attention. Beth stared in
horror at the massive 12" cock, one that was more than twice the size of
her own husband's. Beth pleaded with her attacker "Please let me go, I
won't tell anyone. Don't rape me, please!" Deon laughed as he stood over
the cowering beauty, spreading her long white legs and dragging her to
him so that her buttocks were at the edge of the table. Beth's eyes were
filled with tears, fearing her young but powerful attacker.

Deon's cock was beginning to leak from his excitement. He lifted and spread
Beth's long sexy legs wide open and hooked them up over his shoulders so
that her little blonde-fringed gash was spread out, totally exposed and
vulnerable. He moved forward and placed his huge dick against her, sliding
his gigantic horsecock up and down the full length of her wet, swollen slit.
Beth's juices flowed from the stimulation, coating his massive black dick
and causing her to moan as the black cock rubbed up and down against her
now slick womanhood.

"Beg me to fuck you Mrs. Barry!" He ordered, as he slowly began to slide it
into the tight mouth of her sweet little pussy. Her face grimaced ... "No
PLEASE ... let me go home. Don't...." her voice fading.

Deon grabbed his twelve inch black rod and rubbed it directly against her
wet slit, concentrating on the top of her tight slit, agitating her hard
little clit. He achieved his objective. As he wormed his black pole against
her sensitive clit, the helpless teacher pleaded with him to stop while her
beautiful white body thrashed around on her desk.

" more. I can't stand any more ... Please have mercy," Beth
begged. Deon smiled as he let his black cock continue to rub up and down her
slick groove. He felt her body tremble as he rubbed the tip of his leaking
black cock against her sensitive little clit. Beth was continuing to thrash
around as he held on to her long pretty legs.

"It's time that you got your first taste of black dick teach!" he said as
he slipped the plum sized cockhead into the thrashing white teacher. Tears
were coating her pretty face as she moaned, "No ... God, stoppppp ...
pleaseeeeeeee ... it's too big ... pleaseeeeeee ... ! Ohhhhhhhhhh ... stop,
please ... it hurts so baddddddddd!"

He let his hips thrust forcefully forward, slipping in another inch, causing
Beth to moan from the pain of being stretched wider than ever before. Deon
placed a large hand behind the head of the sobbing teacher, forcing her to
look down upon the instrument of her downfall. "No ... please, no ... I'm
married ... I've never been unfaithful to my husband. No, please, you're too
big. You'll tear me!" she sobbed.

Then he began to trust four thick inches slowly in and out, causing a hot
feeling to rise in her tight belly. The thick black horsecock was causing the
beautiful teacher much distress but suddenly her trim hips began returning
his thrusts, with mewling sounds of pleasure being emitted from the subdued
wife and mother. Deon sensed that her tormented mind had just surrendered.

"Oh, oh, oh ..." came the moans of pleasure, as the tingling body of the
innocent teacher made her lose control. Seeing this change of behavior, Deon
stopped, nearly withdrawing his entire cock. "Beg me to fuck you with this
big black cock," he demanded of the struggling woman. Reality set in and her
eyes burned into him as she glared at his face from her subservient position
on her back with her feet around his face.

She finally surrendered; "Please ... please ... I can't ... please ... I
have a husband!" Beth's body was on fire. She had to quench the fire between
her thighs. She began to arch up to get the huge black fire hose to put out
the fire, but only the head was enveloped in her slick groove. Then her
bodily needs overwhelmed her sense of reasoning "Oh, please, please ... I
need it ... oh, please ... put it in and fuck me!"

Deon smiled and buried his hard black dick into Beth's slick womanhood. She
was tight for a married woman with children. He was gentle but persistent as
he continued to stroke his twelve inches of throbbing cock into her tender
body. He felt her body respond and hump against his pumping black cock. The
married woman shook and cried in pain as he got his cock half way home. She
was obviously never penetrated beyond 6" and was virgin from there on.

