Dawson's Creek: Joey Potter Self-Bondage Part 1 (F-mast, bond, enema)
by Sir Stephen ([email protected])

Joey Potter was frustrated. Dawson had never gotten it on with her, despite
over ten years of her best efforts. What Joey really wanted was for Dawson
to tie her up and force her to suck his cock for hours and hours, but he
never seemed to want to do anything but talk about how great Steven Spielberg
is or, even worse, his problems with other girls. Joey had spent endless
hours sitting her pretty ass on Dawson’s bed listening to his sensitive
drivel. She had even reclined next to him on his little twin bed, and all
they had done was watch endless Hollywood movies!

Joey had rented all of the Jane Austen classics, one by one, including
“Clueless.” They had watched “Les Enfant du Paradis,” “Wuthering Heights,”
and every romantic movie she could think of. Dawson was about as romantic
as a slap in the face with a cold fish. She had even gone so far as to get
under his sheets, ostensibly to get warm, but he had just sad cross-legged
on the comforter, watching the movie with about as much romance as if it
were “Cries and Whispers.”

Well, tonight would be different. Joey’s father was still in jail, and her
older sister was off on a camping trip with a boyfriend. It was Friday night
and Joey didn’t have to be anywhere or see anyone until Monday. Joey would be
home to no one tonight!

Since she was ten, Joey had been trying to tie herself up. The problem was,
she was always able to escape. Joey would use nylon rope from a hardware
store. It had low friction and Joey could easily untie the knots she had
used to create her hogtie. She used her own dirty panties - she tried to
wear one pair for at least a month, then set it aside for her self-bondage
use later. She would have preferred to use her sister’s used panties, but
they weren’t dirty enough and she was afraid of being discovered. Once or
twice she stole a pair from a laundromat, but the small white stains and
feeble aroma she found on them were insufficient to her needs.

Now, at sixteen, Joey had had years to prepare herself. She had read Popular
Electronics, Bondage Life, and the Boy Scout’s manual on knots. Joey had
spent hours surfing the web, while Dawson was failing to fuck her silly, and
had learned important tips from the Gromet self-bondage site, where she read
Leviticus and various other intelligent writers. She had ordered various
adult items through catalog sales, pretending she was of legal age.

Joey had even worked part of this summer at the Capeside Hardware store, in
order to avail herself of their 15% employee discount. She had drawn
diagrams and constructed circuits to spec, and now she was ready.

Joey began by taking a long hot bath. After drying herself and her beautiful
brown hair, she dressed in red fishnet hose and a tight red leather corset
with garters to hold up her hose. Her breasts were exposed, and the corset
pushed them up and out with strong underwires. It took her about a half hour
to get it tight enough; corsets were made to be put on with assistance! With
white reflective tape, Joey then wrote SEX SLAVE on the front of her corset.

Then, using her mirror, Joey wrote SLUT in red letters on her forehead,
remembering to write them backwards so that they would read forwards. Part
of Joey wanted desperately for everyone to know what a slut she was. But the
rest of her would be appalled to know just how successful that secret part
was about to be in letting everyone know!

Adequately dressed for the moment, Joey went to the freezer, where she had a
key to a master lock padlock frozen in a tall thin plastic drinking glass.
Tied to the key were two long, thin strong ropes.

Joey then dragged out her boxes of equipment and toys and set them in the
living room, beneath the half-dozen eye-screws she had placed in the ceiling

First, Joey removed the ice from the drinking cup so that she now had a long
thin ice cube. She stood on a chair to thread the first rope through one of
the ceiling eyelets. While she was up there, she tied a strong electromagnet
to the eyelet; this magnet was attached to a long electrical cord; if the
power was on, it was so strong that no one could remove the key from the
magnet once it was touching. If the power was off, the key would fall down.
She stepped down and adjusted the rope so that the ice cube was about a foot
below the eyelet. The power cord she plugged in to a light timer so that the
power would stay on for 16 hours and then shut off. The second rope she tied
to a leather wrist cuff, which she intended to put on her right wrist; this
would enable her to retrieve the key later. The other end of the first rope
was firmly taped to the end of a standard, battery-powered vibrator of the
sort intended to be inserted in a girl’s pussy.

