Dawson's Creek: Dawson's Freak Part 2 (f/f)
by Pred

Pacey Witter needed to do something. All he could think of was his beloved
Andie, the girl he had trusted and loved with all his heart, fucking some
screwball asshole she'd met in the nuthouse. Why had she even told him she'd
cheated on him? Why didn't she just lie to him? Then they could have gone
just like before, and Pacey never would have been faced with the
insurmountable task of having to forgive her betrayal.

Pacey had been lied to abandoned his whole life. He'd learned to survive on
his own and develop the savvy to stay detached in emotional situations. His
best friend Dawson called him a free spirit, a modern-day Huck Finn. Pacey
liked that analogy, and consciously tried to live up to it. He hadn't let a
silly thing like morals stand in the way of fucking his English teacher last
year. He'd even told Andie about that encounter, almost relishing his errant,
misspent, bad-boy days.

It had all seemed so innocent, then, and he'd worn his past on his sleeve for
Andie, thinking it somehow gave him the upper hand in their relationship. He
was the wild one who was going to show her how to live free and easy and let
the chips fall where they may. He was the strong one, she was the weak one.
He would hold her tenderly and easily, but she would cling to him for dear
life. But somewhere along the way that had all changed.

Pacey vaguely recalled a folktale he'd once read as a child. It was about a
wolf who was so fierce he could break any trap designed to hold him.
Eventually, elves or something like that tricked the wolf by designing a trap
that appeared to be nothing more than thin silk strands. The wolf let them
bind him up as a joke. It was only then that he discovered he'd been tricked
and couldn't get free.

Andie was like that trap, all silky and flimsy-looking, and Pacey had
wandered into her snare laughing. He wasn't laughing anymore, though. The
girl had bound his heart so tight he felt he couldn't breathe. He was like
the wolf in the folktale, and it bothered him he couldn't remember more of
the story, like the wolf's name or whether or not he ever escaped. Maybe
Dawson knew the answer to those questions. Pacey made a mental note to ask
his best friend when he saw Dawson next. Right now, though, he needed to do
something to exorcise the image of Andie's face from his soul.

Pacey Witter looked in the men's room mirror and splashed more cold water on
his face. He looked at the restroom pass his biology teacher had given him,
and smiled. He wadded it up and tossed it in the trash. Seconds later, he
was walking out the lavatory, down the hall, and out the school doors. When
Pacey had a problem, he dealt with immediately and head-on. He played
chicken with his destiny, daring bad fortune to swerve away at the last
moment and leave him victorious and unscathed once again.

Once outside, he just started strolling, past the perimeter, off the school
grounds, and into the free and easy world that existed while the rest of the
world was trapped in school. The walk into town was only about half an hour,
and today Pacey didn't mind. He sucked in the fresh air and thought about
what he could do to get himself free of Andie's silken snare.

* Ladies, * he thought to himself. * Naked ladies .. the strip club .. no,
something more .. something that pleases, not just teases .. something
dangerous .. something totally Pacey .. * His mind drifted over the
possibilities, each idea whirring past him like the cars that sped by on the
road. * I need to 'get some,' but where .. who .. how .. *

Images flashed in his mind. There was something he'd filed back there for
future reference. A business card .. tacked to a phone booth .. by the dock.
He'd seen it there for two months, and he'd seen others like it off and on
since he'd been a kid. The ladies called themselves escorts. Everyone knew
what they really were. Even Capeside had room for the oldest profession.

Pacey turned from one road to another and then another until he was ambling
up the dock. He spotted the phone booth and prayed the card was still there.
It was, tacked right above the phone where it had remained all those weeks.
The cardstock was pink, and their was a clipart drawing of a buxom,
bikini-clad lady. Pacey read the black print: SWEET TREATS, Escorts for the
discriminating gentleman. 555-7435. He smiled and fished a quarter out of
his pocket. He slid the coin in the slot and waited for the dial tone.
Seconds later, he had punched in the number and found himself counting the
rings. "One .. two .. three .." CLICK!

"Hi, baby."

"Hi .." he started.

"Leave your name and number at the beep, and I'll call you right back .." the
voice droned on. It was an answering machine. Pacey shrugged his shoulders
and looked at the number on the payphone. When the buzzer sounded, he
recited his name and the payphone number, then he hung up and waited.

He looked at his watch. 2:15. He'd give the lady 10 minutes, then he'd
start going along the dock to the other phone booths looking for more cards.
As he waited, he tried to remember the woman's voice on the machine. Was
that the escort, or someone else. She sounded young. She had some kind of
accent, too, like maybe she was black. Yeah, she definitely sounded black.
* Wow, I could be fucking a black chick, * he mused to himself. There
weren't many black people in Capeside. Outside of the high school's new
principal, Mr. Green, Pacey didn't really know any black people, and he
certainly didn't know any black girls. He'd always wondered what it would
feel like to fuck a black chick. His thoughts turned to images of Lauryn
Hill, Jada Pinkett Smith, Brandy and Tyra Banks. *Now that would be very
cool, * he smiled to himself. * A gorgeous hunk of chocolate pie ..
mmmm .. *


The phone startled him from his reverie.