"Oh my are sooooo deep. Please be gentle. I've have never had
anything this deep.." she moaned. Another inch of his black pole gained
entrance in her tight little chute of pleasure. Her lubricant coated his
cock, giving it a sheen as he pulled it out before ramming it home. Each
time he pushed his black cock forward Beth shuddered and attempted to
inch away. "Please.....You're so deep. Be gentle. No one has entered me
this far," she begged.

Her pitiful whining excited him and he tightened his hard ass muscles and
pushed brutally forward. Beth gasped and dropped her hands to grasp his cock.
"Please ... you must go slow ... you are so deeeeeeeeeeep ... oh, God!" she
sobbed. She tried to shake her head as he fed her another throbbing inch of
his massive black horsecock. The sobbing teacher cried as tears ran down the
side of her face onto the wooden table.

He pulled his black ramrod out and as Beth regained her breath, he brutally
and without mercy buried the entire twelve inches deep into her inner
womanhood. "Nooooooooooooooo ..." she screamed as his tip pushed against
her cervix. With his hands on her outer thighs he controlled the helpless
teacher. She could not retreat ... she could only accept his long black cock
deep into her glove tight, clasping vagina. Suddenly, Beth's body stiffened
in an unwanted orgasm "Nooooooooo ...ohhhhhhhhhhh, nooooooooooo .......!"
she moaned.

Her first climax caught him offguard. He felt her initial tremors and her
hands tightened on his back, scratching at his broad back. As she screamed
at the top of her lungs he stopped his cock insertion. Her climax had her
body arching up, lifting her heavy rapist upon her. The short tight body
quivered and shuddered all over and Deon felt her clinching vaginal muscles
as they tightened around his twelve-inch black cock. Finally, the beautiful
teacher's ivory body began to relax and settle back down onto her desk.
Deon let the lovely woman come down from her climax and then began to fuck
her slow and steady.

"You just came on my long black cock, Mrs. Barry! What's your loving husband
going to say if he knew?" Deon taunted. Beth began sobbing, pained at the
thought of how her husband would indeed react to such a degrading event.
Deon smiled down at her as he slowly sped up his strokes, building it up to
jackhammer speed. After fifteen minutes a second orgasm was about to overtake
the lovely beauty, when Deon taunted her, "Ready Mrs. Barry? Ready for my
black cum? I'm going to fill you to the brim with it!"

Looking at his victim's beautiful face, Deon began to fuck away with all his
might, withdrawing till only his cockhead remained and then slamming forward
with all his might, burying his cockhead deep in her womb. Beth moaned,
"Nooooooo, pleaseeeee ...pleaseeeeee, nooooooo ...pull it out!" as Deon
pumped into her and jammed his hips forward with all his might, burring all
twelve inches as his pulsing cock erupted and began hosing down her orgasming
pussy. Beth suddenly arched up in response. Her long white legs raised up to
encircle the quivering black ass, drawing it even deeper into her womb.

Deon looked down at the beautiful teacher, whose legs were still squeezing
him tightly, draining his cum into her womb. He smiled as the married woman
came to her senses and realized just what she had done. A look of horror and
shame set in as Beth closed her eyes and began to sob in shame. She cringed
and sobbed loudly as Deon's rock hard black cock twitched in her flooded
womb. What had brought her to the height of pleasure now made her cringe in

Twice more Deon fucked Beth before got up and said, "What would your loving
husband say if he could see you now Mrs. Barry?" He slipped out of the
library, leaving her curled up and sobbing on the study table. Beth couldn't
find the strength to get up, feeling so defiled and humiliated as her slit
throbbed in agony and oozed out the evidence of her brutal rape. Yet it was
the overwhelming guilt of the orgasms that had shaken her petite body as she
milked him that caused her even more agony.

It was an hour later that Beth finally managed to gather enough strength to
get off the table. She sobbed as she saw the trail of spunk that her leaking
pussy had left upon the tabletop. Staggering to the wash basin, Beth grabbed
some paper towels wipe herself down. She slipped on her skirt and blouse
without any of her undergarments, as her rapist had pocketed both items. She
tried desperately to make herself presentable, knowing she would not be able
to beat her husband home.

