Dave's World: Dave Has To Watch (MF,inter,voy,ncon)
by Wilcox

Beth Barry arrived home after a long hard day of teaching at school, tired
and foot sore. She stretched her 5' 7" frame as she got out of her car and
trudged up to the front of her home. When she got into the house, she quickly
kicked off her heels with an audible sigh. The house was dark and empty? No,
she had seen her husband's car in the driveway. 'He was probably sitting in
front of the TV watching ESPN,' she thought, and then she remembered that the
kids were staying with her mother-in-law this evening.

'Well he's going to give me a foot rub before we go out,' she thought as she
climbed the stairs to their bedroom and found her husband Dave bound to his
reading chair with duct tape. It had been wound around his body and legs and
large piece covered his mouth.

Beth ran into the bedroom straight to her husband. He shook his head and made
noises under his gag that sounded like "behind you" when a hand was clamped
over her mouth and a knife put to her throat. Beth froze in fear.

"Looks like the little woman made it home," said a deep voice in her ear. "Be
good and I won't hurt either of you. Understand?"

Beth forced herself to give a little nod, careful of the point of the knife
as she did so. The man grabbed her by the hair and spun her around. She
found herself face to face with a huge black man with a shaved head holding
a hunting knife. He was a good 6'-3" and looked to be very muscular.

"Your husband and I were waiting for you to get home, sweetcheeks. You see,
he came home while I was burglarizing the house so I had to subdue him. I
looked around, saw your picture and figured that you were the only thing
worth taking in this house. He told me your name and when you'd be home. I
thought that I might as well make him comfortable so he could watch." The
big man leered at her.

"Watch what?" asked Beth, her voice small. 'Please God, don't let him cut
me,' she thought. 'Please.'

"You and me on your bed sweetcheeks. Your going to fuck me, any I want ...
and you will be a good girl and act like it's your honeymoon or I will walk
over and slice open your husband's throat, rape you, then do the same to you.
Are we clear on the rules?"

Beth swallowed and looked at her husband. He was sweating and shaking his
head side to side. The big black man walked over and slapped him on the side
of the head and put his knife to his throat.

"You stay out of this and let the lady decided how it's going to be," he

He turned back to Beth. "Time is wasting, honey. Do I start cutting or do you
start stripping for me?"

Tears flowed out of Beth's eyes as she began to undress. The huge black
man smiled and slapped her husband again. "I like a woman who is action
oriented," he smiled. "You're a lucky man, she wants to save your life."

As Beth took off her blouse and bra the man stroked his dick through his
jeans and leered at her full thrusting tits as they were exposed. He smiled
as he caught her staring with a glazed look on her face at his powerful black
body and the huge bulge in his skintight jeans. His huge black horsecock was
throbbing in anticipation and hanging half way down to his knee, barely
contained by the stretched out material of his old jeans.

The big man leaned down to Dave's ear. "I bet she never had a black dick
before. She's gonna find out the hard way that once a white bitch goes black
they never go back, buddy? Oh that's right, your are a little tied up. We'll
compare notes later."

Beth slid off her skirt and it was obvious that she was still in fantastic
shape with big full tits, a flat tummy, flaring hips and a sexy little ass.
A hot sexy package that made all of Dave's buddies drool at the thought of
fucking her in their beds. Only it was a big black stranger who was going
to carry through and actually do it.

He walked to her and traced the tip of his knife over her nipples. Then he
put the knife down and started rubbing Beth's pussy through her red thong
with his overgrown black hands. Then he explored every inch of her breasts,
and fondled her naked ass.

"Very nice, Beth." he smiled lewdly. "You and me are going to make sweet
music together. I love to see the expression on a white woman's face when
she getting fucked with a big black cock. Now your hubby will get to see it
too and know that there's no way his limp white dick will ever give it to

Beth stared hard at the big shaved-headed black man, tears flowing down her
cheeks. She was helpless. She refused to look at her husband. He was no help.
Their survival was on her. She was trembling with fear but she knew that if
she tried to fight him he would kill them both.

"Man! You sure are fine as hell!" he smiled at her. "I can't wait to get me
some of this!"

He started pushing Beth to her knees. He then unzipped the fly on his jeans
and slowly pulled them down. When he removed his underwear she realized that
it wasn't a myth about black guys. His dick was huge. It was at least twice
as big as Dave's. He wasn't even all the way hard and it was close to a foot
long, and as big around as her wrist!

