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Dawson's Creek: Dawson's Freak Part 1 (m/m,m+/f,ncon)
by Pred

"Heads up .. Jacqueline!"

Jack McPhee had no time to do anything, but look up and regret the day he'd
ever signed up for Capeside's football team. A steaming, urine-soaked towel
smothered the teenager's face, and his every sense was assaulted with the
rank, putrid odor.

"Fuck .." Jack gasped, tearing the towel away from his head. The pee had
soaked not only his face, but his brand new shirt, the shirt Jen Lindley had
just given him that morning at breakfast. * Can't have the Minuteman's star
wide receiver looking like a TOTAL dork on opening game day, * she'd said
drowsily before handing him the Structure box, kissing his cheek, and then
returning with a slight giggle to her breakfast muffin.

The gesture had genuinely touched Jack McPhee. Months before, the boy's
life had looked so grim he'd even flirted with the idea of cutting it short.
Despite his best efforts to lead the life of a normal teenage boy, the
secret of his homosexuality had been cruelly thrust into the light of day,
practically destroying the lives of every friend and family member he held
dear. Then, amid his mother's grim illness and his sister's nervous
breakdown, he'd been forced to leave his own house, unable to cope with his
father's seething resentment and homophobia.

That was when Jack McPhee had found himself turning to the most unlikely of
saviors, a girl he only casually knew. He had no idea back then how Jen
Lindley would react to his utter, desperate helplessness. In those dark
days, Jack McPhee had been lower than pathetic. He had aspired to be merely
pitiful. On his last legs, he had literally begged Jen Lindley to take him
into her life and be his friend. To his surprise, she'd agreed, and Jack
McPhee quickly took up residence in both her life and her grandmother's home.

Now it was months later, months jam-packed with so many changes he felt he
was living in a blur at times. The adolescent cycle of angst and summer
vacation had turned over into yet another school year at Capeside High.
Everyone was back in place - Dawson, Joey, Pacey, his sister Andie - like
players on a chess board at the start of a brand new game. The secret to
survival, as always, was making the right moves, not too cautious but not
too impulsive. The delicate strategy of not only being a wide receiver but
a teenager.

Whenever Jack caught his breath and thought about his 'new start,' he
couldn't help but smile. He was still dumbfounded that things had turned
from darkness to dawn so suddenly. Every day, a small scared part of him
half-expected Jen Lindley to look him in the eye, tell him to get a life,
and then kick him back out into the cold, cruel world. But that hadn't
happened yet. If anything, in the last few weeks their lives had become
even more entangled and enmeshed.

Both Jack and Jen had the fickle finger of the adolescent caste system to
thank for this turn of affairs. In the space of two short days, Jen Lindley
- the living antithesis of pep, trendiness and school spirit - had been
catapulted to the status of Capeside's head cheerleader. Instead of telling
the school's administration to "fuck off," Jen had surprised everyone at
Capeside and taken up the gauntlet. Then, just when Jack had thought nothing
at school could get any weirder, Coach Leary offered him a spot on the
school's football team as the starting wide receiver.

Of course, Jack McPhee had first turned down the coach's proposal in no
uncertain terms. In order to survive with as little bruising as possible,
gay teenage boys need to know their place, and that place is not in a
locker room full of terrified, sexually insecure jocks ashamed of their own
wandering thoughts. Case closed, issue dead.

But then the coach kept pressing, and Jack found himself thinking of Jen.
Jen wasn't backing down to the challenge of being head cheerleader while
simultaneously despising everything that cheerleading stood for. Jen was
trying to find a way to make it work, trying to use her new found position
to affect a change that could possibly ripple down through Capeside's social
stratification through the ages.

Jack was gay, and he knew there were other boys at Capeside who were just
like him. They cowered in the closet as he had done, hurting 'girlfriends',
lying to parents and worst of all betraying their own hearts. They 'knew
their places', too. They were 'good boys' just as Jack McPhee had been.
And inside they were slowly dying, one day at a time.

Jack had finally accepted Coach Leary's offer, and had stood before the
school at the year's first pep rally. Jack McPhee, the gay Minuteman. The
kids had cheered just the same for him as they did for everyone else on the
stage. Among those voices, he thought he heard a few raised a little louder
than the rest. Jack had basked in that glow for hours afterward. Things
were different. He would make them different. He would fight the battles
just as Jen was doing because they were the right battles to fight. The
Minuteman in the uniform would invariably get wounded, yes, but Jack McPhee
would press on.

