Dawson's Creek: Joey And Jen Part 2 (MFFF)
by Rabbit77

Pacey and Audrey stood by the door, staring at shock at Joey and Jen lying
naked on the big bed. Pacey stood behind Audrey and massaged her big tits,
while she grinded her ass against his stiff cock. "You little sluts!" Audrey
exclaimed. "How long have you guys been fucking behind my back?"

"This is the first time" said Joey. "Honestly."

"Yeah, but definitely not the last," Jen said as she giggled and caressed
Joey's thigh.

"Mmm, that feels really good" Joey purred. She closed her eyes and put her
hand over Jen's, dragging it over to her soaking crotch.

"Jesus!" Pacey said. "We're standing right here. Don't you two have any

"You're one to talk" Joey replied. "You and Audrey are always doing it right
in front of me. I can't sleep half the time with you two going at it over
there, screaming and moaning all night."

"Yeah, but we always invite you to join us."

"Oh, is that what you want? An invitation?" Joey rolled onto her back and
spread her legs apart, revealing her glistening cunt. "Is this what you
want?" she asked. "Come and get it then."

Pacey looked over at Audrey, checking to see her reaction to this unexpected
development. His cock was close to bursting from the sight of his two
incredibly hot friends lying naked on the bed, but he loved his girlfriend
and didn't want to risk losing her. Although she wasn't as beautiful as
Joey, Pacey thought that Audrey was still remarkably hot. She had a pair of
amazing D cups that were even bigger than Jen's, which he would play with
endlessly. Perfectly round and symmetrical, capped with long nipples that
were perpetually hard as ice, they were the finest tits Pacey had ever
encountered (and that was really saying something). Coupled with her pretty
face and taut 19 year old body, he had no complaints at all about Audrey

Plus, and this was the most important thing, she was absolutely incredible
in bed. The girl simply loved cock and would do anything to get it. Pacey
could fuck her in the ass, titty fuck her, tie her up and dick slap her for
hours, it didn't matter; as long as she was getting his cock, it drove her
insane. Over and over she would cum, then get down on her knees and beg him
for more. And if he wasn't ready to go again, she'd just take his dick in
her mouth and suck it and massage his balls until he was hard enough to take
her sweet cunt again.

Yes, as much as Joey and Jen were turning him on, Pacey wasn't about to risk
losing the best piece of ass he'd ever had. He needn't have worried, however.
Audrey was staring at Joey and Jen with a smirk on her face and a look of
pure animal lust in her eyes.

"Go ahead, Pacey" she told him. "Go ahead and get some of that sweet cunt.
Just make sure that you leave enough for me."

That was all the encouragement Pacey needed. Quickly ripping off his clothes,
he leaped onto the bed and positioned himself directly in front of Joey's
dripping pussy. He slowly pushed his way into her, savoring every delightful
sensation of her impossibly tight cunt around his plump cock. He hadn't
fucked Joey in a long time and had forgotten what an amazing pussy she had.

"Oh fuck, Pacey" Joey moaned. "Oh God, oh fuck!" Her lesbian encounter with
Jen had been amazing, but a good hard cock was just what she needed right
now. She closed her eyes and bit her lip, as her ex-boyfriend fucked her
expertly. He slowly ran his cock over her swollen clit, knowing exactly how
she liked it. Jen lay next to them and watched them hungrily, while rubbing
her hands over her fantastic big tits. She was suddenly startled out her
thoughts though, when she felt a pair of hands gently prying her legs apart.
She looked up to see the now naked Audrey kneeling on the bed with her face
over Jen's exposed crotch.

"We can't let them have all the fun now, can we?" Audrey asked with a
mischievous glint in her eyes. Before Jen could answer, she dropped her head
and began to feast on Jen's delicious cunt. She swirled her tongue around
Jen's clit expertly, while Jen yelped and screamed in delight. While both
Jen and Joey were novices when it came to the pleasures of lesbian sex,
Audrey clearly was not. She knew exactly what she was doing, attacking Jen's
clit and then laying off and gently licking around it to keep her from
cumming. She continued to do this, occasionally sticking two of her fingers
into Jen's now sopping pussy.

"Oh God, oh God, oh God!" Jen screamed, not able to take it any longer. "Let
me cum, you bitch! Please, please, I need to fuckin' cum! Ahh..."

