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Rating: MF, FF Slash, NC-17 (May not be for Everybody...Surprising Ending)

Storyline: Joey Potter is having some wild dreams, but is she really in a

Length: Part 1/1; Short

Appreciation: Thanks Blayne for all your help.

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* * *

Dawson's Creek: Joey's Dream, Reality, Or Nightmare
by DCForever

"Oh, that feels good...ohhh, That Really feels Good! Little the
right a bit, ahhhh that's it. Right there! Oh YES! You got it! Your
tongue is heating up my clit. Oh no, not,
I beg of you. Don'tttt, oh don't bite it. more.
please. NO More!!"

"Joey, wake up! Are you okay? I heard you screaming from the other room.
Were you having a nightmare. Do you want to talk about it?"

"No Bessie, It wasn't anything."

"Joey, Anything or nothing, usually isn't followed by loud screaming and

"Believe me Bessie, you wouldn't understand it if I told you."

"I see I'm not going to get anywhere with you. Bodie has breakfast done if
you would like some. I'm going to the market to get Alexander some food. We
are completely out of everything. Need anything?"

"I could go for some Cookie Dough and a SunKist."

"Okay! Since you are up, maybe you can clean a few of the rooms for me while
I am gone. Think you can do that?"

"Yeahhhh, I think I can manage that."

"Bye then."

Joey didn't want to talk to her sister, Bessie, about her dream since the
dream seemed to center around her. It was Bessie who had satisfied Joey in
her dream. She is baffled and has no idea where a dream like that would come
from and why. She has never been interested in other girls and definitely
has never considered doing anything with her own blood and family. She was
baffled all morning by her dream. But little did she know, her dreams and
confusion were just beginning.

"Hey Joey, you don't look good. Are you sick or coming down with something?"

"No, Dawson. Just didn't get enough sleep last night. I had the weirdest
and most exhausting dream last night. When I woke up this morning, I was
more tired than when I went to bed."

"So what was the dream about? Some hot guy pleasuring you to pure
exhaustion. Must have been a wet experience. hehe..."

"Dawson!! Okay, that is going overboard. I don't want to talk about it.
I'm sure it was nothing."

"Well Joe, are you coming over tonight for movie night? Before you answer,
could you please come? You see, my mom has been bugging me about including
her on movie night and I finally caved in, but I can't do it alone. Would
you please come? You Have to come!"

"I've never experienced this side of you. Begging!! I kind of like it.
Makes you seem vulnerable to the masses. How can I refuse a good plea...
yeah, I guess I can make an appearance."

"GREAT!! Be there at 8pm."

"Will do. I need to finish my chores around the house and will probably lay
down and get a nice nap before staying up half the night watching movies with
Mr. Spielberg WannaBe himself and his dear lonely mumsie. hehehe.."

"I really appreciate this Joey. Well, I appreciate the part where you agreed
to come over, but you can keep your sarcasism to yourself. I know things
aren't quite what they used to be between us, but I like that we are making

"I agree. I just wish you and Pacey would come to some common, neutral
ground and stop acting like two squabbling babies. Well, see you tonight."

"Bye Joey. See you then."

Dawson spends the day cleaning his room in preparations for movie night with
his best friend and mother. Meanwhile, Gail is at Leery's Fresh Fish fussing
with Gretchen Witter for breaking yet more plates. She was a good bartender,
but she totally sucked at waitressing. Every five minutes she was breaking
something. Glasses, plates, saucers, etc... When it came to balance,
Gretchen had none. Gail and Mitch knew this, but the restraunt was packed
today and Jen was home sick with the flu so Gretchen was the only other
choice. Gail was now thinking that it was the worst idea she ever had. She
was looking so forward to movie night with her son, but worried that her
temper of the day would ruin their fun. She felt that she has been
neglecting her parental duties and personal time with Dawson so she wanted
movie night to be special.

Meanwhile, as Gail was sitting down from work and fussing exhaustion, Joey
was once again experiencing a hot, seductve dream.