Arriving home, Beth saw her husband's car parked in the garage. She checked
her rear view mirror to make sure she was presentable, brushing her hair to
get it back into place. She found her loving husband busy when she entered,
giving her the chance to rush to the master bath. She desperately needed to
shower away the filth and douche out the black teen's cum, hoping it was not
already too late. She gave Dave the excuse of needing to go to bathroom right
away, which was absolutely true but not the reason that her husband thought.

Rushing to the bathroom, Beth prayed the douching of her flooded womb would
be in time. She sat and sobbed at the thought of herself as now being `soiled
goods'. Raped and `ruined' by a lusting black student. But how could she let
her body react to a young boy like that, clutching his body tightly to her
when her orgasms struck. Memories of her wrapping her arms and legs around
the muscular black body of the teenage boy as he fucked her made her shudder.

An hour later, Beth emerged from the hot shower, her skin pink from all the
scrubbing. Her husband kissed her, telling her how much he loved her. As
bedtime came, Beth didn't have the heart to disappoint her loving husband.
Kissing him, Beth shivered when his roaming hand tweaked at a stiffening
nipple. She groaned and arched up when his hand wandered lower and rubbed
her sensitive clit. When her husband crawled up between her legs, Beth was
in a panic when she felt him thrust forward into her.

What frightened Beth at this point was that the afternoon rape had left her
so widely stretched that she barely felt her husband's penis. It was normally
difficult for him to penetrate her and not wanting him to discover the change
in her; Beth wrapped her legs tightly around him and arched her body up to

Dave was so surprised with his lovely wife's actions that his cock twitched
and spurted out his thin semen, leaving Beth to hump back onto his quickly
shrinking penis. Moments later, Dave lay snoring next to his masturbating
wife, who desperately rubbed her sensitive clit while remembering her
afternoon orgasms.

For two weeks straight, the love making in the Barry's bedroom deteriorated
even more. Dave kept cumming quicker and quicker, unaccustomed to having his
lovely wife so aggressive in bed. Meanwhile, Beth was getting panicky for she
could still barely feel her husband's penis anymore. Each night she managed
some satisfaction only by masturbating her clit and thinking back to the
eventful day in the library. She silently wept each night feeling so ashamed
at reaching a mild orgasm while dreaming of that giant black cock plunging in
and out of her.

On Sunday, Beth made her husband breakfast before he headed out for his golf
game. "Oh Beth, I forgot to tell you that I hired a young boy to come over
today to pull out the two small trees and to plant the two potted shrubs in
its place. He seems like a nice strong boy who could use the side money.
He's supposed to be here about now. In fact, I think he's a student at your
school. If he's late, can you show him the things to be done, honey?"

"Sure, no problem! Go and enjoy your golf game! The kids are at my mother's
so I can take care of making sure that he does a good job," Beth responded,
giving Dave a playful kiss on the lips. Beth heard the garage door open and
close as Dave backed the car out. Then she heard the key being inserted into
the front door and Dave calling out "Oh, honey, the yardboy just arrived.
Can you come out and show him around."

Hearing her husband call out, Beth walked out to the front door. As she had
planned on staying home, she was only wearing a pair of shorts and a loose
blouse. As she was approaching the front door, wondering which student of
her school was hired by her husband; she straightened out her clothing to
make it neat. Turning the corner to meet the student, with her hand out to
greet him, her mouth dropped open when she saw whom it was. She didn't hear
what else her husband was saying as a large familiar black hand enclosed
over hers.

Dave rushed back to his car and backed out of the driveway. A honk of the
horn and a wave to his wife brought a wave from both his wife and the new
yardboy. But he had not seen the boy's other hand, moving down and squeezing
the cheeks of his lovely wife's tight little ass.