Fear, regret and shame now burned into raw rage. Jack grasped the
piss-soaked towel and glared at Mark McCreary. The tall defensive lineman
grinned back at him from the entrance to the showers and toilets. McCreary's
naked white body glistened, and his thick penis hung half-erect below his
beefy stomach.

"What's your fucking problem, asshole!" Jack hurled the towel back McCreary.
But the huge bully was ready, and easily ducked under the projectile. The
towel landed with a splat on the floor of the shower room.

"You're a faggot, Jacqueline," McCreary responded. "That's my problem. Why?
You gonna do something about it?"

"This is stupid," Jack shook his head and turned away. "Go fuck yourself."

"Suck my dick, faggot," McCreary kept at him. The sound of his footsteps
slapped across the wet floor towards Jack.

"You wish," Jack spoke under his breath before thinking.

"What the fuck was that, faggot?" McCreary was now at Jack's back, and he
grabbed Jack by the hair. A split second, he'd yanked Jack's face around so
that it was hovering not even inch from the lineman's thick, menacing penis.
"What the fuck did you say to me?"

"I don't want any trouble, Mark," Jack barely opened his mouth as he spoke.

"I said suck my dick, faggot," Mark hissed. "Come on, Jacqueline," he
pressed the tip of his cock into Jack's cheek and someone giggled. "You know
you want some, bitch. Come on, suck it!"

* * *

"Hi ya', stud!"

The girl's voice had the same effect on Dawson Leary that it always had. He
suddenly became twelve-years-old and awkward again. His head jerked up and
crushed into the bottom of his locker shelf. Through the smarting daze, he
looked up into the blonde, dangerous eyes of Eve Whitman. "Uh .. hi to you,
too," he rubbed the top of his scalp and checked the gash for blood.

"Don't you hate when that happens?" she giggled.

"It didn't used to happen," Dawson observed with a wry smile.

"Poor baby, let me kiss your head," she giggled when she stressed the word
head. She leaned over and kissed the top of Dawson's scalp. Before he
could move, he found his face buried in the crotch of the teenage temptress's
tight black jeans. She giggled, shimmied her hips back and forth, and ground
her pelvis into Dawson's flabbergasted mouth. "Mmm, niiiiiccee .." she
purred, running her hands through his hair. For another three endless
seconds, she humped her lower body against Dawson's panting lips.

Someone started clapping. Dawson jerked his head up and saw Pacey leaning
up against a drinking fountain. Embarrassed, Dawson jumped to his feet and
brushed himself off. That was when he noticed Joey Potter standing slightly
behind Pacey. Dawson couldn't avoid her gaze. The dark pools of her pupils
were magnetic. She rolled her eyes and bit her lip into a grimace.

Dawson and Joey had just talked the night before, sitting on his dock,
bearing their souls to one another in a vain attempt to exorcise and expel
the demons of their residual passion. * Every Dawson has his Joey, * Dawson
recalled his syrupy addition to the dialogue. And right now this Dawson's
Joey was staring right at him.

"Hey, kid .." Eve smiled at Joey with all warmth of a lioness staring down
a hyena. Dawson of course was the prey, freshly slaughtered, his entrails
glistening in the noonday sun. * I've got to quit watching those
documentaries on the Discovery Channel, * Dawson mused to himself.

"Eve .. right ..?" Joey was still hanging back behind Pacey.

Eve just nodded, smiled and turned back to Dawson. To his utter shock, she
cupped her hand around the bulge in his pants and squeezed. "Nice to see
you, too," she licked his ear.

"Umm ..,yeah," Dawson melted at her touch, trying to keep his mind on the
real world and not the scene from Body Heat playing in his mind. "A..are
you going to class?" he asked while her hand stroked him through his jeans.
"I could walk you."

"No, I'm free," she purred. "Free and easy," she snarled slightly, and
worked her fingers into his jeans with even more determination. "How ..
about .. you ..?" she blew the words into his face as she pumped.

Dawson closed his eyes, and her lips were on his a split second later. As
he sucked her tongue inside his mouth, she jumped up into his arms, wrapping
her legs around his waste and humping him like some buxom slut from a Russ
Meyer movie.