Her pussy was tight on her husband's dick and she knew that there was no way
that she was going to be able to handle the black man's big unit! She looked
at it with amazement. Beth's limited experience with sex had never exposed
her to anything like what was hanging in front of her now. Still she felt
herself begin to moisten.

"How do you like that honey? Don't be afraid, your gonna love it. Now why
don't you pucker up those pouty little lips of yours and give my dick a nice
big kiss? Bet you can suck cock like a champ," he smiled over to Dave.

Beth had never sucked a dick to her husband's knowledge. Not even his. She
just never really had the desire to suck him off. Dave had tried to get her
to do it several times, but the thought of a man cumming in her mouth always
turned her off. No matter how many times her husband ate her pussy, she would
never return the favor.

"I can't do it," she sobbed. "I've never sucked a penis before."

The big man laughed, looked at her and said, "You mean you've never given
whitey here a blowjob before? What kind of man is he? He doesn't make his
wife suck his dick? That's too much! Don't worry you'll do just fine. Don't
use your teeth, and don't even think of biting me, or you'll be sorry! Now
take it in your hand and stroke it until it's hard and then just use your
mouth to stroke it some more."

Beth slowly moved her hand up his leg until she reached his monster shaft,
and lightly grasped its girth. Her tiny little hand against his big black
cock made Dave's dick twinge. She started stroking his big black meat, and
it grew to a full 13 inches. "That's it baby stroke my big cock. You ever
seen anything like this before?"

Beth shook her head no. "How does it compare to your husbands dick? Tell me,
does he have anything like this for you?" Again, Beth shook her head no.

"Well honey how does it compare? I want to hear you say it," he told her.

Beth looked at Dave with sad eyes, and then looked back at the black man's
cock and said, "you're more than twice as big as my husband. It's huge.
I've never seen anything like it before in my life." Those words stung Dave
deeply, but he knew it was true.

"Well come on baby I want you to suck it for me," he said. "You remember what
happens if you don't play nice right?"

Beth stared at it for a few more seconds then leaned in and started licking
up and down the shaft. Then she moved her mouth up to the tip. She had
trouble getting a few inches in her mouth, but soon she had worked about
half. of it in. She bobbed her head up and down slowly on the massive black
monster. To her husband it actually looked like she had done this before, but
maybe it was instinct he thought. Either way it sure was making Dave hot.

"Oh yeah baby. We'll make a cocksucker out of you yet," he smiled down at
her. "That feels real good baby. Suck that big black cock."

The man then looked at Dave and said, "how does it feel knowing your wife
is sucking a cock for the first time. A black cock for that matter, and you
weren't even the first man to invade her mouth. She sure does suck a good
dick. I think she's starting to enjoy it."

Dave thought that he was right. Beth was really working his dick. She was
slobbering all over half of it, and stroking the rest. He also noticed that
her crotch of her panties was starting to get wet. He thought that his
conservative wife was starting to like this experience. This man had managed
to get her to do things Dave never could.

Soon Beth was sucking the big black cock for all she was worth. Her husband
could tell she was enjoying herself because her little red panties were
completely soaked. Truthfully, Dave was really starting to enjoy the scene
himself. His dick was leaking precum into his underwear. He was rock hard at
the site of his beautiful blonde wife sucking this big black guy off.

It wasn't long before Dave heard the big man start to moan and he knew his
load wasn't far off. Within seconds he were shooting big strands of cum at
Beth's face. She was taking hits in her hair, her eyes, and sometimes her
mouth. He'd have never seen somebody cum as much as this guy did. To his
surprise, Beth was wiping off her face and the rest off her body with her
hands then licking the cum off of them. She wouldn't even suck her husband's
dick much less swallow his cum, but she would for this dominate black

"That was great baby. I really needed that. How about you get up here and
let me stick this big black cock in that little pussy of yours?" he grinned.
"I've gotta repay you for that cock sucking you just put on me."

Beth was now in a trance. Anything he said she was more than willing to do.
The whole time she wouldn't take her hand off his massive horsecock. She
stroked his rod back to full erection and I saw that he was ready to
introduce my wife to the fucking of a lifetime.