His hands were trembling and his body shivering slightly as he picked up the
receiver. "Hello," he croaked.

"Hi, is .. ah .. Pacey there?" the voice asked. It was a different voice
than on the message, deeper, huskier, but it was definitely black .. VERY

"H..hi," he stammered. "I saw your card here at this phone booth, and I
wanted to .. you know .. see about stopping by."

"You sound real young, baby," the black woman sounded amused.

"I'm 18," Pacey lied.


"Yes, ma'am," Pacey felt dumb as soon as he said ma'am.

"Are you in the military or something?" she asked.

"Ah .. yeah," Pacey decided to go with the flow. "I'm on leave. I am 18,"
he repeated.

"I believe you," she laughed. "You aren't a cop, are you ..?"

"No way," Pacey shook his head.

"What are you interested in, baby?"

"That depends," he replied. "How much does it cost?"

"How much do you have?"

"A hundred?" Pacey offered.

"That won't get you much, baby. I ain't a streetwalker. I do incall. $100
would get you half hour. I don't think you'd be very satisfied."

"What do you look like?" he asked.

"I'm gorgeous, dark, honey brown, long hair, 5'6", 125 lbs., nice big 38
hips, skinny waist, 40C. I'm a knockout, baby, and real low mileage. You
sure you only want to spend half-an-hour?"

"What would $200 get me?"

"A full hour, baby, as much as you can take."

"What else do you offer?" Pacey didn't know where the words were coming from.
They were just spilling out while his fingers nervously squeezed the erection
in his jeans.

"What else do you want, baby?"

"Um .. what about two girls .. one hour .. ah, I mean an hour and a half ..?"

"You playing me, baby?"

"No, I swear," Pacey blurted. "I just .. I'm just looking for something real
wild. Something to .. take my mind off my problems. What would you suggest?
I have some money."

She paused. "How does this sound, baby. You bring $700 by, I'll give you
two hours of assorted pleasures that'll make you forget your own name ..?"

"O..okay," Pacey stammered. "I can manage that." He thought about the money
he had siphoned off from Dawson's fund-raising striptease party several weeks
ago. He still had about $850 bucks left, and this seemed like a great way to
spend it. He got the woman's address and arranged to meet her one-hour later
at her house on the outskirts of town. After he hung up the phone, he
started running to his house. He had exactly one hour to reach home, get the
money, get on his bike and pedal back across town to the woman's house.
Pacey Witter was in a hurry.

* * *

* What the hell am I doing? * Joey Potter berated herself as she looked out
the open window and felt the late summer breeze billow through her hair. The
clock on Andie's dash caught her eye. *2:35, * she read to herself. * I
should be English .. * Instead she had let Andie McPhee convince her to cut
out on last period. Now she was riding in Andie's car half-listening as the
girl prattled on about a whole string of meaningless topics. Every once in
awhile, Joey would nod, smile or say "mm hmm" just so Andie wouldn't insist
she really pay attention. Joey Potter was too busy enjoying the warm
afternoon and too pre-occupied with trying to forget Dawson Leary and that

"So you don't mind?" Andie asked.

"Umm .. no," Joey answered, not even knowing the question.

"Cool," Andie smiled at Joey and patted her lightly on the knee. "I know
you're going to just love it."

"Really?" Joey was puzzled. * Love what? * What the hell had she agreed to?
She was too embarrassed to ask now that she'd obviously agreed to something.

"Now you promise you won't freak on me or anything .." Andie half-asked. "I
mean, not that it's anything horrible, it's just that .. well, it'll probably
seem a little strange. It did to me until I got into it."

* Got into what? * But Joey didn't ask the question she was thinking. She
just sat silently and looked back out the window. Minutes later they were
pulling into the McPhee's driveway. No one was home. Andie parked in the
garage and let them in with a key.

"My dad won't be home til about 8 tonight, and since Jack's living with Jen
now we have the whole house to ourselves. Cool, huh?" Andie chattered
nervously as the girls set their purses down and entered the living room.

"Yeah, great." Joey plopped down on the couch.

"You want some wine?" Andie asked, already pulling down two glasses from a
shelf above the wine rack.

"Sure .. but not much," Joey added. She didn't have to work tonight, but
that didn't mean she could afford to get drunk. Still, she liked wine and it
did help her to relax and forget about things .. like Dawson Leary and his
slutty new girlfriend Eve.

Joey watched Andie pour the wine, then bring the glasses and bottle over to
the couch, kick off her shoes and plop down inches away from Joey. She
handed Joey her wine and clinked the glasses together.