As her husband's car drove off, Beth rushed back into the house. "I ...I
...I have to check on something!" she stammered and rushed off, swinging the
front door to close it behind her. Only, a foot in the doorway prevented it
from slamming shut. She gasped and froze as she was caught from behind and
felt large hands on her flaring hips. She began to pant and shake in fearful
anticipation as the two large black hands slowly slid up her sides to engulf
her lovely breasts. Just as a scream rose to her throat, the scream of fear
was cut off as a black hand now covered her mouth.

Beth fought with all her might as she was being dragged to her bedroom and
pushed up against her bedroom dresser. Beth couldn't move as she felt her
shorts being unbuttoned and then sliding down her long legs accompanied by
her lacy white panties. Deon's hand slid over her gorgeous little ass and
he slipped a finger into her slick cunt as he said, "Well hello Mrs. Barry,
looks like there's some work for me around here that your husband isn't up
to." He stood slowly pumping his big finger deep inside her as he fondled
her big boobs from behind.

She stood facing the large mirror, then slowly spread her legs about three
feet apart and bent forward at the waist as she braced herself against the
table. The invitation was plain. Deon opened his fly and pulled out his
growing penis. He stroked it a couple times and it quickly reached its full
twelve-inch length.

He pushed the big head of his tool into Beth's waiting, sopping wet, little
gash and slowly sank it in to the hilt. He began a deep pumping action with
his hips and began banging her powerfully. After about five minutes she
orgasmed hard. "Oh, Deonnnn ... ohhhhhhhh, yesssssss ...fuck me Deon
...fuckkkkkkkk meeeeeeee ...yes, sooooo deeeeepppppppp!"

She lost all senses for a moment while the pleasure washed over her. Beth
collapsed in exhaustion. Her arms were weak and her head rested on the
dresser. She twitched and jerked in the aftermath of her orgasms. When her
senses returned she looked up at Deon's eyes reflected in the large mirror
and silently pleaded for more. Deon slid his hands up her sides to capture
her full thrusting breasts as he continued to pound against her upturned
little ass. He began squeezing the big meaty mounds; rolling and tweaking
her hard spikey nipples as he impaled Beth's loudly squishing pussy with
his twelve-inch penis.

After twenty minutes, Deon slid his hands down her body and used his thumbs
to part Beth's perfect little ass, opening the way to her tiny tightly
clenched anus. He pulled out of her spasming cunt and slid his gooey black
horsecock up to the puckered entrance of her tight little asshole and entered
her rear passage. His cock was slick and lubricated and he forced it in deep,
stretching her tight anal passage taunt around his big dick.

Beth realized what he was doing and tried to stop him from fucking her virgin
asshole. She clenched her ass tight but her anal muscles were no match for
his massive battering ram. She grimaced as his huge cock split her wide open.
The pain was indescribable. Beth wanted to scream out in agony but her voice
was gone.

She shut her eyes and gritted her teeth as she tried to get used to being
fucked in the ass. Her rectum was forcibly stretched open. Deon shoved
forward and buried his whole cock into her tightly clenching asshole, all
twelve long thick inches to the hilt. Her eyes widened as his huge cock
plowed into her ass and came to a stop with his heavy sperm laded balls
slapping loudly against her firm little buns.

The pain soon faded and Beth got used to the sensation of having a man in
her asshole. She even came to like ass fucking as his long thick black
horsecock slid in and out of her anus easily now. "Stick it up my ass!" she
shouted at Deon. "I love it. Fuck my hot little asshole! Don't stop, please.
Fuck my tight little ass, AHHHH YEESSSSS!" Beth acted like a total slut now
and she reveled in it.

The electric bolts that were now shooting from her pinched and stretched
nipples to her spasming vagina were joined with jolts erupting in her ass
with each thrust of Deon's long thick member. Without knowing it she began
to moan loudly. Deon's hand began pinch her nipples as pounded Beth's tight
little asshole even harder. Her moaning increased and she had another mind
shattering orgasm as Deon's fully embedded black horsecock spewed its lode
deep inside of her.

He pulled out of her and pulled her over to the bed where he threw her down
on her back. He climbed onto the bed, lifted and spread Beth's long sexy
legs wide open and hooked them up over his shoulders so that her little
blonde-fringed gash was spread out, totally exposed and vulnerable.