"Oh Bessieeee..I mean Andieee, no Jennn. Too many lips and pleasures to keep
count of, your lips are so soft and delicate. The way they move over my
breasts, legs, and clit are exhilerating. Oh girls, please stop teasing me.
I can't take it anymore. Just suck them, rub them, and nibble already!
Ahhhh...NNNNoooo more. I can't take another orgasm today. Its too

"JOEY! JOEY!! Wake up girl. I have been knocking on your door for the last
20 minutes. I heard someone moaning. So, you dreaming again. Now I know
why you didn't want to talk with Bessie or myself. The dreams are of you and
your sister, that is what I figure since it was her name you were moaning.
From the moaning, I would say definitely sex related. Didn't know you had it
in you Joe."

"Dawson, wait. Its not what you think. I have no idea why I am having these
dreams. And yes, they do involve both me and Bessie and a few others. Is
something wrong with me Dawson?"

"I can't answer that Joey. I have no idea. Has anything been different
around here lately?"

"Everything has been routine. Nothing out of the ordinary."

"Well Joey, before you finish that statement, I think you might need to
change your clothes."

Joey looks down and realizes that she is soaking wet from sweat. So much,
that her cute, white top and even her bra was transparent to Dawson's
wandering eyes. Her nipples were protruding outward and they were hard as
rocks. Her top wasn't the only signs of wetness and Dawson's eyes were the
first to awaken her full senses and she covered herself. She had forgotten
that she was only wearing panties while she slept and the sweat gave Dawson
an unobstructed view of her slightly hairy triangle. She was embarrassed,
yet turned on at the signs of what her body was doing to Dawson. Especially
in the region around his crotch. His pants were tenting up and still wasn't
at full mast. He didn't move and neither did she. Shock overtook both
teens and Joey dropped the blanket she was using to cover up and once again
Dawson was treated to a Bodily Show of Young Potter. He had waited his whole
lifetime to see a woman's body upclose and naked. Now his dream was coming
true ... and with his best friend no doubt. Joey didn't see why she had to
be the only one showing off so she slowly manuevered her hand to Dawson's
crotch. Upon reaching her goal, all Dawson could muster was a little moan.
It felt so good to have someone else for a change stroking his cock. Even
better than he could have dreamed, to have Joey Potter basically naked
stroking his meat through his pants. Stroking through the pants didn't last
long as she feverishly attacked his buckle and zipper. Once in view, she
was speechless. For before her was 17 year old Dawson Leery with his 8 1/2
inch manhood starring her directly in the eyes. On impulse, he pulled her
from her knees and ravished her with a long awaited passionate, erotic kiss.
The kiss didn't last long for within minutes, she was once again starring
deeply into the eye of Leery's cock. Joey quickly engulfed his penis head
and started running her tongue up and down the length of his shaft. He could
have sworn that she was a professional when it came to blowjobs. She must
have been extremely good for as soon as she began, he was finished. Joey
wasn't too disappointed for he had built up a load and he filled her mouth
until it was running over.

"Oh Joey, that was wonderful.. better than I had imagined it would be. A lot
shorter also."

"Don't worry D, we have plenty of time to work on the endurance. What is it
everyone is always saying? Oh yeah, 'Practice Makes Perfect!'"

"That's fine and dandy to me, but I wonder what a certain guy would say about
this little adventure."

"Dawson, you sure know how to ruin a moment. I was going to ask you to fuck

"Joey, you know more than anything, that I want to be your first, but not
through a brief moment of erotice bliss, but through love. Yet, your love
lies with someone else."

"Dawson, how can you stay so level headed through all this?"

"Its not easy, but I still consider Pacey a good friend, and I would never
want anyone to experience the feeling of having his woman stolen by his best
friend. Its heart breaking."

"I'm sorry Dawson. I wasn't thinking...with my head anyways. You really are
a true friend."

"Well, as a friend, I have one request. I must know what you feel like down

"As a friend Dawson, I guess that is no worse than anything else we have done
today. Feel away, but a kiss better ensue."