Any eyes in the hallway ceased to exist then .. Pacey's even Joey's. The
two collapsed into his locker amid a round of applause. Eve scooted up his
chest and rubbed her flat, tanned belly across his thirsty lips. He licked
and worshipped her navel with his tongue while she reached behind her back,
found the top of his jeans and snaked her hand inside.

They were twisted up in some kind of obscene pretzel. Dawson heard something
in his back snap, but he didn't pay any attention to it. There was more
applause, then the sound of the school bell and hurried footsteps scampering
off into the hallways.

Dawson gasped and felt his balls twitch, then his cock start spurting with
an uncontrollable gusto. Eve's hands continued to dig into his jeans, under
the elastic waistband of his jockeys, her deft fingers finally touching his
bare, pulsing flesh.

"You are so easy," she giggled, pumping the remaining cum from his cock and
kissing his stomach. A moment later she had him zipped up. Like a cat, she
sprang to her feet. "You're late for class." She playfully kicked him in
the ass. "Go!"

Dawson crawled the first several feet on his hands and knees, his legs too
wobbly to stand.

"Mr. Leary," a voice spoke behind him, "is everything all right?"

Dawson didn't even have to turn around to know the voice of their new
principal, the large, imposing and VERY black Mr. Green. Dawson also knew
that Eve Whitman was nowhere in sight, and that he was alone, crawling on
his hands and knees down the school's cold, tile corridor. He grimaced and
staggered to his feet. Eve Whitman wasn't Dawson's "Joey', that was for
damn sure.

* * *

"Hey, you all right?" Andie McPhee tapped Joey Potter on the shoulder, and
Joey turned around.

"Yeah, why?" Joey couldn't help the defensive tone from creeping into her
voice. Andie was Pacey's girlfriend .. well, ex-girlfriend, really, at least
as of yesterday. Andie was also the sister of Joey's ex-boyfriend, Jack
McPhee. Jack who had dumped Joey to become gay. Joey Potter didn't dislike
Andie, she just didn't want her around at the moment. There were always just
too many complications.

"I don't know, you look a little funny," Andie cocked her head and backed off
slightly. "You've just been standing here for five minutes, that's all."

"I was trying to make up my mind," Joey looked at the tray of deserts in
front of her in the cafeteria line. "Jell-O or .." she looked over the whole
tray, and her lip fell, " .. um, Jell-O."

"Tough decision," Andie commiserated with a grin.

"Uh, yeah," Joey snatched up a cup of Jell-O and moved to the cashier.

"Dawson, huh?" Andie remained at Joey's side.

"What?" Joey turned to Andie as she paid for her lunch.

"On your mind," Andie observed as they made their way back into the
cafeteria. "That's what you were thinking about."

"No .." Joey rolled her eyes and tried to find a seat at a crowded table.
Maybe that would discourage Andie's sudden interest in her personal life.
"Not quite .."

"Oh, I'm sorry," Andie bit her lip. "My mistake. I'm sorry to bother you.
I thought you could use a friend."

Joey stopped unwrapping her tuna sandwich, and looked up. Andie had just
gotten out of mental institution. Last spring, the girl had suffered from
a nervous breakdown. Lots of things had gone wrong last spring for Joey,
too. To put it simply, Joey Potter's life had ended. And now she was
trying to jump start it again .. WITHOUT Dawson Leary.

Joey Potter could easily count the number of her friends on one, closed fist
these days. She couldn't afford to be bitchy. Besides, Andie was maybe the
one girl in school who could understand the kind of loneliness and depression
that had settled over Joey Potter's soul.

"Sorry," Joey offered Andie a pained smile. "Major bitch phase. It'll

"I know the feeling," Andie's pale fingers lightly touched the back of Joey
Potter's cold hand.

Joey curled her lip into a smile. "You know, I think you do."

* * *

"Hey, did you see Jack in gym?" Jen caught Pacey's shoulder just as he was
about to turn into the biology lab.

"Yeah, why?" Pacey replied.

"He's not in the caf'," Jen explained. "It's lunch. We ALWAYS do lunch."

"He was showering up when I got out of there," Pacey told her. "We've gotta
couple guys on the team in there, and I saw Mr. Leary in his office. It's
game day. Cut the boy some slack. Loosen the apron strings, Mrs. McPhee."

