Dawson's Creek: Dawson's Freak Part 3 (Mm/f,rough,fdom,ncon,handjob,fist)
by Pred

"You really shouldn't be here." Dawson Leary glanced nervously about before
turning back to Eve Whitman.

"I'll be the judge of that," she answered with a bold, almost mocking smile.

Moments before, to Dawson's utter shock, she had suddenly appeared, climbing
through his bedroom window dressed only in a blue sports bra and cut-off
denim shorts. Dawson himself was in his underwear, Eve having caught him
mid-wardrobe change. His school trousers lay on his bed, and he'd just been
stepping into his own pair of cut-offs when she materialized.

"Do you mind?" he snapped at her. With absolutely no shame at all, she was
staring directly at his hardening cock through the cotton of his Hanes jockey

"You are such the jockey-type guy," she laughed, still not tearing her eyes
away. She licked her lips across her Cheshire Cat grin, and Dawson could
just feel her mentally gauging the dimensions of his teenage manhood. "How
the hell did you get this uptight THIS young?" she asked him point blank.

"I don't think it's uptight at all to desire a little privacy while changing
one's clothes." Dawson always spoke in more awkward, complex sentences when
he got flustered. Lately that had been happening a lot around Eve Whitman.

"Lose the shorts, stud." She glided across the room in an instant, and
before Dawson could even react her fingers were gripping the elastic
waistband of his shorts. "Now let's see what we've got to work with here."
She tugged at his shorts.

"Eve .." he tried to stop her, but she was too quick for him. An instant
later, his hard, five-inch prick snapped to full attention.

"Ooo, he's cute," Eve purred as she stroked his stalk skillfully.

"E..Eve .." Dawson stammered when she pulled the loose cock-skin up his stiff
shaft and over his bloated dick-helmet. "Please .."

"Sh," she put the index finger of her other hand over his trembling lips.
"We both knew this was coming, sparky. So just relax and enjoy." She
pumped him with a few more vicious strokes, and he felt a familiar stinging
sensation in his balls. Before he could do anything to stop it, a spurt of
hot cum burped out his flared piss-hole and bathed Eve's hand and wrist.
"Okay, it works," she laughed, scooping up a gob of his spunk in her fingers.

She raised the hand to her lips and licked at the sticky spew like it was
vanilla frosting. She then thrust her cum-drenched fingers into his
quivering mouth, forcing a small bit between his lips before he jerked his
head away and spit out the salty trace.

"Oh, come on, Dawson," she chided him, sticking her fingers back in his
mouth. "It's finger lickin' good."

"You are really warped." He tried to push away, but she had grabbed his
still-hard cock with her other hand.

"Hey it's cool," she wrinkled her nose at him. "That just leaves more for
me." She went back to licking and slurping his scum with her Cheshire Cat
grin. "I just love teenage boys," she giggled as she tugged his hard cock.
"Take a licking and keep on ticking. Only I haven't really given you a
licking yet, have I ..?" she laughed. A split second later, she was on
her knees with his cock in her mouth.

Eve had given Dawson a blow-job once before. He'd been piloting his father's
boat, and her oral ministrations had caused him to lose his concentration.
The result was a wrecked boat, and some serious lecturing by his father.
This time, however, there was nothing to distract him. So Dawson just
relaxed and enjoyed the sensation of her warm, wet mouth as it inhaled his
sturdy teenage cock.

Eve had obviously performed this feat before and with more formidable men
because she took all of his cock in her mouth without even a moment's
hesitation. She pumped the shaft with her one hand and massaged his balls
with the other. Meanwhile, he could feel his entire length slide into her
gulping mouth until he was all the way in. He could feel his balls graze
her chin, and when he looked down at her she stared up with a cock-filled
smirk, just like a porno starlet from one of the videos Pacey was always

"Hmmmmmmm," she began to hum, her throat sending a delicious tremor down
his dick stalk that reverberated inside his balls.

"Oh, that feels exceptionally nice," Dawson's awkward language filter had
flipped into the "off" position again. "Uhh," he gasped when she began
snorkling his cock again, this time slamming her face up and down the shaft
while the spit drooled from her glossy lips.