"A kiss and feel it is...."

"Dawson, after the events that took place today, I don't think I would feel
too comfortable being in the same room as you and your mom. I don't think
she would think to kindly of us engulfed in possible ravaging sex. So I
think I will take a raincheck on the movies.

Quietly hanging up the phone, Gail calls out to Dawson.

"Dawson dear, who was that on the phone?"

"It was Joey, mom. She just called to say that she couldn't make it tonight.
I guess it is just us. I'm going to go ahead and take a shower. Take my
messages will you?"

Meanwhile, Gail was downstairs lost in her own little fantasy world. She was
thinking of all the fun that the three of them could have had on movie night;
creams, gels, cuffs, vibrators, and plugs. Her collection had built up over
the years. What fun movie night could have been.

Next day at Leery's Fresh Fish Restraunt, Joey met up with Mrs. Leery to find
out her thoughts on movie night.

"So Mrs. Leery, how was movie night with Dawson last night?"

"Joey, you know I prefer Gail to Mrs. Leery. It went good. We watched E.T.
and Jaws. I knew he liked watching and making movies, but I had no idea that
he was so devoted to knowing everything there was to know about every movie
ever made. He is loaded with movie knowledge.

"That, Dawson is!"

"So Dawson tells me that you are having trouble sleeping. Is there anything
I can do?"

"I don't think so Gail. Thanks for asking though."

"Hey, I'm here if you need an ear or a mouth. You know I have always
considered you as my own daughter."

"I know Mom (hehehe...), but somethings have to be solved on their own and
this is one of those things. I would feel too embarrassed for anyone to know
about my dreams."

"You mean, almost anyone. You did let my son know."

"You are partially right. He kind of knocked his way into knowing. Well
Gail, it was nice talking to you. I better be getting home."

"Oh, what is the rush Joey? Stay awhile. We can converse somemore. It has
been a long time since I have had a girl's talk with anyone. Just stay and
bear it... For me!"

"Okay Mrs. Leery...I mean Gail."

"Good girl."

"So Gail, how is Gretchen working out as the new bar tender?"

"Should have known our conversation would have turned into a discussion about
a Witter, sometime or another. Well, she is doing much better than she did
as a waitress. Nah, she really knows her stuff and the customers absolutely
love her."

"So does your son. Ever since the Christmas Party I have seen a new and
improved Dawson. I thought he was different when I captured his heart, but
Gretchen, in matters of days and weeks, has captured his heart and soul."

"I really thought I would have been the only one that could make Dawson feel
that way. For some reason it hurts me to think about them two together, but
it also makes me realize that both Dawson and myself are happy, yet with
different people."

"You may have something there just may have something. I'm
thrilled about Dawson finding someone, but I had no idea that he had and
especially didn't know that if he had that it was Gretchen. May have to
have a little talk with my son when I get home."

Couple hours later at the Leery's residence.

(Talking above normal level)
"So Joey, after hours of talking at the Restraunt and now here at the house,
don't you think you need to talk about your problem? I mean, from the way
Dawson was carrying on, you really are having a major problem sleeping and
something about major sweatage. Be honest with me now, is it your time of
month? You can tell me!"

"No!!! Its not my period. I wouldn't have a problem talking to you about
that. That occurs with all females. No, I'm not sure what my problem is.
Its just ackward."

"Well, what is it?"

"You promise not to say a word to anybody? It will just be between you, me
and these walls?"

"I promise."

"Lets go up to Dawson's room. I feel more comfortable there."

"Ok dear. Whatever you want. Dawson is in his room I believe working on
some film edits, but I'm sure he will let us borrow his room for a little

Dawson rushes back to his room when he heard Joey and his mom ascending the
stairs. He had been easedropping.

"Hey Dawson, sweetie, would you mind if Joey and I talked in your room for
awhile? It is pretty important."

"Sure mom, if you really need it. Let me just pack up my camera equipment

"Oh honey, don't worry about that stuff. It will be fine. Just leave it
where it is and close the door on your way out."