"Eat me," Jen shot back as she started down the hall to the gym.

"Hey," Pacey called behind her. "Love the uniform. Give me an M!" he mocked

* I fucking hate this uniform, * Jen's temper boiled. Pacey had been the
billionth person that day to make fun of the cheesy, shimmering nylon get-up.
* I'm going to fucking quit. I REALLY am. * Jen could just imagine Jack's
reaction. So far, he'd talked her out of dumping the squad every day since
she'd been named captain. * Well, let's just see him do that today, * she
huffed. * It's lunchtime, Jack McPhee,* she scolded him silently. * Game or
no game, we ALWAYS do lunch. *

Jen walked briskly through the deserted halls towards the gym. It hadn't
even occurred to her what she was going to do when she got there. The gym
was deserted, and the door to the boy's locker room stood before her, closed
and impenetrable.

She shrugged her shoulders and knocked. Through the thick wood she could
hear muffled shouting .. or was it screaming. * The jerk is in there goofing
around, and I am wasting precious lunch time, not to mention risking serious
detention for walking around without a pass. * A split second later, Jen
Lindley shrugged her shoulders, glanced around to make sure the coast was
clear, then pushed open the door. She barely opened the door a crack and
slid in sideways, trying to make herself as small and invisible as possible.

The muffled shouting now became full-scale howling. Curious, she crept
through the empty outer hall and pressed against the far wall, inches from
the doorway that opened into the locker room. The howling was a mixture of
raucous cheering and agonized whimpering. She recognized some of the voices,
but they were twisted into a kind of animalistic tenor.

"Fuck .." the whimpering voice choke. Jen Lindley recognized that voice.
* Jack! * She brazenly turned into the doorway. No one in the room even
noticed her.

They were all naked and circled around two naked boys in the center of the
room. The two nude boys were locked and spinning in some kind of wrestling
hold. * Jack! * Jen started. * Wow, nice ass, * she couldn't help observing
before she realized Jack's head was between Mark McCreary's legs, and the
large beefy boy was hurting Jack, twirling her best friend in a circle.

A second later, McCreary released Jack's naked, sweaty body. The gay teen
slid across the cold tile floor crashing into a heap against a bank of metal
lockers. The boys all cheered, and McCreary accepted a round of whooping
high-fives before he closed in for the kill.

Jen saw the look in Mark McCreary's eyes, and knew she had to do something.
"Get the fuck away from him, you fucking bastard!" Jen pushed through the
startled circle of boys and hurled her small body at the beefy boy. She was
all fingernails and teeth as she landed on the shocked giant. He staggered
backwards and shielded his eyes from her fingernails.

Jen reached down and sliced her sharp, polished cuticles into the soft flesh
of the beefy boy's scrotal sack. He shrieked in pain. "Get this crazy bitch
the FUCK off me!" he squealed like a wounded animal. Jen ripped at the hairy
folds of McCreary's ball-bag for another second before her tiny, thrashing
body was suddenly lifted from his naked flesh. Strong hands held her kicking
legs and waving arms motionless. She felt what seemed like dozens of naked,
thick muscles pressing her writhing body into hissing submission.

"Let her go!" Jack's voice cut through the grunting and tangles of sinewy
arms that engulfed her.

"FUCKING BITCH!" McCreary was in Jen's face now. His closed fist cracked
against her jaw like a wrecking ball. Jen's small head bobbed and snapped
to one side like the boy was batting a balloon. Blood filled her nostrils
and taste buds. Her head swimming in the coppery taste, her mind barely
registered the feel of the brute's hands as they tore at the flimsy,
shimmering nylon of her Minutegirl cheerleading outfit.

* FUCK! * Jen Lindley hissed to herself. * Fucking cheerleading uniform. *
She tried to kick McCreary in the nuts, but her feet and legs were going
sideways instead of forward. The strong, naked muscles were prying her
short, supple legs apart, and tearing at her cheerleading skirt and the
panties beneath. "RAPE!!!" she managed to howl before another dizzying blow
crushed the sound out of her bloody mouth. Her cries bounced off the tiled
walls and died right there in the boys' ears.

"You heard the cunt," McCreary spit in Jen's face, dangling her shredded
panties in her bawling face. "Do it!"