As Eve sucked him feverishly, he ran his hands through her short blonde hair,
thrilling to the luxurious feeling. If only he could spend the rest of his
life in exactly this moment, his entire being engulfed in the warm, wet,
sucking mouth of this beautiful, exasperating femme fatale. This was the
greatest moment in his young life, and as he experienced every raw sensation
he doubted there would ever be another moment that would even come close.
"I'm king of the world!" he howled.

"More like the king of being grounded," a voice cut into his

"Dad?" Dawson turned around and froze when he saw his father's face.

"Hi!" Eve pipped up with a cheery smirk, then resumed sucking.

"Eve?!" Dawson tried to push her away.

"I'm not finished yet," she snapped back. "A girl needs her protein, you
know," she winked at Mitch Leary.

"Who the hell are you?" Mitch asked, more astounded by Eve's audacity than

"Eve." She stood up, wiped the gobs of drool and pre-cum from her mouth with
her hand, which she then extended to Mitch Leary. "Eve Whitman."

Before Mitch Leary could shrink back, the girl had grasped his hand,
squishing the slimy concoction into his rough, callused skin. Momentarily
distracted, he didn't realize what her other hand was doing until too late.
In a second, she had snaked her thin fingers up the leg of Coach Leary's
shorts, tickling the plum-sized head of his thick, hard prick. Helpless in
her grasp, Mitch Leary could only watch as the girl who had just been
fellating his son mere moments ago now peeled back the leg of his shorts.
While he and Dawson gasped in unison, Eve pulled the man's entire formidable
package out through the opening.

At full erection, Mitch Leary's hearty cock measured a thick, juicy
eight-and-a-half inches. His hairy balls were equally as impressive, hanging
down low and virile between his legs. "Now this is a beautiful set," she
licked her lips. "See this, Dawson ..?" she turned back to the teenager and
presented his father's cock for inspection. "This is a man's cock. Too bad
you didn't inherit this et of genes."

Dawson's face reddened, and he tried to hide his smaller, boy-sized dick from
his father's eyes. But Eve reached out with her other hand and grabbed
Dawson's prick. She tugged it hard and Dawson had no choice but to stagger
forward, sandwiching Eve between the Leary men.

"Come on, sissy boy, feel your daddy's big hard cock." Eve dug her sharp
fingernails into Dawson's scrotum, and the teen winced. "TAKE HOLD of your
father's dick!" she snarled, twisting his nut sack until he thought his
testicles might burst. "DO IT!"

"Son .." Mitch started, but Eve's sharp fingernails cut him off. He winced
as her razor-sharp claws dug into his tender scrotal flesh and raked his

"I'll rip both your nuts off unless you do as I say," she hissed. "Now you
stand still," she squeezed Mitch's balls, "and you take your father's big,
thick cock in your hands. NOW!" She yanked at Dawson's nut sack, and the
pain buckled his knees. With trembling hands, he reached out and grasped his
father's hard, rampant prick. "That's a good boy," she cooed in Dawson's ear
while she clawed at his nuts.

"You .. said you'd let go," he whimpered, tears streaming from his eyes.
"Please .. let go. You're hurting me."

"Jack it off," she smirked. "Jack off your father's big hard dick, Dawson."
She sneered when she said his name. "You know you want to."

"Stop it." Mitch tried to push away, but she tore the soft tissue of his
scrotum, and he quickly relented.

"Do it, or I'll tear his nuts off," she cackled at Dawson. "Or maybe you'd
like to see that .. me tear your father's big hairy nuts off ..? You've got
to be jealous of him with a big dick like that. Look how puny this is," she
flicked Dawson's cock playfully with her hand, and it bobbed up and down.
"Daddy has a big slut-fucker, and little Dawson doesn't have shit between his
legs. You ever GET a girl close to you, Dawson, and when she sees Big Daddy
here she'll dump your little white pinkie dick like a losing lottery ticket.
Hey!" she suddenly laughed. "Maybe that's what happened with old Joey, huh,
Dawson ..? Maybe little Joey got a load of what Daddy here was packing in
his swim trunks, and she decided to go for the grand prize instead of the
Kewpie doll. How about it, daddy? You've seen that skinny little piece of
ass from across the creek, haven't you ..?" She twisted Mitch's balls now
until his knees buckled, too. "You'd fuck little Joey, wouldn't you,
Mitch ..? You'd give little Joey some of this big meaty cock, wouldn't
you ..?"

