Dave's World: The Surprise In Beth's Bed (M/F,inter)
by Wilcox

My name is Shel, I'm a black man, a doctor who's well respected in the
community. I have a lot of friends, but my best friend is Dave Barry. He's a
writer who specializes in humourous commentaries. One night I got a call from
Dave asking me if I could come over right away. He wanted me to stay at his
house for the night because he had to fly out of town on urgent business and
couldn't leave the kids alone.

Kenny, his boss, had insisted he go and left him no choice in the matter.
Dave said his wife Beth was out of town for a few days, visiting her Mom and
Dad. She was not due home until mid afternoon the next day so he really
needed me to fill in for him. Little did he know what that expression would
come to mean for Beth and I.

Now I have to admit that Dave's wife Beth is one very sexy lady and I've had
the hots for her for years. She's a really cute blonde with a great body. Not
wanting to risk my friendship with Dave, I kept this to myself and only used
my eyes to ravage her when no one was looking. I'd have much perfered using
my big black dick but I got used to lusting for her from afar.

I arriving at their place fairly late and Dave and I had a drink in the
kitchen before he left to catch the red-eye flight Kenny had him booked on.
As he left he told me to sleep in their bedroom because he was using the
guest room for storage at the moment and hadn't had time to clean it out.

After he left I had another drink before heading upstairs to their bedroom to
sleep. I looked in and made sure that the kids were all bedded down for the
night and had their covers over them. Then I went down the hallway and went
into Dave and Beth's bedroom. I looked at their kingsize bed wishing that
Beth was in it waiting for my big black dick to satisfy her in way that her
husband's never could, but deep in my heart I knew it was never to be.

I stripped and hit the bed naked as I always slept and fell asleep very
quickly. In the middle of the night I came half awake as I felt my cock
rising, soft hands were caressing my balls and long thick shaft. Thinking I
was dreaming about Beth because I was in her bed, I tried to fall back to
sleep. Then I felt a warm mouth engulf my cock head and I knew that this was
no dream.

I let out a low moan and I heard a giggle in response. I slid my hands slowly
down to stroke a head of short-cut soft hair. I know that it had to be Dave's
wife Beth, home early from her trip to her parent's house, but I kept quiet
as her tongue teased my cock head. I knew that it was wrong but what man
wouldn't have wanted this interlude to last as long as possible.

Hearing my moans, Beth sucked my cock down her throat. She worked her lips
back up over my shaft lovingly and began working up and down my shaft, using
lots of tongue. Then she raised up and her tongue licked the tip of my cock
head and dug into my piss hole as I moaned louder.

Opening my eyes, I tried to see her. but it was so dark I could only feel her
ripe body against mine. I laid my head back onto Dave's pillow and closed my
eyes as his wife's incredible mouth worked me closer to cumming. My breathing
deepened as she squeezed and rolled my balls in her fingers.

Beth used her tongue to slowly lick up and down my shaft for several minutes.
Circling the head with her tongue I trembled as my cock twitched in response
to her loving ministrations as it got ready to erupt in her mouth, but Beth
sense that I was about to cum and she squeezed my shaft hard. She slowed her
sucking action and licked the tip to keep me from shooting off. I knew she
wanted to give her 'husband' ultimate pleasure and I just went with the flow.

I slid my hands down off of her head to Beth's soft shoulders and heard her
moan. I began to massage her neck and back as she gave me the best head I'd
ever received. Feeling my cum rising again, Beth sucked harder and she
squeezed my shaft hard as she teased me and giggled softly. Begging for
release, she giggled louder. Stopping to kiss my inner thighs, Beth sucked
my balls into her mouth as she slid her tongue over them.

Sliding my hands down to Beth's tits she moaned as I tweaked her hard
nipples. Her big full breasts felt fabulous in my hands and I fondled them
as she moaned even louder. She attacked my cock then and sucked harder than
ever before. Begging with her moaning for my cum to fill her mouth. I arched
my back as she screamed for me to cum for her.

