Dawson's Creek: Joey And Jen Part 1 (FF)
by Rabbit77

"I wonder what I should do today," thought Joey Potter as she stretched out
across her bed. Dawson wasn't due back to Boston until that night and Joey
was already starting to feel that familiar feeling in her pussy. Sliding her
right hand underneath her panties and her left hand over her succulent
breasts, she began to moan softly. She gently stroked her hard clit, as she
imagined Dawson's thick cock inside of her. She began to rub herself faster,
until a knock on the door startled her out of her fantasy.

"Shit!" she thought to herself. "Maybe they'll go away."

"Joey? Joey? Are you in there?," Jen's voice came drifting over to her.
"Come on, I know you're in there. Let me in."

"Shit!," Joey repeated to herself. She got up and walked over to the door,
not bothering to put a bathrobe on over her skimpy panties and bra. She
opened the door, as Jen burst into the room and flopped down on her bed.
Jen was wearing a skintight baby tee and her massive breasts jiggled
impressively as she moved. She wasn't wearing a bra, so her big nipples
were perfectly visible through the thin fabric.

Joey was more than happy with her own body and knew that she was beautiful.
She had received many compliments over the years on her long legs, tight
ass, pert breasts and, especially, impossibly angelic face. Still, she had
always been secretly jealous of Jen's gigantic tits. While she knew that her
34C's were the envy of many a girl on campus, she'd always wondered what it
would be like to walk around with Jen's massive D cups on her chest.

"What's going on, Jen?" she asked her.

"Not much. I was just in the neighborhood and thought that I'd stop by.
Where's Audrey?"

"She spent the night at Pacey's. The two of them got back from vacation last
week. They were here for a few days but I made them leave. They didn't do
anything but fuck, all day long."

"Really?" Jen asked. "They fucked each other right in front of you?"

"Oh yeah" Joey replied. "I'd walk in and Audrey would be on her knees,
sucking on Pacey's fat cock. Or she'd be bent over, while Pacey gave it to
her from behind. They wouldn't even pause when I came in. A couple of times
they even asked if I'd like to join them."

"What?!" Jen shrieked. Then, after a long pause, "So...did you?"

"No! Of course not!" Joey giggled mischievously. "I have to admit though, I
did get myself off a few times while they were doing it at night. Just the
fact that they were so close to me and I could hear them moaning and banging
away at each got me really hot. So I played with myself while
imagining that it was me and Dawson in the next bed. At first I tried to be
quiet and pretend that I was asleep, but they knew what I was doing. Last
night when Pacey was going down on here, Audrey reached into her dresser and
tossed me her favorite dildo.

"Here" she said. "It's a lot funner if you use this."

I didn't try to deny it. I just stuck that thing in my pussy and went to
town. After a couple of minutes, I was moaning as loud as she was. I think
it turned Pacey on, hearing me scream like that. Audrey told me that it was
the best he's ever eaten her. God, I was so horny too! Knowing that they
could hear me, knowing that they were thinking about my tight wet pussy..."

"Jesus, Joey! Now you're getting me horny!" Jen exclaimed. Joey looked over
at her friend, startled, only now realizing that Jen was squirming on the
bed and rubbing her crotch rapidly.

"I'm sorry, Jen" Joey laughed. "It's just that with Dawson gone and Pacey
and Audrey going at it like bunnies, it's about all I've been able to think
about lately."

"Tell me about it" Jen replied. "I can't even remember the last time I had a
cock. I've been keeping myself company every single night, if you know what
I'm saying. Sometimes I think about Jack (God, I wish he was straight!),
sometimes I think about Henry. Sometimes I even..." Jen stopped suddenly.

"What? What do you think about? You can tell me." Joey sat down beside her
and put her hand on her knee. "I'm your friend, I won't think that it's

"Well...sometimes I still think about Dawson." Jen looked up at Joey
anxiously. "I hope you're not mad. I know that you guys are together now,
but I still remember fucking him and how amazing his cock felt inside of me.
No one's even been able to make me feel like that. Are you mad?"

"No, of course not" Joey said reassuringly. "They're just fantasies. I mean,
you used to go out with Dawson. It's only natural."

"Oh, I'm so glad you feel that way. In fact..." Jen was blushing furiously
now. "In fact, sometimes I think about you too."

"What?" Joey asked, startled. "Me?"

"Yeah. At first I'd imagine us having a threesome, then gradually I cut
Dawson out of it. It's just that you're so beautiful and I've always been
curious and..."

Joey was staring at her friend, getting more turned on by the second.
Knowing that this gorgeous girl fantasized about her, wanted her, was almost
more than she could handle. Leaning over, she kissed Jen's cheek and licked
it gently. Jen looked at her in surprise, then saw the lust in her eyes and
understood immediately. She grinned at her, then kissed Joey on the lips.

They started slowly, exploring each other's mouths tentatively. Soon though,
their passions overtook them and they kissed furiously, almost attacking
each other. Joey reached down and caressed Jen's large breast, causing Jen
to groan deeply.

"Oh God...oh God" Jen moaned. "I've been wanting this for so long."

"Mmmm" Joey replied, as she continued to explore Jen's breasts. They were so
big, so soft, exactly like she'd imagined them. She leaned back and pulled
Jen's shirt over her head, then bent down and began to suck and fondle the
perfect globes.

"Oh God! Yes! Ahh!" Jen shrieked and moaned, as Joey sucked and teased her
nipples expertly. "I can't wait any longer. I need it now, I need it now!"

Joey rolled off of her and they both stripped off their remaining clothes
quickly. They paused to look at each other, Joey with her slim and gorgeous
body, Jen with her beautiful and more voluptuous one. They lay down next to
each other and kissed, while exploring each other's bodies with their hands.
Joey rolled on top of Jen and locked their pussies together, while Jen
reached up and began to fondle Joey's perky tits.

They ground their pussies together, both screaming and yelping as they
experienced sensations more pleasurable than they had ever known. Dawson had
been the best fuck of both of their lives, but he was nothing compared to
what they were feeling right then. Joey felt the orgasm wash over her,
nearly ripping her body apart. She thrashed around wildly, almost insane
with pleasure, while Jen did the same underneath her. Joey collapsed on top
of her and they kissed tenderly, as they both slowly came down and tried to
regain their senses.

"That was amazing" Joey was finally able to say.

"You bet it was" said a female voice behind them.

Jen and Joey both jerked around in shock, as they saw Pacey and Audrey
standing by the door and staring at them. Pacey was standing behind Audrey
and rubbing her tits, while she ground her ass against his stiff cock.

Joey and Jen looked at each other and grinned. It was going to be a good


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