He looked over to me and said, "look how wet your wife's pussy is. She's
primed for my big dick. I bet she's going to love what I've got for her
after that pathetic little dick of yours. I bet you almost came in your
pants watching her suck me off. The front of your pants has a wet spot
above that little bitty bulge of yours. Take notes on how a black man
gives it to your wife!"

He was right Beth's panties were absolutely soaked, and tons of precum were
oozing out of Dave's dick. If he'd had his hands free he would already be
stroking his own dick by now. The big black man slowly removed her panties.
They almost stuck to her crotch due to the wetness. He inserted one of his
big fingers and Beth let out a little gasp.

Once he had her squirming he bent her over the bed facing her husband on all
fours so that he could mount her from behind. He moved his big rod towards
the entrance of her pussy and slowly started pushing it in. Dave could tell
his wife was having a hard time taking him in by the pain on her face. She
let out a few small yelps. The black man had worked in about 4 inches when
Beth started moaning with pain. "Oh it hurts. Take it out. You're too big. I
can't take it."

"Relax baby," he tried to assure her. "It will only hurt for a little while.
Then you'll be begging for more."

He started pumping a little faster and Dave could see that Beth was starting
to get used to the size. He had now worked about 8 inches into her and was
already touching places inside of her that her husband never could. Slowly
he got more and more in. He wasn't even all the way in, but Beth was going
crazy. She looked up at her husband several times and smiled. He knew she was
now enjoying the fucking this big black stud was giving her.

It went on and on. The man was a stud and he pounded into Beth's loudly
squishing little quim like a man possessed for a solid half-hour as she
moaned with multiple orgasms washing through her wildly undulating body.
His huge black hands moved all over her sweaty flesh from her ass and
flaring hips up to torment her swinging tits and then back again as he
fucked her doggie style in front of her tightly bound husband.

The intense feeling of being fucked by a large black cock made Dave's
beautiful blonde wife have one orgasm after another as the man powerfully
thrusted his black meat into her faster and faster. Beth was bucking wildly
as she moaned in delight. She arched her back and moaned as he pounded his
huge black cock into her swollen drenched cunt.

"Do you like that baby?" he asked. "Do you like big black horsecock?"

"Oh yeeeees!" she moaned.

"Look at your husband and tell him!" he ordered.

Beth lifted her head towards her husband and said, "oh Dave I love his big
black cock. I've never felt anything like this before. Oh yeeeah! Oh! Oh! Oh
god it feels soooo good! Fuck me with your big cock! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck
me! Oh god I'm coming! I'm coming all over his big black dick!"

Dave had never heard his wife use those words before. She had always been so
shy and conservative with him in bed. The combination of hearing her come and
the words coming out of her mouth was sending him over the edge. After a few
more screams Dave came in his pants and flooded the insides of his underwear.

"Oh baby I'm gonna to come inside of you?" he groaned. "Tell me that you want
my load in your tight little pussy?"

"Yeeees," she screamed. "I want you to come inside of me. Give it to me! Yes!
Yes! Yes! Aaaah!"

Beth buried her face into the bedspread as with a mighty thrust, he landed
all he had inside of her. His muscular black body tensed as his testicles
exploded. As Beth, barely able to speak, cried out, "YESSSSS!" the big man
shot load after load of his thick warm cum into her quivering body. He
pulled her against him as hard as he could as his tremendous black cock
emptied inside of her yearning pussy. With one final thrust her husband
watched as he emptied his load deep inside his beautiful wife.

Once he withdrew his dick, Dave could see what looked like disappoint on
her face. Beth didn't want his big cock to leave her and Dave knew that she
enjoyed herself immensely. His erection started to grow again and he began
to feel sad because he knew that his wife would never be the same. Dave would
never be able to satisfy her need for big cocks.

The man then grabbed Beth by her hair and pulled her head back. "Get over to
your husband," he ordered her. "LOOK AT THIS!" he shouted as he grabbed Beth
and pulled her to her knees in front of her husband. She could see a bulge in
his pants. Beth's eyes went large in shock.

"Looks like hubby enjoyed watching you get fucked, Beth. Look at his stiffy."

Beth could not believe it. She'd done what she'd had to do as convincingly as
possible. She looked up at her husband who looked away.

The black man laughed. "Suck his cock," he ordered.

"NO." Beth was surprised on how forceful her answer came out.

He placed the knife on her throat. "Suck his cock or you die. Make your
husband happy."

Beth went into survival mode again, as she unzipped Dave's pants and pull out
his stiff cock. She put her mouth on it and began to suck.