I pulled harder on her nipples and she arched her back, screaming and moaning
louder still. My cock twitched violently as my balls contracted and I filled
her mouth with my cum. I heard her moan loudly as she swallowed my load. I
continued to ravage her full thrusting tits as an mini-orgasm over took her
body. She sucked my balls dry and swallowed spurt after spurt of my thick
jism as she slid my cock in and out of her mouth. When she felt it end she
pulled back and licked up every drop that she could find.

She slid her ripe, lush body against mine as she moved up beside me. I kissed
Beth for the first time then with her still thinking I was her husband Dave.
Beth cuddled very close to me in the dark, as I slid my hands all over her
lush body. I've seen Beth in a string bikini many times and knew she had one
hell of a beautiful body. Now I also knew why Dave was so happy all the time.
She can give head like no other woman I have ever been with.

Caressing her back and shoulders I began to give her the same pleasure she'd
just given me. I sucked on Beth's nipples slowly, as she moaned softly. I
slid my hands down her back to her sweet little ass, feeling how soft and
smooth she was. I heard her breath deeply as she enjoyed the pleasure my
mouth and hands wre giving her. Suckling on her nipples softly, I took my
time, not wanting her to orgasm again too soon. I could tease too and I knew
her pleasure would multiple exponentially the longer I kept her on the edge.

I moved my fingers over her asshole as she squirmed against me. Knowing that
I'd found another pleasure spot, I teased her puckered rosebud with my finger
as she moaned louder. I reluctantly left her delectable breasts and moved my
tongue down over her flat tummy as her breathing got heavier and deeper. I
slipped my finger closer to her pussy as she arched her back. I pushed Beth
over onto her back as my tongue and finger moved closer to her fragrent

Kissing down Beth's tummy I could feel that she was clean shaven and now I
knew why I never saw any stray hairs when she wore her bikini's. I slowly
spread her pussy lips apart with my fingers as her breathing became very hard
and deep. Feeling her wetness with my fingertips, I inhaled her aroma as my
tongue worked over her inner thighs. I blew into her pussy, holding back from
any contact with her sweet slit.

I heard her beg for my tongue on her clit. I waited, knowing that she was
hot and ready. Then as she was wiggling her butt up to me I slid my now wet
finger back towards Beth's asshole. She moaned at the feel of my finger
penetrating slowly inside her tiny puckered anus and then she screamed and
arched her back, pushing her pussy hard against my tongue.

I slowly licked Beth's clit as she screamed in a short explosive orgasm. Damn
she's hot I thought as I slowed my tongue action down. She moaned again in
pleasure as I pushed my finger deeper into her asshole and began to piston
it in and out slowly. She moaned loudly at the incredible pleasure flowing
through her trembling body as she wiggled beneath me.

I brought Dave's wife Beth closer and closer to another orgasm and I wanting
this one to last. I stopped my finger and held in buried deep up her butt as
my breath blew over her clit. She was begging me to make her cum again now
and as my finger pushed deeper into her asshole she arched her back. Wanting
to prolong her pleasure I kissed her inner thighs again as she whimpered

I lifted Beth's legs into the air and dropped them over my shoulders. This
change in position moved her ass closer to my tongue. I worked it into her
slit and then down along the short path to her sweet rosebud. Darting my
tongue out I licked her asshole gently as she moaned softly. Teasing it with
my tongue, I heard her whimper in pleasure.

Knowing Dave's wife was enjoying this immensely, I dug my tongue into her
puckered hole as she arched up against my face. I teased her hole slowly as
she relaxed. I knew she was enjoying my tongue and after a few more minutes
of this I slid my tongue back up to her pussy as she moaned even louder.

Wanting Beth to cum now, I worked my tongue over her clit faster and faster
as she bucked and screamed louder and louder. Keeping her legs over my
shoulders, I still teased her asshole every once in a while as her climax
built into a tidal wave. Moaning heavily now, I moved my finger over her
asshole and rammed it quickly into her ass as deeply as I could.