"But mom, the camera is..."

"Don't worry honey. It will be fine. Trust me!"

"Okay. I guess I can go organize the paint cans in the garage."

"Thanks Dawson."

"No problem Joey. What are friends for?"

"So Joey, start from the beginning."

"Well, I started having these dreams... and that's it. I always wake up in
a great, big sweat."

"Wow!! So do you have feelings for your sister or any of your gal pals? Do
you go out of your way to see them in compromising situations or anything
like that?"

"No! Never!! I have no idea what the dreams mean or why I am even having
them. They scare me sometimes."

"Joey, I didn't think of this before, but now that you have told me this, you
seemed occupied at the restraunt. Were you checking out Gretchen?"

"What Mrs. Leery? No! How could you think that?"

"Sorry Joey. Just an observation. I mean there is nothing wrong with
looking. I even admire her body sometimes. She is a beautiful girl with a
body to kill for. I would love to have a body like that to offer to Mitch

"You would? And you do...I mean, you do look at her body?"

"Sure! There is nothing wrong with looking at another girl's body. Women of
all walks of life have done it at sometime or another. We see each other in
shower rooms, gyms, grocery store, lingerie shops, etc..."

"Never thought about it like that. So then looking at Gretchen or having
these dreams doesn't make me a lesbian? Is that what you are saying Gail?"

"Pretty much, yeah. That is exactly what I am saying. If I had to guess, I
would say you were like me and comparing your chest to hers? Am I on the

"Not quite. I was watching her ass as she bent down to pick up the broken
glass off the floor. I just glanced for a second though."

"See, two women, looking at another women and neither of us are gay. It can
be done and it should be. I mean, what would men have to look forward to if
they didn't have comparision in their life. Women are the same way. Women
compare themsleves to other women, hoping they can somehow bennefit from it.
Joey, come here a second. Stand with your back to me. When I touch you I
want you to let me know how you feel. Don't worry, I won't embarrass or hurt
you in any way."

"Its not that Mrs. Lee..I mean Gail, its just that I consider you like a
mother and I don't feel right having you touch me. Especially if you are
going to touch me like I think you are."

"I understand, but it is just an experiment. Look at it as a class
assignment. I formed a hypothesis when I said that women can look at other
females and even touch them and not be considered lesbians. Now, with your
help, I can prove my hypothesis or throw it out."

"Well, none of my school assignments have ever been this adventure some and
you said you would stop if I didn't like it. I guess the assignment can

Joey slowly walked over to Gail and turned her back to her. She seemed very
nervous, but cooperative none the less. Gail reached around the girl and
started a light finger dance on her thin shirt, covered stomach. She slowly
pulled Joey's shirt up a bit so she could touch the delicate skin that lied
beneath. Joey started feeling goosebumps shooting up all over her body. She
started twitching, as Gail's fingers softly approached her breasts. Joey
started to have a feeling that Gail wasn't a rookie when it came to enticing
other females. Gail's fingers were now dancing underneath Joey's shirt and
both women were feeling the effects. Joey knew that both her and Gail were
getting aroused because she could feel Gail's nipples pressing firmly into
her back and her own shirt was pushing outward.

Gail wasn't concentrating on her own nipples, but the ones her hands were
now kneading and pinching. It had been a long time since she last felt
breasts this nice. The next door neighbor, Jen Lindley, nor Joey's own
sister, Bessie, had aroused her as young Potter was doing at this very
moment. Though each of the other girls were much larger than Joey, there
was something different about her. Maybe it had to do with the growing
wetness in her own pants. Or that the other girls welcomed and basically
initiated the contact and Joey was scared to death to be touch by another
female. That was it...she was entering Virgin territory with this girl.

Gail continued to massage Joey's breasts with her left hand while her right
started making a trail down toward her pants. Her hand not only crept inside
Potter's pants and but also reveled in the idea that she wasn't wearing any
undergarments. She immediately penetrated the virgin's muff with two of her
fingers and welcomed the wetness within.