She grunted as the she felt the man enter her from behind to fuck her a
second time as she took her husband in her mouth. Her incredibly tight cuntal
sheath stretched around his thick black dick like a glove a size to small and
he continued to push himself forward until he'd buried his massive dick into
her well lubed vagina to the hilt. She floated above it as the humiliation
of her rape was deepened by the realization that her husband had enjoyed
watching it as much as she'd come to love it herself ... though she wouldn't
admit it.

The black man maintained a long deep stroke that had her moaning in ecstasy
as she continued to work on her husband's stiff dick. With each pounding
thrust Beth could feel the pressure of her impending orgasm building inside
of her. She rolled her hips back to meet his long deep thrusts into her sweet
little cunt. Never had she felt such sensations before today.

She gasped and whimpered as his balls slapped against her ass repeatedly and
her sopping wet cunt began to loudly slurp and squish with each pile-driving
invasion of her overstuffed little quim. His assault was merciless as he
ravaged the beautiful married woman. She could barely keep her husband in her
mouth the way she was being bounced by the large black man. Beth wrapped her
fingers around her husband's shaft and began to stroke it and lick the head
in-between the deep, throat stuffing bobs of her head.

'If I didn't do this he would have killed both of us,' thought Beth as her
husband came inside her mouth. She gagged and waited for him to finish, when
suddenly the black man behind her pulled out and grabbed her at her hips,
then slowly slipped the tip of his thick cock into her tight asshole. His
cock was slick and lubricated and he forced it in past her over matched
spincter, stretching her tight anal passage taunt around his big dick. She
tried to scream but the sound was trapped by her husband's throat stuffing
cock and oozing cum.

Little by little he moved into her ass with powerful thrusts of his demanding
hips, deeper and deeper until he'd buried every long thick inch of his huge
rod to the hilt. Her eyes widened as his huge cock plowed into her ass and
came to a stop with his heavy sperm laden balls slapping loudly against her
firm little buns.

He began a slow steady pumping motion that gradually increased in speed and
power, pushing in and out of her, pumping her glove tight ass hard and deep
until he felt like he was about to explode. He did then, shooting his load
deep inside of her. She came as he did, arching her butt up, pressing hard
against him as he drove his massive ass-splitting black horsecock home. With
his hands on her hips he gave her a few more slow thrusts, until she had
finished cumming. And then he slipped out of her and pushed Beth to the

He walked out of the room, only to return with a beer from the fridge and a
towel. He wiped off his shitty dick, then drained the beer in one long gulp
as he looked down at Beth in all her naked glory. His dick began to engorge
again to Dave's amazement. "Get on the bed sweetcheeks," he ordered. "I got
one more good fuck in me and your too hot looking not to use it."

She meekly complied and he climed on the bed next to her, embraced Beth and
kissed her. She answered passionately in spite of her mental protests, as
her desire pushed against him. She accepted his tongue into her mouth and
used her own to return his passion, telling herself that she had to appear

He broke off the passionate kiss and spent several minutes perusing her more
than ample chest, fondling and squeezing the firm fleshy mounds and spiky
nipples. He kissed and sucked both nipples as she moaned, unable to stop
herself from responding to the deep rooted feelings consuming her. Then he
rose up saying, "Spread those legs baby. We got more fucking to do."

He climbed up between her wide spread legs, lifting them up onto his
shoulders, he slid his long thick pulsating black cock up and down the full
length of her wet, swollen blonde fringed slit as he looked over at her
husband only a few feet away bound to a chair. "Looks like she wants it," he
taunted. "Look at her push her hips up to me."

She gasped as his massive cock entered her and then sighed as he began to
push it in and out of her. Dave watched wide eyed and felt his cock harden
once more as he watched the massive black cock becoming covered with his
wife's juices as the man pushed deeply into her.

"Ohhh, ..G-G-Godddd ..soooooo ..biggggg ...ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Beth moaned
loudly as the thick cockhead forced its way into the slick glove tight
entrance and the thick shaft began to rock back and forth, gaining another
few inches. He continued to push himself foward until he'd buried his 13
inch dick into her well lubed vagina to the hilt. He felt the tip of his
cock pushing into her cervix as his heavy balls slapped against her upturned
little ass.