Beth squirmed under my tongue as I flicked it lightly over her clit.
Mini-orgasm after mini-orgasm rocked her body. Working my tongue harder
against her clit, her body arched higher and higher and she screamed like
nothing I have ever heard before, as the longest most intense orgasm
shutters through her body. The building sunami had finally creasted and
crashed over her trembling body.

Collapsing on the bed under me. Beth tried to regain her breath as I slid
up her body and my cock rested against her inner thigh. Hugging me tightly,
Dave's wife whispered in my ear to take her. We begin to kiss each other
softly as we cuddle tightly.

I pushed my big black cock closer to Beth's pussy lips as she spread her
legs wider. I pushed my cockhead through her pussy lips and I heard her moan
softly as she rose upward in acceptance. I buried my big cock all the way
inside her to the hilt in one powerladen push as she screamed in my ear. Her
pussy clamped tightly around my cock like a velvet vice as she began to milk
my cum from my balls. Telling me it felt so nice and big inside her, so much
bigger then ever before. I rocked gently as her pussy griped me firmly. I
heard her moan louder as my cock began to rub against her clit.

Knowing Dave's spouse Beth is ready. I began to fuck her deep and hard with
each stroke as her legs wrapped around my back. I heard her breathe deeply as
my cock pounded her harder and deeper than she'd ever felt before for close
to half-an-hour before I felt my balls contract as my cock twitched inside
her. She'd gotten off twice already as I fucked her brains out and now
feeling my cock explode inside of her, her matching orgasm flooded my cock
and she screamed and bucked under me as my cock shot my load deep inside her

We drifted off into a deep restful sleep and I don't think Beth knew that it
wasn't Dave who'd fucked her.

I woke up just before dawn as Beth straddled my thighs, I felt my hard cock
slide into her and begin to piston her hot squishy hole as she mounts my cock
for an early morning ride. It's early morning and in about ten minutes the
sun begins to come up over the horizon. The room begins to emerge from the
darkness and I saw her eyes were closed as she's enjoying my hard cock once
again. I saw her sexy body in all it's naked glory as the sun begins to come
in through the window and illuminated the bedroom. Her big full tits were
jiggling in rhythm with her heaving body as she rode me like a cowgirl going
bareback on a stallion.

I was looking at her face when Beth opened her eyes and saw my black face
smiling up at her. She jumped back when she saw me lying there on her bed.
Seeing for the first time during our incredible fuckathon who was underneath
her, a shocked expression came over her beautiful face for a few seconds. I
smiled up at her as she stopped her rocking movements. I said, "Good morning
Beth," as I lifted her up with my hips.

My hands were locked onto her flairing hips at the time and the combination
of my hip and hand action buried my long thick black cock up her glove tight
pussy to the hilt. She gasped as I rolled my hips under her and after a few
moments she smiled back at me and slowly leaned over to kiss me. "My God
Shel, this is a pleasent, if somewhat shocking surprise," she said. "Thank
you for a wonderful night. The best night I've ever had in this bed as a
matter of fact."

I pushed my hard dick up into her again, letting her know how much I was
enjoying her tight little pussy. Beth began to roll her hips once again and
fucked me nice and slow, her eyes closed from the pleasure building inside
her pussy. I reached up to her magnificent rack and squeezed her big full
tits softly and she moaned louded as a mini-orgasm rippled through her.

After a nice long ride I rolled Beth over onto her back. I rose up over her
and my cock slid even deeper inside her as I raised and hooked her her long
sexy legs up over my shoulders. Rocking harder into her with each stroke, I
leaned foward over her and pinned her knees and shoulders down onto the bed.
I stretched her tight little pussy wide open as I pounded her hard and deep
for a good fifteen minutes. I trully enjoyed her screams as her pussy flooded
my fully embedded cock with another all encompassing orgasm.