A bag of ice-cold lemonade was hung from the ceiling by one of the eyelets.
It had a long hose coming down which Joey Potter threaded through a special
penis gag she had purchased. The gag would strap the black latex dildo
firmly into her mouth, and the lemonade would simply pour through it to the
back of her mouth. For now, a simple clothespin kept the lemonade from

Next, Joey hung an empty two-quart enema bag from one of the eyelets so that
it was about as high as her head. Into the top of the enema bag she inserted
another hose, which was in turn attached to a small fish-tank pump in a
sawed-off empty one-gallon milk-jug on the floor. Into the top of the milk
jug, besides the power cord for the pump, went a much smaller plastic hose.

The power cord for the pump was attached to a power strip, which was off.
Other items needed to be plugged into this strip as well. These included
the power to a butterfly vibrator, which Joey now put on. Next in the
power strip line was a separate vibrator designed to clamp around a penis.
Instead, it was taped to a large black latex butt-plug with a hole drilled
through it and a thin plastic hose extending all the way through. Around
the middle of the butt-plug Joey had taped six large tampons. Her idea was,
once she had an enema inside, the tampons would expand with any moisture
reaching her anus and prevent her from expelling the liquid. She would
have to experience her cramps and hold it, no matter how hard the pressure
got. It would be hard to get in, but it would be worth it to know she would
not make a mess, and she would have that “full feeling” for the entire
duration of her self-bondage experience!

The next item attached to the power strip was a modified heavy-duty
industrial high-speed electric fan. Joey had taken off the grill attached
long black rubber straps to each of the blades. Joey hung it from the
ceiling in front of where she was standing. It was hung so that its blades
would rotate, once it started, parallel to the floor at the height of her
breasts. Next, another fan which had been identically modified was hung so
that it would rotate parallel to the floor at the height of her beautiful

The power strip itself was plugged into a power module Joey had attached to
her PC. Joey had written - since she couldn’t find one - a program which
took the results of a standard random number generator and translated them
into an on/off signal which it send to the module. Joey had configured the
random number generator to generate positive integers between 20 and 600.
These would become the number of seconds the power would be on. After each
number was generated, an on signal would be sent to the module for that
number of seconds, after which the off signal would be sent, and the program
would sleep (the actual command) for 600 seconds. Joey felt that this would
be the most frustrating program possible; perhaps she would tweak it later
for a lower number of seconds.

As an additional humiliating treat, Joey had the program set up to take
digital pictures of her from four cameras located in strategic places around
the room. Each time the program sent power to the module, a second timer
would wait for ½ the duration the power would be on and take a picture of her
from all four cameras simultaneously. These would then be automatically
uploaded to her pc, grabbed by an email daemon, and mailed to both Dawson,
Pacey, and indeed the entire student body of Capeside High, most of whom she
knew would not read their e-mail until at least Monday morning.

As if this were not enough, Joey had a web-cam mounted on her monitor which
would record the entire adventure in separate 30-minute video files and
upload and mail these to the same list.

Joey tied herself into a torso web such as she had seen in Bondage Life, in
the drawings of Tarsis. She tied a separate strong rope to an eyelet and
tied its other end to her torso rope. This would keep her from moving about.

Joey began by putting two simple wooden clothespins on her nipples. Then
she put on the butterfly vibrator harness so that the vibrating head of the
butterfly was directly over her clitoral hood, which Dawson had never even
seen, much less licked, and still less whipped or spanked. Joey then
proceeded to lube up that large butt-plug she had drilled a hole through.
It had a large black head which she had to strain to get inside of her.
Once inside, however, it could not easily be expelled. Redundantly, Joey
strapped on a butt-plug harness which, once she tightened its belts, held
the plug as far in as humanly possible. The thin rubber hose was still
threaded through the plug and attached to the empty enema bottle.

