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Not sure when I'll have another chapter written, but for the meantime, enjoy
the first chapter.

Dawson's Creek: A New Teacher in Town Part 1
by DCForever

In the auditorium at Capeside High, a lone hand raises from the back row.
The single hand belongs to a student that goes by the name, Dawson Leery. He
is sitting in on an open forum school council meeting. Being that his dad
works at the school, he had just as much rights being at the meeting as the
teachers, principal, and other family members of the council. The host of
the meeting recognizes his hand and gives young Leery the floor; majority of
the people attending the meeting turned in their seats and waited with open
ears for what he had to say.

Turning head from side-to-side scanning the room of adults, "I don't see why
the school just can't hire an outside substitute, someone that works in the
health field or someone not thrown off by the topics and questions you all
know the students will ask. That way all the burden is lifted from all the
current teachers' shoulders."

"Is this a joke Mr. Leery or do you have someone in mind?" Principal Green
quizzically asked through the microphone on the podium.

Again, yelling out, "Andie. You all remember Ms. McPhee I'm sure? The other
day when I talked to her on the phone, the school's current situation somehow
came up. She informed me that she might know of someone from the Boston area
that might be interested in a position such as ours...if such a position came
available. I believe this woman is in search for a job. After a few hours,
she convinced me that this woman would be perfect for the job. And she
specializes in the field of Health and Sexual Education. She is a doctor of
sexual relations or something along those lines. Andie's information was
slightly vague in that part of the conversation."

The auditorium filled with the sound of murmuring people talking among
themselves. Principal Green turned, walked over, and started talking with
the other chair members on stage. The general consensus was pretty positive
around the auditorium. Dawson sat back in a reclining position in his blue,
cushioned back seat, with a huge grin on his face.

"The council and I have mildly talked this through and we don't see why we
can't at least interview this woman. Did Ms. McPhee happen to mention what
type of salary this woman was looking for or how we might be able to contact

Leaning over towards the front of the room, "She mentioned that while she
taught in Paris that she only asked for a place nearby to stay and full
control over the program that which she would be taking over. Not sure what
kind of control is needed for health programs. Other than that, I'm not sure
what her asking price would be. I'm pretty sure that I can get her address
or phone number from Andie."

Without hesitation, Principal Green asked Dawson to please get back in touch
with Andie and have her contact this specialist. And to inform her, based
on the same conditions she previously taught, she temporarily has a job at
Capeside High School waiting on her if she chooses to accept the offer. The
council was shocked at Principal Green's ballsy decision; and without even
asking for their approval. They were all for the idea of the specialist as
well. Everyone in the auditorium that night knew that this woman was too
good to be true...they would have to wait to see if their suspicions were
correct or not.

A week later, a 5'5" tall woman was escorted into Principal Green's office
carrying a black leather bag. "Principal Green I presume?"

"Yes, I'm Principal Green. How may I help you?" Looking up from his desk,
all Mr. Green could see was an attractive young woman dressed in a navy blue
form fitting skirt and an equally tight fitting white top. The top clung to
her shapely breasts like there was no tomorrow. He slowly scanned the rest
of her body until he made eye contact with the beautiful woman.

"You were expecting me. I spoke to a Ms. Andie McPhee about a job. She
informed me that you had a teaching position that I might be able to fill."
Reaching out her hand, "I'm Ms. Davis." Principal Green stood up and
accepted the handshake gesture and immediately fell back into his seat, but
not before motioning the woman to have a seat as well.

"I can't tell you Mr. Green just how much I love to teach. It's a passion
that I've had for many years. And because of this pleasure, in return I ask
for no monetary gains...just a place to call home for the time being." She
awaited a response.

"Well, I see no need in drawing this interview out any longer than necessary.
I'll get my secretary to retrieve the necessary paperwork for you to fill
out." He reached over his desk and provided his hand, which she accepted;
the deal was closed. Ms. Davis was the newest staff member at Capeside High

"While my secretary is pulling the appropriate papers together, you are more
than welcome to start familiarizing yourself with the school. I would escort
you myself, but I have a very important meeting that I must get to across
town." Grabbing the loud speaker's microphone, "Sorry to interrupt classes
everyone, but will Dawson Leery please report to the Principal's office?
Thank you."