"Stop it," Dawson bawled. "You're hurting him."

"That's because you're not jacking him off, and he's not answering my
question." Eve yanked Mitch's balls hard, and he gasped in pain.
"Castration really hurts," Eve observed. "Especially this way."

"Stop this .." Dawson blubbered.

"JACK IT OFF!" she barked, tugging at Mitch's balls again while he huffed in
agony. "NOW!"

Dawson closed his eyes, bit his lip and started pumping his father's cock
slowly, feeling the turgid veiny length pulse against his sweaty palms and
fingers. "I'm .. so .. sorry .." he sobbed as he stroked Mitch's cock.

"Get some spit on it," Eve hissed. "A big dick like that needs some slime on
it to lube it up." She tore at Mitch's balls again, and he groaned. "Spit
on it. I knew you want to. Spit on Daddy's big old dick and get it all nice
and juicy. DO IT!"

Dawson obeyed before she could hurt his father again. He hockered on his
father's golf-ball sized cock-head and smeared the spit around with his palm,
just like he'd done with his own boyish cock so many nights under the covers.
He felt his father's cock rear into life like a small, ferocious beats, and
despite his revulsion he felt his nostrils flare, drinking in the odor of
male sex that now filled the room.

"Wow, that's really good, Dawson," Eve giggled as she saw Dawson begin to
work his hand across the sweat-slickened shaft. "You like the feel of
daddy's big hard dick in your little boy hands, don't you ..?" She raked her
nails across Dawson's own balls now. "DON'T YOU!"

"Yes .." he wept, not knowing what else to say. Dawson looked in his
father's eyes and saw not only tears of pain but tears of shame - shame in
himself for being so vulnerable before his son, and shame at his son for
being so weak and effeminate.

"This is what Joey wants to do with your Daddy," Eve kept at Dawson. "This
is what she thinks about every night under her covers. She sticks her little
slut fingers up her tight virgin pussy, and she diddles her little clit
thinking about your Daddy's big hard dick FUCKING the shit out of her skinny
little asshole. You think about that, too, don't you, Big Boy ..?" She
kicked at Mitch, and he cursed her under his breath. "The whole time your
boy here was going with Joey Potter, you fantasized about fucking that tight,
virgin ass, didn't you ..? Busting that sweet little high school cherry ..?
You knew your son wasn't man enough to do it himself, didn't you ..? You
knew how puny his little pinkie dick was, and you knew he'd never be able to
satisfy a hot piece of ass like little Joey. So you watched and waited for
an opportunity to make your move and show the little slut what a real man
could do for her. Didn't you, Daddy?"

"No .." Mitch gasped, "you fucking bitch."

"TELL THE TRUTH, DADDY!" she howled at him, ripping his scrotum so hard that
the wrinkled skin stretched and tore. "Tell your son how you jacked off
every night dreaming about piledriving that huge cock of yours up Joey
Potter's as and blasting her open like an overripe peach. TELL HIM, or I'll
rip your son's pitiful excuse for a manhood RIGHT OFF! I will castrate your
son right now, and it will be YOUR fault, Daddy. Poor Dawson, half a man
for the rest of his life." She ripped at Dawson's balls now, and he
staggered beneath the pain, bleating like a stuck lamb.

"YES!" Mitch hissed. "I did. I .. I thought about Joey," he finally

"You never thought your son was man enough for her, did you ..?" Eve pressed.

"No," Mitch bawled, trying to hide his eyes from his son.

"You think your son is a fairy, don't you ..?" Eve badgered Mitch. "DON'T

"Y..yes," Mitch blubbered, the sound of his bawling drowning out Dawson's
heaving sobs.

Both men stood there bawling like babies, completely at the mercy of the
merciless blonde bitch goddess who now cackled with glee. "That was fun,
wasn't it ..?" She suddenly let go of their nut-sacks and stepped back.
"Very cathartic, wouldn't you say."