"So, I guess you want to know what the big mystery surprise is?" Andie

"Well, yeah," Joey smiled. She was relieved that what Andie had proposed was
still a surprise. It would have been very hard for Joey to explain to Andie
that she hadn't been paying attention to one word the girl had said during
the entire ride over.

"Well, let me get it." Andie took a gulp of wine. "Stay here, okay ..?"
She hopped up from the couch and sprinted upstairs, leaving Joey Potter alone
with her thoughts for what must have been almost ten minutes. Joey was just
about to go upstairs and check on Andie when the girl re-emerged.

She had changed from school clothes into a pair of white shorts and a
tight red belly shirt that buttoned down the middle. * Man, that looks
comfortable, * Joey said to herself, suddenly feeling very encumbered in
her jeans and powder-blue blouse. When Andie crossed the room, Joey noticed
immediately that she wasn't wearing a bra. Andie's nipples poked out
stubbornly against the semi-sheer fabric of the top, and Joey looked away
uncomfortably, * Geez, the air conditioning isn't THAT cranked, * Joey
observed silently.

In her hands, Andie carried a backpack. She set it down on a chair, unzipped
it, and it took out several paperback books one at a time. She giggled when
she read the title of one, pressed it against her breast with the rest and
then sauntered over to where Joey sat with a puzzled, amused smile.

"Now remember, just give this a chance before you start jumping to
conclusions." She put three of the books down on the floor by the couch and
opened the fourth. She took a nervous gulp of wine and smiled at Joey. Then
she took another swig from her glass, cleared her throat and began reading,
"I MORE THAN ENVY HIM," she began:

He is a god in my eyes, that man,
Given to sit in front of you
And close to himself sweetly to hear

The sound of you speaking.
Your magical laughter - this I swear -
Batters my heart - my breast astir -
My voice when I see you suddenly near
Refuses to come.

My tongue breaks up and a delicate fire
Runs through my flesh; I see not a thing
With my eyes, and all that I hear
In my ears is a hum.

The sweat runs down, a shuddering takes
Me in every part and pale as the drying
Grasses, then, I think I am near
The moment of dying.

She looked up at Joey when she was done reading and smiled. In those few
short seconds, Joey had gone from puzzled and amused to positively
dumbfounded. "Pretty cool, huh?" Andie slid next to Joey on the couch, the
book still open in her hands.

"Yeah .. I guess," Joey tried not to laugh.

"You don't get it?" Andie asked.

"Yeah, it's love poetry. We read that stuff in school all the time."

"But you don't get it?" Andie pressed her, "I mean what it's really about."

Joey half-smiled. "The guy really likes a girl, but she's with another guy.
Right .?" * Wow, * Joey thought to herself. * This is what I cut English
for? * She almost laughed.

"But it's not a guy that's writing the poems," Andie smiled and curled her
head into Joey's arm. "Now just pay attention," she grinned, then started
reading again:

I do not aspire
With my two arms
To touch the sky

And I shall set you to rest
On the softest of cushions:
Yes, you shall lie
On fresh new pillows

Darling, to hug you

Stars round the fair moon
Veil their own shining
When she's full on the earth
With the light of her silver

I think no girl
That sees the sun
Will ever equal you in skill

Forgetting me?

Is there any man
Anywhere among mankind
You love more than me?

What will your eyes say?

When she was finished, Andie nestled her head in Joey's lap and sighed. "Do
you get it now?"

"Um .. kind of," Joey didn't know why, but she had found herself starting to
run her hands through Andie's soft blonde hair during the poem.

"The poem is from one woman to another," Andie explained, her eyes sparkling.
"It was written more than two thousand years ago by a Greek poet named
Sappho. She had a school for girls on the Island of Lesbos. That's where we
get the word lesbian. Isn't that cool."

"Uh .. yeah, Andie .. sure .." Joey removed her fingers from Andie's bangs.
The pretty, dark-eyed teen stared at her own hand and thought about slapping

"IMAGES I REMEMBER," Andie started again:

Once I saw a very gentle
Very little
Girl picking flowers

Golden genista
Grew along the shore

And the ripe marriageable girls wore garlands

Girls with voices like honey

And the garlands were wild parsely

Then at noon
The cricket
From under his wings
Struck forth his rapier-sweet songs
As the god of the sun poured down
On the earth his stream of flame

I have a pretty little girl
Lovely as a golden flower;
Cleis whom I so adore
I would not take all Lydia
Nor Lesbos (even lovelier)
In exchange for her

More child-lover even than Gello
With her vampire thirst for children.

"Woa," Joey found herself fanning her face when Andie finished. "Is that
saying what I think it's saying?" Joey asked.