I grunted loudly as my balls let lose another lode of cum deep inside her
fiercely milking little pussy. I held it in as deeply as I could and drained
ever last drop of cum out of my balls into her. After a minute or so I let
her legs down and fell on top of Dave's beautiful blonde wife Beth.

I thanked her for a glorious fuck and she responded with a deep french kiss.
"My God Shel, what a stud you are," she moaned exhaustedly. "I've never cum
so much in one night before in my life." We clung tightly to one another as
her spasming pussy twitched and squeezed my cock exquistly.

A few minutes later a strange look came over Beth's face. She looked around
the dimly lit bedroom and then asked me where Dave was. I told her how he was
sent away on urgent business by Kenny for a few days and about the call to
come over, I told her how Dave had asked me to watch the kids until his wife
returned from her trip to parent's house.

A smile lit Beth's face, "God I should have know something was wrong when I
felt how big the cock fucking me was last night. You've got a good three
inches on Dave and it's so much thicker, but I was so hot and horny when I
got home, all I wanted to do was fuck and... MY GOD, did I ever. God, the
oral sex was so much better and Dave never could have lasted so long. I lost
count of how many times we did it... it was so good."

She rolled out of bed and disappeared out the door, only to return in a few
minutes. "The kids are all sound asleep. They won't be up for hours. Come
with me, " she said as she pulled me from the bed and headed towards the
master bathroom.

Beth turned on the shower, then she pulled me into the shower behind her. Not
objecting at all, I followed right behind her sexy little ass. Once inside,
she began washing my back. Sliding her hands over my muscular butt, she
moaned softly. After a few minutes of this, Beth turned me around and soaped
my chest. Taking her sweet time as she studied my muscular black body. My
cock rose once again as I drank in her hot sexy body. Looking down, she
giggled at the sight of my erection and slid her hands lower to soap my cock
and balls. She washed me from head to toe as my cock rose to full erection
once again. "My God Shel," she said with a laugh. "You fucked me all night
long and this thing is up hard as a steel bar again."

Suddenly Beth dropped to her knees before me. She looked up at me with her
baby blue eyes and winked. Then taking my heavy balls in her loving hands,
Beth squeezed me hard and I groaned loudly. My cock was rock hard as Dave's
wife Beth slide her hands up and down my long thick black shaft, stroking me
gently as she rinsed off all of the soapy lather. I closed my eyes and leaned
back against the shower stall wall, enjoying the feel of her pleasure giving
hands emensely. Suddenly she moved forward slipped my cockhead into her
mouth. Beth sucked me slowly as her fingers slid up under my balls, bringing
me nearer and nearer to climaxing once more.

I wanted more than head though and I pulled Beth away from my cock as she
protested loudly. I pulled her up to her feet and taking the soap I slid it
over her big jugs as she closed her eyes. Soaping her tummy and breasts as
the water fell over us, I heard her breathing become much deeper. Then even
deeper still as I worked the soap bar over her sweet pussy lips.

Beth moaned loudly, as I washed her pussy slowly. I slid my hands over her
flairing hips around behind her and moved closer to her tightly puckered
little asshole with the wet bar of soap. She arched her back, pushing her
lush body tightly against me. I slid my hands over her firm meaty buns and
then in between them, towards her waiting anus, as she moaned louder. I
worked a finger around in a tiny circular motion and slipped it into her
asshole, as she whimpered in total submission.

Beth whispered into my ear, "OOHHHH Shel, please, fuck my ass with your big
black cock. Pleassseeee! I want it so bad I can taste it."

Smiling back at her I told her," It will be my pleasure Beth. I've wanted to
fuck you up the ass ever since the first time I saw you. You've got the
sexiest little butt I've ever seen."