As her movements were now restricted, Joey was glad she had all her remaining
equipment within arm’s reach. Now the super-thin hose leading to the
container with the fish-tank pump was grasped, and Joey fished her way to its
other end. She opened a sterile package containing a catheter attachment,
which she plugged into the hose and then carefully inserted into her urethra.

It was time to get serious. Joey put on a pair of thigh-high red
ballerina-toe red pvc shiny boots, and locked her ankles into a spreader bar.
She donned silky long red opera gloves and then locked leather cuffs on each
wrist. They were not yet attached to each other. She put on the penis gag
but did not yet remove the clothespin holding back the lemonade. She also
put on a red posture collar with d-rings all around it.

Joey picked up the vaginal vibrator and, turning it on, pushed it slowly all
the way into her pretty, tight technically virginal pussy. It was filled
with new batteries, and attached to the ice cube and key. Joey’s idea was
that if she could hold the vibrator in her pussy until the ice melted, she
could simply pull the key directly down from the ceiling via the second rope,
which was not threaded through the eyelet, and untie herself. However, if
the vibrator fell out, the key would be pulled up by the falling vibrator
until it reached the strong electromagnet at the top. Once there, it would
stay there until her sixteen hours had elapsed.

When the vibrator fell, it would hit an inclined plane Joey had set up with
a piece of cardboard folded up at the edges to guide the vibrator down into a
channel. At the bottom was the mouse to her PC, which was now in power-save
mode. It would do nothing until and unless its mouse was bumped. At that
point, it would wake up and execute its start tasks, which would include the
random number generator and the program sending the on-signal to the power
module for the power strip.

Only then would the PC start stimulating her with powerful clitoral and anal
vibrations, whipping her with rubber straps, pumping the warm contents of her
bladder into the enema bag, taking her picture, filming her with the camera
on the moniter, and emailing it to her high school class.

As a horny girl who was proud of her reputation as a prim, chaste virgin,
Joey Potter was sure she could hold the vibrator in for the required
duration. If anybody had a tight pussy it was Joey Potter, Sophmore at
Capeside High!

She adjusted the clothespins on her bare nipples for maximum pain, pulled the
clothespin off the lemonade hose leading to her penis gag, and - pausing only
a moment, locked both her wrist cuffs to her posture collar. As the last
lock clicked shut (her key fit them all), Joey suddenly got incredibly horny.

While arranging her bondage, Joey had been sort of a top. She was her own
dominatrix, creating humiliations and situations for a bottom who simply
happened to be the same person. But with that last click, she became that
bottom, that female submissive longing for cock, for humiliation, and perhaps
above all for exposure as the slut she really was. The switch from top to
bottom, from dominatrix to slave-slut, was always a rush, but with all of
these preparations her concentration had been so intense that the transition
was stronger than usual. She had had so much on her mind as top, and now, as
bottom, she had nothing to do but to enjoy her situation and blush at the
exposure she was risking!

Joey gripped the vibrator with her Kegel muscles with a fanatic strength. It
was going was going nowhere... It was going...It was going...Oh,
boy was it GOING! Why had she put new batteries in it, she wondered? Her
pussy was getting wet, and it was starting to feel slippery inside! It had
long ridges on its sides, designed to let it slide in and out easily. Joey
tried to grasp these ridges with her vagina as if it were a hand.

While doing do, Joey tried to think of anything non-sexual, of algebra class
or dead fish in the bay, of anything gross or upsetting. But the humming
pink vibrator in her pussy had other ideas. She thought instead of Dawson
pulling out his penis, which she had never seen although she had known him
all her life. As Dawson pulled it out of his pants it simply got longer and
longer. He had a foot of it out and she still hadn’t seen the head. Another
foot and finally the whole thing was out - two feet long, with a large
circumcised head that she longed to feel reaming her – or was it already?