"Sappho believed the beauty of youth in girls was sacred and beautiful,"
Andie explained. "She taught her young girl students all the arts of love,
not just poetry and song, but the .. um .. other things, too. You know .."
she giggled slightly and punched Joey softly in the arm.

Joey suddenly realized where her hands were again, back to stroking Andie's
soft blonde hair. She suddenly noticed where her eyes were fixed, too, on
the soft purring rise of Andie's lush, young breasts. * SHIT! * Joey Potter
tore her eyes and hands away from the older girl. She reached for her glass
of wine and drained it.

"Here," Andie got up and reached over the end table for the bottle. "Let me
pour you another glass." Before Joey Potter could object, the glass was
filled to the rim again. Joey was burning up, and her whole body was tense
and trembling, as if on the verge of exploding into some kind of
metamorphosis. Instinctively she reached out and accepted the glass, taking
a soothing sip and wiping the sweat from her troubled brow.

"Have you ever heard of this book?" Andie reached down to her stack and
produced a book called "My Secret Garden" by a woman named Nancy Friday.
The subtitle read "Women's Sexual Fantasies." Before Joey could say or do
anything to stop her, Andie cuddled back up into Joey's lap, opened this
new book and started reading. Joey looked down at her pretty blonde friend
and the open book. Dog-eared corners graced about every other page and
yellow highlighter tracks colored every page. "I have never had a
homosexual experience," Andie began reading again, "but I do have many
lesbian fantasies .."

As Andie read, Joey could feel both their bodies tense and their breathing
go from random and deep to synchronized and shallow. Every minute or so,
Andie would adjust her head in Joey's lap and press the back of her head
into Joey's itchy mound.

" .. the next thing I know, a hand is on my thigh, slowly moving up .. The
hairs on my leg bristle with fear, part excitement .. Her hands are on both
my thighs now, slowly massaging them, her fingers reaching up higher, higher,
until they gently part my legs. I wait for her mouth and she leaves me thus
for endless seconds. My lips beneath the towel now plead silently - please,
please don't stop, kiss me, kiss it!" Andie yipped playfully when she said
this last sentence, jerked her head up and playfully pecked Joey's crotch.

Joey wanted to jerk away, to call Andie McPhee a sick pervert and go fleeing
from her house in horrified indignation. But instead, she felt her hands
reach out to Andie's smiling face, press into her soft blonde hair and guide
the girl's head back into her burning lap. "Come on," Joey heard herself ask
as she caressed Andie's cheeks. "What happened next?"

Andie giggled, found her place and began reading again. "Her fingers have
parted me .." Andie started breathlessly, and Joey closed her eyes, her
tender, virgin ears drinking in the intoxicating spirit of this forbidden
fruit. * Please, * she gasped to herself. * Please don't stop .. *

The words ran on like streams of warm water bathing her aching, tense body.
Joey bent her body down slightly so that the puffy edges of her firm breasts
rubbed against the soft rosiness of Andie's cheeks, their bodies vibrating in
unison now as the girl read. Joey's hands went from stroking her friend's
blonde bangs to rubbing her bare, alabaster shoulders. Andie looked up and
smiled. Joey poured wine from her glass between Andie's pursed lips. Andie
was breathing so hard that some of the wine spilled out and dribbled along
her chin. She licked at it with her catlike tongue and giggled, while Joey
sat there and stared in utter mesmerized silence.

"I do not now have lesbian fantasies," Andie began the story of another woman
now. "But for a period of time when I was a teenage girl, I did. I had a
young, pretty female teacher on whom I guess I had a crush .." Andie giggled
and kept reading. Joey closed her eyes again and imagined Miss Walker, her
old fifth grade teacher.

She had been so beautiful. When she walked into a room, she always smelled
like Aviance Night Musk. Whenever Joey smelled that perfume now, she always
found herself somehow aroused. She'd always thought it was connected to the
scent, but now she knew it was something deeper, much more fundamental to her
nature, to her womanhood.

"I dreamed that we would undress each other," Andie's voice drifted back into
Joey's fantasy, "and she would hold me in her arms. Then I would kiss her
breasts and suck on her nipples as though I were a baby. Other times, I
would fantasize about taking a bath or shower with her, and I would have
thoughts about washing and drying her entire body. When she got married, my
crush was broken, and these dreams stopped .." Andie stopped. "MEN!" she
spit. "That's exactly what Sappho wrote about, how MEN are ALWAYS fucking
up the bond between two women. Like with you and Jen and Dawson .. or with
me and you and Pacey and my brother. You, Jen and I should all be like BEST
FRIENDS, but instead we let those asshole MEN come between us."

"Oh, come on." Joey laughed, relaxing slightly, but still stroking Andie's
hair. "Men aren't ALL bad. I mean we do need them."

"Need them?"

"For .. you know," Joey took her two index fingers, held them about six
inches apart and arched her eyebrows.