Her husband watched as she slowly began to roll her hips up to meet his long
deep thrusts into her sweet little cunt. Pussy juice covered his cock and
leaked from her cunt as they fucked. The black stranger pounded into her,
plunging deeply into her cunt with long steady strokes. She gasped and
whimpered as his balls slapped against her ass repeatedly and her sopping wet
cunt began to loudly slurp and squish with each pile driving invasion of her
overstuffed little quim.

His assault was merciless as he ravaged the beautiful married woman. He
leaned foward and laid over her, pinning her knees back to her shoulders
and fucked for all he was worth, pumping her glove tight little pussy for
a good fifteen minutes, ramming her as hard and deep as he could, making
her juicy cunt squish loudly with every balls deep thrust as he slammed
home repeatedly.

She was making soft mewling sounds, her lust-ridden body moving upward
as he began his descent to push her wet squishy pussy up and down on his
mighty shaft. All thoughts of her husband and children flushed from her
consciousness as she gave herself to the huge black man in front of her
restrained husband.

He dropped her long sexy legs off of his shoulders and leaned down on top
of her, pushing his rod hard into her to the hilt, the sounds of her moans
torturing her husband as her hands wandered to his muscular black ass and
pulled him towards her in sync with every thrust. Dave watched his huge
black hands crawl up over his wife's hot sweaty body to her big full 36C
tits as he fucked her hard and deep. The only thing he could hear now were
her moans and loudly squishing pussy.

He reached down with his hands and started playing with her sexy ass. With
her pussy juice running down the crack of her ass, he circled her tiny anus
with his finger for a while as her breathing became louder. She gasped and
her husband saw her eyes became wide opened when the black man pushed his
finger up her puckered cum filled asshole. Now having both holes jammed he
picked up the pace and hammered her wildly, setting off multiple orgams in
the hot little housewife and mother.

Sweat covered her luscious body as she worked her spasming cunt on his
incredibly huge black cock. She came over and over. She yelled and
screamed as she climaxed endlessly. "Ohhhhhhhhhh, ... G-G-G-Godddd,...
G-G-GGoddddddd ......ohhhhhhh.......!"

He slammed her hard and deep and she quickly got hot again and the next wave
of climaxes started. She fucked him back like a maniac as he tensed and then
groaned. Dave could see the end was approaching fast when the man's heavy
black balls began tightening up signaling his need to cum in his beautiful
blonde wife's sweet pussy yet again.

"Oh, Baby, you're so sweet, oh ... gonna cum ... gotta cum!" he groaned. With
that, he grasped her flaring hips tightly and slammed his throbbing black
horsecock to the hilt. "Urrrggggggggghhhhhhhhhh ..." Dave heard as the man's
long black dick shot it's thick potent seed straight into his wife's womb.

Beth cried out as she felt him begin to cum into her, blasting his wad
into her womanhood in long heavy spurts of his potent sperm ladened cum.
"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ....!" She moaned, her tauntly stretched pussy milking
the long thick black horsecock as it spewed his load deep into her hungry

When he emptied the last of his load into her pussy he lifted off of her with
a horny smile directed at her husband. "Your one lucky man," he told him.
"Your wife fucks like a rabbit ... what a piece of ass. I thought that her
tight little cunt was going to rip my dick right off. Man can this bitch

Dave looked from the dark grinning face over to his wife. Beth had collapsed
in exhaustion. Her body was weak and her head rested listlessly on the bed.
She twitched and jerked in the aftermath of her orgasms. Her legs still
spread open so that Dave could see her obsenely streached cum oozing slit as
the man's thick semen began to puddle on the bedspread under her twitching
ass. In one night the man had pumped more cum into her the Dave could have
managed in a month of trying.

Once he was done with Beth he started getting dressed. He looked at her
husband and laughed, "Thanks for the pussy whitey. I sure enjoyed your wife.
I know she enjoyed it as well. I'll let you slide on not having anything
worth stealing. Your wife was payment enough. I might have to stop back by
some time. I'll give you a number if you need me back to service her again.
I know she'll be needing another dose of my cock. Don't get smart and try
to call the cops because they can't find me through that number. My homies
are too smart for that! Besides I didn't take anything but your wife's
innocence ... you saw her, she loved it?"

He pointed at their small alarm clock on the side table and made her roll
onto her side to see it. "Don't move for an hour. After that, you can cut
your husband loose." He laughed and slapped Beth on the ass, then left.