Joey’s asscheeks clenched on the large plug, whose vibrator was still off,
and imagined that Pacey was pursuing her rear entry. She had always disliked
Pacey for being less intellectual and sensitive than Dawson, but at least he
knew what a girl really needed. He would know she was an Up-The-Butt girl
fer sure. Indeed, how could anyone fail to know she craved a buttfuck just
by observing the way she walked around in her cut-off shorts and
cuter-than-thou smile? How could...


The vibrator had slipped about an inch out of her pussy! This was not
supposed to be happening! “Why do pussies have to get so wet,” Joey wondered,
as her juice started dripping down her left thigh. It was almost to the
inside of her knee! Joey tried to think of non-sexual things again.

Joey thought of her father in jail, beating off into dirty black socks. She
thought of the poor people of the world, of poor children going hungry... she
had to pause to swallow the lemonade pouring into her mouth; there was no way
to hold it back with that penis gag in her mouth. MMMm. That gag... What
would it feel like to have a real cock in her mouth? Joey wondered, and
imagined Dawson forcing her mouth open with his fingers, pushing that huge
head between her strained-open teeth and back against her tonsils, where its
salty, as yet unknown taste would …


This time the vibrator had slipped almost entirely out of her pussy!
Emergency! Think of Emergency rooms, though Joey, of blood and guts, of fish
guts, of butcher’s shops, of bugs, of ants biting her, of ants crawling all
over her and biting her all over... then of Dawson and Pacey biting her all
over, precisely and primly but fiercely for all that...of...


The vibrator was on the floor, and the key was attached to the magnet on the
ceiling! With a moan that arose from the bottom of her soul, Joey Potter
heard her PC starting up from power save mode to full operation. She could
see the monitor as it launched her diabolical program to generate random
numbers and send the on switch to the power module. “Now everybody’s gonna
know!” was her first thought. “What have I DONE!??”

The fans started up, and instantly Joey’s beautiful little bud-breasts and
firm, grab-a-hold-of-me-please asscheeks were getting whipped by the long
rubber straps she had thoughtfully prepared for herself. The fans were so
fast the three straps per second were hitting her, front and rear. GULP...
she swallowed more lemonade, and more… it was starting to trickle out now
through her catheter to the fish-tank pump, which was slurping air and
gasping for liquid at this point. Meanwhile, her rectum and clitoris were
getting a thrill from the vibrators, and the whole thing was getting
digitally recorded, including her intense body blushes, running from head
to toe and making her entire epidermis match her red outfit nicely.
Especially her breasts and ass, which were now turning a beautiful red from
the rubber whips.

Joey thought she could feel herself cumming. And why not, now that the
damage was done? Just then she heard the four cameras take her digital
picture simultaneously. How many wallpapers were those shots going to wind
up on, she wondered. It would be easy to recognize her, easy to read the
SLUT on her forehead, easy to deduce that she had done all this to herself,
easy for EVERYONE IN SCHOOL to know that she was a slut on an order no one
had even dreamed of before, even though the was still a virgin!

The thought of her humiliation next Monday, when she had to appear at school
again, was almost enough to make her cum right then, but something in her
held back, and in a few more seconds, the entire apparatus shut off for five
minutes. The only thing happening during that time was the lemonade pouring
in, yellow, sweet, and cold, and then pouring out again, still yellow but now
bitter and warm. Joey drank the last of the gallon during this five minute
interlude, and she had nearly two quarts now in the container on the floor
with the fish-tank pump. The next time her monstrosity fired up, she would
be getting a warm fresh piss enema, she knew. Gulp...trickle...gulp...
trickle...Joey’s libido was on hold, close to orgasm, but in a holding
pattern like a jumbo jet circling a busy airport.