"That just goes to show you how much you know," Andie said with a playful,
bratty smile. She put down "My Secret Garden" and sprang up from the sofa.
She padded across the soft, lush carpet and picked up her backpack from the
chair. She withdrew a videotape and slid it out of a clear plastic case.
She smiled at Joey and skipped over to the VCR resting on top the television
set. She picked up the remote, powered on the VCR and TV and slid the tape
in. Then she punched a button on the remote control, grinned and skipped
back to the sofa.

This time, however, she sat down next to Joey and snuggled against the
pretty, teen's tender, slender body. Before Joey could move away, Andie
rested her head on Joey's firm, small bosom and rubbed her cheek against
the swells of flesh like a kitten nuzzling its mother's breast. Joey was
frozen in time as she felt her own nipples jet against Andie' pretty face.
The screen from the television now flickered into life.

"Zane Entertainment presents LOVE BUNNIES #3," the screen flashed. "Starring
Sarah-Jane Hamilton." In another few long seconds, a pretty, buxom redhead
appeared and began speaking in a British accent. "Would you like to make
love to a virgin?" she asked the camera, her eyes piercing into Joey's soul.
"Lie her down, lick her toes and go all the way up to her thighs .." The
woman continued her introductory speech while Joey felt Andie's breath
quicken. Joey felt her own heart pounding her breasts into Andie's soft,
blonde hair. The two just sat there, watching the screen and melting into
each others' essences. Their minds swirled about the English woman's words
until they were wrapped up in the monologue, their lungs inhaling and
exhaling in sync with the British beauty while she described the tastes and
sensations of making love to a virgin woman, a woman who had never before
known the intimate caresses of sisterly love.

"I'd like to introduce my next victim," Sarah continued after her opening
bit. "This is Isis .."

The camera panned back to take in an exotic dark-skinned beauty. She sat on
the bed next to the British beauty, laughing nervously. In seconds, Isis
revealed she had never made love to another woman before. This wasn't porno
acting. At least it didn't seem that way to Joey. Sarah-Jane interviewed
Isis in her prim British accent, and the answers came off unrehearsed,
cautious, nervous and VERY REAL!

As Joey and Andie watched the interview that followed, they unconsciously
found themselves scrunching closer together on the sofa until Joey was
actually holding Andie's head against her firm, pointy breasts. Both girls
were barely breathing as they watched Isis relent to being blindfolded and
restrained atop the bed. Then they shuddered as Sarah-Jane began to
teasingly torture Isis's luscious, exotic flesh with a series of vibrators,
lotions and feathers.

In mere minutes, Isis was a quivering mass of wet, wanting womanhood, and
Sarah-Jane delighted in sadistically putting the lesbian virgin through even
more paces with hands, finger and tongue. When Joey saw the British beauty
finally sink her full, sensuous lips into Isis's moist mound the teenager
gasped. It was almost as if she could feel the English woman's velvety lips
kissing on her own flat tummy. She gasped as the sensation grew even
stronger. She absently brushed at her navel, but jerked away when she felt
the back of Andie's silky blonde hair.

Startled, Joey Potter quickly looked down to see Andie McPhee's face buried
in her bare, washboard belly. Andie's mischievous tongue darted between
Joey's tensed abs then licked along her ribcage. Joey felt herself sink
lower into the sofa cushions, her hands distractedly running through Andie's
hair and pushing her deeper into her tummy. Andie french-kissed Joey's
belly button, and the dark-haired teen felt herself instinctively thrust
her stomach up to meet the blonde's hungry mouth.

Joey's eyes went from Andie's adoring mouth to the exquisite torture playing
out on the TV screen. "'ve done this before .." Joey Potter finally
managed to ask when Andie came up for air.

"In the .. home," Andie's smile looked bittersweet. "There was another girl
there .. Doris .. she showed me. She gave me all this stuff."

"Wow," was all Joey could manage to say. First Andie had admitted to Pacey
that she'd made love to another boy at the Home, and now this. Joey couldn't
help but wonder what other secrets Andie McPhee had been keeping from

"Are you really freaked at me?" Andie suddenly blurted, the fear in her voice

"Uh .. let's just say I'm .. uh .. surprised," Joey shuddered as she watched
Isis explode into a blissful orgasm on the screen.

"Good surprised or bad surprised?" Andie pouted slightly.

"Good surprised, I guess," Joey laughed nervously and watched Andie begin
kissing her slender hands. "That felt .. good .. when you were .. uh ..
kissing me here." She pointed to her bare, flat belly.

"Really?" Andie perked up.

"Yeah," Joey brushed back the girl's blonde bangs.

"Do you think we could .. uh .." Andie looked at the screen and nodded,
" .. do some more?"

"I .. I don't know," Joey equivocated. "I mean, I like this, but I'm not
a .. you know .."