Ms. Davis's eyes lit up at hearing the young boy's name. She and Andie had
talked quite a bit about a certain Dawson Leery. She couldn't wait to meet
the aspiring filmmaker.

Mr. Green and Ms. Davis greeted Dawson at the office door. She immediately
offered her hand to Dawson, introducing herself to the teenager. "I'm Ms.
Davis, the new Sex Ed teacher. I've heard so much about you Mr. Leery. I
sometimes had the hardest time getting Ms. McPhee to shut up when talking
about you. You two must have made a great couple."

Chuckling a bit, "I'm sorry, but you have it all wrong. Andie and I have
never been a least I don't remember such a relationship. Except
that one time we shared the toilet, but that's a long story that I probably
shouldn't have brought up. We've always been just good friends, but we
didn't even talk all that much. Most we probably ever talked to each other
was when she stopped by one day to get some homework assignments...that's
about it. Well, besides a few phone calls overseas and a few e-mails."

"I had no idea. Guess I gathered the wrong conclusion about you two. Maybe
I should have just kept my mouth shut. Anyway, it's very nice to meet you.
I hear that you want to direct and possibly produce movies some day. What
a goal to strive for. Most young people your age are worrying about who's
throwing the next party, who could fart the loudest, or who will be the lucky
girl to screw you next."

Good thing Principal Green had already left for his meeting. It was just
Dawson and Ms. Davis walking down the hallway talking. Dawson was shocked by
her choice of words, but he never let on. "I just want to do that which I'm
good at and love...which is making films. Did Andie tell you about the
amateur films I've made?"

She stopped walking and turned to face Dawson. "No she didn't! You shock me
Mr. Leery."

"Please, call me Dawson. And what is so shocking?"

"Okay, Dawson it is! I'm just shocked that you would just come right out and
say that you have tried your hand at amateur films. What was the plot? Was
it a 'Cock Rocker', 'Clit-on-Clit', 'Gang Bang'"?

Throwing his hands up in the air gesturing a stopping motion, "Whoa there...
No, not that kind of Amateur films. No way in hell around these parks. No,
I meant Junior Amateur in the kind made for the Junior Film Makers
Association of America. The thought never crossed my mind to make one of
those movies. Plus, even if I did venture off and try one, the distribution
would suck in our small town. I don't believe there is much of a demand for
X-rated movies in Capeside.

"In my worldly travels, I've been to towns just as small as Capeside and
some even smaller. On the outside they seem pretty innocent, but deep down,
they're something else. I'm sure your local video store has a back room or
can easily get their hands on some if the money is right."

"Now there you would be wrong. I once worked at our local video store and
nothing even close to those type of movies came through our shipment doors."

"Guess I could be wrong. I'm sure Capeside is as innocent inside as it is
out. Where do you think we should start our tour, Dawson?"

"That depends on what you want to see. We could start in the library or the
media center or even the gym. It's your decision."

"Well, lets see...hmmm...I don't believe I'll ever be stepping in the
library. Never went to the library as a student so why should I as a
teacher? The media center sounds interesting, but I love to work out
and run so I guess...the gym it is."

They continued talking and learning more about each as they made their way
towards the school's gymnasium.

Dawson opens one side of the double doors leading into the gymnasium and
motions Ms. Davis through before entering himself. A class was in session
on the far right side of the courts. The two walked over and watched each
member of the class learn how to shot the perfect lay-up. The gym teacher
walked over and introduced himself as Mr. Leery.

"That's a coincidence..." pointing at the other Leery, "...his last name is
Leery as well."

Dawson chimed in. "He's my father."

Reaching his hand out, "I'm Mitch Leery. And you are?"

"Oh how rude of me. I'm Ms. Davis...the new Sex Ed teacher."

"Ahhh, so you're the one rescuing the rest of us from having to take over
that class. It's my honor to meet you." Looking back over his shoulder at
his students. "Well, it was good to meet you. I'm sure I'll see you around
the break room some time, but right now I need to get back over there before
someone twists an ankle."

"I like your father, Dawson. Is he married?"

"Yeah, but I'm not...just kidding."

"And a sense of humor as well. You may surprise me yet, Dawson Leery. How
are the weight room and locker room facilities?"