He moved forward and placed his huge dick against her, sliding his gigantic
horsecock up and down the full length of her wet, swollen slit. Beth looked
up at Deon and said in an urgent, lusting voice, "Fuck me good Deon! Okay ...
Fuck me really good! Really hard!"

"Okay baby! Really hard and deep too! You want that, baby?" Deon slid his
huge black cock head through her pink blonde fringe little pussy back and
forth nice and slow to tease her. Her hips were raising up, trying to draw
it into her as he relented and lodged it into the mouth of her tight quim
and slid into her in one smooth stroke. She was still loose from earlier
and with a deep whoosh she breathed again.

Beth watched as Deon pulled back, her tight ring of flesh clinging like a
rubber band to his massive shaft, it almost looked like her vagina was
being drawn out of her. Back in-out-in-out. Adjusting, more lubrication.
Deon shifted up a little, the top of his knobby shaft racked the bud of
her clitoris. Beth exploded! She whimpered, bucked, and ground her pussy
onto the invading shaft. Deon held his black dick still, supporting his
weight on his arms as Beth pitched her pelvis up and down the ebony pole.
Her head thrashing from side to side.

Deon began moving his hips up and down a little, assuming some of the motion
from Beth, but keeping counter time with her, elongating the stroke. When her
hips were up, his down, his tight black curls mashing her own sparse blond
ones, matted a darker color with the juices of arousal. Then when her hips
pitched down, his were up to where the first couple of inches remained in
her, the top of his shinny wet black shaft prying up slightly against her
engorged clitoral bud. His black cock was not only wet, it was streaked with
creamy juices from both of them.

"You like this black meat don't ya, baby?" Deon taunted her.

moaned in response.

That day the Barry's bed creaked as never before, headboard continuously
thumping against the bedroom wall, bedsprings singing in rhythmic agony. Time
after time Beth's trim white arms embraced the broad black shoulders while
her dainty white feet drummed upon the pumping black ass. Orgasm after orgasm
shook her convulsing body till finally the long black horsecock shot off and
Deon's heavy balls drained their load of heavy cream into Beth's hungry

Dave Barry was happily enjoying his golf game. He was trying out his new
oversized driver with a black graphite shaft and was amazed at how much power
it generated. Meanwhile, back in his bed at home, his lovely young wife was
handling her own new black shaft topped with an oversized head and was
equally amazed at how powerful it felt as Deon stroked away at her hole.

On the third hole, Dave's golf game would have gone down the tubes if he
could hear his wife at that very moment, "Oh ... ohhhhhhhh, yesssssss
...fuck me Deon ...fuckkkkkkkk meeeeeeee ...yes, sooooo deeeeepppppppp! Oh!
Oh! ...oh, yesssssss ...shoot it in me! Cum in meeee ... Deon!"

At 6 p.m., Dave drove up to his garage. Going to the backyard he was pleased
to see the trees pulled out as he wanted and the shrubs planted perfectly. He
smiled as he viewed the rubbish stacked neatly and tied. He'd have been quite
surprised that it had only taken just over an hour for the work to be done.
Even more surprised that the work had only started at 4:30 p.m.

Entering his home, he was pleasantly surprised when his lovely wife put her
arms around his neck and gave him a passionate kiss, delving her tongue into
his mouth. "Oh, honey, I've missed you! I've thought of you all day!"

Later in their bed, Beth thought how thrilling it was to make love to her
husband on the same sheets that were soiled with a black boy's dried cum. If
only her husband knew that she had been fucked over and over by the black
yardboy in a daylong episode of non-stop fucking and sucking.

Just before falling asleep, Beth told her husband "I really liked the job
that young boy did today! You were right in hiring him. He's very energetic
and can really use the money. I hired him again for next Sunday so he can
do some planting while your playing golf! Beth mentally finished off her
thoughts to herself "Yes, I want him plow me hard and deep then plant his
long black pole deep into my fertile garden and fertilize it with his potent
seed! All day long!"


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