"Neither am I, Joey," Andie assured her. "I just think it feels .. really
good .. with another girl. It does feel good, doesn't it ..?"

"Yeah," Joey nodded. "Pretty awesome actually." She looked at the two women
now making love unabashedly on the screen. She watched Isis' curious mouth
take its first taste of pussy, and saw the exotic beauty's lips curl into a
catlike smile. Sarah-Jane was running her hands through Isis's dark tresses,
pressing her pussy into the lesbian virgin's eager, enthusiastic mouth.

"Do you think I could .. try that on you?" Andie kissed the soft flesh on
Joey's hard belly.

"I .. I don't know," Joey gasped when she felt the juices in her womb begin
soaking her panties again. More than anything in the world, she wanted to
kick her shoes and socks off and slink out of her jeans and panties. She
wanted to shed her top like a chrysalis and burst free into the soft, waiting
joy of Andie's warm, wet kisses. But this was .. it was .. "OH FUCK!" She
arched her back and opened her legs when she felt Andie's trembling fingers
at her zipper.

Andie smiled up at the dark-eyed beauty, but Joey was off in her own world
now. Her eyes were closed tight, and her upper teeth bit down hard into her
lower lip. As Andie unzipped Joey's jeans, the ravishing brunette raised
her small bottom off the couch. Andie stoked Joey's adorable ass and then
shimmied the jeans down her slender hips, her lips caressing every square
inch of Joey Potter's burning, sweat-glistened skin.

"Shit," Joey gasped and began kicking her legs. Andie backed off slightly,
suddenly afraid that Joey was trying to push her off. Then she realized Joey
was only frantically trying to kick off her shoes. Andie giggled and untied
Joey's laces while Joey scuffed off her shoes. As each foot popped free,
Andie peeled down Joey's socks and kissed her bare calves. Joey playfully
wiggled her toes out of the socks then groaned when Andie began licking the
soles along each arch. "Oooo," Joey Potter moaned when Andie inhaled her
foot and began suckling her individual toes.

While Andie's mouth worshipped Joey's sensitive feet, Joey Poter tore at
her own panties, sliding aside the crotch so that her boiling, virgin pussy
shivered in the cool air. Andie looked up from sucking Joey's cute little
toes and rubbed her hand along Joey's bare, slick thighs. When she saw
Joey's own hands start zeroing in on her sopping snatch, Andie batted them
away. As she slid her tongue up Joey's calf, she rubbed against the grain
of tiny hairs running up Joey's leg.

Joey shivered and thrashed around slightly, her thin hands once more seeking
out her itchy clit. But Andie caught Joey's hand and held it still while
she zeroed in on Joey's pussy with her own fingers and tongue. "Yes .."
Joey slumped down into the cushions when Andie's tongue and thumb reached
the edge of her pouting pussy lips. Andie looked up and saw Joey's eyes
clenched tight, her teeth biting down so hard on her lower lip that it was

Andie tenderly kissed the pink rose petals of Joey's sopping sluice. She
darted her tongue in for a moment and thrilled to the sensation of Joey's
body as it jerked about in carefree abandon. Then she worshipped Joey
Potter's mound of Venus just as Doris had taught her, licking everywhere
around the sensitive button of Joey's clit, snaking under the tender hood,
working one finger into the juicy slot while she slashed with her tongue.

Joey's thin hand gripped Andie's, and the two squeezed for dear life as
Andie brought Joey's virgin pussy closer and closer to its first lesbian
orgasm. "Oh, fuck .. fuck .. lick it .. oh shit .. oh fuck .. lick it ..
oh .." Joey yelped. "Oh .. oh .. oh .. FUUUUUUCK!" she suddenly howled
when Andie coaxed a sense-shattering climax from her virgin womb.

Joey Potter thrashed her hips about in an ecstatic frenzy, grinding her hips
into Andie's adoring face while the blonde lapped up every drop of Joey's
generous fuck bath. While Joey humped Andie's face, the blonde unbuttoned
her tight red top and let her braless tits bobble free. She bent over and
rubbed the tender, pale breast-flesh against the tops of Joey's thighs while
she snaked up the teen's slender body. Instinctively, Joey raised her arms
above her head and let Andie push up her top. Seconds later, her perky point
tits appeared, restrained in the confines of black bra.

Andie licked all around the underside of the cups, deep inside Joey's narrow
cleavage, then up and along the thin straps while she palmed Joey's firm,
teenage tits. When Joey felt Andie's tongue tickle her neck, she couldn't
help but bend down and offer the blonde her quivering lips. When they
finally kissed, Joey's mind exploded.

The feel of another girl's soft, caressing lips was SO different than even
the gentle kisses Dawson had once bestowed upon her. In a way, it was almost
like kissing her own mouth. Andie's lips seemed so familiar, her tongue so
naturally comfortable with every nook and cranny Joey offered her. They
giggled in utter glee as their tongues flicked and tickled each other to a
mutual rush of utter joy.