The sweaty, muscular bodies shook Jen's tiny body in bestial laughter. Two
rough hands parted the petals of her tender twat, and she could only gasp and
howl as they spread and stretched her pussy lips to fit even more scratching

"Stop it!" Jack now threw himself at the boys, but McCreary threw a headlock
around him and bulldogged him to the floor. In another second, McCreary had
Jack on his back, his head pinned to the floor.

"I want the cunt to watch this," McCreary hissed. "I want her to watch her
little fairy friend in action." McCreary began beating his thick, white
prick against Jack's sobbing cheeks and lips. "This is what you like, isn't
it, Jacqueline? Isn't it?"

"Fuck you," Jack managed to hiss before McCreary reared back and power-fucked
his thick dick between the gay teen's helpless lips. * Noooo, * Jack gurgled
to himself as McCreary burrowed his meat deep into Jack's mouth. * Not him.
Not this way. Noooo .. *

"How's that feel, Jacqueline?" McCreary mocked the gay teen as he struggled
to manage the thick dick that pistoned between his aching jaws. Although he
had come out of the closet months ago, Jack McPhee had yet to have a real
homosexual experience with a boy or man before. He had dreamed of sucking
his first cock ever since admitting to himself was gay the previous spring.

Even before that, the idea of going down on another man had fluttered just
beyond the reach of his adolescent sexual fantasies and daydreams. Before
coming out, such thoughts always just involved other boys or men standing
alongside him as he made love to beautiful girls like Joey Potter. His
favorite fantasy had involved watching the other man stroke his hard cock
while Jack fucked the girl. It hadn't seemed weird to him at the time that
he never even thought of the girl once the man entered his fantasy. Later,
after admitting to himself that he was gay, Jack's fantasies eliminated the
girl, and got down to his true desires - naked, muscular men with hard
unrelenting cocks power-fucking every hole in his hungry teenage body.

But this was not fantasy, this was reality, and the reality was male rape.
"Stop .. please stop .." Jen's cries blubbered over the slick, sloshing
popping sound of the boy's beefy prick as it slurped in and out of Jack's
mouth. Jack was amazed at how naturally his lips molded over the skin of
the thick shaft of skin. The sensation was much like have a gristly sausage
rammed back and forth between his jaws. The long hard tube pressed down on
his tongue til he thought he might gag, but he didn't. He just opened wider
and took the fat stalk deeper and deeper until the mushroom-shaped head
butted against the back of his throat.

Then Jack McPhee did gag. He didn't just gag, he hurled, puking up acidic
spit that burned his taste buds as it rifled up from his guts and spewed out
his throat. "That's it, bitch," McCreary spit down at Jack's bleary eyes
while he pushed at the back of Jack's head and slammed his hips forward.
When Jack's nose hit the bottom of the boy's belly, he could feel McCreary's
balls bounce up and slap the bottom of his chin. "Choke on that pork, you
cocksucking queer." McCreary hissed at Jack as he shoved every last inch
into the gay teen's virgin throat and held it there.

"You're the queer!" Jen bawled at McCreary.

"I'm not the one sucking, cunt," McCreary laughed. "Look at your little
faggot friend suck. He likes it, don't you, Jacqueline?"

"Uggghhll," Jack gurgled as the boy's fat cock blasted open his windpipe
like a plumber's snake. In and out, in and out - every stroke seeming to
tear open Jack's throat to a wider circumference. He no was longer even
resisting the brutal choke-fuck. He went as limp as an inflatable blow-up
doll, his nose smacking the bully's sweaty stomach, his jaws slack and
helpless. It didn't even occur to him to bite down and end the throat

The taste of his first hard cock seeped through Jack McPhee's body and
intoxicated him like the first time he'd shot-gunned a beer with Pacey.
The sensations were almost identical. With the beer, he'd poked a hole in
the bottom of the can, and the cold brew just plummeted down his throat,
giving him no choice but to swallow. Mark McCreary's thick, kelbase-sized
dick also afforded no chance to reconsider, and like the sudden rush of
beer, it too flooded his every sense and overloaded each nerve ending.

Jack's whole body was numb and drunk with the overpowering manhood of Mark
McCreary. Jack McPhee ceased to be, and what remained was only a shell of
the terrified teen -- a pair of lips, a constricting throat, a ravaged
windpipe, a heaving stomach, a sissy cock slot.