Joey was shocked at the abrasive action that Gail was taking with her.
Within a few minutes she had gone from a girl that was chatting with her best
friend's mother to being seduced by the same mother. Joey's legs started to
buckle the longer and further Gail's fingers penetrated her...then, without
notice of any kind she screamed. Gail had reached her hymen and Joey was too
scared to continue. She quickly pulled away and ran out of Dawson's room
while straightening her clothes on the way out. She ran past Dawson in a
flash and he called after her, but she was already out the front door.

"Mom, why was Joey in such a rush? She was also fighting with her clothes.
What were you two doing that caused her to run out like that?"

"Honey, just enjoy your movie. I'm pretty sure it will satisfy your

"What do you mean?"

"Just watch will see."

A cheerful, smiling Gail Leery walked past her bewildered son. Gail pushed
the envelope the way she did because she realized that Dawson had not only
left his camera behind, but also powered on. Gail retreated to her room for
a little tension release.

Meanwhile, Joey was off in the edge of the woods releasing her tension as
well. She couldn't believe how worked up she could get over another female.
And in such a short time at that. She caught herself leaning up against a
tree for a few minutes feverously working her fingers in and out of herself.
It was the pleasure that she wished could have come from Gail, though she was
too chicken to continue. She was beginning to notice that maybe she did like
other girls...therefore making her partually bi-sexual. She wouldn't go as
far as saying she was a lesbian because she remembered the feelings she had
felt when she and Dawson had their own experiments, not to mention all the
foreplay and petting that she and Pacey had been doing.

After Dawson had been working on his movie, he was shocked to have witnessed
the events that had taken place earlier in his room. And to think that he
was outside organizing paint cans while this was going on. He couldn't
believe that Joey or his mother would act that way, but nonetheless he had
gotten fully erected from watching his mother have her way with his
ex-girlfriend and still bestfriend.

Later in the evening, Dawson worked up enough courage to confront Joey so he
found himself standing on the Potter's front porch. He wasn't sure how he
would bring up the subject or even if he was daring enough to follow through
with his actions. As he walked back and forth on the Potter's porch he
noticed that there wasn't any activity in the house. So he jump off the
porch and made his way around the side toward Joey's window.

As he peeked into her room he expected to see atmost Joey sleeping and having
another cream soaked dream, therefore the reason for no lights or life in the
house, but that wasn't to be. The scene before him was hot enough to fog up
the very window he was peering through. For on the other side of the glass,
there was a slightly undressed, sleeping Joey Potter moaning and screaming
out Gretchen Witter's name. That was shocking in itself, but more shocking
was the tongue of a very mature and naked Bessie Potter, searching out her
sleeping sister's clit. Dawson was stunned and breathless, yet aroused at
the same moment. He felt frozen in place, well, most of him anyway. A
straining tent quickly formed in his pants. Dawson searched out the moaning
coming from the corner of the bedroom and immediately creamed all over his
underwear. The shock was too great, for in the corner was his naked mother,
Gail, but she wasn't alone. Pumping his unmeasureable sized dick into her
ass, was Dawson's other bestfriend and Joey's current boyfriend, Pacey
Witter. He had her bent over the back of a chair and was driving himself
deep within. Dawson saw his mother's beautiful body and the esctasy she was
experiencing. For a brief moment, he wished it was his member drilling her
hole. His mother was moaning and singing to the lulaby music that was
playing in the background. The music would have put most people to sleep,
but she was energized with sexual tension.

Dawson returned his attention back to the erotic bed scene only to be drawn
in by Bessie's beautiful, lust crazed eyes. Staring directly at Dawson's
"I'm a deer caught in headlights" expression, Bessie slowly and rythmically
flicked her tongue at her sister's clit. Knowing that she had Dawson's full
attention, she reached her hand toward Joey's breasts and quickly unbuttoned
her nightshirt. Now with her breasts in bare site, she playfully teased her
nipples to full hardness. Meanwhile, Dawson was stroking his meat outside.
He had been drove over the sexual edge and was trying to releave some built
up tension when out of the blue, Pacey appeared. Pacey smacked Bessie on the
ass and walked over to the window. He smiled at his bestfriend and then
lowered the shade.