"You are fucking sick!" Dawson hissed at her as he rubbed his tender scrotum.
"You are .."

"FUCKING HORNY," she smiled, lifting off her sports bra and revealing a firm,
ripe pair of B-cup tits. Her nipples jetted out like fleshy pink bullets.
"Come and get it boys," she smirked as she slid off her cut-offs. She had
no panties on underneath, and her wet sex practically steamed in the damp
evening air. "Give the little bitch what she deserves."

"I'll fucking give you what you deserve!" Mitch Leary snapped. A second
later he was towering above the slender, naked blonde, his open hand crashing
against her jaw and sending her toppling to the floor.

"Oh, that's it, baby .. YEAH!" She held her jaw and smiled. "Give it to me."

"You fucking psycho bitch!" Mitch rained three more blows across Eve's pretty
face until it swelled with purplish bruises. "Grab her arms, Dawson!" he
ordered his son.


"DO IT NOW!" Mitch picked his son up by the scruff of his neck. "Be a man
for once in your goddamn life. GRAB HER ARMS!"

Terrified at his father's rage, Dawson did as he was told. He stepped behind
Eve, grabbed her arms and pinned them behind her back. "That's it, baby.
ROUGHER!" she hissed.

"I'll show you fucking rough, you little cunt." Mitch yanked her face up by
her hair. "Throw her on the bed, on her stomach. NOW!" he screamed at his

Dawson hesitated.

"Your little sissy son isn't man enough to rape me, Daddy." Eve spit at
Mitch's hard cock, the hocker hanging on the end of his cockhead like a slimy
icicle. "Are you, faggot?" she taunted Dawson. "I think he really liked
pumping your big cock, Daddy. Maybe he wants to try to tomorrow with his
little boyfriend, Pacey. Or better yet, your star receiver, the cocksucker -
what's his name again? Come on, Dawson, help me here. What's your little
butt-buddy's name?"

"CUNT!" Dawson shrieked. In a second, Eve Whitman was being driven down onto
the bed, her stomach pressed into the mattress and her face mashed into one
of Dawson's pillows. Dawson's knee cut between her shoulder blades and
pressed the air out of her kicking body.

"That's it, son, show the cunt who's boss. Show her who's a man," Mitch
Leary cheered Dawson on.

"You fucking cunt .. you fucking cunt," Dawson repeated over and over again,
bouncing up and down on Eve and shoving her face deeper into the pillow.

"Hold her right there. Right like that," Mitch instructed his only son.
"Keep suffocating her. I'm going to rape her ass now. Watch this, son," he
barked at Dawson. "Watch how a real man rapes a cunt."

Dawson turned to look at his father as he swaggered up to Eve's naked, svelte
ass. Eve was laughing now, the sound of her mirth enraging Dawson beyond the
point of all reason. He buried Eve's giggling face in the pillow until she
was gasping for air.

"Here's what you want, cunt," Mitch taunted Eve, slapping her tanned toned
ass-cheeks while she squirmed about the mattress fighting for air. Mitch's
thick, eight-and-a-half inch rape saber hovered just at the edges of Eve's
pouting pussy lips. He took her svelte ass in both hands and parted the
narrow, toned cheeks as wide as they could go. Her pussy and asshole were
now splayed before him like the entrails of dressed deer. Mitch jammed his
hand up her dripping dick ditch and scooped out a healthy coating of the
teenager's hot fuck sauce. "Do you see this, son?" he showed Dawson his
glistening hand. "The cunt is wet. She knows she's about to get her skinny,
suntanned ass raped, and she's all wet and excited just thinking about it.
FUCKING CUNT," he balled his wet hand into a fist and punched it hard into
Eve's privates.

"Ugghhh .." she gurgled, struggling for air against the pillow.