"Hey, Marko, queer boy's all hard and shit," one of the other boy's observed.

"YOU FUCKING FAGGOT!" McCreary bellowed as he tore his dick out of Jack's
wheezing mouth and pointed the piss hole in Jack's eye. "Jesus, you're sick,
you fucking pervert!"

"You're the pervert!" Jen shrieked as she was forced onto the ground next to
Jack. McCreary stepped on the small girl's tits until she thought he was
going to crack her rib cage.

"Stand up and turn around sissy," McCreary kicked at Jack with his other leg.
"Your queer faggot face makes me want to puke." He kicked Jack again. "I
said stand up and turn around."

All the boys laughed at Jack as they molested Jen. Their hands tore at her
tender pussy lips. Their teeth gnawed on her firm pink nipples. Their
fingers pried open her soft tight ass-cheeks. A loaded arsenal of hard,
teenage cocks rubbed against her bawling mouth and tear-stained cheeks.

Someone held her head and made Jen watch as Jack obeyed McCreary. The gay
boy slowly staggered to his feet and turned around. Jen tried to close her
eyes and block out the impending horror, but McCreary caught her. He put
more weight on her chest with his heavy foot while wrapping his hands around
Jack's throat and squeezing the breathe out of the smaller boy. "You're
going to watch this, cunt, or I'm going to break this faggot's fucking neck,"
McCreary spat down at her. Jen had no choice. Through the blur of her
tears, she looked up watched McCreary kick open Jack's legs even wider.
"Bend over and grab your ankles, bitch," he shook Jack's throat until the
weaker boy complied.

Jen watched Jack bend at the waist, reach down and grab his ankles. In this
totally vulnerable position, she saw her friend bite his lip and wince,
preparing for the assault he knew was coming. McCreary smirked at Jen and
waved his dick around proudly. The other boys cheered. Mccreary's cock was
legendary in the locker room. It was huge, hard and always enraged, no less
than nine inches long and thicker than a banana. The bloated head was bigger
than a golf ball, and when the bully pushed it up against Jack's virgin
asshole the gay teen gasped.

"You want it, don't you, Jacqueline ..?" McCreary slapped Jack's ass with one
hand, while grabbing at his hair with the other. "Don't you ..?" Jack's
head gave an almost imperceptible nod. Jen started crying again. "I didn't
catch that, Jacqueline," McCreary yanked at Jack's hair and snapped his neck
back. "What did you say? Everyone wants to hear it."

"Y..yes," Jack bawled. "Yes, goddam it, yes."

"Yes, what?" McCreary baited him, tugging his head back further.

"Yes, I want it .." Jack blubbered.

"You want my dick up your ass?" McCreary kept at it.

"Yes .." Jack mewled.

"Say it. Tell everyone here - especially your cunt friend - what you want."
He shook Jack's head until Jen thought he might snap it off. "TELL THEM!"

"I want you to fuck my ass," Jack howled desperately.

"You ever been fucked up the ass before, boy?" McCreary affected a
southernish Deliverance-type accent.

"No," Jack sobbed.

"So, I'm gonna rape me a cherry little faggot, ain't I ..?"

"YOU'RE FUCKING SICK!" Jen screeched.

"Get some dicks in that cunt's mouth, and shut her the fuck UP!" McCreary
snapped at the boys mauling her and stepped down on her ribs again.

"Go to hell, you fucking b.." Jen's curse was cut off by the assault of two
hard cocks plunging between her lips. "Ufffgghh .." she grunted as they
stretched open her bloody mouth.

"You bite those dicks, and I'll break his fucking neck," McCreary threatened
her, pressing his foot down so hard she heard a crack. "You got me, cunt?"

"Ygghhll," she nodded, her eyes crazed with terror, her chest wracked with
pain, and her mouth gorged with stiff, slick dickmeat.

"Now, you're going to jack off his faggot cock while I pop his queer-ass
cherry," McCreary stepped off her chest. He let Jen gasp for air before he
grabbed her short blonde hair and yanked her head and torso into a sitting
position. The cocks slipped out of her sobbing mouth, but only for an
instant before the boys pried open her slack jaws again and reinserted their
sweaty cock-shafts. "Grab his dick, cunt!" McCreary ordered, grabbing her
hand and thrusting it up to where Jack's five inch dick jutted out from above
his balls.