I spun her around and she leaned up against the shower stall wall as the
water splashed over her. I slid a second lathered finger into her tight
rosebud to loosen her up a little more. Moaning louder, she begged me for
my cock as I pumped my fingers into her. "Fuck my ass baby," she moaned.
"Fuck it good and hard with your big black horsecock. Pleassseeeeeee Shel...

Knowing Beth was ready I slid my cock over her pussy lips and buried it all
the way in as she let out a loud gasp. I pumped her tight cunt a few minutes
and then pulled out and positioned my black battering ram in against her
tiny anus. I pressed forward and caved it inward as her overmatched spincter
allowed my big dick to enter. Once I was seated I pushed forward and drove
my big prick into Dave's wife's tight little asshole.

Her sweet little ass opened up like a flower and accepted three inches of my
thick shaft, then as I pushed more and more into her she squealed loudly. I
stopped and asked her if I was hurting her. She told me no. "It feels so
good. Don't stop now," she begged. With Beth begging for it, I pushed deeper
and deeper with every stroke up her tight little asshole.

I was soon buried all the way to the hilt and I stopped to let her relax and
become accustomed to the size of my big dick. I felt her hand slide under me
and drift over my balls as I slammed in and out of her ass faster and harder
with every stroke.

I felt her body shutter, as an mini-orgasm rippled through her. Then a series
of orgasms overtook her, one right after another and she grabbed onto wall.
Nearing the point of no return myself, I told her I was close to cumming and
her incredible tight asshole squeezed my cock even harder, if that was
possible. That was all it took and my dick exploded, flooding the inside of
Beth's glove tight asshole with my cum. Her body rippled in a super intense
orgasm, as we collapsed against the wall, my big black body pinning her small
white one one as we shivered in unison.

Regaining our senses, I pulled out of her magnificent ass and let the
steaming water rinse us off. Then Beth turned the shower off as we slowly
untangled ourselves and got out. Telling me to get dressed, Beth left me in
the bathroom to shave. I took my time and I heard the sound of the kids
getting up and rushing downstairs. I slowly moved downstairs several minutes
later, drawn to the smell the sweet aromas eminating from the kitchen.

Wondering what Beth had cooked up, I came into the kitchen and saw the
shining faces of Dave's three small children digging into what looked like
a feast for a monarch. Telling me to grab a seat, she kissed me on the cheek.
"Uncle Shel stayed over last night kids," she told her young hoard as they
screamed they're good mornings at me.

Beth was wearing a pair of white short shorts and a yellow halter top. She
turned her back to me and made her ass cheeks stick out. She wiggled her
perfect little ass at me as she heading to the fridge for juice, upon
returning she sat across from me. Smiling at me, Beth told me, "Dig in big
boy. You need to recover your strength after the performance you put on last
night and this morning."

I quickly looked at her kids, but they were to engrossed in filling their
faces to have noted, much less understood the sexual meaning of her words.
Feeling hungry I devoured the meal, feeling a bit strange as I sat there
surrounded by Dave's three small children, after having just butt fucked
they're beautiful mother up in the shower. "My God," I thought. "What if
one had come into their mother's bedroom last night and found her in her
bed humping her brains out under Uncle Shel." I tried to clear my head of
those kind of thoughts as I ate.

Suddenly the front doorbell rang and and the kids all rushed out to the
front room yelling that Aunt Ginny was here. "Beth smiled at me and told me
that Dave's sister was taking the kids to the zoo along with her own, so
that Beth could rest up after her long trip. "This way we'll have plenty of
time to talk Shel," she said with a sweet smile.

After they left, Beth told me that she enjoyed my company last night and was
really glad that it had happened. She said that she got quite lonely at times
because Dave was so caught up in his work. "The fire has been going out for a
while, he doesn't pay me any attention anymore." she told me.

Then Beth told me that she'd caught me eyeing her a few times in the past.
"I have to admit Shel," she confessed. "I've often masterbated to the thought
of you fucking me with your big black cock. Only my dreams didn't do you
justice Shel, you're one hell of a stud."

