Dawson's Creek: Joey And Jen Part 3 (MF,oral,voy)
by Rabbit77

"Man, I really don't feel like doing this," Dawson thought to himself as he
pulled up in front of Grams' house. He'd just gotten back from L.A. and his
friends were throwing him a big Welcome Home dinner. After being gone for a
month though, all he really wanted to do was see Joey. As much as he liked
his other friends, he couldn't think of anything other than Joey Potter. Her
lithe body, her beautiful face, her wet mouth, her even wetter pussy...

Jesus! Why had she made him come to this stupid dinner? She'd promised him
over the phone that it was going to be fun, but he seriously doubted it.
"Unless I get to fuck her right there on the table, I don't think I'll be
having too much fun tonight," he thought to himself. "Oh well, fuck it.
I'll just try to make the best of it."

He got out of his car and walked over to the house, then knocked on the front
door. He waited for a few moments, then stared in shock as Joey opened the
door. He'd never seen her dressed like this before. She was wearing a low cut
halter top, with her succulent tits practically spilling out. She wasn't
wearing a bra, so her hard nipples poked out lewdly. She also had on a pair
of shorts many sizes too small for her, showing off her gorgeous long legs
and firm round ass. His cock began to expand immediately, as he stared at her

"Aren't you gonna say anything?" she giggled. "What's the matter, aren't you
glad to see me?"

"Um...yeah. It's look so, um..."

"Oh you. You always know just what to say." She laughed and hugged him
tightly, pressing her crotch up against his. "Mmm, I see that you are glad
to see me. But there'll be plenty of time for that later, naughty boy."

She squeezed his crotch and then sauntered away, leaving Dawson standing in
the doorway in shock. He'd never seen Joey like this before and couldn't
figure out what had come over her. Whatever it was, he hoped it didn't go
away anytime soon. He couldn't remember ever being hornier. He closed the
door and walked into the living room, where he got his second surprise of
the night.

Pacey was sitting on the couch, with Audrey kneeling on the floor and going
down on him. No surprise there - those two fucked all the time, everywhere,
no matter who was around. Dawson had seen Audrey go down on him, Pacey fuck
her in the ass, all sorts of things. He hardly noticed anymore. No, the
thing that surprised him was the sight of Jen sitting next to Pacey, wearing
only a pair of soaking panties. She was rubbing her clit furiously, while
moaning encouragement to Audrey.

"Oh yeah, suck that cock. Fuck yeah, suck it good. God, you look so fucking
hot with your lips around a big fat cock. If I had a dick, I'd stick it right
up your sweet ass right now. You'd like that, wouldn't you, you little whore?
You're a dirty little fucking slut, aren't you? God, I'm gonna fucking cum!
Oh shit! Oh shit…!" Jen trailed off as the intense orgasm rolled over her and
she slumped down in a heap.

Spurred on by Jen's encouragement, Audrey attacked Pacey's cock with a
ferocity that was impressive even for her. Pacey couldn't take it for more
than a couple of minutes, as he quickly exploded into her mouth. Stream after
stream of cum shot out of him, as Audrey did her best to swallow it all.

"Oh hi, Dawson. How was your flight?" Pacey asked nonchalantly, as he looked
up at his friend for the first time and started to zip up his pants.

"Hmma mmahha," Audrey said as she looked up at Dawson, her mouth still
filled with cum. Both her and Pacey were fully clothed, with Audrey wearing
her customary pair of jeans and tight braless baby-tee. Pacey was wearing a
business suit, having come to the house straight from his job at the

" was, uh...fine," Dawson stammered, wondering what the hell had come
over his friends. His cock was almost busting out of his pants now, and he
could feel the oozes of pre-cum starting to drip out of it. The busty Audrey
sucking on Pacey's cock, while his beautiful ex-girlfriend Jen sat next to
them and masturbated, was almost more than he could take. Although he was
with Joey now, he'd never forgotten how much he loved Jen's big tits. When
they were going out, he would spend hours at a time fondling and sucking
them, driving both of them crazy. He'd even titty fucked her a few times,
something that Joey had never let him do before. He stared at Jen sitting on
the couch with her eyes closed, as her big round tits heaved up and down with
every breath. He then looked over at Audrey, whose own big tits were
straining against her tiny tee-shirt. He wondered whose were bigger; "That
Pacey's a lucky bastard," he thought longingly.

"Um...where's Grams?" Dawson asked.

"She's on a date with Mr. Smalls," Audrey answered, having finally swallowed
all of Pacey's cum. She got off her knees and sat down on Pacey's lap. "And
Jack's upstairs, fucking some guy he met this afternoon at the liquor store."