Jen tried to pull her hand away, but she wasn't strong enough to fight off
McCreary's domination. In seconds, her thin, tiny hand was grasping Jack's
hard dick stalk. Through her tears, she saw the shame and lust struggling
in Jack's eyes. His lips silently mouthed the word "please" over and over
again as he waited to be taken and brutalized by the bully's huge cock.

* Oh, my God .. * the realization finally hit Jen. * Jack
wants this. Jack wants to be raped. * The thought horrified Jen Lindley
until she considered her friend's point of view. Jack was like one of those
'good little virgin girls' who wanted it so bad, yet they had no way to 'get
any' without selling out their so-called morals and becoming a slut. Jack
'wanted it,' too, only he couldn't very well start hitting on boys in school,
none of which would EVER admit they were gay. Like the 'good girls,' Jack's
only hope for release and satiation was to be 'forced' into sex. * God, how
lonely he must be .. * she wept to herself. * I never knew. Oh, Jack, I am
so sorry .. *

"Please .." Jack whispered.

Jen stroked his proud, five-inch prick with all the love and compassion she
could muster. She couldn't help but shudder and flinch, though, as she saw
Mark McCreary begin plowing his hard, thick, nine-inch cock between Jack's
tight, muscular ass.

"OOOOOOOWWWHHH!" Jack grunted and huffed with every quarter inch that sank

"FUCKING QUEER!" McCreary jabbed his dick into the smaller boy's ass-pipe,
ripping the unlubricated flesh into bloody strips of pain and pleasure.
"How's that feel, faggot? How does it feel to get your ass fucked and your
dick jacked off, you fucking homo."

"Fuck the homo!" the boys hollered as McCreary plowed away. "Fuck the queer.
Fuck his faggot ass! You show him, Marko. Show him we don't want no fucking
sissies on the football team."

"ooooo," Jack whimpered as McCreary's cock bottomed out at the tip if his
colon. His cock reared back in Jen's hand, and she could feel his balls
pulsing with pent-up energy. Jen knew that feeling. The gay boy was about
to cum with the bully's dick pulverizing his ass. Jack tensed in her grip,
his muscular ass seizing up on McCreary's cock and clenching down.

"No, you fucking faggot .. NOOO!" McCreary howled. Frantically, he tried to
pull out of Jack's shit-cute. But the gay boy's sphincter was now clamped
down like a vise, milking the bully's hard dick until he could do nothing but
bend over, relax and let the spunk spurt into Jack's thirsty asshole.

Jen couldn't help but giggle when she saw the terror on McCreary's face.
Jack's cock spewed now, too, coating Jen's hand and forearm with his sticky
seed. The boys fucking her mouth must have been excited by the unexpected
turn of events, too, because they each let loose a little yelp before firing
their loads into Jen's sucking throat. Then, just as quickly as they had
invaded her, they withdrew their slick stiff cocks. They plopped out from
between her lips and slid across her chin and cheeks, strings of cum and spit
trailing from their flared piss-holes to her quivering lips.

Almost simultaneously, the hands and fingers molesting her pussy and ass all
stopped mid-rape, too. Jen looked into the boys' faces and laughed out loud
at their terrified expressions. Mark McCreary was going all the way with
Jack. Their big-dicked hero was spurting his manly seed in Jack McPhee's
sissy asshole, and they had all watched the "perverted act" with hungry eyes,
stroking hands and hard dicks. No one was saying the words "faggot" or
"queer" anymore. Instead, their lips were frozen and white, their various
appendages going weak and limp.

In seconds, the boys climbed off Jen and hurriedly backed off from the scene,
trying their best to tear their eyes away from the nauseating fascination
they had all shared. McCreary had collapsed on Jack now, and was slowly and
gently fucking the gay teen with a tender yet firm passion. Both rapist and
victim were grunting in unison now, their naked, masculine bodies bound
together like predator and prey, kicking in the dust. Jen backed away from
them and sat on one of the benches. As she watched the two boys fuck, she
started strumming her irritated clit.

Her own rape had worked her up, too, but all she had to show for it was a
mouth full of cum, bruised tits, a yawning asshole and a wet unsated pussy.
* Fuck, * she laughed to herself. * You gay boys have ALL the fun. *


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