"I told you Bessie that the boy wouldn't be able to resist the temptation."

"I should have believed you. And sis, moaning out Gretchen's name was icing
on the cake. I mean I actually believed it. What an actress you've become
since starring in Dawson's backyard films."

"Bessie, who said I was acting? Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the attention
you were giving to my clit, but I was still savoring Gretchen's tasteful
juices from earlier. Who would have thought that she could devise such a
evil and scandalous plan for arousing and finally seducing Dawson. I was
against the whole thing until she stripped off her sweater and dropped to
her knees in the restroom of the restraunt. I'm sure she told you the rest.
Lets just say she never hesitated, was very thoroughly satisfying and very
convincing. And when Gail here walked in on us. The fun didn't stop. Comes
to find out that Gail has been wanting to jump her son's bones ever since
their family camping trip a few years ago. She caught Mitch and Dawson
talking about girls and sex. During their little talk, the two guys whipped
out their dicks for comparison and Dawson's appeared to be about 3" bigger.
So she was more than willing to help out, in hopes that she would be able to
enjoy that boner of his as well."

"Joey, why would my sister go through all that trouble just to seduce

"Pacey, she said it was because he was so caught up in wanting to fuck me,
that she knew she would need a little edge. So, what better than to get the
boy all worked up? That way, when he gets home and she is laying across his
bed wearing much to nothing, wild, steamy and unforgetable sex is inevitable.
Gretchen and the scene before him will be all on his mind, but I'm sure I
will still be in the back. So I'm predicting that in a few minutes Dawson
will be experiencing undescribeable pleasure from your sister, Pacey.
Gretchen is quite an amazing woman...she knows her business when it comes to
the art of pleasuring."

"I don't need to picture that scenerio. Anyways, Wow! What a Plan? She
always did have the brains in the family."

"Yeah Pace, and the breasts to go along with it."

"I agree. I must say I do enjoy taking peeks at their roundness when she
wears those breathtakingly tight sweaters of hers. I tease her about the
sweaters, but wouldn't change a thing. Okay, I have to know one more thing
since I was just thrown into this plan at the end. And mind I say, thank
you for including me. The look on Dawson's face was priceless and who would
have known that his mother would have been such a great piece of ass. Back
to topic at hand, how did you all pull this off?"

"Oh Pace, that is the beauty of it all. I had been having these lesbian
dreams about Bessie, Jen, and Andie. I had no idea why at the time, but come
to find out that Bessie had been sneaking into my room and pleasuring me in
my sleep. After Gail and my's lesbian awakening in the restroom, Gretchen
told us of her plan from day one. See, your sister (Gretchen) and my sister
(Bessie) shared Bodie a few years back, so she got Bessie to seduce me while
Alexander's lulaby music was playing in the mornings. Knowingly on my part
or not, she was slowly creating lesbian desires within, thus the dreams I
had been having. So Gail and I went to Dawson's house and left a little
convincing preview on tape for Dawson's viewing pleasure. Plus, none of us
had any idea when and where Dawson might pop-up next so we had to carry on
natural and curious know...just to keep appearances up.
Wouldn't have wanted Dawson to suspect anything out of the ordinary. Guess
you could say we had him hook, line, and sinker. Gretchen's plan was in full
action. And knowing Dawson the way I do, I knew he would come over
immediately to find out what had happened between his mother and me. Thus,
our little show-n-tell orgy and you know the rest."

"All this (lying, planning, sex, incest) just so you could get Dawson all
worked up to satisfy my sister. Man, I can't wait until my birthday. No
telling what you all will cum up with. hehehe..."

***The End***

Author Note: Sorry that the story didn't flow as well as I had it planned in
my head. Maybe I can make it better the next time I write a story. Feedback
is welcomed. Email me @ [email protected]


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