Andie slipped Joey's bra straps down her slender shoulders and kissed the
burning flesh above the girls perky tits before she devoured the first
exposed nipple. "Oh,shit ..!" Joey hissed. It was the first time any human
lips had ever touched her bare breasts. She'd never even let Dawson get
this far before. Now she was letting another GIRL possess her entire body.

For some inexplicable reason, Andie's mouth upon her bosom felt even stranger
to Joey than when the blonde's tongue had extracted an orgasm from her virgin
pussy. Perhaps it was because she'd been in real heat, then, her body just
consumed with attaining release for the passion boiling inside her. Now,
however, the smoke had cleared, and she was acutely conscious of the physical
reality of the situation.

She was allowing another girl to make love to her. She was losing her
virginity to a female. Joey Potter was fully aware of the irony. Jack
McPhee, her ex-boyfriend had dumped her because he finally admitted to
himself he was gay. Now she was exploring her own homosexual proclivities
with Jack's sister. Jack was gay, and had never had a same sex lover while
Joey was straight and experiencing her first sexual encounter with another

Suddenly Joey wanted to pull away, to push Andie away, to run from the
McPhee house and never look back. But Andie's hand was back on Joey's
still-sensitive clit, massaging it while she suckled at Joey's hard, aching

Instead of pushing away, Joey wrapped her arms around Andies' head and
pressed the girl's mouth deeper into her breasts. "Oh, SHIT!" she suddenly
moaned as another, totally unexpected orgasm popped in her stomach and
rocketed into her pulsing throbbing cunt. This time she kicked about even
more wildly as Andie pressed against her slender, quaking body. "Oh MY
fucking God," Joey Potter finally groaned as she road the crest of her
climax, went totally rigid, and then melted into the soft cushions of the

"You like?" Andie smiled up at Joey, kissing her still quivering belly

"Me like .." Joey sighed. "Me like very much."

"You want?" Andie pushed back slightly from Joey and wiggled her delectable

"Me want," Joey giggled, scrunched her adorable nose, sprang from the sofa
and tackled Andie in a flurry of laughter.

"Oh, please be gentle," Andie giggled as Joey humped her pussy into Andie's
bare leg.

"Forget that!" Joey Potter hissed. Now it was Joey's turn to start exploring
with her fingers and mouth. She slid her thin hands into the folds of
Andie's unbuttoned top, and the blonde dropped her arms to give Joey free
access to her full, succulent breasts. Joey Potter thrilled to the feel of
the girl's pale, firm boobs, massaging them like she was softly shaping
mounds of soft clay. "They're so beautiful .." was all Joey could say before
she began lavishing them with wet, sucking kisses.

Andie lay there in utter ecstasy, her arms thrown back, her eyes closed and
a trickle of drool oozing out the corners of her mouth. "Oh, Joey that
feels so wonderful," she whispered when Joey's mouth engulfed her nipple and
nursed. "Make love to me, Joey .. make love to me .."

Joey found her hands had minds of their own the moment they got their first
feel of Andie's pale, succulent flesh. She tore at the blonde's shorts and
stuffed her fingers under the elastic waistband, impatiently trying to get
at Andie's soaking snatch. She playfully nipped at Andie's alabastar skin
as she frantically worked at removing her friend's shorts. When Andie
squealed in delight, the nips became love bites. Andie finally lifted her
ass off the carpet and allowed Joey to slide down her shorts.

Andie wore no panties over her sopping bush. The smell of her teenage
essence wafted into Joey's hungry nostils, and the dark-eyed teen sunk her
mouth into Andie's moist, blonde folds just as she'd seen Isis do with

At her first taste of pussy, Joey Potter started slightly. The tangy savor
trickled down her tastebuds, and she instinctively licked her lips.

"You like?" Andie asked nervously.

"ME LIKE!" Joey roared, diving into the girl's blonde pussy ravenously.
She now tried to duplicate everything she'd seen the women in the video do
and everything she'd felt Andie do to her. Her mind swirled with the
overwhelming taste of pussy, and the feel of Andie's cunt flesh against her
tongue and lips.

Joey couldn't believe how moist and slick Andie's pussy was. It seemed to
practically suck in her entire face, and her juices kept flowing and flowing.
Joey knew where Andie's clit was, but she decided to tease her tongue around
the perimeter sadistically until she heard Andie start groaning in anguish.

"Lick it, Joey .. please lick my clit," she whined. "God, you are such a
bitch," she groaned. "Please lick my clit. I'm fucking dying .. I'm fucking
dying to feel your tongue on my clit. Please, Joey .. please .."

Joey looked up and found Andie's desperate eyes. "You like?" she asked this
time, wrinkling her nose mischievously.