I told Beth that I thought she was beautiful, but I never wanted to go after
her because she was my best friend Dave's wife. She asked me to stay with
her while the kids were at the zoo. I quickly agreed with a smile. While we
cleaned up the dishes she brushed up against me a few times and I responded
by squeezing her ass and coping quick feels of her tits. Then he got some of
Dave's swim trunks for me and she told me to meet her outside in the pool.

Dave had put up a high security fence that made the pool secure from his
neighbor's prying eyes. Beth emerging from the house wearing a black string
bikini, that barely covered her georgeous curves. After quickly taking a
swim, we moved ourselves over by the blankets she had placed on the edge of
the grass in the back corner of the yard.

I grabbed the suntan lotion and slowly applied it to Beth's back as I untied
her top. I heard her moan as my hands massaged her back and shoulders. I
then moved my hands down Dave's wife Beth's lovely back. I felt her sexy ass
checks, as she moaned louder, egging me on. Untying her bikini bottoms, I
slid more lotion over her fabulous buns, as she moaned louder. Knowing Beth
was a stick of dynamite ready to go off I began to caress her sexy legs as
the rising sun beat down on us. Finishing her legs and feet, I quickly turn
her over onto her back and saw her nipples standing straight up.

Seeing Beth fully nude in the rising sunlight had my cock standing at full
attention inside Dave's trunks. Seeing this she smiled and said, "Dave never
filled these the way you can Shel." Moving my hands up her legs as I applied
the lotion, I heard her moan. I took my time as I passed her pussy and moved
up to her flat tummy. Moving my hands over her, I slid the lotion over her
full thrusting tits as she moaned louder. I teased her nipples with my
fingers as a mini-orgasm rocked her under me.

Beth said it was my turn and told me to lie back. She applied the lotion over
my neck and shoulders, then moved down my chest. Looking at my cock straining
her husband's trunks, she winked at me, as she slid her hands over my chest
and stomake. Moving to my feet she caressed the lotion over them, then worked
back up my legs. Nearing the trunks she lefted my legs and she pull them off
with one practiced pull.

Seeing my big cock bounce against my stomake she giggled loudly. Working her
hands towards my inner thighs, she caressed my balls with the lotion, as I
closed my eyes. Taking my shaft in her hands she moved herself into a 69
above me. Pressing her sweet pussy against my face, as her hands caressed my
rock hard cock. Smelling the sweet femine aroma, I drove my tongue deep
inside her pussy. Beth devoured my big black cock, as we hungrily eat each

She must have had a half dozen orgasms by the time I pushed her off of me. I
flipped her over onto her tummy and pulled her hips into the air. I grasped
her by her flairing hips and dragged her back to me. She tried to crawl away
saying, "Wait Shel, the kids will be home anytime soon." I grabbed her again
by the hips and locked her in place.

How I'd longed to bend her over in front of me and lay my lengthy black cock
between those firm cheeks of hers and now I was doing it, my huge sperm laden
black balls touching her bright pink slit as my thick black shaft nestled in
between her fabulous buns, the head peaking out over her back as I slowly
sawed it through the sexist little ass I'd ever seen.

"You know Beth, I've fucked you in just about every position now, but not
doggie style," I said as I slowly slid my big black dick through her
sweetcheeks. "You've been giving me hard-ons for years from watching your
sexy little ass in those tight shorts you're always wearing. You've got to
let me fuck you doggie style. I want to watch your sweet little ass as your
pussy is massaging my big black cock. You've got to relieve the pressure
you caused, it's only right Beth. Sweetcheeks, I'm going to fuck you like
you've never been fucked before."

My long thick black cock buried itself deeply into her already slick quim
and I rammed up inside her tender blonde fringed little pussy and began to
fuck her glove tight cunt powerfully. The only noise at first was the
occasional whimper coming from Beth's mouth. Then her body relaxed and I
began banging her hard and deep. Beth moaned and began thrusting her hips
back to match my thrusts.