Beth looked at the clock and then her husband. After an hour passed, Beth
came over and untied him. She looked at her husband and said, "Dave I didn't
really mean all those things I said. I was just afraid he was going to hurt
one of us. I think it was disgusting. Please don't be mad! I think we should
try and call the police. We can get him for breaking and entering, as well
as rape."

"Beth I don't think we could call that rape," Dave said. "I never heard you
say no. All I heard was a bunch of yeees! I'm just glad it's all over. Let's
just forget about it!"

"But Dave I had to act that way or they would have never left. You know me
better than that. Have you ever seen me act that way?"

"Beth I said forget about it. Let's just get ready for bed and sleep on it.
Maybe after we've thought about it for a while we can decide what to do."

Dave knew in his heart that that Beth had enjoyed it, but he was too
embarrassed about the fact that he'd came in his pants twice to fight with
her about it. That was the real reason it had taken him so long to cum in her
mouth while the black intruder sodomized her. He just went to the bathroom
and changed his clothes and went to bed.

Dave got up the next morning and told Beth that he would talk to her after
work about what happened last night. He spent the whole day trying to decide
how he should react to the events from last night. Should he be mad? Should
he try to find out how Beth felt and go from there? He just had no idea what
to do. It'd really turned him on seeing her suck and fuck that big black guy,
but would she think he was sick for enjoying it? By the time he got home he
was no closer to deciding what to say.

When Dave got home Beth was in the living room folding clothes. She seemed
happy. Like nothing had happened at all last night. Before he had a chance to
say anything other than hello, Beth said, "Dave I need to talk to you about
last night."

"Yes I think we should. I'd really like to know what you're thinking," he

"Well I spent the whole day thinking about that same question. You made my
decision a lot easier when I found your clothes from last night," she said
with an accusatory stare. "I noticed there were come stains in your

'Holy shit!' Dave thought. 'Why didn't he think about the laundry? She must
have thought he was sick!

"Beth I..." he stammered.

"Dave I think you really enjoyed watching me with that guy last night," she
said cutting him off. "I have to admit that even though I said I thought it
was disgusting, I did really enjoy every minute of it. I know you must hate
me for saying that, but I've never been sexually satisfied before that big
black stranger opened my eyes to what a big dick would be like. I thought
yours was fine, but after having a dick like his ... I just don't think I
can do without one. I'm sorry if that hurts you, but I think I will be using
that number that he gave us. I don't want to lose you, but I don't want to
lose his big dick either. I would like for you to watch and be there with me
to make sure he doesn't hurt me in any way. I will understand if you want to
leave me, but I wish you wouldn't."

Her husband was sitting there in disbelief. Beth was so conservative before
last night. Now she was saying the word dick instead of penis and she was
talking about sleeping with a strange black man. WOW! This was not what he'd

"I must say that I am shocked Beth," her husband said. "I have to admit that
it did turn me on, but I never thought it would have been that good for you.
You have always been so conservative in bed, and before we were married you
wouldn't even think of having sex. Now you want me to watch you sleep with
another man? A Black man?"

"I know this is a shock for you, but something about being filled with a
big cock turned on something inside of me. I guess he just pushed the right
button. It was like my sex switch was turned on with that big cock inside

"Well I guess I have no choice," he responded. "You will either leave me or
do it behind my back, and I don't want to lose you either. Plus a divorce
would devastate the kids."

"Oh Dave I love you so much," she gushed. "You are the best husband. I knew
you would understand."

So this is how it went. Beth called Leon, his name they found out, whenever
she could arrange for the kids to stay with one of their parents. He's
brought over several of his friends and pimped Dave's beautiful blonde wife
out to them. Dave always watches for pleasure and security.

She also seduced her husband's black best friend Shel because she said she
needed it more often than she could arrange to have the kids stay with the
grandparents. So needless to say, he stays over-night quite a bit. Of course
Dave gets the guestroom while she fucks Shel in Dave's bed. She said she
could trust him not to hurt her so Dave doesn't have to play protector and
sit and watch them go at it. Actually her husband thinks that he'd like to,
but he doesn't want to push it.

Beth and Dave still make love often, but it is purely for his pleasure
only as her pussy has been seriously resized to custom fit massive black
horsecocks. She lets him butt fuck her occasionally now that her tight
little asshole has been broken in. He guesses that it's his reward for
being so understanding about her need for big black cocks.


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