"Oh, fuck yes, goddamit, please lick my clit .. please let me cum .. please
.." she whimpered. "I'll show you something else if you lick me. Come on,
Joey. I'll show you something else .. something REALLY fun. Just please
lick my clit, GOD DAMN YOU. Lick it."

"Okay, brat," Joey giggled, tracing her tongue around the hood of Andie's
burning button..

"JO-eeeeY," Andie whined even louder. "Come on!"

"Like this?" Joey teased with a flick of her tongue in the soft fold of skin.

"Yes, right there."

"Right here?" Joey licked above Andie's pussy on her creamy white tummy.

"No,' Andie down there. "You know."

"No I don't," Joey giggled. "I'm just a little innocent virgin,
remember ..?"

"Quit being a bitch," Andie fussed. "Please just lick my clit."

"What's a clit?" Joey kept it up. "I'm not familiar with that terminology."

"Quit being such a bitch," Andie whined. "Now lick my clit."

"I don't like your tone of voice, young lady," Joey teased, pinching one of
Andie's nipples.

"Lick my clit, Joeey," Andie bawled. "Please .."

"What will you do if I lick it?" Joey kept pinching Andie's nipples.

"I'll show you a real cool toy," Andie pleaded.

"What?" Joey asked.

"Look at the TV," Andie pointed desperately. "I'll let you do that to me."

Joey turned and watched as Sarah-Jane fucked a second woman, a cute Asian,
with a strap-on artificial penis. Joey's jaw dropped. She had never even
considered what such a thing would look like, much less that it was even
possible. She felt her pussy grow wet and hot again as she watched. Andie
tugged at her arm and tore her attention away from the scene.

"I have one of those," Andie told Joey. "Doris gave it to me. I .. I play
with it at night and pretend it's her. But I don't have to pretend anymore,
do I, because I have you."

Joey smiled and kissed Andie right on the clit. Then she wormed her tongue
under the tiny flap of skin and buzzed around Andie's button until she
slapped her thighs around Joey's head. The entire universe ceased to exist
then, and the only sound Joey could hear was the slosh of her tongue and the
pounding of her own blood coursing through her temples. She lost herself
inside Andie, then, her thoughts joining with the bucking of her friend's
hips as they spurred Joey further, deeper into the essence of girl-girl love.

Although joey had never made love to a man before, she knew for some reason
that it would never .. COULD never compare to this. Heterosexual intercourse
was the joining of two disparate parts in an attempt to make both whole.
Homosexual love was the fusing of two already complete beings into one
GREATER, oversoul. She fluttered at the outskirts of this union, knowing it
would never be complete until she was able to give Andie back what her friend
had originally given her.

So she stuffed her entire face into Andie's boiling bush and licked around
the blonde's clit in a ravenous frenzy, occasionally aiming the spearpoint
of her tongue dead into the bull's-eye and feeling Andie's body constrict in
torrents of sharp, agonizing passion. "Oh, Joey .. Oh, Joey," the girl
repeated like a stuck record as her thighs clapped in and out on Joey's
throbbing temples.

Joey stabbed at Andie's clit now with all her focused fury, and Andie
convulsed like a trapped animal in its death throes. Even the women in the
video didn't cum as violently or as loudly as Andie. One second she was
pressing Joey into her, and the next she was violently kicking Joey away as
she rolled across the carpet in a flurry of kicking and wriggling. Her
body was wracked with seizures so violent that Joey thought the girl might
actually be in danger. She humped and bucked on her stomach and bit clear
through her lip.

"Andie?" Joey moved towards her protectively.

"Don't touch me!" Andie snarled. "I'm .. REALLY sensitive after I come.
Every nerve in my body .. on fire .." she gasped. "Oh FUCK you made me cum!
FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!" She sank into a limp heap as minor convulsions and
spasms still undulated through her naked, pale, creamy flesh.

"You all right?" Joey snorted in laughter when she realized Andie was going
to be fine.

"You have to fuck me now with the dildo, Joey .. before I cool off. Get it
out of my backpack quick and put it on. Then bend me over the coffee table,
and FUCK ME REAL HARD IN THE PUSSY while you put lube in my ass."

"Lube ..?"

"It's in my backpack with the starp-on dildo. After you fuck my pussy hard,
you have to FUCK MY ASS EVEN HARDER! You have to FUCKING rip my ass open.
If you fuck me REAL HARD in my pussy and ass I can get multiple orgasms.
Then you'll really see something. BUT YOU HAVE TO HURRY! Before I cool off.

Joey scampered over to the backpack and began digging for the strap-on dildo
and lube.

"HURRY!" Andie screamed.

* If only Dawson could see me now! * Joey laughed to herself as she withdrew
the foot-long, black strap-on dildo and bottle of Joy-Lube. * Let's see his
little slut girlfriend TOP THIS! *


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