"Right this way. Which would you care to see first?"

"Locker room would be fine."

Dawson walked her throughout the men's shower and locker room. "Are the
women's facilities about the same?"

"Guys aren't allowed on the girl's side so I couldn't tell you."

"Well, as my new friend and tour guide, today is your lucky day. In life
kid, you can't always follow the rules. You just wouldn't be you if you
always did the right thing." She reached down and grabbed his hand and
together they walked to the girl's locker room.

The facilities looked a lot like the men's, with a few comfort exceptions.
"See, Dawson, there isn't anything bad about being on the girl's side. Lets
checkout the showers, shall we?"

They both walked through the large locker room and through the door leading
to the shower rooms. The site before Dawson threw him for a loop.

"This can't be right." Looking around, "The girls have not one...not two...
but three separate shower rooms? No wonder guys aren't allowed in here...if
they saw this they would be royally pissed."

"You're probably right. The facilities here are way much better than a few
of the previous places I've worked. Do you here that? Sounds like someone
just turned on some water. Lets check it out." Ms. Davis pulled young Leery
behind her as she walked down the corridor leading to the last shower room's
door entrance. She opened it, walked in and realized that there was a slight
difference from the current room than the previous one they had seen. The
first had small individual shower stalls, while the current one was just one
large room with showerheads protruding from the tiled wall. Dawson followed
her into the room. They walked further in the room until they saw the source
of the water sound. Dawson was stunned when Ms. Davis didn't try to lead or
push him back through the, she had no problem in allowing her tour
guide the opportunity to see three giggling, naked students taking showers at
the end of the room.

Whispering to Dawson, "I see the female bodies at this school aren't too bad.
I think the short, brunette in the middle has a cute ass. Which one do you

Dawson didn't know if he should answer her or not. Could she be testing him?
"I second your choice. I think she's on the cheering squad."

Looking at her watch, "That's even better. Means she probably has a daily
ritual and showers about this time each day. I might have to start my own
daily routine." Dawson looked dumbfounded at the woman.

"You mean you would..."

"In a heartbeat. I can see the confusion on your face. There is only one
thing that you need to know about me...I'm open to anything. And give me ten
minutes alone with that cute ass over there and she'll be the one doing the
opening. I can taste her already. Am I too much for you?"

"I-I-I'm just not used to this sort of openness. Don't get me wrong, I like
it...I'm just not used to it. That's one thing us teens have to deal with
everyday. It's nice to know you can just say your peace and not offend the
other person. I've been amazed by you since you introduced yourself to me
in the office. And if I may be honest?"

"Say your peace."

"This steamy shower room is playing wonders with your breasts. A teacher
that doesn't bras is fine in my book."

Smiling at the boy, "Well how do you feel about a teacher who's about to kiss
the guy standing before her?" Dawson's eyes shot open has Ms. Davis's lips
attacked his, pushing him back into the nearby wall. She grabbed his face in
both hands and violently kissed his lips, getting harder and more violent by
the second. She moved her head from one side of his face to the other, never
breaking contact. As Dawson relaxed and started kissing her back, their
tongues met in the middle. Dawson didn't have much experience in the kissing
department, much less any other department, but he was quickly learning the
art of the French kiss. Their lips battled for supremacy of the other as
their tongues moved from mouth-to-mouth rolling and sliding over each other.
Young Leery wasn't sure what he could or couldn't do in his current
situation, but it got to the point he didn't care any more. He moved both of
his hands down and clutched an ass cheek in each hand and pulled the woman
even closer. She gradually let her defenses down as Dawson's aggressions
took over. He had hiked up her blue skirt and was fondling the crack between
her ass with his fingers; his grasp was still intact. Her breasts made no
movement as they were crushed against the boy's youthful, teen body. Ms.
Davis found herself at Dawson's mercy and she couldn't think of a better way
to be welcomed to her new school.

The two finally broke their hold on each other when they started hearing
chattering coming from the other three girls in the room. Dawson and Ms.
Davis looked around the corner of the wall and once again watched the three
naked girls as they finished their showers. Dawson about fell to the ground
when the closest girl to him bent over to dry herself off. He was awarded a
view that many horny teenagers would love. The new teacher just licked her
lips as the girl's public mound came into view. Before she could say
anything, Dawson beat her to the punch. "Now that could be a lickin' good
time." Ms. Davis was caught off guard by his statement and busted out in
laughter. The three girls turned only to see two shadows on the opposite
wall running away.