"What, aren't we enough for you?" Joey asked from behind him. He turned
around, as she walked over to him and put her hand over his bursting cock.
She rubbed it gently, while staring into his eyes and grinning. She took
his hand and led him over to the empty couch, then sat down next to him and
started to unzip his pants.

"Joey, what are you, uh...everyone's watching us, what are you, uh...Oh,
Jesus..." he moaned, as her perfect lips wrapped around his hard cock.
Although she'd blown him countless times since they started going out, he
never got tired of looking at her impossibly gorgeous face when it was
wrapped around his dick. Knowing that the most beautiful woman in the world
was sucking his dick was always enough to blow his mind. "Oh fuck," he
moaned, surrendering to the moment. "That's right, bitch, suck my fucking
dick. Come on, you little slut, suck that fucking cock like the whore that
you are." He knew that Joey liked him to talk dirty to her when she was
going down on him, and that it always made her suck him even more

This time was no exception. She bobbed up and down on him fiercely, until he
soon couldn't take it anymore. "Jesus, I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna cum, you
little fucking whore!"

"Not yet, you don't" she said coyly, taking her lips off of his dick and
grinning at him. "I've got something else planned." She then looked over at
Audrey, who was staring at them in disbelief. "You see what I mean?" she
asked, motioning towards Dawson's gigantic cock. "I wasn't kidding, was I?"

Audrey was too transfixed to even answer, as she continued to stare at
Dawson's monster cock. She'd thought that Pacey's was big, but Dawson's was
at least a few inches longer and probably twice as thick. Her pussy was
already wet (since it was almost always sopping wet), but now she could feel
her juices literally flooding out of her. Pacey and Jen, who had both seen
Dawson's dick many times before, looked at each other and grinned, each
knowing exactly what was about to happen. Audrey, as if in a daze, slowly
got up and walked over to Dawson, then fell to her knees and stared at his
stiff cock. It was a mere inches away from her face, as she leaned forward
and slowly rubbed her cheek against it. The girl loved cock, and this was
definitely the most beautiful one she had ever seen. Her boyfriend Pacey was
completely forgotten, as she moaned softly and started to lick the massive

Dawson looked up at Joey to see if she was pissed, but saw that she had
pulled off her shorts and was fingering herself slowly. "Go for it, honey"
she said. "Give this little cum slut what she wants." He then looked over at
Pacey, who had lain Jen on her stomach and was fucking her big round ass
heartily. "Well, I guess he won't mind then" Dawson thought, as he watched
Pacey's dick slide in and out of Jen's sweet ass, while Jen moaned and
whimpered and fingered her clit with her right hand.

"Are you sure this is what you want, Audrey?" he asked her.

She nodded her head up and down, while continuing to lick his sensitive head.

"Then you're gonna get it" he replied, as he stood up suddenly and pushed
Audrey to the floor. He then pounced on her and pulled off her jeans, while
she ripped off her shirt. He pushed her panties to the side, not waiting to
take them off, then plunged into her suddenly. She screamed at first, as he
penetrated her deeper than anyone ever had before. Searing pain mixed with
the intense pleasure, as he plowed into her relentlessly. Although Dawson
liked to make love slowly and tenderly to his darling Joey, he also enjoyed
a good hard degenerate fuck every now and then, and Audrey was definitely
the bitch to give it to him.

He fucked her tight pussy hard, as she clawed at his back and came over and
over again. She screamed and moaned like a wild animal, as one orgasm after
the next rolled over her. He gave one final lunge and shot his seed into her,
then collapsed on top of her. She lay on the floor glassy eyed, not knowing
where she was or even who she was. She didn't care either, so much did she
love the big fat cock that was still inside of her.

"Jesus, you really fucked her good!" Pacey exclaimed, as he continued to
slide in and out of Jen's sweet ass.

"Yeah, you did" Joey agreed, as she stood up and took Dawson's hand. She
pulled him up, as his dick slid out of Audrey's pussy and Audrey sighed with
disappointment. "And now you're gonna fuck me good, right?" Joey said.

"You know it," he replied. He stared into her beautiful eyes, then looked
all over her beautiful naked body. God, he loved that girl! And he was gonna
fuck her good, that was for sure. Whatever she wanted, he was gonna give it
to her. He led her upstairs towards Jen's empty bedroom, then lay her down on
the bed. She looked so incredible lying there on the bed, with her tight wet
cunt staring up at him, that he started to get hard again. He lay down next
to her, as she wrapped her arms around him and they kissed tenderly, each
knowing that they would be fucking each other for a long long time tonight...

To be continued...


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