She was whimpering loudly now, writhing her buttocks erotically in my
crotch. I gasped, running my hands down her body to squeeze her breasts as
I powerfucked Dave's wife slowly, deeply and thoroughly. She moaned and
shuddered, rocking to and fro against me like a bitch in deep rut, whimpering
loud obscenities that only inflamed my passion. Her body rocked and jerked
under my thrusts, her heavy breasts jogging and bouncing as I freed them from
my grasp and slid them up onto her hips, pulling her tight little pussy up
and down the length of my big black cock.

I watched her beautiful ass as I fucked her and noticed that her breasts
started lowering until they mashed into the blanket from my powerful thrusts.
I was fucking her with the entire length of my massive black horsecock now
and the forceful thrusts had pushed her face down into the blanket until only
her ass was raised into the air. I really pounded into her, my sperm ladden
balls slapping her thighs for what seemed an eternity. Her kids could have
come home and come out to watch me fucking their mommy and I wouldn't have
cared, or stopped. "What are you doing to Mommy?" would have been answered
with a curt, "Fucking her kid. Now go away!"

Then after a long hard fuck, I pumped what seemed like a gallon of cum into
her and we fell onto our sides in a heap. We lay there, still joined as my
cock slowly soften and finally slipped out of her cum drenched quim. "Wow,
that was incredible," Beth moaned. "I think I just found my favorite
position. What a stud. You wore me out with your big black cock. Come on
Shel, the kids will be home soon."

Beth got up and pulled me into the water for a quick dip in the pool to clean
ourselves off. I told her that I should probably head for home before her
sister-in-law returned with the kids. I told Beth that it wouldn't look right
to Dave's sister if I were still there.

After returning home I heard my phone ring. It was Beth saying that she
missed my big cock already. "Why don't you come over for dinner tonight.
It'll be to thank you for babysitting the kids on such short notice," she
said. "Then after the kids are asleep I'll thank you in a much more personal
way," she gave out a laugh and quickly hung up.

Returning for dinner, I found Beth dressed in the most beautiful little red
dress I've ever seen. I closed the door behind me and pulled her into my arms
for a long sensuous kiss. Luckily the kids were playing up in their rooms and
we didn't get caught. After dinner, Beth put the kids to bed and we had a few
drinks on the couch. Moving closer to her, I slipped my hand under her dress
to find that she'd removed her panties while she'd been upstairs.

Smiling once again as I looked at her face, I slipped two fingers into her.
Beth gasped and broke into a big smile. Working her closer to orgasm, I
flicked the tip of her clit as she kissed my neck. I brought her to orgasm
as she moaned loudly in my ear. She leaned into me and kissed me deeply as
she stroked my cock saying she wanted to return the favor. She moved close
to me, her hands rubbing my big cock through my pants. Beth unzipped me and
pulled my throbing erection out of my pants.

Smiling up at me at me as she flicked her finger over the tip. I moaned in
response. She moved her head down to my cock and began to suck and tease me
with her tongue. She went down on me and sucked me off until I was ready to
shoot off. Sensing that I'm about to explode, Beth deepthroated me and worked
her throat around my thick shaft in a swallowing action. This sent me over
the edge and my cum exploded deep in her throat.

She sucked and slurped like a pro, swallowing every drop before she licked me
clean. Then rose up from my lap with a sly smile and gave me a loving kiss as
she leaned against my shoulder. "I think the kids are asleep now Shel," she
said in with her most seductive voice. "We can go up to my bedroom for the
main event. If your up for it, that is."

I carried her up to her bed and we made love all night long. I fucked her
up the ass before I left the next morning and now Beth and I repeat this
whenever Dave goes out of town. In fact Dave's leaving tomorrow for the
weekend on another business trip, and you know what I'll be into while he's
gone. Dave's lucious wife Beth's tight little pussy and even tighter little


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