The five minutes seemed like five hours, Joey heard the pump and the fans
starting up, and felt and heard the vibrators kick in, she was determined
to cum before the time ran out. As she tried to concentrate on the butterfly
vibrator, she felt her breasts and ass getting whipped and she started to
feel the warm sensation of her own pee trickling down through the butt-plug
wrapped in tampons, and starting to pool at the bottom of her large
intestine. “There more where that came from,” she thought somewhat glumly.

This time her creation was on for almost the entire five minutes that it
could be. Halfway there, she heard the cameras take her picture...this time
not of a girl embarrassed and distressed at being in bondage and on display,
but of a girl trying hard to climax before her vibrators turned off. A
minute later, the thought of Dawson and Pacey and the others looking at her
picture sent her over the edge. Her picture would be printed and stuck on
the inside of every locker door in the school, she thought. The football
players would put one inside their helmets, the cheerleaders would put one
up in their locker room and throw darts at it, the geeks would masturbate on
her picture, and alter the digital version to show her face covered with
their cum…. Eventually her teachers would see it, too, and know her for who
she really was…. Thoughts like these, disturbing though they may have been,
were so exciting to Joey that her climax was the best she had ever had. With
her ass getting filled up and whipped at the same time, and her clit getting
a monotone hum that seemed to come from deep inside her soul rather than from
an external device…with her mouth filled with a large black latex cock and
SLUT written on her forehead for all to see…. with SEX SLAVE written on the
front of her corset…with her waist, already slender, accentuated by the
corset to almost a wasp’s degree of thinness…with her toes in ballerina-style
boots, keeping her on-point…with her pink internal vibrator humming guiltily
on the floor for all to see, the culprit which had started all this...

But no, it was her, JOEY POTTER, who had done this to herself. If she had
been raped, it was her own doing. Some drool escaped her gag and ran down
her cheeks and between her breasts, down her sternum inside her corset, to
lodge inside her pretty belly button and pool there like a little hot tub.
She began to cry, and her salty tears ran down the sides of her face like
streams of semen, eventually joining her saliva in the hot tub of her navel,
and proceeding down to her pretty brown-haired pubic mound, now VISIBLE to
her entire school, apart from a butterfly vibrator which was more a
humiliation than it was a cover to her nudity.

Joey thrashed in her bondage, wrists to her neck, torso tied to the ceiling,
ankles in a spreader bar. As she moved a bit forward the whips struck her
breasts more fiercely…as she moved back, her rear was treated more harshly...
either way she lost…either way she won... She started to rock in the
after-cum bliss just as the machine turned off...

She was to hear the process repeat itself over a thousand times before her
sixteen hours would expire! The moon would rise and set, the stars would
spin in their spheres. People would go out on first dates, hold hands, and
share a first kiss in the darkness of movie theatres. Girls would masturbate
to their first orgasm under the privacy of their own sheets, then lift
curious, wet fingers to their lips and taste, almost against their will, the
vintage of their fresh nubility. Boys, too, would learn to masturbate,
unsure at first what to do with their hardons, unsure even of that they
meant... they would be surprised by the rush of wet, white semen...something
Joey could only imagine, having never seen or felt or tasted a boy’s cum.
Someone would get married, and leave their receptions in cars altered to tell
the world they were about to have sex...

And somewhere, perhaps, Dawson was kissing some girl, and. GRRRR!

Well, Dawson would have a new movie to watch, she thought, one, which might
change his viewing habits.

By dawn Joey was exhausted. She had been holding in almost three quarts of
her own pee in her rectum for twelve hours now, unable to expel it or to
tolerate it either. She was tired of cumming, but almost every time her
creation came to life, it succeeded in making her cum. She heard someone
rapping at the window. “Oh NO!” she thought! Someone had read their e-mail!
Who could it be? A face appeared in the living room window...It was JEN!


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