Audrey, always aiming to please, attacked Jen's clit with renewed fury, using
all of her skills to give Jen one of the strongest orgasms of her life. She
bucked her hips and came again and again, while Audrey grabbed her firm ass
and just tried to hang on. She gradually slowed down her assault on Jen's
clit, while Jen came down with a series of progressively smaller orgasms. She
finally stopped thrashing and lay down completely still, the feeling of
absolute bliss still washing over her. Audrey lay down beside her and stroked
her cheek, as they kissed gently and explored each other's busty bodies.

Meanwhile, Pacey and Joey continued to fuck lustily. Hearing Jen and Audrey
go at it beside them made both of them crazy, causing Pacey to fuck her
harder than he ever had before. Knowing that his beautiful girlfriend had
just eaten out his really hot friend made him almost insane with passion.
Although Joey usually liked to take it gentle and slow, she was so horny now
that she just wanted Pacey to pound his cock into her until the end of the
world. She could feel her orgasm building up, slowly building until she
thought she was gonna pass out.

"Fuck, Pacey. I'm gonna cum...oh fuck, of fuck! Fuck my cunt, Pacey. Fuck
me. Oh God, Oh God, oh fuck...!" she screamed as the mind shattering orgasm
took over her entire body. She heard him groan, as he shot load after load
of his cum into her.

He rolled off of her, as the four friends lay in bed, exhausted.

"My God," Joey said. "That was fucking incredible."

"You're telling me" Pacey responded.

"Mmm" was all Jen was able to manage.

"Hello!" Audrey exclaimed. "I still haven't cum yet! How selfish are you
people? After all I do for you guys, the least one of you guys could do is
make me cum. Is that too much to ask?"

Pacey, Joey and Jen looked at each other and smiled.

"Oh, you wanna cum now, do you?" Pacey asked her. He crawled over to Audrey
and pulled her up, so that she was on her knees with her back to him. He bent
her over, then suddenly thrust his dick into her luscious ass. Jen bent down
in front of her and began to lap at her swollen clit, while Pacey pounded her
from behind. Audrey began to yelp and moan crazily, as Pacey and Jen worked
her over relentlessly. Joey crawled over to her and kissed her passionately,
while running her hands over her beautifully massive tits. She then leaned
down and sucked Audrey's sensitive nipples, sending her over the edge.
Between Pacey fucking her ass like only he could, Jen licking and massaging
her clit feverishly and Joey sucking and licking her nipples tenderly, it was
more than even Audrey could take. She came ferociously, thrashing around like
a wild animal. Wave after wave of intense pleasure filled her body, until she
finally passed out and collapsed onto her stomach.

Joey and Jen pulled themselves off of her unconscious body, but Pacey
continued to fuck her ass. He needed to cum again and there was no way he was
going to stop until he had. Joey and Jen urged him on, running their hands
over his body and whispering in his ears.

"Fuck that dirty slut," Joey purred and licked his ear. "Give her that nice
thick cock of yours. God, that ass looks tight. Is that ass tight? God,
you're making me so horny..."

"Mmm, I'm so fuckin' wet" Jen moaned into his other ear. "Can you fuck my ass
next? Yeah, give it to that little bitch good. Fuck that ass. God, you have
such a beautiful cock, Pacey. Mmm..."

His friends' dirty talking and his unconscious girlfriend's tight yet shapely
ass finally combined to push Pacey over the edge, as he groaned and shot his
seed into Audrey's asshole. He fell on top of her, while Jen and Joey lay on
either side of him, their incredible tits mashed against his body.

The three of them lay there happily, while Audrey dozed contentedly.

"So, when's Dawson coming back?" Jen asked.

"He's getting back tonight" Joey said.

"You think he'll be interested in, um...hanging out with us?"

"Well, there's only one way to find out." Joey smiled wickedly. She knew that
Dawson was going to love Jen's sweet pussy and big soft tits and Audrey's
wonderfully massive tits and insatiable sexual appetite. Who knows, he might
even like Pacey's wonderful cock. She'd seen the way the two of them looked
at each other sometimes. Anyway, she'd find out tonight. In the meantime, she
had quite a dilemma. Pacey's juicy cock was starting to get hard again and
would taste so good in her hungry mouth, but Jen's wet pussy was staring up
at her invitingly...


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