Now safely outside the locker room, "Hehe...that sure was close. What

"I guess you could say that your innocence has gotten to me. I wasn't
expecting anything like that to flow from your lips. You surprised me...and
that doesn't happen too often."

"Surprised? I'm the one that should be surprised and gratefully thankful
that you let me stay. And more so, for showing me how the French take

"Dawson, you are one of the sweetest boys I've ever met. And if you ever
want to continue where we finished off then I'm all for it."

"Well then why don't we go back in there and gang up on those three? I
haven't ever fucked, but if I can learn kissing that quick then I'm quite
sure I can manage learning how to fuck just as quick."

"Now that is tempting, but I better be going and're only allowed
to miss the classes before lunch...Principal Green's orders. Listening to
that silence, my best guess would be that its already lunch time."

"Ah,'re right, it is my lunch period. Doesn't look like I have
time to grab a bite, so would you mind if I lunched on your cherry flavored
Chap Stick."

"My pleasure." Dawson pulled Ms. Davis under the edge of the gym's
bleachers, this time; he was the one to find her lips. They stayed entangled
until they heard some girls talking as they left the locker room. It was the
three girls from earlier. Dawson and Ms. Davis peered through the opening in
the bleachers and watched each of the three girls' hip, waist, and ass as
they swayed from side-to-side with each forward step.

"Dawson, mark my words...I will have had all three of those girls' head
between my legs before my term is up."

"Don't worry, I believe every word you say. I can think a few others I would
like to see between your legs as well...not including between my own."

Patting him on his shoulder, "We'll have plenty of time for you to introduce
me to your girls, but hopefully they won't be the only ones that get to taste
your manhood. It's taking every bit of strength I have not to beg for a
taste right now, but I need to get going. I have paper and supplies that I
need to get for my classes. Speaking of classes...will you be taking one of

"I'm not scheduled for any of the three."

"Well, we'll have to change that. I can't have a Sexual Education class
without my star pupil."

"I don't know. The Principal is pretty dead set against rearranging
classes...especially in the middle of the term."

"Don't you want to be in my class, Dawson? As I'm sure you noticed before,
I don't wear underwear...ever...not even in class...not even when I wear
shorter skirts that this one...especially when I know that I love sitting
on the edge of my desk. It gives me a rush for the students to think that
I don't know that they can see my bush. Okay, its not much of a bush
anymore...more like a slight grassy field...makes the sex even better. Oh
and do you know what's the greatest?"

"No idea."

"You expect the guys to look. Everyone expects guys to stare, but what
really wets my thighs is when I see a female student going out of her way
to sneak a peak or two. From that point on, I usually go out of my way to
be more open to them and start calling on them for everything...especially
if I need any assistance at or on my desk. If you haven't figured it out
by now, Dawson, you will very soon. I'm not like most teachers...I speak
and teach...from personal experience."

Smiling hard at the older woman, "I can already read you like a book. At
some point you're going to have our cocks and pussies on display...for
experience and experiments only of course. Well, if you can get me
transferred into one of your classes...I ask that it be in whatever class
Josephine Potter, Jennifer Lindley, and a few members of the cheering squad
are in."

"You are something else, Dawson Leery. No one has ever read me the way you
just did. I'm sure we are going to have a lot of fun together this term.
I'll see what I can do about transferring you over. And you said Potter
and Lindley, right? I'll definitely try and work it out so its to your

The bell sounded. Dawson quickly leaned over and kissed Ms. Davis one last
time before saying goodbye and rushing to his next class. The older woman
just watched as her newly found lover ran off into the distance; book bag in

Talking to herself, "Alright Trish...don't go falling head over heels for
this one...he is only one...there are more cocks where he came from. This
school is loaded with hot looking guys and sexy ass looking girls...the
pond is certainly full in this town. Now to track down the names of those
three girls and get home for some much needed relief. Damn...I forgot to
get Dawson's number...have to get it before I leave as well. There is just
something special about that boy."

(to be continued)


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