"FUCKING CUNTS LOVE pain," Mitch explained as he continued pounding his fist
into Eve's gaping pussy and ass hole. "All of them! I used to beat your
mother's cunt and ass like this." He laughed as he finally punched his fist
between Eve's tight cunt lips. His hand ripped up through her womb, past his
knuckles, all the way to his wrist. "This cunt is really wet," he grinned.
"She's a real little pain pig," he observed. He drove his fist in even
deeper then started shaking Eve's impaled body on his arm like a flesh
puppet. "Fist up her fucking cunt .." he grunted, stepping up on the bed
with one leg and resting his plum-sized cock-head against her vulnerable
asshole, " .. and cock up her tight, dry asshole!"

Eve's muffled screeches shook the bed as Mitch Leary stabbed his cock down
into the tight ring of her sphincter. He took a deep breath then slammed her
with every ounce of strength he possessed. His cock gutted her anal cavity
and caved it in. He pressed all his weight and muscle into his
eight-and-half-inch fuck-tusk, eviscerating her shit chute while he continued
fisting her young cunt with a ruthless fury.

"How's that, cunt?" he howled in Eve's ear. "That's what you wanted, wasn't
it ..? To be treated like the worthless fuck toy you are ..?"

"Ygghh," she bawled, barely able to breathe now as Mitch double-stuffed and
crush-fucked her lithe, tanned body.

"You see, son, this is how a real man rapes a cunt," Mitch explained to his
wide-eyed son. "He rapes her so hard she becomes a drooling little fuck
puddle just begging for more cock, pleading for it harder, rougher. Cunts
want you to tear them up inside and show them no mercy. The only thing they
really want is pain. They want to be beaten and treated like the worthless
whores they are. If you can't take a woman, rape her, and then make her beg
you for it, you're not a real man."

Sweat was pouring down Mitch Leary's face now as he savagely grunt-fucked
Eve's asshole and fisted her once tight pussy. Lack of oxygen and the savage
double-thrashing of her fuck holes had sent Eve Whitman into tremors of
orgasmic ecstasy. She moaned in anguish, bucking her hips back to receive
more abuse from the strong, hung football coach. Dawson watched the whole
scene in absolute fascination, slowing it down in his mind and studying it
frame by frame, like one of the classic boxing sequences from Raging Bull.
It was so primal, so utterly devoid of humanity and dignity. His father
raping the heart-stopping blonde like a lifeless blow-up doll, and Eve riding
the storm of his father's carnal fury with no regard for her own life .. only
her pending climax.

"Auughhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she groaned into the pillow. Her thin legs kicked
about wildly, and her whole body constricted and contorted in orgasmic agony.

"You did it .." Dawson looked at his father in awe. "You raped her, and she
came. Oh my God .." A thousand light bulbs went off in Dawson's brain as he
saw his father rut around inside Eve Whitman like a wild boar goring his
prey. Eve thrashed about on the mattress like a cerebral palsy patient.
Dawson pressed down hard on the girl's neck and thrilled to the feel of her
cracking vertebrae.

"FUCK YOU CUNT!" Mitch spit on Eve's butt-cheeks as he thrust his cock inside
her ass all the way up to his balls. Buried to the hilt, Mitch savagely
pumped round after round of blistering spunk into her ravaged anal cavity.
"When a real man rapes a cunt, he makes sure he cums when HE wants to, not
when she does," he explained. "When you're raping a cunt, she'll pray that
you get off quick. She'll do anything to try to get you to finish before.
Her body is betraying her, and she knows she's going to cum, and that kills
her inside. If you can get a cunt to cum first, then keep fucking her until
YOU decide to cum for yourself, you'll have not only raped her body but her
fucking SOUL!"

As if she was following his father's cues, Eve now writhed about like a
mindless fuck zombie, sliding her hips back and forth and hammering Mitch's
prick in and out of her intestines. Her svelte, toned ass was now totally
blasted open. It sucked Mitch's thick dick into its inner sanctum while
simultaneously farting out his cum and her loose bloody shit.

"That's it, whore, milk it. Milk my big dick with your tight teenage ass."
Mitch ripped his fist out of her guts and began beating her ass-cheeks while
he continued slamming his spent rod into her blasted ass. "Here son, its
your turn now," he gasped, finally withdrawing his shit and blood-stained
cock. "It's your turn to rape this cunt and become a man."


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